Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pennsylvanians Will Always Pay School Property Taxes

Every time a politician says they are going to save taxpayers money, hang on to your wallets. We should always ask ourselves how much more is it going to cost us this time. I don't think there ever was a scheme that didn't end up costing us more. I'm not sure I can afford their kind of savings.

In a Express-Times letter to the editor the writer said,"School property tax should be eliminated in Pennsylvania by raising the sales tax by two cents... I believe the two-cent increase would cover all school taxes needed to run our educational system."Whoa hold on their hoss. I'm not sure where people got the idea their property taxes would be eliminated entirely. I hate to burst anyone's bubble but chances are more favorable a property owner will win the lottery then see property taxes disappear. No, property taxes will never be eliminated entirely.. ever!

Here's why...
I don't have the latest numbers but "in 2012, Pennsylvania spent $26.5 billion on K-12 education.". Of that amount the state's share was 36%. Local taxes made up 53% of that amount. The remaining 11% came from federal government. Therefore at present $14.045b (53% of $26.5b) is derived from local taxes on properties

Doing The Math
Gov Wolf & The Democrats' Plan
Even if Democrats got everything they wanted their proposal would only raise $4.7b. That's a far cry from the $10b more needed even using the figures from 2012.

Here's how they planned to raise the $4.7b. In addition to raising sales tax to 6.6% their plan all along called for raising the state's income tax from 3.07% to 3.85. A new shale extraction tax. Throwing another buck a pack tax on cigarettes along with additional taxes on smokeless tobacco & cigars and imposing sales tax on some never before previously exempt items. All that just to get the $4.7b.

Concerning The 8% Sales Tax In The LTE
Even if legislators agreed to a 8% sales tax it still wouldn't be near enough.

As of June 1st sales taxes brought in $8.6b. Using simple math if sales tax was 2% more it still would only have raised $2.5b more. This would amount to less then $5b by the end of this year. Far short of what would still be needed to eliminate property taxes entirely.

Eight years and still counting

Yeah, good luck with that!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Yeah You Might Win The War..

Hearts & Minds Are Another Matter

Hundreds rally to PROTECT the Confederate flag
By Mia De Graaf and Kieran Corcoran For Dailymail.com
'We are being exterminated,' cried Mike Williams, organizer of the procession in Montgomery, Alabama, which drew scores of men, women and children on Saturday afternoon. 'Our heritage is being put into museum. We have a right to honor our history just like everyone else does.'

My Comments About The Article Above
It might just be me but when one side or the other surrenders, their flag is brought down and then retired. Apparently a whole lot of people never fully accepted Lee's surrender. That tells me many of these folks are still fighting the civil war no longer on the battlefield but still in their hearts & minds.

There's nothing wrong with honoring the legacy of those who so bravely fought for their beliefs. However I see something far more going on here. The battle continues to this day preventing people from becoming united as one single country with equal justice for each and every race, color, gender, religion or other persuasions. It's quite obvious to me defenders of the old South never truly integrated nor surrendered to the idea we should become a single nation within our hearts.

This isn't a battle over a piece of cloth but rather to not fully accept how others feel. Both sides are over reacting. Fly the damn thing. Paste it on your cars & license plates, but when you or someone responds against it there is a reasonable expectation it will not have a positive outcome. Nor would it be if someone wants to plaster their black panther logos & other nation's flags all over the place as well.

Come on kids, grow up. Knock it off already!

What Can Go Wrong With Land Preservation

I'm all for preservation of farmland but....

Hamptonites outraged at Madonna’s ‘farm fraud’
By Taylor K. Vecsey | New York Post
"Suffolk County and the Town of Southampton jointly purchased the development rights to the old Grabowski family farm for $10 million in 2010 to preserve it as open land. Madonna swooped in soon after and bought it for just $2.2 million,... locals gripe Madge has less interest in caring for crops than she does in creating a buffer for her new $4.9 million mansion. The nursery, like a virgin forest, would shield the eight-bedroom manse from prying eyes."

My Comments About The Article Above
Not only this but she will be paying less property taxes then I for my 1/4 acre on her 24 acres in upstate New York. If you think that doesn't happen around here, think again. I'm all for preserving farmland but not when it is said this land would be worth $17.5m otherwise. All too many times this turns into a cash cow for the wealthy. We need to get a handle on this.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Allentown Cannibalizing Itself?

PPL Plaza could become Allentown's white elephant
By Scott Kraus | The Morning Call (June 27, 2015)
"It is now evident to us that the commonwealth and the city have overlooked the serious financial impact that passage of the NIZ legislation and development of the NIZ has had on the company and on its ability to continue to own and operate PPL Plaza," said Barry Pincus, a spokesman for the owner.

My Comments About The Article Above
That giant sucking sound you hear are taxpayers' dollars going down the drain. It looks like taxpayers aren't the only ones. This could have been avoided when the NIZ was created if the only taxes that could be deferred were on NEW BUSINESSES COMING IN FROM OUTSIDE OF PENNSYLVANIA. I'm far from a financial wizard, but I and a number other critics figured this out years ago and tried to warn people. This is one of those deals where we who questioned the NIZ were labeled as a bunch of naysayers and curmudgeons.

Which Would We Rather?
Require new developers poach from other states?
Instead neighboring Pennsylvania communities, cities and towns. Even others areas of Allentown itself apparently?

Indeed development would have been greatly delayed until developers could somehow find out of state businesses to come in. It's true we wouldn't see the number of new buildings currently in the NIZ for certain. Then on the other hand this whole thing is turning out to be nothing more then rearranging the deck chairs at taxpayers expense. Instead of seeing a net gain on overall tax revenues as promised we're just beginning to see through the emperor's new clothes. Not exactly the kind of transparency we might have hoped for, eh?

So far we are hearing how much tax revenue is being generated going back to the state. What we don't have is a full accounting offsetting those against the entire spectrum of loses. Say like those from the tobacco, liquor & fuels businesses that relocated to the NIZ. Nor the losses associated with business building owners (who pay taxes based on their income) who's buildings may now be empty or forced to reduce their rents. It's also likely they'll file for property tax reductions on them because of these conditions. Thus further lowering overall tax revenues outside the NIZ on multiple levels.

Yes Allentown may come out ahead on this deal, but not without taking someone else's share of the pie from them to do it. Looks like it'll be left up to those who lost their business tenants to try and seek out other businesses from across the border. Good luck with that having to unfairly compete with the NIZ. Shouldn't the burden to find them have been on the NIZ developers in the first place? Too late now!

On behalf of my fellow curmudgeons there's only one thing left to say, although I don't feel good about it .
It ain't like we didn't try warning ya'!

Some Fun Musical Stuff

Fenway Park singing Sweet Caroline (06/24/2015)

What the people in the Middle East are missing. Music brings people together.
The world needs lots more like this kind of stuff!

The Three Geezers- America’s Got Talent (2014)

Fools & Their Selfie Sticks

What is it about people who argue against everything and anything even when it's for their own safety?

Disney Parks banned selfie sticks. They didn't do it because they want to rain on park goers parade. They did this for a damn good reason. No it wasn't because it annoyed them or other guests. It's because they can get you killed.

Imagine what can happen if someone extends their selfie sticks beyond the safety zone around a ride and it comes in contact with the ceiling overhead or sides impaling them. Maybe even electrical equipment. This would not only apply to amusement parks but public transportation & cars as well..

No doubt these same brainiacs who think they are clever by sneaking them in anyway will be the first to sue when things go badly. Better hope I'm not on their jury when they do!

There Once Was Once A Time...

We didn't take things so damned serious as we do today.

We all need to lighten up and not take things so serious. Not everything said is meant in hatred nor contain a hidden agenda. Have we lost our sense of humor no longer able to laugh at ourselves?


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Candidates Won't Have To Compete With This Guy

Say what you will when it comes to this season's Presidential candidates they'd have a tough go of it competing against Obama if he were running. He sure knows how to work a crowd.

President Obama sings 'Amazing Grace' at the funeral for South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney

Kind Of Crap That Goes On in Harrisburg

"Pa. House Democrats walked out of a voting meeting of the House State Government Committee in protest of committee Chairman Metcalfe’s violation of House Rules cutting-off debate on a pension reform measure. House Rules stipulate that no measure can limit debate in committee meetings."

Legislators Protest Rules Violations (Uploaded: June 27, 2015)

Seems like Daryl D. Metcalfe (R-Butler County) doesn't want to play by the rules.

The issue concerns Pension Reform. "Senate Bill 1 would stop new enrollment in the state pension systems and provide all new state employees and public school employees with a 401k retirement benefit. Legislators upon election or re-election would also enroll in a 401k plan."

Apparently both Democrats & Republicans want to "move the state from its defined benefit plan to a 401-K pension system for future employees. The Democrats claim however there was not enough time to review all the changes made to the bill just minutes before a vote would be taken by Chairman Metcalfe who he himself sponsored those last minute amendments.

The main concern Democrats had was over what the fiscal impacts would be. Metcalfe admitted he had not received that information. Despite not having this financial impact information, vote was taken, passage approved and now sent to the floor of the house.

I agree. I could not in good conscious vote for or against a 400 page legislative bill before I had a chance to evaluate what was in it or what it might cost. I find it rather suspicious (even though both agree on the major points) as to why would Metcalfe want to slip his amendments into the bill minutes before a vote was taken and before other members had chance to review them. What's he trying to pull?

Well I suppose now that it made it to the floor we shall soon find out, eh?

Question For "Friends Of The Allentown Parks"

That's nice but what's their position on the collapsed wall in the Lehigh Parkway & shuttered pools?

"Friends Of the Allentown Parks" on FACEBOOK
"Friends Of The Allentown Parks" BLOG

I hate to be a Debbie Downer (not really)
Shouldn't these folks prioritize the repair and maintenance of the WPA structures and the pools before these other activities?

I don't want to take away from what appears to be positive oriented well meaning people, but it seems to me they shouldn't ignore these issues. One does tire of hearing only the positive w/o regard to being a true friend to Allentown's parks. If these people truly care they shouldn't be ignoring other issues as uncomfortable as they may be. Shouldn't they take a stand on these other issues?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Conservatives Aren't Happy With SCOTUS

First the Supremes upheld 'Obamacare'. Now just one day later they handed down the decision same-sex couples have the right to marry-- "In a landmark opinion, the Supreme Court ruled (5-4) Friday that states cannot ban same-sex marriage."

All too many times voters' don't see the significance of who becomes President. However when a President (from either party) gets elected they may have the good fortune of nominating someone to sit on the Supreme Court. While this doesn't guarantee a future outcome it can have a major impact in the future.

On this, like every other decision by SCOTUS, let the pissing & moaning begin :-)

Scalia's Sour Grapes Rant-- "Today's decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court."

Ya well.. this was the way SCOTUS was setup by the founders.
Hey Scalia, like the rest of us have to...

Mike Huckabee: I Will Not Accept Gay Marriage Ruling By ‘Imperial Court’
Damn right Huckleberry!
Screw the Supreme Court.
When you're king President ignore the constitutional authority of the supreme court when it suits, right?

I love how these guys wave the flag and defend the constitution until things don't go their way. Then they stomp and bawl like a baby This is when their true colors show they're anything but red, white and blue through and through.

Cenk Uygur's Response

Starbucks Now Open In Allentown But...

The way it's being reported is a bit misleading.The Morning Call-- "The ubiquitous brand's decision to come to Allentown is..."
WFMZ-TV-- "City Center announced earlier this year that a Starbucks would open its doors at... "
In both these articles and in this WFMZ video report these each fail to note "Starbucks" didn't just out of the blue decide to open a store downtown on their own nor that "Starbucks" itself owns or runs it.

According to LVB.com-- "The Starbucks franchise store on the first floor of Two City Center opened at 6 a.m. today [June 23, 2015] and is managed by City Center Lehigh Valley, said Jeff Vaughan, spokesman for City Center.."

Thus it appears they were brought here via City Center's ownership of the franchise itself. Would this not imply the store may have a significant lease advantage as well?

While there's nothing wrong with that, it should have been clarified "Starbucks" didn't just decide on it's own accord to open a store here. It could be said this is another example of misleading local reporting. I tend to think it's a rather significant point to make if we're going to go around blowing the horn for the NIZ's triumphant success. Indeed it's significant that "Starbucks" approved of the franchisee, but we need to keep things in perspective.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Life's One Great Big Illusion

This Man Made $2.3 Billion on Monday
by Tom Metcalf | Bloomberg Business
"Amancio Ortega added $2.3 billion to his fortune on Monday... The Spanish billionaire's gain was $500 million more than the combined increase recorded by everyone else among the world's 10 richest people"

My Comments About The Article Above
Life is one big imaginary board game.

How else could anyone explain this?

There is no way in hell anyone could work so hard as to deserve this kind of wealth.

Talking Heads Drive Me Crazy When...

.. conservatives constantly repeat over and over again what "those on the left" are thinking. Same goes for those on the left regarding those to the right and what they are thinking. I'm positive both sides have more then a adequate supply of hot air to speak for themselves.

Here a few clich├ęs that should immediately cause people to disregard anything said after spouting the following....* "Those on the far left/far right..
* "Here's what all Liberals/Conservatives.."
* "Wingnuts/loons on the right/left.."
* "This is what Hitler/Natzis..."
* "Idiot Republicans/Democrats.."
* "What this President really believes.."
* etc, etc.
It should be no wonder why most of those appearing on TV and the politicians themselves have law degrees. There's lots of tricks one can use in a debate. What each has in common is they are meant to belittle one's opponent. One of the most important lessons taught in schools of law is how to diminish an opponent's creditability.

There's no finer example then the scene in this film...

I am also acutely aware when I see these kind of debates in the media because of my experiences on this blog. 99% of the comments I get aren't about debating what I posted but rather personal attacks regarding my creditability. I block almost all of them. Hence why anyone coming to this blog will see so few of them.

The media makes a ton of money off this kind of discourse. It rarely serves to inform anyone. Rather it only serves to incite anger and further divisiveness. If they get a ratings boost when they do these type of debating antics they'll make more programs like them Which equates to more income for them.

I fail to see how this makes this country a better place when they air this kind of trash.

CLICK HERE or on the picture for more information from PBS-- "Wrath of the talking heads: How the ‘Outrage Industry’ affects politics"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Time To Revisit 2nd Amendment

"The police chief of Gulfport, Mississippi, expressed his frustration with his state’s open carry laws after a man strolling through a Walmart Sunday night menaced shoppers by loading and racking shells into his shotgun, causing police to dispatch a SWAT team and evacuate the store... “If I were in a situation where I’m in the store shopping with my family and I see an individual loading a 12 gauge, and racking it, I’m not coming to the conclusion this is good,” said Papania. “While the actions of these two men are sanctioned by state laws, what they did negatively impacted our community.”"

My Comments About The Article Above
The gun nuts keep quoting the constitution. Here's a flash. The constitution wasn't etched in stone nor written at the hand of God. When times change things need to be updated. What man created he can change. The constitution is by no means an exception.

Is this really how we want to live our lives in this country?
There's absolutely no good reason why I, my family nor anyone else should be subjected to feeling threatened by these ass clowns when we go out in public. No one can anticipate what someone's motives are when strangers pull this stuff. I don't see how anyone can feel safer having to arm themselves in anticipation they might end up in a shoot out every place they go. This is just plain stupid.

Paranoid gun supporters cling to the 2nd amendment as strong as they do their deadly weapons strapped to their sides in public view. It's time to fix this by updating the 2nd amendment to reflect today's supposedly civilized society.

I'm not saying there aren't bad guys out there with guns, but I don't need a bunch of yahoos running around with their guns in public either. Keep them guns at home. That's where your gun rights should end.

Besides how does any of this have anything to do with a "well regulated militia"?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Windows 10 Is Free.. Why?

A lifetime of experience has taught me nothing is ever free. I was surprised by a notice that appeared in my monthly 'Windows Update' offering a free future upgrade to Windows 10. So why would Microsoft offer it's latest operating system for free?

The main reason we are told, Microsoft is hoping to make up the money by selling "Apps". That however may be the whole story. CBS News-- "The software maker's chief operating office recently spoke about moving from one-time licensing fees to an "annuity conversion," meaning that the company may still be trying to figure out how to loop people, or at least corporations, into paying an annual fee."I already have been lamenting the loss of my Windows 7 which I was completely happy with. This is because my new computer's hardware (I'm told) is not designed to handle it. Apparently I wasted my money buying a Windows 7 installation disk for my prior computer. Now after only a few months having Windows 8.1 they want to tag me again.

I am of the philosophy if it's broke don't fix yet. Especially when it comes to the complex world of software that may or may not function on the next so-called latest and greatest operating system.

Tough Beans
I envision what's going on here whether we like it or not. In a couple of years or less. Microsoft could cripple whatever version of a operating system of their choosing unless a annual ransom fee is paid. Given what CBS News reported it's not outside the realm of possibility. Who knows, it's possible they may even include prior versions such as mine.

Commercial software and various anti-virus programs have been charging annual fees for years already. What makes this different is for the first time an entire operating system could be disabled. Thus rendering a computer of little use other than as a doorstop.

Could Vehicles Be Next?
Most cars have highly digitized operating systems. It's already possible in later models to disable their engines not only when they are stolen but when a owner falls behind on their payments. Why wouldn't the next step be to require annual fess on their operating systems as well?

This whole thing reminds me of the TV entertainment industry. A actor gets paid for the one time they performed on a show. Then every time the show reruns they get paid again even if they never worked again for the next 20 years. Hell even after they're dead the heirs can collect.

Don't You Wish You Could Do That!

Dishonesty Getting Worse

"The FBI arrested 46 doctors and nurses across the country this week in the largest Medicare fraud bust ever. In total, 243 people were arrested in 17 cities for allegedly billing Medicare for $712 million worth of patient care that was never given or unnecessary."

My Comments About The Article Above
It seems every time I turn around someone is trying to scam the system or some other individual. We've seen countless times how Wall Street bilked investors. Then the bankers who screwed over homeowners' mortgages. Now this.

Most all of our nation's troubles boil down to taking personal responsibility. Too many fail to realize what happens when our only concern is our own being. By not taking into consideration others who have to live on this planet too we are only making it worse for ourselves.

When it comes to the shootings, the common environment we all share or the well being and fair dealings with other people it seems too few are able to understand how we all are interconnected in some way.

There's no amount of religion, laws or regulations that can fix this. I'm not sure if education can solve this either. This is something that either is or isn't in the hearts of people. I'm not sure there is even a way. Nor understand the source of the reasons for this. One thing I am certain of... garbage in equals garbage out. No matter how well intentions are if people don't carry those intentions through to action we're all screwed.

Selfishness is like a disease. It spreads itself starting with one person whom the next says they did to me so the hell with them. Soon others then justify their actions telling themselves everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't I?

Everyone seems to be pointing the finger at everyone else. There's too few left able to see their own reflection in the mirror as to how they are part of the problems they helped create.

Somehow its' the..
* school districts' fault if kids don't show up for school, behave badly or fail to study for themselves.
* medical patient's fault for not paying out the $100,000 they owe for a single treatment or prescription.
* doctors fault when people show up w/o insurance and expect unlimited services for free.
* city's fault for not being forced to provide free or low income housing.
* bank's fault for lending money someone knew they couldn't afford.
* idiot politician's fault after voters put him/her into office sometimes multiple times.
* blame of absentee baby daddies after some women became pregnant as if they had no hand in it.
* and on.. and on... and on
Everyone of us make mistakes. The important thing is to admit in most instances many of the bad things that happen are a result of them. Nobody's perfect that's for sure. But this constant finger pointing and justifying as a excuse to continue doing them is carrying ignorance to the extreme. This will neither benefit individuals nor this nation

No one should expect someone outside of themselves will come to the rescue at the end of the day. The bottom line is we are each accountable and will suffer the consequences thereof if we don't care about others as well as ourselves.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Molovinsky Called It Years Ago!

Well it finally happened!

Massive retaining wall collapses
"Allentown police say a 50-foot section of retaining wall collapsed along the Lehigh Parkway Saturday morning... As a result, the Lehigh Parkway entrance off of Jefferson Street is closed until further notice."

It wasn't like M. Molovinsky didn't warn us years ago. Check out his post from almost 1 year to the day.-- In Comments Michael said, "As a proponent of the WPA it's very discouraging. not one penny has been spend doing even one repair in the last 6 years. The parkway wall was supposed to be reinforced with buttresses."

Allentown >> SMOOTH MOVE EX-LAX!

It Does Make You Wonder?

Some religious supporters want to welcome everyone to our and other nation's borders.

Is anyone else confused as I?

Why would then heaven have gates?

Would this not make it the ultimate gated community?

Testing Your Air Conditioner

I received this helpful tip in email from 'Appliance Zone'To do this test, the outside temperature needs to be above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and your A/C unit needs to have been running for at least 15 minutes. Also be sure that you have a clean air filter in place.

Place a room thermometer on the supply register closest to the inside cooling equipment. Wait 5 minutes then check the temperature reading. Then do the same at the return register.

The air coming into your house should be 14-20 degrees cooler than the air going out. If your air conditioner isn't cooling up to those parameters, it may need a tune-up."

I've bought several parts from these people. I found them to be trustworthy. Thought I'd pass this along to anyone who's interested.

No I'm not being compensated.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Most Honest Appraisal Of Allentown's NIZ I Ever Read!

      Kudos to WFMZ-TV69

They've posted the most extensively researched details concerning the NIZ both positive & negative I've ever come across.

"Pawlowski said 925 jobs have been created in the center-city NIZ. “That’s 925 jobs that didn’t exist before. Sixty-two percent of those jobs have gone to Allentown residents.” He added by now that number might be higher.

“Those numbers are antiquated at this point,” maintained Gerlach. “In the service industry, there’s a high level of turnover. People move, people quit, people get fired.”

She said most jobs being offered in the NIZ to city residents living in or near the NIZ are not full time and don’t pay enough for people to save up for a house. “Most of them are part-time or on-call,” she said. “They definitely are not family sustaining.” She also said most jobs in the PPL Center arena, centerpiece of the NIZ, are on-call positions. “They’re not even part-time.” When there’s no event in the arena, there’s no work.

She knows a member of the arena event staff who has been earning $7.25 an hour since the arena opened last year."

I don't know what inspired them but I am truly grateful to WFMZ-TV for taking the time in researching this more then any of the other media in this city has done up until this date. I'm sure it will provoke a lot of discussion. Check it out.

Thoughts On The Charleston Church Shooting

I often supported the notion the main terrorists we should worry about are the ones right here in our own country. Not wackos from some far distant land. Again this shooting supports my long held belief. One of the most uneducated responses has been coming from the gun advocates. They simply insist more guns equals more safety.

Suppose the church goers were armed to the teeth?
This white kid stands up and starts firing. Another member whips out his pistol and starts shooting at the him. A second member in the back row not realizing fully what is happening first spots his fellow parishioner taking a shot at the white kid. So he then takes aim on that person. Yet a third thinking all hell is breaking loose then starts firing their own weapon at who the hell knows who. Even more people start whipping out their pistols and on and on it goes. In the end the carnage could have ending up looking like the OK Corral.

I find it perplexing why people are still buying into this theory that more people carrying more guns equates in anyway with greater safety. In 2013 I posted linking to this ' Mother Jones article which said, "A recent study looking at 30 years of homicide data in all 50 states found that for every one percent increase in a state's gun ownership rate, there is a nearly one percent increase in its firearm homicide rate."

Why Banks Got Rid Of Armed Guards In The Lobby
It wasn't just because of the costs. They realized anyone coming into a bank with the intention of robbing it knew they'd have to face those guards down. Thus robbers in those days came in them guns blazing. Since that time bank robberies have neither gone down nor up, but deaths from bank robberies are nearly null.

In short. The more guns, the greater risk the ill tempered and those on drugs will be using them.

My heart goes out to all those who suffer from evil that is of this world

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Couple Thoughts Concerning Allentown

Allentown-based employees offered incentives to buy a home in the city

Excellent program. Anything that furthers the cause to increase homeownership over transitory renters is a positive. I'm all for it !

Allentown police accused of harassment and racism by softball league rep

It was only a few weeks ago 200 to 300 residents from Whitehall signed a petition and presented it to Allentown City council about the noise.

I'm not sure Whitehall residents (some of them also Hispanic) would enjoy blaring polka music coming from the park either. One thing I do know, there's no way Allentown can satisfy both.

How about this. NO MUSIC during sports events. I go to plenty of baseball games where the grandkid plays just as he has for almost 10 years now. You can check these out for yourself. Organizers haven't felt the urgency to blast background music. I've been to Cementon, Several fields in South Whitehall, Whitehall, North Whitehall and others. They don't even have amplified announcers. Why is it when it comes to Allentown...

No this is not about racism. Your culture perhaps having some need for whatever reason to create a baseball concert event and a fuss at Jordan Park. There's a time and a place for jacking up the jam. There's also a time for a good old fashion baseball game w/o the distractions. When it comes to background music one has nothing to do with the other whether it be soccer, basketball or football for that matter.

Music in the parks should require permits. The kind of permits the city should legislate which address sound levels, frequency of events and the hours permitted. I don't care whether it's polka. salsa, classical, or square dancing. There are plenty of other venues where one can go to enjoy music. There's no reason why baseball games at Jordan Park should be one of them.

I mean really... the Iron Pigs, Phillies or Eagles play games without finding the need for music playing during those games.

How'd these folks like it if I decided on my own to set up a sound system playing traditional Japanese or East Indian music during their games? Shouldn't I have the same rights. If these folks then objected wouldn't that make them racists too? Not everything is about racism. I'm sure these folks wouldn't like my musical tastes either.

There's a oh such simple solution... nobody gets to play music at sporting events in any of our parks. There's simply no need for it. If someone can't be entertained by the players alone perhaps sports aren't their thing.