Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Better Way To Do Hi-Rise Apartments

One of the things I have against renting is feeling like many are nothing more then chicken coops warehousing people. Especially the hi-rises. This guy has some ideas which could change my entire outlook of them and make me want to live in one.

What follows is Moshe Safdie speaking about how to reinvent the apartment building at a 'TED' conference in Vancouver this past March."In 1967, Moshe Safdie reimagined the monolithic apartment building, creating “Habitat ’67,” which gave each unit an unprecedented sense of openness.

In this short talk, Safdie surveys a range of projects that do away with the high-rise and let light permeate into densely-packed cities."

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hospital Financial Trap Even When Patients Insured

Elisabeth Rosenthal | New York Times--
Costs Can Go Up Fast When E.R. Is in Network but the Doctors Are Not"... Texas demanded some data from insurers last year, they learned that up to half of the hospitals that participated with UnitedHealthcare, Humana and Blue Cross-Blue Shield — Texas’s three biggest insurers — had no in-network emergency room doctors. Out-of-network payments to emergency room physicians accounted for 40 to 70 percent of the money spent on emergency care at in-network hospitals.."
I wrote about this before, but felt it worth reminding people of this financial trap again. While this article specifically mentions the E.R. past experience indicates this can be a problem patients may run into with any of the doctors throughout their treatment.

What Can you Do About it?
Not much. Anyone who's ever experienced the medical system can attest how many doctors confusingly end up getting involved. A patient who's treatment becomes complicated is often referred to other hospitals in other cities for specialized treatment. Unless someone at their most vulnerable moment has an outside expert 'medical advocate' who they can afford or are BFF's with one who can look out for them chances are after recovering from what ails, they'll need a whole lot of financial recovery afterwards as well.

So much for the private sector policing itself
It would be really swell if legislators got off their rumps and passed some regulations. Regulations could come in one of two forms. Either require all doctors working at a in-network hospital actually be in one. Or at the very least require hospitals to notify patients which doctors are not part of their plan. I don't think the latter is to much to ask even for those who favor less government.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Park Creeks Which Would You Rather?

Bethlehem's Monocacy Park with it's dams & gabions


Allentown's Parkway with it's riparian buffers?

Nobody's saying neither the Monocacy, Cedar Creek nor Little Lehigh should be gabion lined completely. But it would certainly be more attractive then if there were none at all. Same goes with removing every last dam (including teeny tiny partial rock dams no matter how small).

The 'Little Lehigh Creek is 24 miles long. It flows through the Lehigh Parkway in Allentown which is 6.5 miles long. I'd be quite certain a few gabion areas here and there for a mile or two wouldn't be catastrophic. The same goes for Cedar Creek which is 15 miles long. Only about 1.5 miles of it runs through the Cedar Beach area in Allentown.

What sets the Cedar Beach area apart (with it's riparian buffers) is the fact street drains flow directly into the creek behind them. Street runoff comes from South of Hamilton street to beyond North of Tilghman street for almost this entire length. Hence creating no mow zones and riparian buffers in this area is practically useless. They serve only to take away visitor's access and views.

The following chart is from a 1976 study done by Lehigh University entitled, Storm water management for little lehigh and cedar creek drainage basins.

The Point I'm Trying To Make Is...
There's no reason why certain parks in designated areas can't be both visually appealing and readily accessible along their embankments. By utilizing gabions in areas where embankments are prone to reoccurring erosion (despite riparian implantation) they require no maintenance and last for decades. Because of riparian buffers' tendency towards invasive plant species neither would this be a concern.

Is this about environmental science or political science?
You decide.

No one has spoken more about this subject then "Molovinsky On Allentown". Check out some of his posts concerning riparian buffers. In particular check out his picture post showing just one of the street drains going into Cedar Creek.

Manhunt For Eric Frein

AP Photo/Scranton Times & Tribune, Michael J. Mullen

Laura MCCrystal, Inquirer Staff Writer-- "Police presence that intensified Saturday afternoon escalated Sunday morning in a rural neighborhood."

A couple of things are worth noting..
     (1) How many 100,00's of manhour$ have been allocated to his capture?
     (2) When was the last time police went to this much effort for other victims of a shooting?
     (3) How many cops were taken away from their other duties?

Don't get me wrong I'm concerned when a officer gets ambushed. However, dedicating this much time, money and effort is leaving other areas unprotected. Either that or there are too many law enforcers employed then are ordinarily needed elsewhere.

It ought to be interesting to see what the total tab to taxpayers is for this.

Today's New York Post Front Page

Robert Plant Does Doo Wop

Here's something you don't see everyday..

Just goes to show what a great vocalist he truly is!

For those unaware Robert Plant is on world tour. This in conjunction with his latest solo album of original songs entitled "The Ceaseless Roar" available on Amazon or at iTunes.

Robert Plant- The Sensational Space Shifters perform 'Rainbow' live (from the new release)
Recorded at Hydrogen Festival/Padova, Italy & Colours of Ostrava/Czech Republic

Of the upcoming 19 tour dates announced 12 have already been sold out word wide. There are only 5 upcoming show dates announced here in the United States. Three of them are already sold out. Two in Brooklyn and one in Chicago. Leaving only two not sold out... Denver and Los Angeles.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nielson's Top 10 (Week of Sept 8, 2014)

Below is a screen shot of top 10 most viewed TV shows for the week of September 8, 2014

6 are football related. 3 have nothing to do with current events. Only '60 Minutes' (#5) has anything to do with what goes on around us.

The point is, which programs do you think TV executives will invest the larger portion of their network's budgets for in the future?

Cable users are charged by these networks for the rights to broadcast them into homes. Hope people like sports and are fans, cause they'll be charged more on their cable bills for them.

'MOD MILL' Reunion 2014

Jerry Deane announced Our Next and Biggest Reunion 2014"In keeping with the tradition of “Peace, Love and Music”, the regulars of the Mod Mill, a club for young adults in Center Valley from 1967 to 1970, will “Get Together” again Sunday, November 9th at the Meadows in Hellertown, PA. Doors will open at 5:30 and the party is over at 10....

There will be a large dance floor and special guests who played in the original Mod Mill bands, will occasionally appear on stage with the Flowerheads..."

Anyone who hung out at the former 'Mod Mill' in Center Valley (1967-1970) and is interested can check out the link above for more information with all the details.

A Prior Post On This Blog,
      Remember The Mod Mill?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Highest Grossing Production Of All Time

The Daily Mail-- 'The Lion King' musical named highest-grossing production of all time, with $6.2billion in box-office sales

It's been on Broadway 17 years come Oct.15, 2014.

We went to see this musical in 2001 while it was still playing at New Amsterdam Theatre before they moved it to the Minskoff Theatre in June of 2006.

The show came to the live stage 3 years after the animated movie.

There are so many elements that made this one of the best musicals we've ever seen. The costumes. The musical scores. Staging design. All complimented each and other. It pleases me to hear this show has done so well. Perhaps by it doing do well it will serve as an example to others of what audiences most seek out.

Many shows have come and gone since that time. I think this lasted so long because of it's originality, positive theme as well as absolutely unbelievable musical scores that appeal to all age groups.

The Broadway Cast Takes Over NYC Subway and Sings 'Circle Of Life'

May 'The Lion King' Live Long For Many More Years!

Retail- Once Your Naked There's No Place To Go

When it gets hot out after you've taken off your shirt. Then your pants & socks. Then finally pulled down your underwear standing there naked and still too warm.. there's no place to go. Retail's 'Black Friday' is like that.

Laura Northrup | Consumerist: Retail Experts: Sorry, But Stores Will Open Even Earlier This Thanksgiving-- " No retailers have announced their plans yet, but experts told the WSJ that they anticipate some will try the early-opening trick."

There's an old show biz saying 'If it works, beat it death till it doesn't'.

A few years back the wife left retailing in the mall for greener pastures. Gone are the days she had to work late at night. Sleep 4 hours then slep back to the counter next day to greet the other half of the store's guests.

Over the years there was only two days left the store wasn't open. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Eventually that changed too.

Face it the act has gotten old. Only fools haven't figured out they are paying full price. There's no difference when a store brings in merchandise and establishes a price point of let's say $100 then marks 80% off then when they regularly sold the item the rest of the year for 20 buck$ anyway. Hey that's showbiz. Give the suckers what they want.

Another part of the act is to hire Christmas help promising a few of them will be permanently hired after Christmas. Indeed some are. They are hired long enough to help do the much dreaded inventory in January or February, then dropped like a lead balloon under the premise business is slow. No Shit Sherlock!

This might come as a surprise to some folks, but Christmas comes on December 25th every year. That means shoppers only have 364 days to shop for it. Instead clerks 'guest representatives' are forced (I do mean forced or get fired) if they don't provide 'guests' with a positive smile and cheerful greeting after 4 hours sleep.

Allow me to remove the retail emperors' clothes.
These stores would love nothing more then stay open 24/7/365 and have no problem doing so (some already do). However like any quality strip joint, coming out initially naked takes all the fun out of it. So they close for a few hours to make it a bit more enticing. All professional strippers (like retailers) know if they were to come out full monty there'd be no reason for suckers to throw away their earnings.

I know it's already September and I might be a little late saying this, but Merry Christmas << oops. Happy Holidays.

Another Nation Moves Forward With Alternative Energy

World’s Largest Coal Miner To Invest $1.2 Billion In Solar Power-- "In July this year, India had doubled the tax on every metric ton of coal mined or imported in the country. The revenue generated from the coal tax would finance the National Clean Energy Fund (NCEF) which would be utilized for the development of renewable energy projects."

This most likely will be my last post for awhile on this topic. In so doing, I think I made myself clear where I stand and have provided many examples of why it's so important.

Renewable Energy News Coming Out Of Australia

Some Good/Some Not So Good

First The Good News
Giles Parkinson & Sophie Vorrath | Reneweconomy.com.au -- "South Australia sets 50% renewable energy target for 2025-- .. up from the 33 per cent target that it has already met, six years ahead of scheduled date of 2020... South Australia will only meet its target if the Federal Government maintains the current Renewable Energy Target Scheme arrangements."

Now The No So Good News
The Commonwealth of Australia is made up of six states. South Australia (SA) is only one of them.

Australia's Prime Minister, Tony Abbott addressing the U.N. climate summit on Tuesday indicated he's not too peachy keen nor entirely onboard with 'South Australia'. According to the article, "The green paper – as we outlined on Tuesday – is almost entirely focused on the ability of the fossil fuel industry to extract coal and gas."

Sounds similar to what goes on between states and the federal government here in this country. Some states have greater economic priorities when it comes to fossilized fuels then others.

While I was researching Reneweconomy.com.au ..
I came across this. Can energy utilities keep their customers, or will they flee the grid?.

It went on to say, "Now that the cost of delivery of that electricity has risen so high, and cheaper alternatives are emerging, will the so-called “democratisation of energy” cause a fatal blow to the incumbent’s business model?"

Regarding that. Here's something to think about. It costs oodles of money to maintain a untold number of electric poles, transformers, generators and wires. As customers start to trickle off the grid, via individual alternative devices, potentially huge amounts of electrical energy income could be lost. Thus while costing electrical utility companies the same to maintain while they would be receiving less in return. Not a very good scenario for future profits.

Another issue to consider is huge costs associated with restoring power in severe storms Not only do utility companies have to bring in linemen from out of state to work overtime, pay for their expenses but all the while losing sales of electricity the entire time that the lines were knocked out.

A Better Idea
Forward looking electric companies might consider turning some profit by installing and leasing solar units to their customers. There a few advantages to this.(1) They still get to collect the full amount for the monthly lease even when power goes out.

(2) Even if solar panels only provide some of the basic needs like heat, refrigeration and a few lights, there is far less an immediate need to restore power right away. I would think it would take a lot of pressure off complaining customers who scream about not having any electric at all (sometimes up to/over a week in some cases). Thus the need for fewer linemen in order to restore power as quickly as they need to now.

(3) Eventually in some areas the utility could install less expensive lower capacity transformers. It would allow for lower generating capacities as well, thus lowering their number and fuel costs for them.

(4) The more solar panels they lease to customers the more stabilized their projected expenses will become.
     (a) At the current time fuel costs to run the generators vary all over the place.
     (b) When 10,000 or more are without power.. zero power means zero income.
     (c) Less generators ='s less breakdowns ='s less shut down every year for service.
     (d) As more expected and unexpected demand increases less substations would be needed along with the expensive uphill battles with the public when the need of more high tension towers arises.

Less generators, less need for new substations and all the other stuff I mentioned requires less direct employees. Also less lawyers that tend to piss people off when wanting more lines. That too requires a public relations effort larger then it would have to be.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Property Tax Elimination In Pa.

Andrew Staub | PA Independent: Property tax reform hits another roadblock in Pennsylvania-- "Proponents of eliminating school property taxes cheered a win last week, but it might have been a hollow victory... State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, R-Chester, recently told a Delaware County business group Senate Bill 76, which would eliminate the unpopular tax, “will not become law” even though it cleared a key committee vote."

In a more perfect world we'd realize those who benefited the most would pay the most for education as a resultant of it. Alas that shall likely not be.

If this proposal were come to pass it would come in the form of sales tax on items that people of greater wealth would purchase and on their incomes.

Many property owners (including those retired on fixed incomes) may have or not have inherited the domiciles in which they live. Everyone needs a roof over their heads including renters who also pay into the system.

However it came to be it's most unfair that that such basic needs of having a place to live should have this tax burden placed on them. A number of them may have never had kids which never generated costs to the local schools in the first place.

Face it government has got everyone by the gonads. Everyone needs some place to live. Who cares if it's 'fair' or not so long as the state can operate under the threat anyone can be tossed to the street if they don't pony up. Just because Pennsylvania can doesn't justify the reasons for making it their right to do so.

The goal here in the United States is to provide people with a just and fair form of government. Anything that takes away or diminishes such weakens us united as such people.

Such is this when it comes to this matter in the funding of education.

Song 'iPhone6 Manufacturer May Not Be Too Keen With

On Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 Apple released the latest iOS 8.0.1 for their iPhones. Instead it reportaidly goofed up several apps on the newly just released iPhone6 & iPhone6+ devices.

Well it didn't take Brooklyn songwriter Jonathan Mann more then a few hours to come up with this ditty...

As of June 23, 2014 Jonathan had written & posted a song a day for 2000+ days

(09/25/2014): TUAW The Unofficial Apple Weblog says, Apple posts support document for iOS 8.0.1, promises fix for cellular issues in "the next few days"

Officer Quick Draw McGraw

John Monk | The State.com-- SC trooper charged with felony in shooting at traffic stop over seat belt violation-- "A lance corporal who was fired from the Highway Patrol after the shooting incident, now faces 20 years in prison if convicted of wrongfully shooting the driver"

Police Dash Cam: September 4, 2014

This makes me seriously think I should get one for the van.

It could come in handy if accused unfairly of causing an accident or a motor vehicle violation.

The more cameras everywhere the better. Keeps everybody honest, doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oil Heirs Getting Out Of Fossil Fuels

Mark Drajem, Bloomberg News"The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, built with profits from Standard Oil Co., is selling investments in coal and tar sands... a group of 800 institutions and individuals announcing they will divest from fossil-fuel companies. Total funds making that pledge reached $50 billion this week...

"If he were alive today, as an astute businessman looking out to the future, he would be moving out of fossil fuels and investing in clean, renewable energy", said Stephen Heintz, president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund."

The Washington Post"For 140 years, the Rockefellers were the oil industry’s first family, scions of a business empire that spawned companies called Exxon, Mobil, Amoco and Chevron. So it was no trivial matter when a group of Rockefeller heirs decided recently to begin severing financial ties to fossil fuels..."
Billionaires become billionaire$ because they stay ahead of the curve by envisioning how they can make a ton of loot off of future supply & demand before others do.

As I've said repeatedly ad nauseum alternative green energies are far more then about just tree hugging liberals, global warming alarmists, clean water and air. It's the future!

Remember This Clip From 'The Graduate' (1967)?
Green Energy.. Yeah, It's Like That!

Then there is this for you knuckle draggers out there who still don 't get it...


Let all of keep in mind there are no intelligence tests required nor are applications required to become a member of Congress. Anyone can get elected who then can make up as many stupid laws and regulations or eliminate them as they will.

     Here's to hoping we survive as a nation notwithstanding such fools.

Charlie Sheen Coming Back To 2 1/2 Men?

As you may have or not heard CBS canceled 2 1/2 men earlier this year. Now rumor has it Charlie Sheen is talking to the show's producer (after they had a fall out 3 years ago) expressing an interest in appearing in the final episode of the 12 season old series which premiers Oct. 30th..

Rumor further has it the characters of Alan and Walden may get married.

Now you may say, who gives a rats patootie. Well you wouldn't be alone. One of the responses from a commenter said he never watched the show because of it's "mindless drivel". The reply to that was pure gold....
     "***** never watches that mindless drivel because he's so busy with intellectual pursuits,,, like commenting via the internet about ,, umm,,,,, mindless drivel!!

I've learned from comments I read over the years on media sites and on blogs, neither are worth the space they take up and they both certainly are far less intelligent then those who read them regularly.

Clean Renewable Energy

In 1957 JFK challenged us to go to the moon and we won the 'Space Race ahead of everyone. Why not declare another race this time to be first in the world to be truly energy independent? Have we lost the will? Have we lost the expertise?

I hate to think we instead continue to sit on our laurels while some other nation inevitably succeeds and be left behind both scientifically and economically. Back then we were a 'can do' nation. Let us hope we still are. They call some countries 2nd & 3rd world nations for a reason. That kind of future for the United States is totally unacceptable.
Jennifer Granholm TED2013

Yes we can

Critics claim the technology's too expensive.
How much do they think this is costing us?

June 2014

A few reasons 'for' clean renewable energy
Energy Independence. A cleaner Earth (spills and emissions). Less U.S. interventions (wars) in foreign nations over oil. Less reliance on aging central electric grids that can possibly be hacked. New jobs and scientific advancement. Maintaining our leadership position in the world.

A few reasons 'against' clean renewable energy
Hmmm.. I can't think of a single one.

Monday, September 22, 2014

ISIS Threat Being Hyped Up

Some U.S. Politicians are chomping at the bit to send American troops back on the ground. Call them ISIS, ISIL "Islamic State", thugs terrorists or what ever I tend to think these guys are over hyped. There's plenty worse bastards in this world that have been raping, kidnapping, beheading, slaughtering and committing all kinds of atrocities on far more people for far longer. Africa is one example yet we don't hear pundits on the news 24/7 calling for us to get drawn in.

It was reported over the weekend 130,000 Syrians fled into Turkey to escape ISIS. FOX news reported Friday a week ago ISIS may have up to 31,500 members. The answer seems simple to me. If boots on the ground are what they want, station our soldiers on the border of Turkey where they can hand out grenade launchers and automatic rifles to each of these refugees. Then send them back. This latest batch of refugees outnumber the highest estimated number of their so-called enemy by over 4 to 1.

Something doesn't smell right
No matter how despicable we are told this group is the threat from the number of them doesn't add up. The population in occupied Mousul (664,221) alone outnumber all of ISIS by 21 to 1. There are 33.42 million people living in Iraq. That being the case ISIS represents less then 1/10% of the entire population. They are outnumbered by over 1,000 to 1. Someone explain to me why Iraqi's can't easily take care of this themselves? Do they even want to?

I suspect a larger picture is emerging. (1) Either Iraq is filled with a bunch of gun toting cowards. (2) ISIS is receiving a hell of a lot more support from Iraq's themselves then we are led to believe. (3) There's something far larger going on here that doesn't pass the stink test.

Follow The Money Trail
After all of the wasted lives, money and wounded lives it all boils down once again to who gets the oil and it ain't turning out to be us.

ISIS is said to be worth about $2 billion. "In the years they were getting started, a key component of ISIS’s support came from wealthy individuals in the Arab Gulf States of Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.". More recently these days they make about $2 million a day off of captured oil fields.

So Where's The Oil Going?
It's being transported to places like Iran, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to name a few. According to the CNN article above if everything goes as ISIS plans, "they will be in control of a region that holds 60% of world's conventional energy reserves and produces 40% of global oil and gas production." So I think it would be safe to say the U.S. shouldn't expect a lot of help from any of those countries.

Haven't we done enough?
The U.S. has spent 100's of billion$ on Iraq for our military operations, reconstruction, training and rearming Iraq troops. 4,487 U.S. soldiers were killed and another 32,223 were seriously wounded. By August 2007 we supplied over 190,000 weapons. Now you'd think with all that fire power Iraqi's would be in good shape to fend for themselves if they were motivated to do so. Kind of makes me question if they are being as victimized as being portrayed by the media.

If the Iraqi's are being victimized as we are being told, tell them to get their own ass in gear. Failure by them to stand up when the odds are overwhelmingly in their favor causes my mind to question whether they are being victimized or part of it. It wasn't so long ago that we were sold the idea Iraqi's would look at us as "liberators". It didn't quite turn out that way after nearly 37,000 of our soldiers were either killed or wounded by them. Shouldn't there be some kind of lesson from that?

On the other hand, if it's about oil the United States could have far more wisely invested our time, trillions of dollars and human resources (peoples' lives) in converting over to clean alternative energy solutions. If it weren't for these outdated dirty fossil fuel sources we wouldn't find ourselves in this predicament. I also highly doubt we'd be as concerned with their problems if we didn't need their stinking oil.

In Conclusion
Excuse me if I'm not entirely enthusiastic about having further involvement. Unless the American people agree we need to for our own financial security (oil) we need to keep our nose out of it. If we really care about these people and they honestly are being victimized there's no better way to help them then providing the means they need to fend for themselves (which we have already done). To do otherwise requires us to stay forever shedding our blood and money for a people who will not do for themselves.

There could be no bigger threat to our own stability then to have 33.42 million more dependents unwilling to help themselves. This would far exceed all the objections so many now raise over providing money and resources for social needs in our own country for our own people. You'd think people who object to unemployment, welfare, Medicaid, etc. would be outraged if we made such plans.

I'll put this a bluntly as possible. I see no reason to nurse these thumb suckers who claim to be helpless. Nor anyone hiding behind ISIS while enriching their own selves by buying oil behind our backs from them. It's time we realize who our friends really are and be honest with the American people why we're involved over there.

Yesterday (Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014) 100,000's of people marched ahead of the U.N. Climate Summit to be held Tuesday (Sept. 23, 2014). I'm positive there are plenty who will label these people as tree hugging left leaning wing nuts. BUT anyone who has half a brain and read what I wrote above understands there is a lot more at stake then clean air.

People are being slaughtered all over the world in the name of profit from their fossil fuels. Yet in every nation the sun shines. The winds blow. That being the case no longer is there a need for any nation to be dependent on another for it's entire energy needs. Even a hard assed global warming denier should support this cause based on this reason alone.

Put it this way.. if all the greenies are wrong no harm can become of it. On the other hand by the continued addiction to fossil fuels it amounts to crawling into bed with some of the worse selfish greedy human beings who walk this planet in a attempt to satisfy a ever growing dependency. If those who say they support 'energy independence' cannot see this I question both their sincerity, motives and intelligence.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lehigh Valley Bloggers Fading Away

I've compiled the statistics for all the 'Local Blogosphere' you see listed to the right. These stats are current as of 09/21/2014 at 11:40 am.

19 Posted Less Then One Month Ago
  6 Posted Around A Month Ago
13 Posted Something Between 2-10 Months Ago
  4 Have Not Posted Anything In A Year Or More

Percentage wise...
45% of the bloggers listed posted something less then one month ago.
14% around a month ago.
30% have not posted anything in the past 2 to 10 months.
Just under 10% posted nothing at all over the past year or more.

Only 19 out of the 42 bloggers could be considered frequent posters. Of those I'd estimate only 3 or 4 are posting on a nearly daily basis. Of those 19 only about 4 receive comments if they allow them. When they do there are usually a dozen or far fewer.

I've removed over a half dozen links to other bloggers who gave up blogging some time ago. There seems to be two reasons why they quit. Either they were harassed or lost interest because of the lack of response to them.

There once was a time a few years ago the Lehigh Valley had a vibrant blogging community. Dozens of people contributed information and read them regularly. Some of these people were in the field of education. Some were politicians and still others posted the inside scoop on all of them. Nearly gone are they all.

What also changed is the number of video postings from the Lehigh Valley. I go through them all on YouTube everyday. For every 100 I'm lucky to find one that isn't an advertisement for cars, real estate or someone promoting their business. A bunch more are ratty looking & sounding cell phone videos from area concerts. Hence mostly garbage and not too useful to the exchange of information.

Another thing that changed are the people who leave comments. Certainly there were always those who left useless comments either bashing others or contributed little to the topic at hand. Still there were plenty of others who would leave useful information that local media either skimmed over or ignored. This because commercial media holds themselves to higher standards and accountability then those participating in blogs. So too have to consider the hands that feed them before doing a story. For this I do not hold blame against them. After all they are in the business to make money and one has to consider that.

However I find it rather disparaging interest has dropped off significantly in blogs from a few years ago. I'm not speaking about myself but rather all the other bloggers who had so much to contribute and the people who once interacted with them.

A blog's quality is determined by the sum of it's parts and not just what was posted by it's owner. Peoples' contributing information via comments is what will make or break what happens in the future with these blogs. If the past is any indication it doesn't bode well. As for me, I will always have something to say and most likely continue to use this blog as a forum to express myself. It's my hope that other blog owners will continue to as well.

Optimistically speaking what I yearn for at this time next year a few more will come online that I can link to and not less. Coco Chanel once said, Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. What happens I have absolutely no control over and cannot change no matter what I say or how much I flap my gums, eh?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Internet Getting Harder To Use

According to TechCrunch Facebook Asks Every User For A Verified Phone Number.

I also noticed more then a few fellow YouTubers were required to provide a cellphone number before their video would be accepted. Apparently YouTube sometimes requires a user answer their phone and write down a verification number. Otherwise whatever video they uploaded will be rejected.

A number of sites now require some sort of a third party account that too requires a phone number before they can comment. When I log off this blog the same thing happens. Although I've been able to circumvent this phone number requirement I'm quite certain that will not always be the case.

There might come a day all sites will require following this verification procedure after logging in before being allowed to use them. The way I feel about this is. It jeopardizes the safety and security of everyone who wants to use the internet. Here's why.

Eventually everyone's real name could be exposed (w/o asking permission) after programmers think it a swell idea (like Facebook already does) to match real names to their phone number. This may seem like a good idea because of irresponsible people posting recklessly. The thing is, it not only provides law enforcement the tools they need but so too at the same time every stalker, ex husband/lover, scammers/thieves or any other bad guy with evil intentions the same name information.

When it comes to law enforcement they have the tools they already need if someone is doing something illegal. Every site (every last one-including this one) records the ISP address & the name of their internet provider of those who visit. In a matter of minutes anyone's identity can be tracked down by law enforcement. So there's no point in exposing peoples' identities unnecessarily.

Wait you say. What about the bad guys using proxies and fake ID's to carry out their foul deeds? All the more reason why we shouldn't have to provide phone numbers if only innocent legitimate law abiding users are the only ones exposing themselves. Besides does anyone really believe a whole bunch of these proxies aren't actually be hosted on government servers or can't be traced? Is anyone that naive?

Then there are the people who's only phone they have are provided by their employer. Imagine the litigation a company could be exposed to for something one of their employees said.

Anyone else notice how complicated it's getting to visit a site for something they are interested in? Some have video pre-rolls. More and more are using flash screen popups. Almost all are slow loading because of the dozens and dozens of ads along with their unnecessary links. Still others are now loading pages you never intended to read (or care about) as you scroll down.

For almost everything I read these days I use RSS feeds. Unfortunately some of these boogers are now loading only a sentence as a tease in an attempt to force a reader to click onto their highly monetized sites loaded with tons of stuff that wastes everyone's time and bandwidth. There should be a special place reserved in hell for them.

Irregardless of what some people may think the internet was created for the free exchange of ideas. Instead the internet is becoming a place where people are being tricked into revealing not only their private information to marketeers, government agencies, but every other wacko throughout the world.

I've been on the internet since the beginning using dial-up 'Compuserve ' then later 'AOL. We've come a long way, but maybe not a better one.

I Pledge...
The day I cannot log into this blog or YouTube w/o using a verification number via phone.. is the day I will use neither. I may not take these both down, but I won't login from that day forward either.

I personally have nothing to hide. People can ask me almost anything. I've led a clean life, but over these many years I've experienced and read about way too many bad things that have come to people after they allowed themselves to be exposed to the looney tunes who roam this Earth.

Think of it this way. No one would take the chance of going into an unknown (possibly bad) neighborhood. The internet is little different. It not only can affect they themselves but the people around them who have nothing to do with what that person said online.

That Said
I intend to (yeah I know I said it before- maybe I'll actually do it this time) take this blog in another direction with less commentary after this post.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Everybody's Broke Nobody's Happy

Well it seems like it anyway...Express Times- Hundreds of Northampton County employees oppose health care hike
WFMZ- Northampton County workers protest hikes in healthcare costs

Express Times- Allentown school unions blast district, demand 'respect, justice, fairness'
WFMZ- ASD unions slam administration over listless contract talks

This whole problem can be summed up with two words, economic inequality"

Here's just one example of it Tale of Two Cities:’ New York has become the capital of economic inequality-- Median rental costs in Manhattan have increased for six consecutive years, and now stand at just under $4,000 per month. And you won’t find that much relief heading to the boroughs; the median rent in Brooklyn is now $3,172, and in Queens it’s $2,934. Owning a home is just a fantasy for working New Yorkers: The average cost in the five boroughs rose six percent between the second quarters of 2013 and 2014, and now stands at $826,000."

If you check out the comments on every one of those stories above they all run the same course. They always do. A good chunk of them blame the extreme left wing socialists libitards while an equal number point the fingers at cold hearted uncaring republitards. Most of the remaining comments predictably jump down the throats of anyone working for the government.

Once again not a single one of the comments I've read so far as of 09:33am (09/19/2014) addressed the real problem. While these doofuses continue to sling crap at one another, the very people who created these conditions continue to line their pockets. All the while counting on these idiots' complete ignorance of what is being pulled off on them.

Our politicians (at least at the state and federal level) are the finest money can buy. The middle income gap has now nearly disappeared and is crippling our taxes and economy and still people (at least the ones leaving comments) have no idea who's screwing them. Unbelievable.

Our U.S. Congressional members have become so obsessed with themselves staying in office they've become almost totally blind as to the reason why Congress was created. It wasn't to serve every last corporation or special interest group that cut a fat check to get them re-elected. Never mind doing the things that could get middle income back on track like tort reform, medical caps, minimum wage and a plethora of other problems facing this economy.

Congress just came back after a 5 week summer recess. Now just after 8 days of returning they've given themselves off another 54 days!

Face it they don't give a shit about anything but winning another term. It amazes me how people cannot see through Representatives and Senators going on TV pointing their fingers at Obama for his days off while they themselves took 3 to 4 times as many.

Words On Comments I'm Reading
The lot of them remind of seagulls fighting and pecking each and others eyes out for scraps of leftovers fed to them by wealthy people. Can they not realize government at all levels receives the majority of revenue from the middle income. No middle income... no revenue. Apparently that's beyond most people's comprehension..

While high placed executives and administrators pay less percentage of their income towards taxes they continue to receive wages only a middle wage earner could dream of. What do they do with that extra income? Well they invest it. They majority of the upper crust earns their money through capital gains. These are taxed at a far lower rate then ordinary income. Thusly increasing their wealth several times over that of the average middle income worker even if they be lucky enough to even have a full time job or any benefits at all.

Instead of congress raising wages they ran off to feather their own nests. For one all they had to do was raise the minimum wage and tax revenues would start flowing. If companies find all kinds of ways not paying their taxes, force them to pay their employees a decent wage and who do. That's how you do tax reform.

Had congress passed legislation that would have given Medicaid and Medicare the power to force pharmaceutical companies to negotiate drug prices this would have also put more money in the pockets of local taxpayers. One of the offshoots for not doing so is the more people pay for medical needs the greater amount they are allowed to deduct on their federal taxes. So right there you have a double edged sword.

I've given just a few examples of why if there is blame to be had it isn't with government workers or people of any political persuasion. The fault lies solely on the shoulders of a self serving congress. A congress that has been bought and paid for by people with selfish intent. A congress that has manipulated people through corporate controlled media that somehow each or the other were to blame.

All this from a bunch of phoney baloney's who had more days off this year alone then President Obama did his entire term up to August 23rd. even before they decided to take another 54 days off since!

Wake up people. Stop being tools and blaming one another all the while being played the fool.

Locally the fault isn't entirely that of local leaders, unions or fellow citizens. The super vast majority starts in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

About The So Called Cadillac Tax On Obamacare

Tom Shortell | The Express-Times: Northampton County employees should expect their health care contributions increase in the next few weeks, says county executive John Brown-- "the county's health care administrator has said it would face a $9.3 million "Cadillac plan" tax in 2018 under the Affordable Care Act based off 2013 expenses."

According to this MC article published in October 2013... "Pat Siemiontkowski, Northampton County director of human resources... said if the county does nothing, its Cadillac tax hit could be $1 million in 2018 and a budget-busting $28 million by 2028." That's a far cry from the $9.3 million the current Northampton county executive is now claiming.

The article goes on to say, "Northampton County, based on a recommendation from its insurance administrator Capital Blue Cross, is predicting an annual increase of 11 percent. At that rate, its 2014 "family plan" cost of $22,080 would balloon to more than $33,000 by 2018."

So let's crunch the numbers for "the family plan" mentioned.The so-called Cadillac tax is on 40% of anything costing over $27,500 for a family plan. First we subtract $27,500 from the estimated assumed costs by 2018 of $33,000. This leaves us with the amount of $5,500 per employee. Now take 40% of that is $2,200 per employee. Multiply that by the 1,600 and we come up with an amount of $3.52 million.
As you can see the director of human services was way off back last October. It's more likely Brown's figure of $9.3 might be more accurate since not all the plans are family plans.

But with that said folks should keep in mind a few facts United Healthcare posted back in 2010-- "the actual thresholds will be based on medical inflation between 2010 and 2018... The thresholds may also be adjusted for individuals in high-risk professions and may be increased by an age and gender adjustment."

In short this is still almost four years away. Should this even be a consideration for Northampton County employees? Not in my opinion until it actually comes time for new labor contract discussions.

John Brown appears to be playing the Obamacare card as a means to deflect away from other woes facing future Northampton County budgets. There's too much focus on his proposal to increase employees costs almost four years ahead of time based on what future 'Obamacare' costs may or may not be. This I take issue with.

I can't tell you how many comments I read blasting greedy government workers and/or Obamacare. Never ever once have I read a single one against those who greatly profit from the healthcare it costs taxpayers for those workers. The lawyers, insurers, hospitals, doctors and drug firms always get a pass for some reason whenever this issue comes up.
      Why is the average smuck so unaware they are being bamboozled?

Republicans insist Obamacare is bankrupting people while ignoring the real problems with healthcare consists of things they refuse to talk about. Tort Reform and out of control costs going towards healthcare professionals, medical equipment and pharmaceutical firms.

Think I'm FOS?
Check this out in today's paper Trial lawyer Kline gives $50M to Drexel law school.. "..the firm has reached the upper ranks of law firms handling catastrophic personal-injury cases. On its website, it lists awards and settlements on behalf of clients of more than $1.7 billion, noting at the same time that the results of many other resolved cases could not be reported under terms of confidentiality agreements."

Then check this out. In 2013 Big Pharma Pockets $711 Billion in Profits by Robbing Seniors, Taxpayers.

If Republican politicians are so worried about destroying Obamacare perhaps they should come up with something better.

It's still not too late
I'm sure Americans would gladly support the repeal of 'Obamacare' if only there were some legislations passed that would give us better alternatives. Instead of conservative politicians continually pointing the finger at Obama how about coming up with something better. Until such a time (possibly never) I consider stuff like this political gamesmanship. It solves nothing at either the local or national level.

At least this President tried to do something about the insane costs for medical care. If I said this once, I've said it a dozens times, if someone has a better idea, let's hear it. Instead all I'm hearing is this constant bellyaching and whining while lawyers, hospital medical professionals and drug firms continue to get rich.

God sakes folks wake up, look around. How many hugely expen$ive homes and places of businesses related to the medical profession does one have to look at before they figure out who's making all the loot and at who's expense? Anyone see an average county worker who could afford to live in the same neighborhood?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The World's Dysfunctional

I've spooked around the news, internet social media sites (such as) Facebook and from my own experience I conclude... "The World Is Dysfunctional".

There's one guy I'm familiar with who after his first wife left him took up dating his brother's wife while she was still married to his brother. He eventually married her. She since has kicked him out along with the three kids. After serving about 10 years in military service he now thinks at 30 some he may actually have to find a job. Imagine that!
     He also received a ton of benefits even though he saw no action of any kind in any of the gulf wars.

Another relative of ours is kicking his own kid out to make room so he can receive money from the government to raise another's.

There are tons of more stories on Facebook and other social media sites, but I dare not tell them less someone figure out who I am.

Then there's the jerks in politics who are advocating for war with ISIS but don't have the balls to actually grab and gun and do it themselves if they are so worried about these so-called terrorists. I say so-called because I consider this bunch nothing but loud mouth long winded thugs who get people all worked up by killing hostages on camera. If the United States wouldn't have screwed around in Iraq none of this would have happened in the first place. There are a bunch of political assclowns that appear in the media who have no problems getting Americans killed for their own failures by intervening in foreign countries that posed little to no threat to us prior.

There's also the bunch of anonymous commenters and not so anonymous bloggers in this area who think by stirring the public up or going against other bloggers it will somehow change things or gain them notoriety. Way too much drama for my tastes.

In regards to myself and views of this world... People sure do create a lot of unnecessary problems for themselves and others.

In my own life the first wife pulled the wool over my eyes real good some 30 years ago. She took up with some guy and left me. It was a few years later I found out my son wasn't my son after all. Not until after I paid support for several years until he was an adult. When he found out, I haven't seen him since.

Also it's been about 20 years since my brother last contacted me after mother died. I stopped trying to invite him over & his wife to stay in contact with me after repeatedly visiting their house.

So as you can see I've experienced drama within my own life, but it all pales in comparison as far as I'm concerned because it's all past me now.

Quick Points About Eagles Game Last Night

The 'Eagles' won 30 to 27 over the 'Colts' last night (09/15/2014)

I'm far from an expert when it comes to football, but here are a few things I thought worth noting about last night's game.(1) While no one person can claim they saved the game it should mentioned Cody Parkey was responsible for 12 of those points. Until the middle of the 3rd quarter the Eagles were losing 20 to 6. They scored only one touchdown in the first half and two in the second which would give them only 18 points if not for the 12 points kicker Cody Parkey added to the final score.

(2) There seems to be a pattern this year that the Eagles don't show up to play until after halftime.

(3) When runners celebrate a touchdown the crowd goes wild. When a kicker adds 12 points to the final score most of the sports media seldom shines the spotlight on them. I suppose it's because they expect the kicker to make good on his every kick because the team set him up. In other words kickers are for the most part taken for granted.

(4) The irony here is undrafted rookie Cody Parkey was originally signed by the Colts this year (2014). The 'Colts' then traded Cody Parkey to the Eagles in August for the Eagles undrafted reserve player rookie runningback David Fluellenm, who has since been released.

There are a few points I'm trying to make.

Most fans focus their attention and celebrate the runners scoring touchdowns and the star quarterback, Media headlines scream much the same thing (check it out for yourself).

What few recognize is the fact w/o a great rookie kicker like Cody the Eagles would never be where they are. Their 'red zone' plays are terrible.

Everyone once schmoozed and fawned over Desean Jackson's performance a few years back when he was hot and scored touchdowns for the Eagles. When it came to the Cody's 12 point contribution to last night's game I'm not seeing the same kind of exuberance from either the media or fans. Why Not?

Well almost not except for Zach Berman a Inquirer staff writer who wrote 3 days ago, "With Parkey going against the team that traded him away this Monday, it looks like a good move for the Eagles.".

Monday, September 15, 2014

After You Retire...

     they just want you to go away

I worked at one of the 10 largest food companies in the United States for over 33 years. What a difference a few years make after you leave their employment. I am of the realization that this company owes me nothing at the end of the day, but it's still remarkable the differences between how I was treated when I worked for them and now that I'm retired.

In September they'd start sending mail about our upcoming benefit elections, the new costs and the changes we may need make for the next year. This would be followed up by several meetings we had on company time. Now that I'm retired.. POOF!

This month I got my quarterly bill for life insurance for the remainder of the year. First off they use to only increase this at the first of the new year. Instead they raised it three months earlier then they ever had before and 6 months before my birthday. They did this without any warning so I could save up for the increase. No letters, no email, no nothing. The increase is an astounding 79 1/2%. Of course I can't continue affording this. Just last December I reduced my coverage by half for 2014. Now they want to charge me even more then what they wanted for double the coverage last year before I reduced it

Hell it would take me almost 30 years to get that kind of increase (at it's present rate) to receive 79 1/2% more in social security. These yahoos expect that in just 1 year !!!

I called to cancel. I couldn't use their online website. It said it was down for maintenance for over a week or did they change that too w/o notifying us?

After navigating the menu (which didn't have a cancellation option) I pressed 0 and waited on hold (being reminded how important my call was) for 30+ minutes before someone finally answered. I said I wanted to cancel. After giving my information the policy was cancelled in less then a minute with no questions asked. No save-a-sale involved here. I can take a hint. Obviously they wanted to dump my ass.

Costs for my retiree medical benefits is skyrocketing even worse. Last year I qualified for Medicare. Here I though it would be cheaper. Instead it went up double. HUH !!

The way I figure it this company used to schmooze us for all it was worth since unions constantly were banging at their door. After ya retire.. the hell wid ya. What are we gonna do about it...go on strike?

I'm posting this as fair warning to those who are coming up on retirement. No matter how much companies pretend to care this is what you can expect.

I can truly understand companies are not charities, but there used to be such a thing as business etiquette. Retirees should receive advance notice about changes and cost increases. Sure companies can't afford to baby us till death, but they sure as hell needn't pull the plug on us by both unexpectedly and unreasonably escalating the costs of the benefits we were promised. At least not without some sort of fair warning so we have time to prepare or find alternatives..

Sunday, September 14, 2014

You Probably Missed Free Dental Care In Allentown

Although there was little publicity the turn out was beyond amazing this weekend. When we went for our weekly shopping at the The Allentown Farmers Market this past weekend I couldn't believe the number of people who turned out for this event at the 'Agri~Plex' located at the Allentown Fairgrounds.

Even though it wasn't listed by the 'Agri-Plex', parking was packed!

This was the second annual event held by the 'Montgomery Bucks Dental Society'.
A great big appreciative thanks goes out to them

WFMZ in this video report on Friday said,
"By 11 a.m., nearly 800 people walked through the doors.."

This is both encouraging and saddening at the same time. How is it that in country such as ours we have so many in need?

I for one do not have a dental plan. Unlike many others I was fortunate to have one while I worked, but the company does not offer a dental plan for it's retirees at any price.

In a country that claims to care and has so much it's rather disheartening. Judging by what I witnessed I'm certain 100% these people were not all living below poverty, on food stamps or looking for a free handout. The costs of dentistry care has gone up many times since I was a kid when a tooth could be filled for $7 or extracted for around $15.

I'm certain that many who walk among us will say tough boogers. Get a job.. go pay for it yourself. To them I reply (and I don't care if I sound like a socialist), if I had my way every American would have access to FREE medical and dental care. These are basic human needs everyone will have need of some time or another.

As To How We Pay For Them
(1) Regulate the healthcare providers so-as-not to overly enrich themselves on the misfortunes of others.
(2) After the U.S. spent an estimated $6 trillion on wars in Afghanistan & Iraq it should reconsider it's priorities.
(3) Americans who care only about themselves should be the first in line to support such a plan. Do these people actually believe they will always have an untold amount of money in their wallets to pay for these services throughout their lifetime no matter what event befalls them or how high the costs will go in the future?

Face reality, no one gets a free ticket. Either people need to pay for these needs (a) out of pocket, (b) through insurance, (c) the costs for those who cannot pay passed on to them or (d) suffer the agony of being left untreated.

I much prefer each and everyone of us pool our money together, control costs and thereby benefit we are ourselves by doing so. That's not 'socialism'. It's simply a smarter way of doing things that will result in benefiting even those among us who remain selfish and uncaring of others. Why can't everyone not understand that?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Allentown Fluff Pieces

Yeah sure these are fluff pieces, but still there's something to be said. Other cites have been so less fortunate.

Allentown 4.0

While I'm still not convinced Pennsylvania taxpayers as whole will benefit there's no doubt that Allentown's citizens will. Got to hand it to this mayor on this one, he pulled it off.

Pennsylvania taxpayers' will forgo nearly $1+ billion in revenues for the next whatever number of years till this is repaid. Whether one supports the NIZ or not, what remains to be seen is if Pennsylvania taxpayers will see a return on their investment over 30 years the NIZ was based on. I truly hope all of this succeeds as planned. Doubts remain in my mind. I remain skeptical Pennsylvanians as a whole over the long haul will unless we can attract other businesses from outside the state. Time will tell. We shall see.

Here's to hoping the mayor and certain legislators in Harrisburg prove the doubts I have wrong

See Also: THIS ARTICLE IN THE MORNING CALL-- "Keystone Executive Director Stephen Herzenberg said the NIZ puts too much state tax money in one place, with few restrictions... From a regional point of view, it's robbing Peter to pay Paul," Herzenberg said.

A Little Bit Of 'The Eagles'

From the first event ever held at the brand new PPL Center in Allentown.

Friday, September 12, 2014

President Obama A Disappointment

Girl tells President Barack Obama she thought she was meeting Beyonce-- "President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama helped fill backpacks with toys for homeless children at the Inspired Teaching charter school on Thursday. The sixth-grader named Madison was helping show President Obama how to fill toys in backpacks for homeless children, and then said she had heard there would be a special guest for the event."

Cher's D2K Tour Coming To Allentown UPDATE

(first posted on 05/15/2014)

The second concert coming to the soon to be completed PPL Center arena in Allentown, Pa. was announced. It's will be one of 14 cities in 2014 that Cher will perform her 'Dressed To Kill' concert series. Pat Benatar is also scheduled to make a guest appearance.

The date is set for Monday, September 15th, 2014. Just four days after the Eagles perform on the Friday before.

Prices range from $57.50 to $153.50 as of this UPDATED posting (09/13/2014). Plus ticket fees and taxes, which are about $24+. (Deck parking is around $10)

Here's A Video Preview Of Cher's 'D2K' Tour


Cher postpones Allentown concert date due to illness
"That concert has been changed to Dec. 2, 2014"


Cher has now canceled not only her Allentown concert but the rest of her tour due to illness

Click here for more information

Spotlight On Shannon O'

     My favorite YouTube performer of all time

Shannon (from upstate NY) has uploaded 172 videos. These are 44 of my favorite videos she has uploaded representing over 3 hours and 13 minutes of my favorite tunes she has performed over the last several years since she first joined YouTube on June 26th, 2008

I sent email several days ago wondering why she hasn't uploaded any since last year at this time (since Sept. 2013) and have not heard back.

Be that as it may, I wish to present to you one of the most talented young ladies I've ever had the privilege of listening to.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Warrantless Police Raid In Kentucky Is Bunch Of Bull

'Raw Story' is reporting, "Police raided a Louisville bar Tuesday night, and a video posted on YouTube shows police searching patrons and employees before allowing them to leave... attorney Thomas Clay said the officers broke the law by frisking patrons without probable cause."

I don't give a flying fig whether this was a known drug nuisance bar or not, the police not only violated patrons rights, but most likely everyone of the charges will be thrown out. Other then an attempt at destroying this bar owners business, no good became of it.

All this kind of stuff rots countries from within. It all starts somewhere. If enforcement officers get away with this what's to stop them from storm trooping into mosques or other places they view as a threat. Too far out you say? Maybe the Jews living in Germany thought so too at one time!

We are a nation of laws for a reason. When those laws are ignored we become a nation of lawlessness. Whether it be at the hands of criminals or police matters not. When anyone breaks the law they should be sent to prison.. period!

Regarding this bunch of thugs in blue, this should go double. They are trained to know better, but instead exhibited a flagrant disregard for laws they swore to uphold. It's time to send a clear message to those who abuse the system no matter who they are. These are supposed to be the people we rely on (by example) to uphold order and justice. Instead threatened both.

I'm sure some will say who the hell cares what went on in Kentucky, but this has been occurring all over the country of late. What concerns me is when 'peace officers' see what some departments got away with it won't be long before this becomes the norm.

There are plenty of good cops who everyday who risk their lives to 'protect and serve' who don't deserve the reputation a bunch of yahoos like these misrepresent. I call for the elimination and imprisonment of all those who abuse their positions in law enforcement. Guys like these jeopardize those who try their damndest to generate respect and protect the citizens when they go to work. Good cops deserve better.

When we hear of this kind of stuff it makes law enforcement officers jobs more dangerous because of the public's distrust creating adversarial conditions. It will eventually breakdown this country if not rooted out. It will also discourage the kind of men and women we need to join law enforcement when bad behavior like this is ignored.