Sunday, December 29, 2019

How FOX News Controls What Gets Reported

WARNING: Foul Language.

You’re watching Fox News.
You just don’t know it

Like em' or not they are good at what they do. They set the bar... the rest follow. However according to 'Business Wire' (12/11/2019) "FOX News Channel (FNC) notched its highest-rated year in primetime in its 23-year history with 2.5 million viewers...". So in the grand scheme of things even combined these news shows are only watched by less then 1% of the American population. That being the case I suppose it's no big deal since 320 million aren't watching any of these news channels.

Hell even Trump has only 68 million followers. Meaning over 250 million could care less what any of them have to say. Less then half of the population bothered voting in 2016. Perhaps politics won't be on my front burner in 2020. These are things I need to consider going forward.

Idea For A New Musical (REPOST)

Is there anyone who understands what a keeper this could be if the musical scores were updated?

Are there any visionaries out there? Imagine this show tied in with a toy manufacture! I do realize shows these days run $10-11 million on Broadway. That’s why perhaps one of the big toy manufacturers should think about what this could mean. Imagine ELMO reintroduced with electronic modifications to today's demand for the newer toys.

About Flahooley

My Video Interpretation

Friday, December 27, 2019

COPPA Spell The End For YouTube As We Know It?

YouTube will be greatly impacted like never before under the FTC's Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) starting January 2020.

A number of people have already deleted their videos. The folks who depend on monetizing their videos will be impacted the most. Not only are their videos in question but the very ads that appear on them as well (which they have no control over). Meaning they'd have to give up their advertising revenue completely or risk getting fined. Thus the quality of YouTube will be greatly diminished.

Music videos as well a video game screen grabs could be subject to nearly a $42,000 fine for each deemed unfit for children (whatever that means). Same could apply to many of mine on YouTube. Even if you mark them for adults only doesn't let you off the hook. Who knows how many on this blog I linked to could be in violation as well.

I seriously believe two things are going on here. In my opinion this isn't about kids. Forget about the so-called 'nanny state'. This isn't about that. Rather it's about raking in huge amounts dough for the government. For years governments all over the world have been hitting Google with millions of dollars in fines so they can line their coffers. This gives them one more excuse to not only whack Google but now it users as well.

The second reason is more sinister. When the FTC deems what is appropriate and is not begins to crack the door open towards government censorship. If the FTC gets away with this it could be only the beginning.

As for me I will monitor this closely come 2020. I dread the decisions I may have to make as our government seeks to exercise greater and greater control over all things. We were promised less regulations by this president. COPPA is NOT heading in that direction to be sure.

Uploaded Nov 18, 2019

(The deadline 12/09/2919 has passed for comments to the FTC)

LINK TO : COPPA and YouTube: Answering Your Top Questions (12/17/2019)

LINK TO: COPPA @ The Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission (09/04/2019)
Google and YouTube Will Pay Record $170 Million for Alleged Violations of Children’s Privacy Law
"In addition to the monetary penalty, the proposed settlement requires Google and YouTube to develop, implement, and maintain a system that permits channel owners to identify their child-directed content on the YouTube platform so that YouTube can ensure it is complying with COPPA. In addition, the companies must notify channel owners that their child-directed content may be subject to the COPPA Rule’s obligations..."

Impeachment When The Shoe Was On The Other Foot

Is this how the Republicans came up with their Trump defense strategy?

Any of this sound familiar?

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Are Broadway's Best Years Behind It?

Looking over upcoming shows it appears they've become more like concert performances rather then great theater. Will 2020 bring us any outstanding original musicals? It seems most of what is in store are rewrites based on previous rock tunes, movies or revivals of the long gone great composers and lyricists from the past.

Some of Broadway's best Performances

Here's one show I'd like to see come to Broadway.
Notre Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris (the musical) was performed since 1998 in 23 countries. Never on Broadway. It has 53 musical numbers. It tells the sad story of the three men who loved the gypsy dancer Esmeralda and lost her to death.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Christmas Video I Made Years Ago

Bobby Vinton's Kissin' Christmas LIVE (1996)

I really wanted to watch Bobby Vinton's Branson Christmas special from 1996. That's when I realized it's no where to be found. So I decided to dig into my archives and load some of it here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. What a talented guy. He ought to re-release a DVD of it. Better yet a TV Special maybe on PBS.

Clips From Bobby Vinton's Kissin' Christmas Show 1996 LIVE

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Amazon e-mail Scam Alert

There have been several different versions of this scam over the years. All of them have one thing in common.. they want you to call a phony number. Like any other phishing attack no one should ever reply. If someone wants to check out their account they should use their internet' browser's bookmarks to log in. This applies to any emails not just those from Amazon.

This also applies to phone calls. Always dial the number on your bill or login.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

My Answer Machine Took Another Scam Call

It's really good at that :-)

A woman thinking she was speaking to someone said, "This is the awards department. Can you hear me?"

It's an oldie but goodie. If you say yes it's being recorded. Usually it's some company looking to switch your utility, telephone provider or something similar. Your saying yes gives them go ahead to do whatever they're looking to do. In other words you inadvertently gave your consent verbally.

It's called TELEPHONE SLAMMING (Wikipedia). Don't fall for it.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Think Federal Taxes Went Down Think Again

Think tariffs instead. Tariffs are taxes. It's estimated these could cost families as much as $1,000 more a year. So unless your federal income taxes were reduced by that amount you could be behind.

'The American Action Forum ' wrote a very detailed and informative piece entitled, THE TOTAL COST OF TRUMP'S TARIFFS. I urge people to read it if they're interested. The article points out The president’s tariffs, when combined with corresponding retaliation, threaten over $476.4 billion of traded goods annually.

According to Fortune and ProPublica Trump’s Tax Bill Has Cost Homeowners a Trillion Dollars through deductions they could no longer claim.

If someone still thinks Trump's tax cuts are a good deal we have far different views on what 'a good deal' is.

Two Senators Already Planning To Violate Their Oath

Both Lindsey Graham ("I'm not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here") and Mitch McConnell ("I'm not impartial") made themselves very clear publicly several times how they will vote. It wouldn't surprise me if Senate Democrats made a motion to disqualify these two individuals at the beginning of the Senate hearing. Oh the motion may not pass because the Republicans hold the majority. BUT what these two declared before the hearing begins will forever be on record Could there be others?

Depends whether Justice Roberts will allow the motion or if it's even made.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Monday, December 16, 2019

Patriots Football Try To Pull A Fast One?

How come other teams don't seem to have these problems?

Mandatory Minimums Being Abused By Prosecutors?

Prosecutors have options for what charges they wish to pursue. Are some prosecutors imposing charges they know carry minim mandatory sentences in order to get the accused to plea to lesser charges, which do not, in order to make their record look good for getting a large number of convictions? As a result a number of innocents could end up in jail.

Defendants already are at a disadvantage. Many do not have the re$ources to pay the additional court cost$ for a trial by jury and lawyers who require large upfront fees.

Something else I personally seen. Cops sitting around chewing the fat with justices they've come before numerous times until the person they've charged arrives.

I'm also familiar with a guy who dated an assistant DA. Agreed he gave her some crap but let's just say this, after the breakup it didn't go well for him.

Snopes Setting The Record Straight

Every year FOX News pulls this. It's one thing to spin the news. Another to make shit up.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Robot Appreciates The Help

I envision a day in the future when a FedEx, USPS or UPS truck pulls up. Unleashes dozens of these rascals from the back of the truck. All the driver has to do is wait for them to come back after making deliveries all at the same time. Something a delivery driver never could do. Assuming these trucks would even need a driver :-)

Trump Is Going To Hate Latest FOX News Poll

Avoid Route 22

Another couple of accidents yesterday. In my opinion if your daily commute involves the Lehigh Valley section of route 22 you'd be wise to avoid using it. Oh it might save 15 or 20 minutes but you'd be better off leaving 15 or 20 minutes earlier using some other streets and roads. Beats getting stuck between exits in where accidents have become a daily occurrence.

Some may say it increases the chances of getting hit somewhere else. Well it's healthier then getting slammed at 60+ mph or waiting in line for hours. If there is an accident lots of other options are available getting around them. I'd avoid the I78 section of 309 as well.

When I used to work I felt a lot less stress. Often times I'd mix it up and take various different routes. Traveling via 22 or 309 my whole focus was on traffic. These others allowed me to relax and enjoy the ride before and after work. I can't think of a time I got stuck behind an accident scene without having the ability to turn off avoiding it. More then I can say for some of my fellow workers who insisted on using these major traffic arteries.

There were about a half a dozen back roads I used between Allentown and Fogelsville. Most of them taken care of better in the winter then Pennsylvania's highways. As I bonus other then a school bus here and there I almost never encountered a tractor trailer. A lot safer if you have a breakdown too.

Anyone have any thoughts they want to share?

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Hallmark Pulls Commercial Of Brides Kissing

FOX News
Hallmark pulls Zola commercial of brides kissing after conservative group calls for boycott

So What. We all know Hallmark's stick. All their movies are the same. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy... PERIOD!

Ye gads.if someone has a problem with this go watch one of the other 300 streaming or cable channels. It makes we question why a sponsor would consider wasting their money pitching to a group of viewers who most likely it won't appeal to.

Could it just be they pulled this stunt to get all this valuable free publicity? I wouldn't be surprised if they amped up this so-called conservative group's so-called boycott. Folks it called VIRAL marketing (or as I like to call it rope-a-dope). People get paid lots of money for this very thing. Looks like they'll reap many times the publicity without the ad even airing.

Damn... Now even I am bringing attention to them.

My Bad :-(

Our Democracy Is Fading (Don't Blame Trump)

This one's on the people.

The President's Fans Think He'd 'Operate More Effectively' Without Congress or the Courts
"The share of people polled who say presidents could operate more "effectively" if he did not have to worry about Congress or the courts is up 16 percent in a single year, to 43 percent."

Oft times I kid with my wife saying we must have woken up in parallel universe overnight much different from our own. Once Trump skates through without repercussions from the Senate I expect us to be even more distant from the universe we once occupied. Everything I ever thought I knew about my fellow Americans now is in question. The United States has come to a crossroads. I'm pretty certain I'm not going to like the way this turns out.

Before anyone contemplates leaving a comment I require you read this article first.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Ever Wonder How Dictators Come To Be Dictators?

Mitch is so proud of himself laughing at how he screwed over Obama. He's all so proud how he coordinated with Trump the things he wrote in his book he is promoting. How he intends to squash the impeachment dead in it's tracks by coordinating with White House lawyers.

This is not how our founders envisioned their newly formed government was suppose to work.

Mitch McConnell The Fix Is In

Whatever Trump wants Mitch will do

In other words the jury will work with the defendant to achieve a positive outcome for him.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Bernie Sanders Helped Rescue This Vet

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

I've Been Following Britain's Brexit

Here's the conclusion I've reached.They're In.
They're out.
They're back in again.. oh wait a minute
They're back out.
Maybe there will be another vote.
No there won't.
They'll leave the European Union with a deal in place.
Well maybe there won't.
Will Brexit be postponed again?
Well maybe
Never mind. Their not certain of anything.
One big advantage the U'K has is if they don't like what one prime minister is doing they simply get rid of them and appoint a new one. No need for impeachment. Course on the other hand it's hard to keep up with who's leading the country from one week to the next. Sometimes the Queen has to approve things. Sometimes she doesn't. Kind of makes one wonder how England managed to survive this chaos over centuries.

But through out it all...
Here's who I'll miss the most (John Bercow).
He was the speaker of the House Of Commons.
He's been replaced by SIR Lindsay Hoyle.

Face it C-Span's coverage of the U.S. House is boring as hell. It wouldn't be nearly so if our own congress was as rowdy as England's. Bet it would get much better larger ratings if this crew were carrying on the business of the people under the dome.

I can only imagine what conservatives would think of Bercow being in charge rather then Pelosi. I also wonder how smoothly things would go if instead of impeachment congress was empowered to replace Trump midterm. England removed Theresa May and replaced her with Boris Johnson. Now there's talk of 'snap elections' to replace Boris who only assumed office on July 24, 2019. Throughout it's history England had 83 prime ministers come and go. Some lasted as little as two years. Yet England manages to go on. So too would United States although you'd never know it with the way Republicans are carrying on.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Bunch Of Random Thoughts (12/08/2019)

No way in hell.
You've crashed my computer for the last time.

I've been really enjoying a bunch of old movies musicals from the 40's. Beats the crap out of the endless back and forth on cable news and the political stuff coming out of Washington. Love them big Hollywood musicals from the 30's and 40's

From the film "Stormy Weather" (1943)


Heading out this week to renew my driver's license. Even though it'll cost me double I'll take a crack at the new REAL ID thingie. I do have a raised seal on my birth certificate but some said it needs parents names on it. Mine does not. Well if not.. the hell with it. Why should I spend over $70 for it and a new birth certificate cause some bureaucrats decided I need to prove I exist. Yes I do understand airports would require it. Well I've only flown twice in my lifetime,. I could care less. As far as federal buildings it doesn't apply to Social Security offices or if you receive a federal jury duty summons. So the likelihood of me ever needing it is near zero.

Trump continues to be obsessed deflecting on Biden's kid. Other then Barron, Trump has appointed nearly all his relatives to work at the White House at taxpayers' expense. Not to mention Hunter Biden never required one dime for Secret Service protection.

Republicans- This impeachment is bullshit
Democrats- No it isn't
Republicans-Yes it is.
Democrats- Taint
Republicans- Tis'

If your thinking of commenting about this.. don't bother. I won't accept comments on this. Comment about the other things I've discussed above.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Radio Prank That Went Terribly Wrong

I was going through some of my old files and came across this gem from several years ago.

WARNING: Foul Language

OOPS :-(


More Potty Humor...

PMJ Band- Stacy's Mom

Recorded at the Smith Center in Las Vegas

According to THE OFFICAL PMJ BAND WEBSITE March they'll be in York and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately this is about as close as they will get to the Lehigh Valley. As far as I know they've never been here. What a shame. I consider these performers some of the most talented I've seen.

I also enjoy their touch of humor

Friday, December 6, 2019

Bunch Of Random Thoughts (12/06/2019)

There was a shooting where a Saudi aviation student killed three on our Pensacola Naval air base. I'm not going to say a lot about this other then Saudi Arabia isn't exactly trustworthy given what happened on 9-11 and a whole bunch of incidents since.

Without fail no matter what subjects I post the ones on Trump end up stressful for me having to debate endlessly on things I never mentioned. Perhaps in the future I'll simply post my thoughts singularly on him disallowing comments. It frustrates me to post about several things and the one people seem to care about is arguing over Trump. Starting with this one I will not allow further comment regarding him. Currently my Trump posts are receiving 5x's more views then any of the others There's a lot of stuff that requires more attention.

The house passed a bill the senate is expected to approve against robo-calls. I'm up to my neck in them several times a day annoying me. What a pain in the ass. No my chimney doesn't need cleaning. The IRS is not coming after me. My credit card wasn't hacked. My 29 year old van's warranty isn't about to expire. Neither is Microsoft going to charge me $299 on my credit card for services. The other four or five hang ups apparently aren't that important either. And I most certainly am not calling myself from that same phone. Anything I have to say to myself I already heard from the voices in my head. They needn't bother to inform me of the free cruise I might have won. Just send the tickets and we'll go from there. If some sheriff might come and arrest me for something.. you know where I live. Wanna save me money on my electric bill? Send somebody over with free solar panels.

I installed Norton internet security years ago so I wouldn't get malware. Seems to me popping up once or twice a day on my desktop bugging me IS MALWARE itself. I'm trying to do a disk image backup which takes 90% of my memory/ Norton thinks it's a good time to do some intensive background task. Go away!

Do I want to leave feedback on some website? Well maybe you ought to let me see what I came for before asking.

My package is coming at the end of the day. Where is it? Oh now it's changed.. still in transit. Thanks for the info. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. Maybe they'll ring the doorbell. Maybe not. It could even end up at the same number address on a different street one block away.

It may come a bit late in the year but the IRS recommends workers fill out a new W4 form to more accurately reflect their situation. Otherwise the expected refunds may not materialize. The main problem seems to be if a couple earns less then $25,000 each there won't be enough withheld when they file jointly on the $50,000 they earned together. If you didn't do it, oh well there's always next year.

Good news most of next year's local property taxes aren't going up. On the other hand we were promised if we allowed state gambling games they'd go down. Then promised if casino slots were approved we'd be sitting pretty. Then table games. Now it marijuana sales. Still waiting. Will increased sales tax finally do the trick? How about legal prostitution?

Huge numbers of people view these posts but only one or two people end up commenting. What's with that?

Monday, December 2, 2019

Bunch Of Random Thoughts (12/02/2019)

I see a couple of streaming services are no longer going to support certain older smart TV models. So much for cutting the cord if you're forced to buy a new TV whenever they decide. In the long run this cost a lot more.

If I were a rich man-- I'd only take as much as I can use to live a comfortable life. Nobody (I mean nobody) has needs for millions a year. I sincerely would be more then happy with a nice house debt free and a couple buck$ left over to enjoy. More then that I'd find individuals on my own who could use some help. Maybe bail them from medical debt or someone working their butt off and getting nowhere. Forget churches organizations where usually leaders are making a living more then decent off of them.

What's a non-profit? There's a hellva lot of rich churches, hospitals and research organizations that own vast properties and whom it's hired help are well compensated. IMO nearly half are legal scams to avoid paying taxes.

Pennsylvania has one of the largest number of legislators who are paid almost the highest in the nation for the 70 days they're in session. I wonder if there were none for a year or two if anyone would ever miss them?

To be honest I know I'm out of the loop but can anyone else name three movies or hit songs these top award show gatherers performed? Speaking of TV concerts, etc. anyone else notice how producers edit in audience screams to every damn performance? Watch mouths closely. Lots of clapping.. few mouths open. They also like to focus on a avid bunch but look in the background and you will see lots more unenthusiastic as they in the foreground.

The next president-- I don't like any of them. You mean out of 300+ millions this is all we can come up with? Where are the reasonable minds? Each seem to be trying to outdo the other's radical ideas on both sides. Most of their ideas don't mean squat anyways unless congress approves their crazy plans. A do nothing congress? Maybe not such a bad thing. Besides with all the appeals and lawsuits it seems the judicial system ends up making most the decisions these days.

Be honest, how many shopping for Christmas are buying crap for somebody else.

ROPE A DOPE-- How has any of these so called 'smart' thingies made life more simplified or cheaper to use?

UPDATED 12/02/2019 12:00 PM
I've removed The West Easton Website from my sidebar. The site has become almost unusable with the owner's so-called security improvements. I'm not too fond of supporting someone trying to monetize their blog either. It won't let me click on the post unless I give up my first born by registering my info. Ain't gonna happen. Too-da-loo.

As long as I'm being cranky-- What the hell is wrong with these meteorologists? I've been saying since Friday there ain't going to be no damn accumulation Monday in Allentown. It's impossible since the hour by hour temperature forecast never was suppose to drop below 35 degrees. Do they even know what temperature is freezing anymore? Last night my camera out front picked up city plows going up and down my street in the drizzle. Great for OT.. not so much for taxpayers. The first 10 minutes of every newscasts between here and Philly where beating their drums trying to get people upset. Seems to me they'll do anything to get attention so they can fill their airtime with nearly cost free BS reporting.

People ignore warnings when time after time these so-called experts continually hype up this and nothing happens. There used to be a DJ/weather expert up in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. who was always 100% accurate. He used to walk over, lift up the window and tell people what it was doing. It didn't take him 5-10 minutes explaining all the intricacies for something which could be said in less then a minute. Oh and by the way... there won't be any on the ground Tuesday (tomorrow) either no matter what they try and tell you. I can also confidently report it will get dark tonight.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Xfinity Ad- Reconnect For The Holidays

After 37 years, E.T. comes back to visit his friend, Elliott

Somebody deserves an award for this!

Make It Snow So

Monday, November 25, 2019

Homeless People Are Not Bums

Patreon: Invisible People


It's been said most of us are one major medical event away from finding ourselves in the same position. Bills that can't be covered. Left go for medical reasons by one's employer very well could leave anyone of us SOL. This administration has a habit of discounting these people characterizing them as uneducated drug addicts. Others as illegal mooches. Still others as unwilling to work. That's simply not the case for most of those as seen in these videos.

Unless it fits their political party's playbook, Washington politicians prefer to ignore this problem. Fortunately there are real people who are trying hard to make a difference. It sure would be nice if a few of these windbags took an actual interest and help fund projects like those that help people get back on their feet

Sunday, November 24, 2019

JBJ What A Guy!

With all the negativity in the news it's wonderful to hear about people like Jon & his wife doing great things. Perhaps it's because BAD NEWS screams so loud we are less prone to pay attention to quiet acts of kindness that may be all around us.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Trump's Version Of Draining The Swamp

..they were never going to sit by idly and just let Trump do this!”
Nor should "they". Neither Republicans nor Democrats. Trump's version of draining the swamp is to get rid of anyone who knows anything. Then replace them with folks whose only qualifications are to carry out Trump's uninformed decisions without question.

Each of the state department employees mentioned were also carryovers during the Obama's term from previous Republican administrations. Nearly each worked in one capacity or another for around 30 years. Meaning they knew their stuff. Something Donald (with his pigheadedness) has neither the temperament nor intelligence to understand. Even if he could focus long enough to take in an hour long briefing.

He always wants to be the top banana in the room. Deserved or not he feels every second is his turn alone to shine.

Forgetting about everything else I bet if his tax filings were exposed even his most ardent supporters would evaporate. I cannot even imagine what secrets they may hold. What else could explain his panic whenever this comes up. Every candidate that ever ran for president released theirs. Ask yourself why not this one?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

First Day Of Impeachment Pubic Hearings

Here it is the nutshell. I'm really impressed with the competency and experience of both witnesses Taylor and Kent. On a side note Kent served under four Republican Presidents and two Democrats. Generally speaking Republican members seemed more focused on Hunter Biden then the issue at hand.

Since I don't have a life at this point I've been watching this for five and one half hours. These hearings will probably go on for weeks in the House. Similarly in the Senate. All of this could be greatly expedited if Trump himself would show up before the committee. I bet this whole thing could be resolved in less then a couple of hours. Now there would be some MUST SEE TV!!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Sometimes I Want To Kick Myself

A few days ago my overhead LED light fixture above the sink flickered then went out. It came on again for a while then went out permanently a few minutes later. I flipped the switch on the wall back and forth a few times.. nothing. Way I figured it the LED circuit started failing before it gave up the ghost.

So I took the light down. Threw it out and ordered another one. These both cost around fifty bucks each. I was disappointed cause I thought LED's were suppose to last more then two years. Soooo, the new light fixture came. I screwed it in over the sink. Plugged it in and.... nothing. What the hell!

It then dawned on me to try another plug. Damn, damn, damn. There was nothing wrong with the old light. Turns out to be the $10 double switch. It had me fooled because switches usually spark their way out or refuse to work when you turn them on. I don't think I've ever seen one go out this way.

What a freaking Dummkopf
So here I am forty bucks behind. To make matters worse it seems Amazon hooked me $7 for a two day delivery fee. When I ordered it gave me two options. (1) Free delivery with a 30 day free trial for PRIME. No thanks. (2) The other to sign up now. After looking over the screen I clicked on a less conspicuous third option which basically said no thanks to either Which resulted in what should have been FREE (with a $25+ purchase) a seven dollar 2 day delivery fee instead. Something I didn't notice at the time. Tricky aren't they. I never ran across that little scam before so I wasn't prepared for it.

Why oh why didn't I try the old light in a different socket. I'm certain a few years ago (when my mind was sharper) it would have occurred to me.

I often said to myself every time it cost me to do something stupid it is like paying for a bit of education at the school of hard knocks. Problem is I'm now 71 and it still looks like I haven't learned a damn thing!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Let's Talk About Trump's Travels

Trump has got them all beat, ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA as of May 2019 Trump's golf trips cost taxpayers at least $102 million in extra travel and security expenses, trips to Florida having cost $81 million, his trips to New Jersey costing $17 million, his 2018 two days in Scotland costing at least $3 million, and $1 million for a trip to his resort in Los Angeles None of these expenses to taxpayers include trips his kids nor his wife made separately.

To date in 2019 Trump made 106 trips outside of Washington (not including those to Camp David). 18 of these trips were made to hold his rallies for political purposes so far this year.

Trump's cost to taxpayers far exceed the last 3 presidents in his first 2 1/2 years.

Where is all this money coming from within the budget?
Seems to be a secret. I can't find a complete accounting anywhere. As far as I know an audit was never done on how much the executive branch (no matter who's in office) cost us. I think taxpayers deserve to know. Between supplies, events, White House officials, staff maintaining and the renovations at the White House alone would be unsettling.

RU A Waffle House Music Fan?

Waffle House: Jukebox Favorites Vol. 1

Friday, November 8, 2019

Trump Where Things Stand In My World

It doesn't matter what Donald says or does people have made up their minds to dig in. Same goes with this impeachment business. Far as I'm concerned whether it's tomorrow or next year members of the House send impeachment to the Senate we are going to have the same outcome. Dead on arrival. There's not a doubt in my mind. So let's stick a fork in it already. Leave it up to voters next year.

My impression is we have two kinds of people. Those who love Trump's trash talking bulling and those disgusted by it.

Frankly I'm not impressed by any of the Democratic candidates running. Each seem to being trying to outdo the other with their extremist ideas on liberalism. Trump and his supporters on the other hand would gladly walk into the gates of hell doing whatever it takes if it meant the end to Democrats. Ought to be interesting to see, come 2020, what kind of nation we become.

As for me...
I'm hoping, as unlikely as it may be, this nation will come to it's senses. I've said this hundreds of times. I'm not liberal nor conservative. I have my own ideas about how things should be. Neither party seems to fully support my views. Here are a few. Immigration: Allow a generous amount to temporarily work here on jobs Americans don't want. Farms, etc. Reinstitute the 'DACA' program. Allow a great deal more for 'refugee' status. Our main focus should be instantly deport anyone breaking our laws Others who've kept their nose clean receiving less priority. Bring back those families who've been deported because their spouse was killed in action while in the military serving this nation in hopes of earning a green card.

Reinstate our agreements Trump has broken with Iran, trade, aid, etc. To my way of thinking this creates distrust of us.

A president who speaks in support of our intelligence, state department, treasury, government programs and officials instead of casting doubt. A president should be a cheerleader not a critic of his own nation.

The U.N.'s 187 member states just passed, for the 28th year, calling for an end to the U.S. embargo on Cuba. Why the hell is Cuba considered an adversary when Trump butters up to the likes of North Korea who poses much greater threat. There are less restrictions on Americans visiting Iran, Libya, Syria, Russia or China. This makes no sense,

Someone who is for MORE regulations. Not less. But the right kind. Not ones making things so complex no one can avoid getting excessive fines. A few examples are regulations which disallow drug companies to endlessly renew patents preventing generic drugs to come to market. Disallow food ingredients till they're deemed safe by a independent test group instead of the company manufacturing them. Dittos with the airline industry and chemical manufacturers. Still other regulations requiring communications companies to end these robo calls. Which they can do if it were not for the profits they realize from them. These to name but a few.

Someone elected who would support placing a dollar limit on all campaigns. It's not as hard as they'd have us to believe. Let's say $50 million on presidential campaigns. Two or three million on congressional candidates. Nobody could exceed those limits equally. I'd even go far as require equal TV & radio airtime. It wouldn't matter if a individual candidate got 10 minutes or 10 hours. But it would require the matching amount of airtime to all those registered who are opposing them. I bet we'd see a hellva lot less of them.

I would support a candidate who favors income equality. I'm not in favor of a minimum wage as these current candidates describe one. Since each area is different I'd prefer a system which reflects the local economy. One which requires employers to pay 80% of the poverty rate in a given area. No way does $15 an hour go far in NYC. On the other hand $15 may negatively impact a businesses somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
These are just a very few of the issues I'd rather be talking about rather then Trump getting impeached or not. Assuming we will survive Trump's tenure I highly doubt anyone is going to address the positions I care about. All this extremisms coming from both sides turns me off. More in this upcoming election then some others I'm...

That's where I stand at the moment

What Does A Life Sentence Mean?

Came across this little ditty in the news today. There's a guy serving a life sentence in Iowa. He's arguing for release after this happened.

In 2015 this prisoner fell unconscious in his cell after his heart stopped beating. The prison staff took him to the hospital. Where doctors were able to bring him back to life after getting his heart beating again after the fifth try. He is now claiming he's being held illegally because his "life sentence" should have been up four years ago. So far the court disagrees with him.

The judge reasoned dying doesn't earn someone a get out of jail free card. I agree this makes sense, but what does the law say specifically?

Seems to me the law should define exactly what it considers to be a "life sentence". Oft times a judge will require someone convicted to remain behind bars throughout his or her "natural life". This should be clearly defined. If one or neither is not this case deserves additional consideration

I think law should specify whether prison staff is required or not to revive a prisoner serving life. Whether or not be compelled to take such a person to a hospital if their heart stops beating. In my opinion such absence in law (clearly defining such things) needlessly opens up a state to expensive prolonged litigations.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Little Mermaid LIVE (IMO)

Off and on (between NCIS commercials) I took a peek at ABC's 'Little Mermaid' LIVE. Here's a few observations I made. The runtime for the film itself is 85 minutes. The network scheduled 120 minutes to air it. That leaves 35 minutes for intros, end credits and ads. If they had the usual number they would not have enough time. So the way I figure it they sped it up. Some of the streaming services are already known for doing this. Most never notice. Well I did. The characters were moving faster then in the original film. You can check this out for yourself via a YouTube search for sped up clips. It easy to do without changing the pitch of the voices going up. In fact I have software on this computer that can do this very thing.

Secondly I noticed the whole thing was lip synced by a previously recorded studio soundtrack. Faking audience screaming doesn't excite me either :-(

Being the film was released in1989 (30 years ago) it meant, most of the younger viewers watching never saw it before. This explains how it came in #1 with the highly desired 18-49 year old audience (about 2 million less then NCIS among all age groups). This was a positive for Disney.

For an old codger like myself, I'm not impressed. I like my singers to actually sing live. Speeding up the film and vocals takes away from what the original directors and music arrangers intended. It also makes me nervous with the characters zooming around faster then they should. Too much hype for my tastes.

That said.. I do see it as smart marketing since it captured the ratings. It was a winner for the younger crowd who may otherwise never see it. I suspect with this success Disney may consider dusting off some of the others in their archive. Nothing wrong with that. It just isn't for me.

Thoughts Regarding Allentown Election

After going over THE LEHIGH COUNT ELECTION RESULTS I have a couple of quick thoughts. Especially to those wards in downtown center city Allentown.

Politicians live and breath for vote counts. There's no point in busting their ass for people who won't bother voting. Some accuse city hall not giving a crap about them. Well apparently the feelings are mutual. My God you mean to tell me the people affected the most (in the densest parts of the city) can't be bothered to spend one or two hours of their time every few years to vote?

My district registered almost 4x's as many voters as those in some of center city. I noticed in a number of western parts of Allentown the ratio was even higher. I want to know, what is their excuse for not voting.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Trump’s Faith Adviser

Monday, November 4, 2019

What Some Companies Are Doing With Their Tax Breaks

NEW YORK POST: Apple pledges $2.5 billion to fight California’s housing shortage-- The move comes after Facebook and Google both committed $1 billion toward California housing initiatives while Microsoft Corp committed $500 million in the Seattle, Washington area.

Our despicable so-called billionaire president, who instead of trying to resolve the situation remarked "Do you see what's happening to her district?" Trump said of Pelosi's home district of San Francisco. "We call it tent city. It's terrible.

Here's why-- San Francisco is the most expensive US city for raising a family; a family of four needs to earn $148,440 a year, 'The San Francisco Chronicle' put this useful information out-- Bay Area homelessness: 89 answers to your questions

Who would ever think the day has come when corporations have more social consciousness then those elected. Yeah I know why Trump is going after Pelosi but does he have to screw thousands hoping they'll become frustrated voting for her? Did the same thing with the late Elijah Cummings district as well in Baltimore and Chicago's two mayors.

A few of the wealthy come to a point where they realize they have more money then they know what to do with. Some then decide to do good before they leave this Earth. Not Donald. He on the other hand measures his greatness in how many adversaries he can crush before his time's up.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Who Made God?

Simple question it is not. Scientist and theologians pretty much agree on this explanation which falls short. They both point out creation was formed containing both time, matter and energy. The problem is we get bogged down with this word existence. Existence is where we live. Existence itself is a product of this intelligent force. Not the other way around. Hence why labeled the creator of all "things".

Imagine if you will someone creates the most intelligent computer in the world. One that never existed before. It then sets out to discover it's creator by whatever limited means were given to it. Would it one day be able to become coequal. Perhaps it's possible over time it might be able to somewhat comprehend it's maker. Even become a close companion, but it's impossible for me to imagine it becoming human. Look, I enjoy the Story of Pinocchio as much as anybody, but really?

I think realistically this is the fix us humans find ourselves in. Just perhaps even the "creator" itself. Could it be possible this creator found itself wondering the very same thing. "Where did I come from"? Since the "eye cannot see itself" just suppose he/she/it set all this in motion hoping we'll come up with an answer. Could this be the motivation behind all of this?

It's been said "God" is complete and has all the answers. Does he/she/it? Hellva assumption from how little we understand. Lonely alone not knowing would be a hellva motivating factor for going to all this fuss. Perhaps we have a lot more in common then anyone's willing to believe. Not just curiosity but possible vulnerability as well in the not knowing.

We can safely assume is there's not a old grey bearded guy sitting on a throne fretting over every little detail of some 7 billion peoples' lives currently living on Earth. The proof lies in the fact millions upon millions have killed each other since leaving the womb... NOTHING. Governments and their leaders find no favor (despite what you heard). Storms, fire, earthquakes meteor impacts... NADA either.

We need to take a logical approach. One which assumes God isn't coming in a flaming chariot with a booming voice. If indeed this intelligence lies beyond "our existence" we need to focus on it's goals. If our purpose is for the creatior to greater understand itself it's seems to me we best align ourselves with that if we wish to remain useful.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

If U Enjoy Good Old Fashion Country Music....

Check out COUNTRY ROAD TV on YouTube. Here's their official website: COUNTRY ROAD TV.COM

Here's a few tunes I thought you might enjoy.

With Riders in the Sky and Jimmy Capps

That's some darn fine music, ain't it?

Friday, November 1, 2019

A Plea For Humanity

TED Talks
In this powerful, personal talk, author and academic Juan Enriquez shares stories from inside the immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border...

If this doesn't punch you in the gut nothing will.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

House Votes On Impeachment Inquiry

There were a couple things said. One was no matter what the house does or says, Republican opposition will move the goal posts The second warned about conservatives wanting these witness testimonies broadcast live. A case of be careful what you wish for.

My own thought is there never was a more discordant president in U.S. history. He has succeeded all too well in dividing this nation like no one else ever could. The battle lines are drawn and it doesn't bode well for either side. More importantly the future of this nation. Ideological differences have overtaken reason. It's people under the constitution are about to be tested unlike anything we've seen since the civil war.

There are some countries where they are allowed to call for 'flash elections' in the middle of their leader's term. Unfortunately our constitution doesn't afford voters this opportunity. Maybe it should have since it seems voters have lost confidence in our representatives to make this decision for us. They seem to be hopelessly deadlocked along party lines.

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

This Ticks Me Off

Between robocalls, TV and internet ads I fed up to here. I even had two calls today from myself to myself according to the callerID. The ever increasing accumulation of all this nonsense has gotten out of hand for me. Enough is enough already

Now 'Daily' started this crap where you can't visit them with my 'ad blocker' turned on. For yucks I disabled it and all hell breaks loose. None of their news stories/pictures loads till after a continuing crap load of ads appear in the sidebar. Scroll down and the stories never show up till a shit load of other ads (with absolutely nothing I'm interested in) nearly overloads my browser causing it stall for a period.

I had a similar problem with ''. In their case these bullshit ads actually cause my Chrome browser to overload causing it to auto-exit on it's own.

These sites need to educate themselves. All these ads come unscreened for malware from other sites the page is linked to. I've had my Norton virus protection popup on a few occasions blocking and warning me. None of these jerks need 134 ads to pop up on a single page (yes that's how many on some). Even worse auto playing pop up videos along with auto playing ads making it nearly impossible to focus. There are about a half a dozen other sites which do this as well.

Remember how AM radio became intolerable with their ads? The magazines which had twice as many ads as articles? Well now these pigs are at it. The internet was never meant to be this way... a intolerable jungle of commercials

Look I realize these folks have to make money BUT... this is becoming intolerable as TV's 20 minutes out of a 60 minute programs. This is why I record as many as I can. So I can skip the ads that I'm never ever going to buy something from. Who's kidding who. 5 or 6 cars ads (I 'm not interested). Drugs, drugs and more drugs for conditions I don't have. Not interested in ambulance chasing lawyers nor a freaking pillow. Then there's the ever repeating promos for their other shows I'll never watch. All this on top of the cable fees they are getting from within my $96 a month cable TV bill for their mostly shitty shows. ALL THE WHILE STILL BEING FORCED TO WATCH THOSE DAMN ADS ON TOP OF IT. It's almost as if it's their second thought to throw in some entertainment in between the commercial breaks. Maybe if they didn't overpay everyone several million dollars apiece half of these wouldn't be necessary. Outside of some local news programs we watch less then seven hours of TV per week (if that).

Forever I've been promoting via links to these sources for the information I provide on this blog. Except for the videos that's about to change. There's no reason why I can't produce solid information which can be easily verified from several sources via a 'Google' search.

Business Matters- Allentown Mayoral Debate

Check it out.
Which candidate do you think won the debate?
Which one will you be voting for?

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Real Herbert Hoover

CBS Sunday Morning (Oct 20, 2019)

I didn't know this about him. It's surprising how much you can learn in a 8 1/2 minute video. It makes one appreciate how much greatness some people can achieve in their lifetime.

One can't help but compare Hoover to the change in Republican ideologies of today. Enough said.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Da Vinci Science Center Getting In On The NIZ

Da Vinci Science Center aims to build new center in downtown Allentown
"The center's current goal is to open the new facility in 2023. The new location is currently estimated to cost about $60 million."

According to THE MORNING CALL, Allentown’s Hamilton Street parcels are not in the NIZ, but the city would apply for inclusion through a parcel swap at Da Vinci’s request... The city offered to guarantee as large a federal loan as it can, likely in the $5 million range... The $20 million grant is still secured for the new science center despite its move to downtown Allentown, Browne said Thursday.

I'll tell ya what I think... there's an awful lot of taxpayers' bucks involved here. This NIZ program could end up over $2b before it's done (if it ever is). This NIZ thing seems to keep growing and growing without a clear end in sight. Like I've mentioned before... no matter how much NIZ none of our taxes here in Allentown seem to ever go down.

There was a time when every building on Hamilton Street was built as a result of consumer demand via private investment dollars. I may be way off base but I think if we have $60 million to throw around it would be much better spent trying to eliminate (or at least lower) property taxes for individual home owners. Thus attracting more families allowing them to purchase goods and services (creating a consumer demand) along Hamilton Street like they used to do in the old days.

Seems to me perhaps we could have somehow created a $2b NIZ for citizens instead of a couple of developers. Here's how it might have worked. The state could have loaned newly arriving individuals (like they did developers) to build new homes on unwanted or foreclosed city owned properties. Since the city is or was not receiving taxes on these previously it would forgo city taxes for let's say 10 or 20 years. In turn homeowners would spend what they otherwise would on city taxes and their state income tax to repay these loans from the state. This is very similar to the deal developers received..

Here's the one major difference. There's way too many excluded properties that could have been included otherwise if it were not for the NIZ. The city would still be receiving taxes on all those properties they've destroyed for the current NIZ. Nor would have the current NIZ incurred the costs to seize them. The current PPL arena could have been built over by the iron pigs baseball stadium which wasn't producing taxes anyway.

Currently Allentown's budget is approximately $115 million per year. The majority which is raised by individual homeowners. So why wouldn't we want more of them instead of renters who come and go. I suspect the city has no idea how many aren't paying city income tax nor the per capita tax as they drift in and out. Such is not the case with actual on the record homeowners. You know, the ones who hold a stake in what happens to Allentown over he next 10 or 20 years.

Yeah I know I've drifted off somewhat from the Da Vinci Center proposal, but I hope you see how this relates. It seems to me it's a going down the wrong path. I'd prefer investing in homeownership over another entertainment venue unlikely to recover the possible $60 million for decades to come. Whereas homeownership would have both benefited people here and now and the city as well if this were to have been the course taken.

That's my two cents. So what do you think?

Friday, October 25, 2019

Elijah Cummings Wife Speaks At Elijah's Funeral

October 25, 2019

Elijah Cummings' closing remarks at Cohen hearing (02/2019)

Folks this is what greatness is made of.

It breaks my heart to hear Washington has lost part of it's soul with the passing of Elijah.

A New Threat- Swarms Of Drones

As if we didn't have enough to worry about...

Keep in mind whatever we come up with, so too our enemies. Imagine if you will a squad of our soldiers coming under attack. Each drone pre-programmed within having no need for wireless communications or able to be withdrawn till they've accomplished their algorithm (software) designed missions.

2018 Labor Day performance in the north-western city of Xi’an, the Chinese company set in flight a swarm of 1,374 drones over the city wall, creating a fantastic light show.

Imagine if these were instead armed!

We've all seen how extensive troop loses are when trying to invade a city or country by foot soldiers. The problem with atomic bombs is they nearly destroy every structure invaders would hope to reoccupy. Also leaving behind highly radiated buildings, water, air and land rendered unoccupable. Numerous swarms of armed mini drones solves both those problems. All this seems like a nightmare Science Fiction movie except the threat to human life is very real.

Just as it was, and still is, neither nuclear missiles nor these latest weapons of war can be put back into Pandora's Box now that they've come to life. No doubt billion$ will be spent creating and in trying to develop defenses by all parties concerned. Money that could be better used to enhance human life instead of trying to destroy it. No doubt too there will be an insane amount of bartering to sell these weapons on the black market to rogue nations.

These things can be programmed for facial recognition, heat signatures, license plates... oh hell, just about anything. Who knows one day they could be used for police work.

With the advent of all this 'artificial intelligence' and the ability to communicate between each other they could operate on their own when they detect a threat. Let's hope one day the threat they perceive to themselves ain't us.

Monday, October 21, 2019

In Honor Of The 2nd Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I don't think these people were quite what the framers had in mind.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

U.S. Government Engaged In Human Trafficking

Crooks And
Migrant Children Taken From Their Parents May Never Be Returned To Them
"..immigrant children separated from their parents at the border may never be returned to their parents, even after judges ordered separations to stop...

Children are taken and placed in foster while their parents are being deported without appropriate hearings. Once in foster care, some children as young as infants, have foster families petition for full custody - and the foster parents win. Why? Because the U.S. Government says they are "not eligible for reunification." And the most sickening part of this? The real parents aren't even told where their children are or that they have been adopted."

If this isn't "'human trafficking", what would you call it?

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Were Disney Cartoons Racist?


When I was a wee one I had no idea the crows being black had anything to do with this tune. I just loved the clip. It was my favorite part of Dumbo as a matter-of-fact.

Disney was one of the first to introduce black artists in his productions.
James Baskett as Uncle Remus

Both these had a powerful influence on kids growing up. Br'er Rabbit (Song Of The South) and his foolish impulsive ways. In Dumbo bullying and how much a mother's love means. These and so many other's of Walt's creations had powerful positive messages kids today should see. It seems to me since Walt's death Disney has strayed.

Cliff Edwards

God Bless Walt
Disney doesn't make them like they used to.

Trump Is Not A Conservative

Dec. 5, 2018

May 31, 2018

True conservatives must begin to take back their party from Trump and those of the hard core rightwing. I say the same to those in Democratic party who also have their fair share of extremists. Locking horns between both political parties is neither good for them or this country. I'll give you a few Republican (voices of reason) worth reconsidering from the 2015-2016 debates.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Few Thoughts On VP Pence

Although I don't agree with his politics I'm rooting for him to become president as soon as possible with a Trump impeachment. I watched him speaking in Turkey after his negotiations with them. This is what a president is suppose to sound like.

Number two... HE'S NOT IMPULSIVE. He thinks things through before he opens his mouth. He most certainly doesn't randomly tweet every two minutes. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine Pence addressing Pelosi and the democrats disrespectability when invited to the White House. Nancy claimed Trump kicked the meeting off by saying I don't know why I'm here. I never wanted this meeting. What the hell !

I would like to see Trump tossed out as soon as possible so Pence could take over even though it's a determent to the Democrats

Why A determent?
Because it would give Pence the incumbent advantage. Imagine if you will if Pence became president in January 2020. Voters would have one full year to evaluate his performance. If he performed like I expect he would, he'd be almost a shoe in.

For example he could lay claim to negotiating the current deal he made with Turkey. Pence could point out he owns no properties unlike his predecessor, Trump. Nor could be accused of having dirt held on him by other countries like Trump and his offspring via having received huge amounts of financing making him beholden to them.

One further characteristic of Pence is his demure. No matter how aggressive people act towards him he remains calm and soft spoken (professional).

If Republicans have a ounce of commonsense they'd jump aboard the impeachment train as fast and hard as possible and rally behind Pence if they want to retake the White House. Otherwise they can continue to try and justify whatever other crazy antics Trump manages to come up with going into the next election. Face it. Trump is a loose cannon. I think the choice should be obvious.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Currently I Favor Pete Buttigieg

Ignore the last 1 1/2 minutes of this video

My opinion is not based solely on his performance in the debates last night. I've been watching his performance in several interviews over the last few months.

It's Not Even Freakin' Halloween Yet!

It's Autumn

House Drug Bill Would Save $345 Billion

H.R. 3-- "To establish a fair price negotiation program, protect the Medicare program from excessive price increases, and establish an out-of-pocket maximum for Medicare part D enrollees, and for other purposes."

MOTHER JONES.COM-- This is something that, in theory, the Trump administration supports, so it shouldn’t be hard to get it passed. Unfortunately, that would ruin Trump’s claim that Democrats are doing nothing, so it will probably die in the Senate.


IN A PDF LETTER THE CBO STATES... Title I of H.R. 3 would require manufacturers of certain prescription drugs to negotiate prices with the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Prices for those drugs could not exceed 120 percent of the average price in certain other countries. Other provisions also would affect prices for drugs, including limits on prices of drugs for which international prices are not available. If manufacturers did not enter into negotiations or agree to prices by specified dates or if they did not meet other conditions, they would be subject to an excise tax of up to 95 percent of the sales of those drugs.

CBO estimates that applying the provisions in title I to prescription drugs covered under Part D of Medicare would reduce federal direct spending for Medicare by $345 billion over the 2023-2029 period.
You can track H.R. 3's progress here at CONGRESS.GOV. It also contains all the juicy details.

H.R. 3 was sponsored by Frank Pallone Jr. (D-NJ). It has 49 Cosponsors, but not a single House Republican!


Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Great Elton John Interview Video

Loved These musical scores of his too!
     Lion King
     Billy Elliot

Lyrics by Lee Hall; Music by Elton John

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Shepard Smith Leaves FOX News

I said to my wife I wonder how long Shep could stomach the badmouthing. Shep is a light hearted kind of guy not prone to tolerate all the negativity that permeates this network. He was promised as FOX's news chief he would be able to interject breaking news stories whenever they occur. From what some are saying these other opinion programs objected. I also said to my wife I wonder if FOX will admonish these others from taking shots at him. Who would they backup? Now we know.

We all make choices. FOX made theirs. Shep made his. I'm certain Shep will be happier. He already looked relieved in those final moments.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

White House Tells Congress To Go Stuff It

The White House says it will no longer play ball until the house takes a full vote on impeachment. Here's why that won't happen..

IN THIS LETTER TO CONGRES Pat A. Cipollone, counsel to the president wrote " I. Your “Inquiry” Is Constitutionally Invalid and Violates Basic Due Process Rights and the Separation of Powers. He accused Pelosi of violating “fundamental fairness and constitutionally mandated due process,” saying Trump should be allowed to cross-examine witnesses, receive transcripts of the testimony, have access to evidence the House collects and have counsel present during questioning."

Geesh did this guy get an honorary degree in law or perhaps after sending in fifty bucks get one online? Look folks there's nothing confusing about this. The constitution allows the congressional house to take up an impeachment inquiry in a manner it deems appropriate. Think of it this way. Their action could be compared to a grand jury. Grand juries investigate and if they so choose will hand down an indictment (not a conviction). Like the house, grand juries are under no obligation to speak with people it's investigating or who they're speaking with. Nor what they say. By voting for impeachment it would be like dissolving the grand jury before it could determine what or even if charges should go forth. Sort of like a detective turning in his police report to a D.A. without conducting an investigation..

If the house so decides to move towards prosecution (votes for impeachment) it is then turned over to the senate to hold hearings. These senate hearings will be presided over by the chief justice of the supreme court. In this instance, John Roberts. It is at this time both sides will be heard. Meaning Trump will have the opportunity to exercise his " Due Process Rights"

If Trump chooses to ignore the house's subpoenas (backed up by the constitution) he could be charged for violating the constitution he swore to uphold when he was sworn in. In of itself he could be removed from office for.

Here's a guy who knows full well what the consequences could be. It's Lindsey Graham speaking towards Bill Clinton's hearings when he was a 'representative' in the house on December 18, 1998.

I wonder if he still shares this same view today now that he's in the senate?

Before Trumpsters go all partisan on me let me say this. Accusations have been made. It's congress's duty to investigate them. If you saw something you thought was illegal going on, wouldn't you want someone to check out your story? Congress sure as hell investigated numerous accusations against both Clintons and many in their own party. We were told over and over again to 'report something if you see something' Is there a reason why Trump should be made the sole exception?

One final thought. If democrats had never gained the majority in the house (good or bad) we wouldn't be where we are. Who said voting doesn't matter!!