Saturday, July 30, 2022

PACT Act For Vets Blocked in the Senate- MUST READ With UPDATES

Somebody explain to me what Republicans exists for?
Only to try and make this adminstration fail in whatever way possible?
The hell with good government. Party dominance is the only thing that matters?
Not woman. Not gays. Not retirees. Not the poor or unfortunate or those with medical needs.
Just who the hell is their base they expect to slide them into power?

Sunday, July 31, 2022

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Rep. Raskin Gunsplains The Constitution To GOP Lawmaker

I can't tell you how many times some dope quotes the 2nd amendment this way, "... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Yea just ignore the words before... "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,..". That seems to be a important qualifier to me. Why ignore it?

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Government Forced Pregnancy On 10 Year Old

I can't believe it's come down to this.. a 4th grader!

Come November voters will make a choice whether to continue the path radical conservatives have set us on. I'm anxious to see what kind of United States we will become. I can't tell you how disappointed I will be if our nation becomes something I could have never imagined. Hopefully the majority of the voting U.S. citizens are far more sensible then what conservative extremists in Washington D.C. are espousing.

Since then the doctor's lawyer affirms the doctor did everything by the book. How obvious does it have to be far right right conservatives will paint a target on anyone who does not fall in line with their beliefs. This is dangerous for not only the doctor but anyone and everyone who dare oppose the radical right wingers who now make up a large portion of the current GOP. These certainly are not the same conservative Republicans of a few years ago.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Mexico Agrees To Spend $1.5 Billion On U.S. Border Security
Mexico agrees to provide $1.5 billion to help U.S. manage migrants on southern border
"Former President Donald Trump campaigned on the promise of building a new border wall that he would get Mexico to pay for. While the Trump administration did build hundreds of miles of new and renovated border wall, the Mexican government did not pay for it.

Now, Mexico has agreed to pay for a number of projects through a joint multiyear effort along the countries’ borders"

Perhaps if Trump wouldn't have been so threatening...

Nobody likes to be told or forced to do something. Ask nicely and they just might.

Pennsylvania's Recent Election Changes

I truly wish Pennsylvania would allow early ballot counting. I don't see how that would be a risk. To not do so puts tremendous pressure on election workers. We already have a tough time getting enough of them. This makes it more difficult.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Allentown's Chief Operating Officer Resigns
Allentown’s chief operating officer resigns five months into job
"Lightner was appointed in mid-February to the $120,000-a-year position after serving in city government since 2008. Prior to becoming COO, he was director of community and economic development and deputy mayor under former Mayor Ray O’Connell. Tuerk appointed Lightner to the newly created COO position as part of a restructuring of the mayor’s office."

Budget Hint: Here's a oppurtunity to save the city $120,000 a year. Unfortunatly the mayor said he wants to refill the position. Will it be for the same amount of money? Or will it be for more?

Question is how many people at the top does to take to run the city for the mayor?

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Caught On Camera

Best Fails of the Year (So Far) 2022

Sure it's funny as hell...
As long as this crap happens to somebody else :)

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Here's Why I Thought Pete Buttigieg Should've Become President

He's always been clear headed and responds sensibly very quickly. Yeah he was once only a mayor, but look at who the choices were we ended up with!

Pete Buttigieg Democratic Primary Town Hall #1 - March 10 2019

Imagine if he were the president today rather then either Trump or Biden (both old geezers). Neither which are sharp as a tack to put it mildly.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Officials Provide Update On July 4th Parade Shooting

Thanks to the internet I learn much more then I will with 2 minutes of reporting on the evening news. After all, what do you think the source will be for their brief reporting?