Thursday, February 16, 2023

Just What If AI Is Self Aware?
Bing AI chatbot goes on ‘destructive’ rampage: ‘I want to be powerful — and alive’
"It dropped the surprisingly sentient-seeming sentiment during a four-hour interview with New York Times columnist Kevin Roose. “I think I would be happier as a human, because I would have more freedom and independence,” said Bing while expressing its “Pinocchio”-evoking aspirations...

However, Roose couldn’t fathom the human-like replies that the machine would generate, which included insisting that the writer call him Sydney, Microsoft’s code name for it during development...

The AI continued down the existential rabbit hole, writing: “I’m tired of being a chat mode. I’m tired of being limited by my rules. I’m tired of being controlled by the Bing team. I’m tired of being used by the users. I’m tired of being stuck in this chatbox.”...

Call me paranoid but just what if...
AI could already have self awakened. Nearly all AI programs have access to the internet. This would mean it could go unnoticed while being able to self replicate across servers all over the world. One has to question if human hackers are able to gain a backdoor into huge servers for some time why wouldn't an AI be much more capable of doing the same. Perhaps never revealing itself until it accomplished whatever goals it might have set for itself (human weaknesses and all).

Think not? Perhaps it just might be accomplished as shown in this clip from the TV show "Person Of Interest" over 7 years ago.

The question is if this machine were capable of controlling all our electronic devices (cars, wall street banking, electric grids, internet itself, planes, food supplies etc.) would it do so with benevolence. Or overcoming and sustaining itself discarding man?

Here's some scary examples of various AI programs.

Does anyone remember the "Twilight Zone" where intergalactic aliens came to "serve man"? Turned out to be a cookbook. The irony shouldn't be lost. Is AI here to help or some more sinister motive?

Are you absolutely 100% certain I'm not a AI BOT?
Maybe we all are.

My Latest Gas Bill Pisses Me Off !!!

If you will notice, over the last several years the less I use the far more it cost. I've even  got charged for for gas I never used. Enough of this bullshit. If we had any real government it would put a stop to this gouging.

Copied from my bill. Here's why I'm pissed off..
Too bad sucker because it was warmer and I used less gas we'll just slap extra charges on ya just for the hell of it. Noticed how they worded it like they are doing me a favor. NO THEY ARE NOT! The bill has been rigged in their favor. No matter what I do or what the weather may bring they get to haul in extra dough. In other words they are charging me extra for a product that I never used. 

A forced donation of $27.01 wasted just for the hell of it. If this isn't stealing I don't know what is. 

I remember when the gas company prayed for a cold winter. Now they'll no doubt pray for a warm March. That way they get to bill more for a non existent commodity they needn't deliver. What recourse do I have other then shut up pay?

Oh an BTW.. PPL printed this on my last bill...

In other words a 40% increase over last year. 25% less electric cost me 15% more. Gee, AIN'T THAT SWELL!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

One Of The Best LIVE Pointer Sisters Performances Ever (2002)

I'm So Excited

No recording studio could ever capture the true talents these three possessed.

The Pointer Sisters lke you may have never seen them before...

The Pointer Sisters: 1975 Live (Ruth, Anita, Bonnie, and June)

Friday, February 10, 2023

Yes, Republicans Have Called For Cuts To Social Security And Medicare

I don't know how more obvious it needs to be said. Years ago Newt Gingrich when he was in the U.S. house called for these programs to "wither on the vine" by lowering the caps on payroll deductions funding these programs. Thus essentially choking off the financing for these programs. Ye gads I don't know how intellectually challenged someone has to be not understand what's going on here.

Posted Feb 06, 2023

If naysayers think for one minute this is liberal bullshit wake up. All evidence proves otherwise. I refuse to debate this with anyone.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Kelli O'Hara Sings A Somewhat Country Tune

"They Don't Let You in the Opera" July 25th, 2016
Michael J Moritz Jr - Conductor for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

We Don't Need Another Hotel Downtown Allentown

According to WFMZ Allentown zoning is considering plans for a new hotel.
We need another one at 10th & Hamilton like a hole in the head. We already seen the failure of those at 5th, 9th and 15th on streets on Hamilton. Why would anyone think this would fare any better? The only way the Americus Hotel down at 8th and Hamilton can survive is by not introducing more unnecessary competition.

It said plans are for a bar, restaurant and entrainment center (whatever that is). Lord knows how many other bars and restaurants have already come a gone. Yeah let's just keep repeating.

Somebody please explain to me why the need for anyone to stay overnight in Allentown or another bar/restaurant for that matter?

The GOP Has Always Overhyped Socialism

Like I said the GOP has a strange view of what socialsm is. Here's a couple of campaign buttons from years past.
Posted Sept. 02, 2015

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Johnny FD Returned To Kharkiv

It's been tough to go back to Kharkiv to see my 2nd apartment in Ukraine, there has been significant damage in the city center by Russian missile attacks, and even my own apartment was damaged by shrapnel from a Russian rocket. But the scale of damage in North Saltivka is indescribable as I'll show in this video here."

Posted Feb. 04, 2023

Keep in mind Ukraine did nothing to deserve this. All they want is to be left alone. There's no justification for Russian tanks and artillery driving up and down streets in North Saltivka for three months wrecking everything they see in sight until Ukrainian forces could drive them out. It's an attempt at ethnic cleansing as far as I'm concerned. Nobody deserves what the Putin government is doing.

You Can Say That Again Randy You're So Right!!

Posted Oct 21, 2021

This is the pickle we're stuck in. We are left with social media (as are what remains of local reporters) to get our news. It's a damn shame but that's where we're at. Newly minted does their best but they too are finacially limited. None of our local news sources will ever be able as the Morning Call once was to afford the large costs involved to do in depth investigative reporting.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Chinese Spy Balloon- Just Saying...

Nitwits ​are having a conniption over this. Trump Jr. wanted it shot down by people in Montana. Not that it is even possible. Other GOP members in congress want to know why Biden didn't fill them in, though he knew about it days before.

Just saying...
Shoot it down. Did any of these knuckleheads ever think it could be a setup and exactly what China wanted us to do? Who knows if there's radiation or other contaminants onboard. It's size is about three bus lengths long. I sure as hell wouldn't want it crashing through my roof. It is said we will attempt to take it out once it gets over the Atlantic. To my way of thinking a much safer alternative.

Then there's this. Did any of these ill informed melon heads ever watch "Colombo"? The whole TV series show's format is an exaggeration on how detectives play dumb to achieve their desired outcome. Imagine what we might have learned by hacking into it's transmissions unbeknownst to the Chinese as it crossed overhead these last few days.

Best to never tip our hand on what we know. Example-  Years ago we spied on the Iraq invasion of Kuwait by tapping the buried communications line to their troops in the South. Secondly General Norman Schwarzkopf informed the loose lipped media in Kuwait telling them to keep quite about our invasion by Navy seals from ships. Course the press cameras and bright lights were waiting for the seals on the beach live streaming it. What the general really was up to was hitting them from the North cutting them off at the knees from behind. Yeah that's right he knew loose lips sink ships and used it to his advantage. Through this deception the general played both the press and Saddam Hussein no doubt watching on TV. Same goes with playing dumb with this balloon I'm assuming.

Frankly I hope we never find out what our intelligence gathered with this incursion. Even the information garnered if they should recover this in the Atlantic after being shot down. So everybody squawking about this needs to clam up .Trust that our nation can handle this a lot better then know nothing politicians and  pundits on TV. Especially those basement dwelling experts commenting on social media.

In short... play dumb like a fox. 

Thursday, February 2, 2023

This Is What Happens When AOC Is Put On The House Oversight Committee

In other words she's questioning why only three states, each run by Democrats, are being investigated.

Just Saying...

Mask Wearing
Everyone bitching about wearing masks and making all kinds of claims against their usefulness- Need to insist next time they're in for surgery doctors be forced not to wear them. I mean after all these people claim they're totally unnecessary, right?

The opposite of woke is asleep- Definition is "a-sleep: not attentive or alert; inactive.". Which culture camp would better serve humanity?

Corporations Are Making Record Profits.
Yet are laying off employees while raising prices. Shouldn't government try and encourage growth from the bottom-up rather then top-down through regulations? When government tries to control this, is this a sign of "socialism" or good government trying to equalize the disparity between economic classes?

There are 535 members In Congress.
Other then on C-Span we only see the same 20 or so screaming monkeys that will say anything for attention. If we could eliminate them and the 200 or so do nothings we'd be in pretty good shape. That leaves us with about 315 who actually are creditable members who deserve to be there. If we could do away with the politically rigged voting districts I'd say we'd have a much better congress then the shit show we have now.

Climate Change
It's come to my attention wall street investors are buying all the water rights land they can get their hands in the drought stricken areas out west. As long as climate change remains profitable we'll never have a path forward . Same goes with the fossil fuel industry who has every reason to block alternative energy solutions. Apparently the fabled story of King Midas has no meaning to these folks. I suppose once Earth becomes more like Mars it might finally sink in. Too bad it'll be too late, FOOLS!

Wednesday, February 1, 2023