Friday, January 31, 2020

A Few Words About My Posts In January

This month I deliberately posted the most ever (79 of them- including this one). Many were from 2013. In February likely there will be far fewer. So, if I may suggest, please have a look over those. They were what I considered most significant. In the future there's no way I could make this many new posts in one month.

I'll wrap up this month with my final impressions of this impeachment. (1) I've never seen this many Senators in the chamber at one time. It's only because they were forced to attend.

(2) It appears Trump's going to get a pass. I expect him to be emboldened like never before. I'm certain knowing there will be no consequences he will become more obnoxious then ever.

(3) No society will continue existing without ethics, integrity or morality. There's never been any laws or religious edicts ever made which could force such values. This goes beyond either political party or how people go about living their daily lives. Either we have it or don't. From what I'm witnessing we're sorely lacking in each
Listen To McCain's Final Words To The Senate

Has his words fallen on deaf ears?
I fear so.

With this said. I'll open this up to any thoughts anyone has (not that I expect much of a response). Otherwise, sporadically I will continue to share my thoughts from time to time no matter how few that may be going forward.

MTV Is So Yesterday

The other day I left a comment on another blog why the newspapers financial incomes have become outmoded. The same can be said of the recording industry. At one time MTV in coordination with huge corporations once got to decide what listeners would get to see. Then along came YouTube and a number of other internet sites which upset the apple cart. Now fans get to decide who succeeds or not. There's no better example then the video below. The Hollens are entirely dependant on the number of views and amount of donations to their Patreon account as to whether they succeed or not.

Another example is this James Corden video which has received over a million and half views (more then his show on network TV itself)

Meghan Trainor Carpool Karaoke

Just a thought.
Right now in Washington there's an impeachment hearing going on. The outcome will be decided solely by biased politicians who will decide for us. Has this too become an outdated model for dealing with such things?

Wouldn't it be a good thing if the Senate differed to voters leaving it up to "the people" whether the president should be impeached or not?

Quotes.. Things People Said

I've been accumulating a bunch of quotes for quite a while and just never got around to using them on my blog.

So instead I'll just post the whole stash all at once with the ones I found most enlightening.

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. That is the principal difference between a dog and a man." - Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. - Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

The only reason I drink is to forget my problem. My problem is that I drink too much. - unknown

... the future is not what it used to be. - Paul Valery (1871-1945)

We've gotten to the point where everybody's got a right and nobody's got a responsibility. - Newton Minow (FCC chairman)

If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice. - Norman Augustine

Don't you wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There's one marked 'Brightness,' but it doesn't work. - Gallagher

"America was founded on a philosophy of individual rights, not group rights." - Clarence Thomas

It is bad luck to be superstitious. - Andrew W. Mathis

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. - Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC)

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. - Wernher Von Braun (1912-1977)

"People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs." - Dave Barry

A computer is a stupid machine with the ability to do incredibly smart things, while computer programmers are smart people with the ability to do incredibly stupid things. They are, in short, a perfect match. ~Bill Bryson

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the universe is winning. ~Rich Cook

The Legendary Martha Raye

She was born Margy Reed on August 27th, 1916 in Butte, Montana. Died October 19th, 1994 at the age of 78 in Los Angeles, California and the only woman buried in Main Post Cemetery at Fort Bragg. She was married seven times.

The title of this post used the word "legendary" for a reason. Not only could she sing, dance and be one hell of a comedian, but she was also a true American hero...

She was an American hero because of not only her performing with the USO in WWII, but for what she did as well during the 60's in Vietnam for the soldiers. By that time she became a Army reservist obtaining the rank of colonel.

In 1967 she arrived at an airbase to entertain the troops. She rode in on a helicopter that she helped load body bags filled with dead soldiers. When she got there the commander of the base, a USAF Captain, told her they didn't have time for her show because they'd be too busy dealing with the wounded and dead. He said she should get back on the helicopter and leave the base. Go on to her next show which was scheduled the following night

She pointed out she outranked him and she will not leave. She also pointed to her lapel. Affixed to it was a "caduceus" signifying she also was a fully qualified surgical nurse. She had no intention of leaving. Instead she ordered him to take her to the surgical tent where Martha proceeded to help treat the wounded soldiers and covered one of the entire shifts in the surgical unit. She stayed all that day, through the night and until noon the next day when she left to perform a show that very night at another base.

Seeing the wounded and dying was not something new for her. She toured with the USO all over the South Pacific, Korea, Europe and Africa during WWII. She sometimes treated and worked with the wounded and dying sometimes for days.

Her heroic efforts did not go unrecognized. She was awarded by President Bill Clinton the "Presidential Medal of Freedom" on November 2nd, 1993 at the age of 77. Eleven months later she died from pneumonia. Sadly she had already lost both legs that same year (1993) and was already a victim of Alzheimer's.

She appeared in 29 films and did tons of TV including having her very own show in 1954. Perhaps one of her most memorable tunes was...

"Watch The Birdie" from "Hellzapoppin" (1941)..

But it was her comedic antics that made work look like fun. Indeed it was for her. Here she is seen appearing (unedited) on the Red Skelton Show with Red. The way Red did is show is unlike how any comedy show is recorded today. There was no canned laughter. There were no director cuts. They just rolled the tape and left Red and Martha have a go at it. Then the TV video editors got busy and snipped it down for time constraints and to cut out what TV audiences would find offensive.

Whether she was singing or acting she just couldn't resists clowning around. Here she is singing a Glenn Miller Melody with Judy Garland..

Margy Reed is one of those people who cannot be replaced. She and others like her are those one-of-a-kinds that represented an era when the whole world wanted to be just like us Americans. Hollywood & TV would, by example, present to the rest of the world what made us special as United States. Sadly today's TV with it's 'Honey Boo Boo', ' Jersey Shore" and others are making us look like trailer trash. Much like Hollywood with it's movies that pander to the lowest forms of human behavior.

It's with a heavy heart that I bear witness to a bygone era when folks like Martha and others in entertainment business tried to lift this nation's spirits up to a higher level. It's with sincere appreciation to those in the early entertainment industry. It were they who introduced the people of the United States to the world and presented us in the best possible light. These people should never be forgotten.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

My Allentown School Tax (Repost from 2013)

School taxes are a forever gift that keeps on giving to the school district

What you see is a chart of my budget for 2013...
My school tax cost me 40% more then my heating, cooking, hot water gas bill
My school tax cost me 40% more then my electric
My school tax cost me 30% more then my cable bill for TV, internet & telephone combined
My school tax cost me 5x's more then my car insurance for 2 drivers with 2 cars
My school tax cost me 10x's more then my water
My school tax cost me 2x's more then my homeowner insurance
My school tax cost me over 3x's higher then my county reality tax
My school tax cost 2x's as much as city reality tax (with the garbage fee included)

While what I spent on groceries and medical were both twice as much, there is a difference.
           I can do something about those!

The Allentown School District claims it costs $5,881 per pupil. Let's do a little math here. I had 2 kids x in school for 12 years. That adds up to $141,144 (in today's money). The youngest graduated 20 years ago. The other 6 years before that (26 years ago). The way I figure it I've more then paid my fair share in a number of ways.

More then my fair share?
Yes absolutely.. LOTS MORE!
Here's the breakdown. "53.8 percent of the district's basic education comes from the state, while 37.2 percent comes from local taxes and 9 percent from federal grants.". What this means is only 37.2% of ASD's budget comes from the taxes I paid directly. The other 62.8% came from state and federal funding. Keep in mind I also didn't account for the 12+ years I also paid into school taxes while the both were in school.

What this all boils down to is the money it cost to educate my two were already paid for by my state, federal & reality taxes years ago. Then on top of that the school district will not only get this years school taxes from me but another $3,693 per student from the state and federal government (62.8%*$5,881). AND I'm not even factoring in the unexpected recurring state funding of $8.2 million. Then there are those who are older then myself who never even had kids in school.


* There needs to come a point at a person's age where one's debts for education are considered paid in full. If Social Security can track one's lifetime earnings, surely the school district could as well when it comes to paying them back.

* Unlike both the city or county, the school district provides no direct service to the individual taxpayer who hasn't had kids in school for years or never had kids in the first place..

* Taxpayers are paying at three levels. The state. The federal and again at the local.

* At least with my other expenditures I'm getting something for them and not being charged for services I no longer require until the day I die. Services that have been paid for in full for some time now.

These school taxes are what are forcing older people out of their homes and into publicly funded old folks homes where they no longer are required to pay school taxes. I for one abhor the idea of living in what I consider a chicken coop where they can cut off your oxygen and air conditioning at will. It's not exactly the kind of ending I had in mind when I started working 51 years ago. So pardon me if I take it personally when someone(s) picks my pockets long after I've repaid my debts. Be forced to give up my independence and the home I've worked hard for most of my life. Yeah I'm kinda' funny that way!

The School Tax Vise
Jessica Parks and Chris Palmer, Inquirer Staff Writers
"Taxes soar, but still suburban districts struggle. And the problem's worsening... Unlike New Jersey, where overall property levies have risen even faster, school millages in Pennsylvania constitute a heftier share of the annual property-tax bill."

Today's Topic: Smoking

More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette

* Kids Of Parents Who Smoke At Home Miss More School
* Smoking causes wrinkles
* Infertility, preterm delivery, stillbirth, low birth weight, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
* Birth defects
* Weight Gain
* Acne
* Psychological disorders
* Panic Attacks
* Blindness
* Mutation In Sperm
* It even causes Global Warming!!!
* It causes Breast Cancer
* Sleep Disorder
* Ear Infections
* 15,000 residential fires in United States
* Digestion Disorders, Heartburn, Ulcers, Liver Disease, Gallstones

Asleep At The Wheel- Smoke Smoke Smoke

It allowed scholars to make millions of dollars off of exaggerated research claims. Be$t $elling musical $song hit$. Manufactures to make million$. Tobacco $settlement$ worth million$. Million$ in adverti$ment $'s. Expensive ho$pital treatment$. Ton$ of cigarette tax dollar$. All of which were great for jobs and the economy for decades.

$eems like a ca$h cow to me. Are we sure we want to screw up our economy by ridding ourselves entirely of tobacco?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Fake News

* Lehigh County Water Authority announced it's looking into leasing out it's water agreement to Allentown.

* Council is considering a measure to require all of Allentown's automobile drivers to be licensed

* Neuweiler Brewery could become a haunted house attraction this October

* Bon Ton announced Hess's may be coming back to downtown Allentown pending NIZ approval.

* Mayor announces measure to eliminate city council. City council expected to approve.

* Train service to resume. Trains will depart from LVIA for Newark International Airport.

* Parking authority will begin issuing tickets to drivers who expired.

* Riparian buffers to be planted around all the city's storm drains.

* City considering installing toll booths on each of the parking deck levels.

* Fairgrounds sold for a new warehouse location.

* Area warehouse owners announce conversions for indoor farming.

* Just announced. ASD plans to profit from it's own new casino.

* Allentown becomes officially named as NYC's sixth borough.

* Officials considering removing all traffic signals in hopes of cutting down commute times.

* Pennsylvania looking into bike lanes installed on Route 22 and I-78.

* Some now wonder whether the PPL building could be next location for condos.

* Newly formed organization called "Trails To Rails".

* Fracking soon to begin in 'Trexler Park',

* New 30 year term limits set for mayor of Allentown.

* New newspaper called "The Mourning Call" coming to Allentown.

* Latest restaurant announced it's closing on opening day.

* Newest housing complex called "Tents Along The Lehigh" expected to announce shortly.

In the Heat of the Night (TV Series)

Yea gads I forgot how good this series was. The show aired 142 episodes between March 6, 1988 until May 19, 1992. As 'Wikipedia' points out-- The show dealt with a variety of issues, including racism, police brutality, interracial relationships, hate crimes, drug trafficking, drug addiction, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, rape, AIDS, misogyny, incest, child abuse, sexual harassment, euthanasia, anti-Semitism, political corruption, prostitution, domestic violence, mental disorders, dysfunctional families, suicide, capital punishment, poverty, homophobia, and drunk driving.

What made this show different from today's dramas is it told of the consequences of bad choices rather then focusing on bang em up, shoot up cops investigating crimes. Writers in each episode tried demonstrating to viewers how a caring sheriff could change peoples' lives for the better. At the very least left viewers with something to think about. One of the things missing in today's programs. If you have a chance take in at least one episode on MeTV at 11:00 AM. See if you agree.

Here's a short clip. The video description says, Mr. Grissom, an elementary school teacher, was accused and later exonerated of molesting one of his students

Is this not just as true today?

I Think I Am, Therefore I Am.. Not Necessarily

Philosopher John Searle addresses consciousness as a biological phenomenon

Chasing Our Own Tails
The statement "I think, therefore I am" could be said to be awareness of oneself. Awareness is nothing more then a product of consciousness. Since without consciousness (in a unconscious state) there can be no such self awareness it can be said we don't exist unto ourselves under these conditions. However a person outside of our self is still consciously aware of our being while we are lay in a state of unconscious. So this doesn't mean that we don't exist, right? But where do we exist? In their consciousness not in our own under these conditions. So now we've become dependant on someone other then ourselves or what we call 'collective consciousness" for our continued existence.

Let's Take This All The Way To The Top
In the beginning there could exist no self awareness nor consciousness within the creator since both are products of biological conditions (humans). In order to bring about conscious awareness the creator (God) would have to first create humans. However in order to do that the creator would have to first develop a plan. A plan which of course would require self awareness that it/she/he existed in the first place. All which at first seems could only come about after the creation of humans, not before. Seems we're in a paradoxical catch-22 situation, no?

What Came 1st Can't Be Lesser Then What Came After
Scripture tells us the eye cannot see it's own self. Therefore it follows conscious awareness only exist as a reflection. That makes this "I think, therefore I am" nothing more then a reflection of something far larger going that cannot not possibly be understood by the human mind. If the only tool we have is our mind and it is operating within itself, it cannot possibly hope to understand what's truly going on through intellectual musings within it's own limited perimeters.. Back to that old catch 22 again, eh?

It is said everything that exist lay within all things that don't. The latter being far greater. Some lean on faith for what they cannot understand. Some simply block out anything they don't understand or care to think about. Still others make up things and declare them truths for what they can't comprehend. Each are much like the unconscious person I mentioned above.

There is yet another way to approach this (since no one can understand through one's human faculties). For the sake of definition I will call it 'taking a stance'. If one simply takes a stance (position) that the universe (and all the people in it both good and evil) is what it is and accepts that, one becomes more attune (one with it). Some religious philosophers called it surrendering to 'God's Will'. I'd rather think of it as leaving one's ego behind. Another way of saying it is 'going with the flow'.

All Our Troubles Begin With the 'Ego'
You Can't Beat The System
The human 'ego' tries to beguile us into thinking we are lazy, surrendering or uncaring when we resist our inclinations to 'change the world'. Whenever human reasoning gives into the temptation to change the world, what results is conflict with others. Things like wars and social bickering with those who's minds will never adapt to our own views no matter how much we argue. Simply put our world and the universe is what it is. Accept the world for what it is or die trying to make it what we think it should be. Either way the world will be much the same way it was when we came into it as it will be when we leave it.

The short and long of it is, enjoy the ride while it last. Whoever or whatever the creator is/was or what ever evolves is larger then we who are only temporary reflections of that. To do otherwise would be like a shadow (reflection in a mirror) trying to outwit that which is standing before it.

How Congress Works

Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert. Congress said, "Someone may steal from it at night." So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job.

Then Congress said, "How does the watchman do his job without instruction?" So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies.

Then Congress said, "How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?" So they created a Quality Control department and hired two people. One to do the studies and one to write the reports.

Then Congress said, "How are these people going to get paid?" So they created the following positions, a time keeper, and a payroll officer, then hired two people.

Then Congress said, "Who will be accountable for all of these people?" So they created an administrative section and hired three people, an Administrative Officer, Assistant Administrative Officer, and a Legal Secretary.

Then Congress said, "We have had this command in operation for one year and we are $18,000 over budget, we must cutback overall cost."

So they laid off the night watchman.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Amish Man And The Lift (HUMOR)

I guess I'm on safe ground here? I figure the Amish shouldn't be on the net anyway, right?

A fifteen year old Amish boy and his father were in a mall.

They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart and then slide back together again.

The boy asked, 'What is this Father?'

The father-never having seen an elevator- responded, 'Son, I have never seen anything like this in my life, I don't know what it is.'

While the boy and his father were watching with amazement, a fat old lady in a wheel chair moved up to the moving walls and pressed a button. The walls opened, and the lady rolled between them into a small room. The walls closed, and the boy and his father watched the small numbers above the walls light up sequentially.

They continued to watch until it reached the last number, and then the numbers began to light in the reverse order. Finally the walls opened up again and a gorgeous 24-year-old blond stepped out.

The father, not taking his eyes off the young woman, said quietly to his son...."Go get your mother"

Math Tests Over The Last 50 Years (HUMOR)

1. Teaching Math In 1960's: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit ?

2. Teaching Math In 1970's: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or $80. What is his profit?

3. Teaching Math In 1980's: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80. Did he make a profit?

4. Teaching Math In 1990's: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80 and his profit is $20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

5. Teaching Math In 2000's: A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the preservation of our woodlands. He does this so he can make a profit of$20.

What do you think of this way of making a living?

Topic for class participation after answering the question:
How did the birds and squirrels feel as the logger cut down their homes?
(There are no wrong answers, and if you feel like crying, it's ok)

Monday, January 27, 2020

Remember These Ads?

Then You're Old As Dirt!!

Though they haven't aired for decades they're still fresh as ever in my mind. I found several of these to be more entertaining then some of the shows on TV today. Certainly a lot more professionally produced. They had to be if sponsors wanted to keep viewers attention so they could get the most bang for their buck. I also noticed the absence of humor in most of today's ads.

Who's Left To Do The Work (HUMOR)

Population of the USA-is around 300 million.
160 million are retired.
That leaves 140 million to work.
There are 85 million in school.
Which leaves 55 million to work.
Of this there are 35 million employed by the federal government.
Leaving 15 million to do the work.
2.8 million are in the armed forces.
Which leaves 12.2 million to do the work.
10.8 million people who work for state and city governments.
And that leaves 1.4 million to do the work.
At any given time there are 188,000 people in hospitals.
Leaving 1,212,000 to do the work.
Now, there are 1,211,998 people in prisons.
That leaves just two people to do the work.

You and me.
Well it ain't going to be me... I just decided to retire.

And here you are, sitting on your ass,
at your computer, reading jokes.

Better Get Busy!

Car Trivia

Q: What car was the first to have automatic transmission?
A: Oldsmobile introduced its four speed Hydra-Mastic, as a $57 extra in 1939.

Q: What car was the first to offer air conditioning?
A: The 1939 Nash offered an optional heating - ventilation system called the "Weather Eye"

Q: What car used the first steering wheel?
A: The 1900 Packard Model C, built by The Ohio Automobile Co.

Q: What was the first official White House car?
A: A 1909 White Steamer, ordered by President Taft.

Q: What city was the first to use parking meters?
A: Oklahoma City, on July 16, 1935.

Q: What was the first car fitted with an alternator, rather than a direct current dynamo?
A: The 1960 Plymouth Valiant

Q: What was the first car to be offered with a "perpetual guarantee"?
A: The 1904 Acme, from Reading, PA. Perpetuity was disturbing in this case, as Acme closed down in 1911.

Q: What car was the first to have it's radio antenna embedded in the windshield?
A: The 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Q: What was the first car to use power operated seats?
A: They were first used on the 1947 Packard line.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

LVCI Plays DJ (Repost From 05/27/2013)

The songs are clipped down for audition purposes

I made the following audio files years ago when I first retired. They were supposed to be audition tapes to get a part time job back in radio like I did when I worked full time back in the early 70's in my retirement years.

That all went away years ago.

So instead I'm posting them here. I kind of figure at least somebody ought to hear them since I went to the trouble.

Rock Oldies
How many of these rock oldies from the 50's/60's have you heard before?
I'll bet very few.

60's SOUL


Misc. 60's Stuff

60's Dance Hit Singles.

80's- Rock

Older Country
These audio files could be considered the country version of "Off The Chart Oldies". I'm not claiming to be all that and more. What I strived for was to create a bunch of tunes few people have ever heard of. Something that is unique, completely different and not currently being broadcast. So once again I ask.. How many of these have you ever heard before?

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3
This one is 46 minutes and contains 27 rare recordings. If you don't have time, you can always come back later. By moving the slider you can pick up where you left off.

Part 4
This one features 'Western Music'. It starts off with some tunes from the 30's but ends up with Western swing/dance music from around 2005. So if you don't like the old stuff, hang in there!

Part 5
This One Features The 80's

I hope you appreciate my efforts and enjoy these rare recordings.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Middle Of The Road- Light & Easy Listening
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

More Heydays Of Radio

Z-100 Retro Preview

The Day AM Radio Died

WCBS-FM New York - Cousin Brucie - Oct 1983

The heydays of Rock and Roll radio may be gone,
but I'll always have my memories.

The Heydays Of Radio

Reposted From June 6, 2011

Before the days of bullshit talk AM radio this is what I grew up listening to. These guys weren't just 'Disk Jockeys' or talking heads, they were ON-AIR PERSONALITIES.

There's a big difference!

Ron Lundy at WCBS-FM Radio New York, video aircheck from 1991.

Dan Ingram at WCBS FM New York, video aircheck from 1992

Cousin Bruce Morrow. 1992

The Real Don Steel KRLA Radio Los Angeles 1988

Dick Biondi WJMK Radio Chicago 1987

Wolfman Jack WSM Radio Nashville 1990

Sadly AM Radio has turned into all talk profusely peppered with anger. Either that or it has become automated all the time w/o another human laughing and sharing their day with you..

Over time huge corporations swallowed up these independent owned stations one by one. Each had their very own uniquely distinctive personalities. Now no matter which one you listen to, nearly all are satellite fed from somewhere else hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

No longer do local stations payroll the truly talented fun entertainers that live down the street from their listeners. Radio has lost it's heart and along with it a connection that made people feel just a little bit better on their way to and from work.

These guys are older now. Many of them already gone from this Earth. Today's kids are too young to remember when radio was a lot less serious and a whole lot more fun. Those were the days when radio's sole objective was to entertain, not inform. Today we have way too much information from the radio and so little left to feel good about when we turn it off. When did we become so damned serious about everything?

You see, radio wasn't just about a DJ playing records. It was about them having the kind of charismatic personality that could infectiously transmit their energy and happiness from a little box.

WWZY - The Breeze 107.1 FM Long Branch, NJ

At special thanks goes out to Art Vuolo Jr. for capturing these videos and releasing DVD's that captured the broadcasting greats.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

This Is Why AOC Scares The Hell Out Of The Swamp

Especially Trump

No wonder Trump and his cronies are always attacking her as being "dumb as a rock" (Trump's words). I think it scares the hell out of them that in five years she will become old enough to run for president. But is she dumb?

Absolutely not. Anything but.

The problem isn't she doesn't know much.
Rather problem is she knows too much.
And isn't afraid to confront "the swamp".

Trump you don't want to tangle with AOC

She isn't intimidated by you.

Want to drain the swamp?
She's just the person to shake things up.

No wonder the establishment wants to shut her up.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Impeachment (Nov. 8, 2019)

You may not agree with what she wants to do but without a doubt insiders, both in business and politics, fear her the most. So when they trash her ask yourself why. Because they fear her the most.

Artists That Never Won A Grammy

I've always had a problem with award shows because I don't need them to tell me what movie or who I think is best. They've always seemed like an insiders popularity contest. In some cases artists campaign for nomination.

White House Impeachment Defense Lie

I'll admit I haven't listened beyond the first 30 minutes of the presentation by White House lawyers. But in the first 30 minutes the lawyer stated no less then 7 times (about every 3 minutes) what the "TRANSCRIPT" says. I'm calling bullshit on this. Take a look at what the supposed transcript" itself says....

I don't care how many times Trump re-tweets..
it's never gonna become a "transcript" no matter how many times he, FOX News and his lawyers repeat it.

Not a great way to start an opening argument in my opinion.

Phone Number From Hell

Reposted From May 26, 2010

In the U.K. every single person assigned the mobile phone number 0888 888 888 died in the last 10 years!

What sounds like something straight out of a Steven King novel was not fiction for the three who wound up dead.

According to the article, one guy died of cancer at just 48 year old. The next guy was a 31 year old mafia boss. No surprise there I guess. The third was a drug dealing crooked real estate agent who was gunned down.

Either way that number sounds like a direct connection to the grim reaper to me.


Friday, January 24, 2020

Philadelphia Mayor Kenney Threatens End Of Mummers Parade

Mummers Leadership Letter by WHYY News on Scribd

I'll admit I'm no longer a big fan like I used to be however...
The mummers have come a long way over the years. I remember when women were not allowed to march. Now they make up a rather large portion. Alcohol infused spectators once lined the streets openly drinking. Traditionally in years past almost every division was about non-PC as they could be (even the string bands). But none of this comes close to the mayhem that last for two weeks in New Orleans over mardi gras. You mean to tell me Philadelphia can't loosen up for just 12 hours or so?

I would think the mayor has bigger issues to make a fuss over like the almost daily shootings. Having assets of only $5.1 billion to pay it's bills totaling $20.1 billion With a grade rating of 'F" this works out to a taxpayer burden of $50,000 per taxpayer. It's pensions are in a hole. It's schools are loaded with asbestos problems. Even the commuter trains coming into Philadelphia have become somewhat unreliable.


Trump 'knows more about' Than Anyone

Remember The Days Of Home Deliveries?

Remember the 50's when home deliveries were the norm?

To list a few of the 'hucksters': Charlie Chips, Bond Bread, Fuller Brush, Jewel Tea (Hellicks), Ice Cream (Good Humor/Mr. Frostie), Produce (Grim's), Milk (Freeman/LV Dairy), Egg, etc.

Why even in those days, the insurance man would come for your monthly payments. Doctors made home visits. And the paper boy would put the paper inside your door!

Some cynical types point out that today you can now buy drugs outside your front door. :)

I question myself whether this was actually somewhat more fuel efficient in the fact that these 'hucksters' would go only a few feet at a time and shut off their engines. Today we pop in the car and drive a couple of miles for these same items. At any rate, it did provide a decent independent job as a means to make a living for what many may now consider undereducated individuals who lacked other skills. Hey we can't all sing or play sports!

I wonder if someone could provide these kind of services today whether it might work out for them?

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Trump Threatening Social Security Medicare And Medicaid

Huffington Post
Trump Says He’s Willing To Tackle Entitlements ‘Toward The End Of The Year
" President Donald Trump said he’s considering making changes to social safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare “toward the end of the year” ― suggesting he is open to the cuts long pushed by conservatives.... Trump’s comments to CNBC on Wednesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are a change from his past promises to Americans that he would leave those programs untouched, although his administration has pushed to downsize them."

Here we have a guy who flies around on AF#1 like it's his own personal cab. Every time the plane goes out it's followed by a second backup presidential jet accompanied by two fighter jets and a military transport plane for his limos costing taxpayers over $200,000 an hour. After he wears this one out the replacement plane is expected to cost $3.9 billion. The Nimitz class carriers cost around $4.5 billion each. Nothing is too costly for the government. Yet the average person's Social Security won't even cover the cost of rent.

TV Sucks

I just compiled the TV shows we want to watch next week. All together there are only 5 hours we're interested in watching. Although I listed 'Ancient Aliens' we will watch them only if I'm not able to come across enough YouTube videos to fill the void.

Those in grey are reruns or not airing this week

I find it sad I'm paying for about 200 channels and can only find 6 shows we're interested in (those in red). Doing the calculations from my bill this works out to be around $5 a show. The majority of videos we watch come free from YouTube. About two dozen or so short clips a week along with some much longer both informative and entertaining. It's either that or watch the four of five cable networks running programs from years ago I've already seen a dozen times.

Speaking of TV. There are 8-12 cable channels airing the Senate impeachment hearing. There are few things I have to say about that. (1) Republican Senators are bitching Democrats are droning on saying nothing new. Hey, that's what you guys wanted. 100% of the Republicans voted against all 11 amendments for new documents or new witnesses. (2) Republicans also voted in agreement to allow three 8 hours sessions for each side. So shut up and live with the results. (3) Just about every worker I know works 8-12 hour shifts. All you guys are required to do is sit on your asses and listen for the money we're paying you. Is that too much to ask?

Is America Becoming A 'Idiocracy'?

"Idiocracy" was a 2006 film by Mike Judge. The movie questioned whether we'd all become idiots sometime in the future. Mike should know, he is the creator and star of the "Beavis and Butt-head" series. :-)

Birth Control/Intellectual Evolution

Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Consciousness Cannot Be Defined

I've posted before on this subject. What I posted previously was about the philosophical aspects of spirituality regarding consciousness. "Awareness is nothing more then a product of consciousness. Since without consciousness (in a unconscious state) there can be no such self awareness it can be said we don't exist unto ourselves under these conditions."

"After five hours on the road, she was finally found slumped over the wheel of her car in the driveway of a house she used to live in, with no recollection of her sleepy sojourn."Wikipedia describes consciousness this way. "Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind." If readers prefer a lengthily discussion I suggest they read more about consciousness there.

One of the mysteries that's plagued mankind has always been trying to get a handle on consciousness. Whenever we broach this subject it becomes like one chasing one's own tail. The reason for that is, consciousness is trying to evaluate it's own self. It is as a mirror trying to see it's own reflection.

Rather then get too windy I think this article entitled "The Conundrum of Consciousness" best describes briefly anything I could say here about this subject. "But do you even have a mind? Scientists don't know where the brain ends and the mind begins. Are they the same thing? What about souls? Are these located in our brains? What is responsible for all of the unique thoughts and feelings that make us who we are? Everyone from philosophers to physicists has taken up this question of consciousness and come up empty."

Let me add a yet other dimensions to this mystery. How can humans ever be certain we aren't dreaming about being awake when in fact we aren't? If indeed that were to be the case, would we then not be dreaming about dreaming when we go to sleep? Just how many levels (reflections in the mirror) could there be to consciousness?

Could we one day wake up like this lady did, then end up realizing we aren't really who we think ourselves to be in our current state of awareness? Even if we did, would that then "current waking state" be yet another reflection?

Speaking on a philosophically religious level... Is this how the single creator of us all appears as many and yet is only one? We were told by biblical scholars that we were created in the "image" of God. Think about that and all that it implies.

If one is stressed out by living with relatives, think about having to live with all the rest of world as our relatives too!
          Yeah it's like that :-)

How To Fix The Economy

A resort town sits next to the shores of a lake. It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted. It is tough times, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit.

Suddenly, a rich tourist comes to town. He enters the only hotel, lays a 100 dollar bill on the reception counter, and goes to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one.

The hotel proprietor takes the 100 dollar bill and runs to pay his debt to the butcher.

The Butcher takes the 100 dollar bill, and runs to pay his debt to the pig raiser.

The pig raiser takes the 100 dollar bill, and runs to pay his debt to the supplier of his feed and fuel.

The supplier of feed and fuel takes the 100 dollar bill and runs to pay his debt to the town's prostitute that in these hard times, gave her "services" on credit.

The hooker runs to the hotel, and pays off her debt with the 100 dollar bill to the hotel proprietor to pay for the rooms that she rented when she brought her clients there.

The hotel proprietor then lays the 100 dollar bill back on the counter so that the rich tourist will not suspect anything.

At that moment, the rich tourist comes down after inspecting the rooms, and takes his 100 dollar bill, after saying that he did not like any of the rooms, and leaves town.

No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now without debt, and looks to the future with a lot of optimism.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Overpopulation Trouble Ahead

Reposted from October 23, 2011

Crowded Earth: World Population set to hit seven billion, "On October 31, the world’s population is officially scheduled to hit seven billion — a rise of two billion in less than a quarter century."The problem is not so much the extraordinary number of humans, but rather how we're managing our Earth's resources.

Naysayers label people who warn of the dire consequences of ignoring nature's warning signs as a bunch of "environmental wackos" who are attempting to subversively "social engineer" some form of political extremism. The facts are however that Earth does not have unlimited capacity.

Think of Earth as a "fish tank" for human life. Because that's what it is. The air we breath is contained by the upper layers of atmosphere. Air can be mucked up faster then Earth can filter pollutants out. Same with water, the land and just about anything else we need to live. We can extract too many minerals and fossil fuels at too fast a rate. It takes Earth millions of years to replenish.

Imagine what happens when you put too many fish in a tank w/o having the proper filtering equipment or enough untarnished healthy fish food. That pretty much is what this Earth is all about when it comes to the fate of us humans on this blue marble container in space we call home. Fish can't survive outside the tank and neither can we.

Another way to think about this is to compare the Earth to a living being. This is the way many ancient cultures did. Inside all of us bacteria thrive. They need our bodies to sustain themselves as much as we need them. W/O a healthy balance between the two, both become sick and die. Ergo the Earth along with it's humans as well.

The problem facing us is NOT so much regarding the number of humans. It is how we use our skills in order to sustain ourselves as our Earthly population grows.

For instance by avoiding building our McMansions & warehouses on once fertile croplands and orchards for the much needed growing of food stuffs in the future.

Another would be by restraining our use of nature's limited energy resources through more efficient equipment design or alternative means or better yet by the combination of the two.

Still others are * Avoid over fishing via less consumption

* Over packaging generates needless garbage
For one, think plastic bottles

* Eat less meat products.
Meat requires 16 lbs of grain just to produce 1 pound of meat.

* Energy efficient lighting
LED's use 1/10th the power a incandescent bulb consumes
I could list countless other ways, but those are a few of the top ways we each can reduce our own personal consumption of Earth's resources.

Many will continue to say this is all BS. Call me a 'greenie', but I can not understand how anyone could not apply common logic to all of this. The Earth's ability to refresh itself in order to sustain life is limited. Our ability to repopulate, over use resources and mucky up the air, water and dirt is not. Something has to give.

Whether anyone wants to agree or not, the future will come.. with or without us being part of the equation. One need look no further then the millions of stars where life does not and cannot exist. In the big scheme of things we humans are just not that important to the universe. If we humans don't give a hoot about our own future existence, why should it?

You can argue with me, but you can't argue with scientific fact. We humans and our planet are an abnormality surrounded by a inhospitable 14 billion old universe.

Hillary Clinton Sore Loser
Hillary Clinton Continues Criticism of Bernie’s ‘Rabid’ Supporters:
"The former secretary of state had a bitter primary fight with the Independent Vermont senator in 2016. Clinton ended up winning the nomination, and Sanders campaigned for her in the general election. Many of his supporters held onto the grudge beyond their reconciliation, accusing the Democratic party of rigging the primary in her favor."

".. accusing the Democratic party of rigging the primary.."
Yeah that's pretty much what they did. Face it she and the DNC considered Bernie a 'spoiler candidate'. Now she wants to get even?

Hillary.. go away!

Impeachment In The Senate

Unless the Senate does a 180 the hearing on impeachment is a done deal.

Save yourself the stress of watching this play out on TV.

Allentown Parking Authority Overreach?

The APA gives people another reason not to visit downtown

There's is a lively discussion of this on The Morning Call's Facebook page. Here's my own opinion. I have an extended van that makes it very difficult to pull in forwards due to it's limited steering range. I've driven forklifts for years and I know the reason why they all have rear steering. It's because it's much more maneuverable in tight warehouse spaces similar to these decks.

Pulling in forwards makes it nearly impossible to see past cars, large pickup trucks and tinted SUVs parking alongside to safely back out. Especially for pedestrians.

Having owned older cars for years I can't tell you the number of times I've had to jump my battery. Something which would be impossible to do if parked the way these folks want.
As if parking weren't expensive enough now Allentown is going to add another layer to the costs of parking downtown. Look I know they want to scan license plates from the comfort of their vehicles as they drive by, but if this is what they want to do let them get off their duffs and walk around. The exercise will be good for them. Barring that they could set up their cameras at the entrances.

On another level I find it offensive having to prove I'm legit. This and creating unsafe conditions that I alone will bear just to make things convenient for them. No thanks. I'll go somewhere else where I feel my business will be more welcome.

LVCI's Wild Nightlife

Here's what goes on around here in the wee small hours of the night (on the back deck)
Dogs, Possums, Raccoons

Along With The Occasional Skunk
(.. and cats.. lotsa' cats!)


A humorous video I put together a while back


There I was sitting at the bar staring at my drink when a large, trouble-making biker steps up next to me, grabs my drink and gulps it down in one swig. "Well, whatcha gonna do about it?" he says, menacingly, as I burst into tears.

"Come on, man," the biker says, "I didn't think you'd CRY. I can`t stand to see a man crying."

"This is the worst day of my life," I say. "I'm a complete failure. I was late to a meeting and my boss fired me. When I went to the parking lot, I found my car had been stolen and I don't have any insurance. I left my wallet in the cab I took home. I found my old lady in bed with the gardener and then my dog bit me." "So I came to this bar to work up the courage to put an end to it all,

I buy a drink, I drop a capsule in and sit here watching the poison dissolve; then you, you jerk, show up and drink the whole thing!

But enough about me, How's your day going?

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

My Take On The Hubble Telescope

Posted Aug. 22, 2011

The Hubble has shown us the most amazing pictures any human has (or likely will) ever see with the human eye. There is this thing called "The Observable Universe". The "Observable" in this case pertains to the visibility of light. This is where it gets all so overwhelming.

Our own section of the universe was created almost 14 billion years ago. We've determined that because our best optical telescopes (like the Hubble) can only see that far. However, is there something that exist beyond 14 billion years?

We shall never know other then through math equations and assumptions. This is so because we've only been around this neck of the universe for about 14 billion years. That's how long it takes for light to reach us here in our current position.

Had we been around for 30 billion years, we might be able to optically see 30 billion years into the past.

The whole concept over powers the imagination. Why not 100 billion?
Why not infinity?

On top of that since we are moving, at who knows what speed, away from other stars, light may never reach us from the presumed edge of the universe even if we exist 10 billion years from now.

Say for example, even if we were a 100 billion years old. We still may never observe stars that are moving away from us at the speed of light. This because the light would never get here.. EVER!

Then there's this whole speed thing. Just how fast is our galaxy traveling?
And relative to what?

Suppose our true galaxy speed was half the speed of light, would not our own references of time last approximately twice as long as another galaxy's who was not?

See this time thing cracks my mind wide open. If one were to travel at the speed of light itself, theoretically time would stop.

A biblical passage in Daniel said that each day with God is as of 1,000 years of man. Years ago I did the math. Through a transitional equation of numbers, that work's out to 99 percent and a fraction to that of the speed of light.

Is this why biblical passages keep keeping referring to the creator as "the light"?

So every time I stare at one of the Hubble pictures, this is all the stuff that comes to mind for me. It's also the kind of stuff that puts everything into perspective for me.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Experimenting With This Blog

People may have noticed I'm posting far many then I usually do, forty one so far this month. I wanted to see what would happen with my statistics. One may also note in a previous post I requested people subscribe either via email or RSS feeds. Of course I have no idea whether someone bookmarks or subscribes through a RSS feed but here's how things look so far. * Not a single additional person subscribed via email.
* There's been no increase in the number of 'return visits'.
* Only 1 person has left a number of comments.
* More people visit old past posts then new ones.
Although I intend to post heavily for the remainder of the month before drawing any final conclusions here's a few I have so far.. * It doesn't seem to matter whether I do 10 or the 41 I have so far the stats stay about the same.
* Nobody seems willing to engage through comments no matter what subject I broach.
* Around 90% end up here via a link from somewhere else or through a search engine..
* Various posts from years ago get about the same number of hits as my latest.
I'll address this again after January ends. I will say this much, preliminarily speaking, it's not encouraging.

The Farmers & The Dead Mule (HUMOR)

Curtis &Leroy saw an ad in the Starkville Daily News Newspaper in Starkville, MS. and bought a mule for $100.

The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day.

The next morning the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry, fellows, I have some bad news, the mule died last night."

Curtis &Leroy replied, "Well, then just give us our money back."

The farmer said, "Can't do that. I went and spent it already."

They said, "OK then, just bring us the dead mule."

The farmer asked, "What in the world ya'll gonna do with a dead mule?"

Curtis said, "We gonna raffle him off."

The farmer said, "You can't raffle off a dead mule!"

Leroy said, "We shore can! Heck, we don't hafta tell nobody he's dead!"

A couple of weeks later, the farmer ran into Curtis &Leroy at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and asked.

"What'd you fellers ever do with that dead mule?"

They said,"We raffled him off like we said we wuz gonna do."

Leroy said,"Shucks, we sold 500 tickets fer two dollars apiece and made a profit of $898."

The farmer said,"My Lord, didn't anyone complain?"

Curtis said, "Well, the feller who won got upset. So we gave him his two dollars back."

Our Greenwich Village Food Tour

Reposted From: September 10, 2011

I didn't have a chance to post yesterday (Friday, Sept. 09, 2011) because we headed out on the bus to NYC for a food tour.

I think we set a new bus land speed record as it only took us one hour and 50 minutes gate to gate.

Just enough time for my 'magic umbrella' to work. You see despite days of rain and Friday's NYC forecast for a 40% chance of thunderstorms, it was nothing but SUNSHINE by the time we arrived at the Port Authority Bus terminal. IT'S MAGIC I TELL YA. If I had not brought it I'd guarantee that it would have rained. It works that way for me nearly 100% of the time!

I have a few pictures and thoughts I'll share about the day.

We took 8th Avenue Subway from 42nd street down to 13th street. First thing I'd like to point out is, I cannot fathom how the MTA manages to lose money at $2.50 a pop. The 6 car subway trains are always standing room only coming and going every 5 or 10 minutes. Talk about magic, the MTA must sure know how to make money disappear.

As you exit the subway you have a really great view down the street of the new World Trade Center under construction.

We met our group a few blocks down at 89 MacDougal Street at the Caffè del Mare in the very heart of Greenwich Village.

Ours was one of the smaller groups. There were 10 of us. Normally she does one or two tours with 16 at a time. What I find interesting about these tours is more then just the gnashing of various food samples. It's the other people in the group.

One couple came from New Zealand and were visiting the U.S. over the past six weeks. Aside from fascination with their marvelous accents, I found it interesting that this couple's basement was flooded back in New Zealand while he was visiting the states. The couple's neighbor was doing his best to pump it out for him while they were away. They said here we are. We left a country where there was flooding and Earthquakes, then ironically they came here to some of the same. :-)

Another couple was from Vancouver, Canada. They said it was nice to be in NYC because it was cooler then home... SAY WHAT!

Like I said it turned out to be a really wonderful sunny day.

Washington Square Park

Like every project in NY, the park has been under renovation for over 6 years and counting.

This foundation has been a bone of contention because they moved it to align with the arch. The preservationist had issues. What's new!

Here are some of the eatries we visited on the tour..

* While the news media was belaboring on and on about 9/11 security fears, we saw none of that in the Village. Folks were pretty much going about their business as usual only a few blocks away from the WTC.

* As we toured I was totally unaware that a few blocks away, on Wall Street, stocks had taken to another big bite out of my 401k (again!)
It was so nice to be oblivious, at least for one day.

* After going into about 6 family owned restaurants I was left with the impression that what the Village considers irreplaceable distinctive historical character, Mayor Ed would consider them an eyesore and probably would want to create some sort of KOZ or NIZ and have the city tear them down.

* The village started out as mostly poor tenements. Today many of the buildings are extremely expensive and more desirable then some of those in upper Manhattan. Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anderson Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sean Lennon make the village their home to name a few. Here are some of the more notable residents and entertainers that got their start in the village over the years (not shown but included Lady Ga Ga)..

* Food is very inexpensive for the most part. Most of the cheeses and pastas etc. are hand made on premises. There are maybe a handful of eateries around the Lehigh Valley that can even begin compare to the quality nor price. Now I know why NYC doesn't need "Super" markets. Why cook when food twice as delicious (w/o the mess) is available for probably less then you can make it at home? Nor do any "super markets" come close to the specialty shop ingredients available from these individual owners.

* While we can afford to visit and eat in the village, no way in hell could we afford to even begin to consider living there. It's New York's latest, greatest, most expensive, in-place place to live. Some have been moving from Upper Manhattan to the village. Here are Reality Listings For Greenwich Village. We're talking from about the mid $400,00's to 10's of million$.

* The movie & TV industry loves to shoot down there. There were two being filmed on Friday. I have no idea which one it was, but the wife and I were filmed for a crowd scene for one of them. Should I look for a check in the mail?

* Just like Manhattan, I find the streets to be far more friendlier and safer then those of our own in the Lehigh Valley. Am I just being naive?

* I highly recommend the "Foods Of New York Tours". For around $50 per person, I couldn't find the room to fit another bite and had to beg off all that was offered.

* The round trip bus tickets, subway, food tour, extra on drinks, tips and tour gratuity (optional) set me back a little over $200 for the two of us. I consider that very reasonable for a full days worth of eating and historical tour.

Video Courtesy "TurnHereFilms"

Just make sure your stomach's empty so your prepared to eat and anticipate that you will being doing a lot of walking.