Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Small Business Idea For Someone

Here's a opportunity for someone looking to start a small business on their own. It doesn't take a lot of money since raw materials are readily available.

It certainly makes more sense then opening yet another restaurant around here. I envision someone occupying one of these many former corner grocery stores retailing some of the things they would manufacture in the back.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

United States Losing The Race Converting To Solar Energy

While the U.S. is stringing polluting and flammable fossil fuel pipelines all across our nation one of the largest oil producers, the UAE is not.

$13.6B record-breaking solar park rises from Dubai desert
"Once finished, Dubai Energy and Water Authority (DEWA) told CNN the 50 billion-dirham ($13.6 billion) investment could power as many as 1.3 million homes, reducing carbon emissions by 6.5 million tonnes annually...

The Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 is working towards generating 25% of its energy output from clean sources by 2030, and 75% by 2050 -- equivalent to a capacity of 42,000 megawatts."

Nether is China

Oh look so is India!

These are only three of the dozens of other nations going full throttle on solar energy.

Solar Advantages
The price for the sun's energy never changes unlike market driven fuel prices.
Refineries, storage tanks and pipelines can leak, pollute and catch fire.
All fossil fuels require mining or drilling polluting land and water.
Some farmers rather then forced to sell off their land can benefit via solar farms.
Large warehouse roofs are wasted space which could be better utilized.
Converting solar heat to energy instead helps to cool the Earth.
Makes countries less dependent on foreign fuel and possible sanctions.
Current generating plants require huge amounts of readily available water.
Solar doesn't require oxygen to be sucked out of the air.
etc., etc., etc.
In the past no one with delivery horses would envision canal boats and later steam engines giving way to fossil fueled vehicles. Now time has come to move on such as they. For many years we were the leader in technology. If we are to make MAGA it must come through seizing our leadership once again via leading in future technology. Either that or we in the United States can remain stubbornly fixed in our ways while the rest of the world passes us by.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Kate Smith Controversy

In short there shouldn't be one.

Wikipedia- Kate Smith
By the time she was eight, was singing for the troops at Army camps in the Washington area during World War I.

She contributed to selling over $600 million (equivalent to $10.2 billion in 2018) of war bonds during a series of marathon broadcasts. No other show-business star came near her.

In an address on CBS Radio, Smith stated, "Race hatreds, social prejudices, religious bigotry, they are the diseases that eat away the fibers of peace." She went on to say that it is up to us to tolerate one another in order to achieve peace.

On October 26, 1982, Smith received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honor, by U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

New York Post
If the Bronx Bombers are serious about standing tall against racism, they must next ban the national anthem, which is sung before every game. Francis Scott Key, who wrote the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 1814, owned slaves — at least six of them, as a matter of historical record. Isn’t “ownership” of human beings a more grave offense than merely ridiculing black people in a song that a 24-year-old Smith had to perform at the behest of her record company? Key even refers derisively to slaves in the anthem itself. The forgotten third verse includes the lines, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave/from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave” — a warning to blacks not to seek freedom (as some did) by escaping their white masters to fight with the British in the War of 1812.

Here's the song that got her banned by the Yankees and Flyers...
Paul Robeson - That's Why Darkies Were Born - 1931

You going to try telling me Paul Robeson was racist too!

The way I see it that song educates people today on the plight of the negroes in 1931 like few others. Who's next to be banned, Kern and Hammerstein for their 1936 classic "Showboat"?

It was a shameful part of our history. As much as some would like to "whitewash" our American past it won't make the guilt go away. Nor should it Every person growing up should be made to watch these so we will be on guard against those who wish to demonize the likes of Kate Smith.

Kate Smith was the heart and soul of America (still is).
A country without memories of Kate Smith is not worthy.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Point of Observation Concerning Former Mayor Pawlowski

Looks like the former Allentown mayor got more federal prison time then everyone involved. Including Mike Fleck and the previous mayor in Reading. He also got a longer sentence so far then the 34 charged in Mueller's investigation. Hell Ed Pawlowski got even more time then the so-called Russian spy did today (04/26/2019).

There is a lesson to be learned here. When dealing with the law it's always a good idea to humble oneself expressing remorse, pleading guilty then requesting mercy from the court. It seems to me it's never a good idea debating your innocence with a street cop anymore then it is with the feds when they have your number. I'm certain humbling himself could have taken years off Ed's sentence. It worked for all those others didn't it?

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Addressing Income Inequality

If you paid attention to the video and take a look around at the government taxpayer supported programs being funneled to the rich it's they who are the real socialists. When money flows to the plutocracy they refer to themselves as "capitalists". When people seek some sort of income equality they're labeled by the overly wealthy as being "socialists". There needs to be a reasonable balance between the two.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Donovan McNabb In Hot Seat Over His Remarks

New York Post
Donovan McNabb ignites second Carson Wentz war
"If he can’t get out of the second round, they should look to possibly draft another quarterback because you just don’t know about his durability. They put so much of their eggs into their basket with Carson Wentz, and he’s got to prove that in the next two years."

The truth hurts doesn't it?
Look I think he's a great guy and a talented quarterback, but face it the guy's body isn't made of steel. He's had his share of injuries. Will he be able to remain healthy this season and the next?

Clip Of Broadway's Beetlejuice

It looks like a winner to me. Right now it's in previews. The opening night is set to begin Thursday, April 25,2019 at the Winter Garden Theatre. I suspect this will shortly be one of the hottest tickets on Broadway. Currently regular ticket prices start at $79.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

All Star Salute To Ralph Emery (1990)

This clip is from the greatest country music network ever, TNN. Founded on March 07, 1983 it ceased operations on September 25, 2000. Over 70 artist came together to salute Ralph Emery. He was known as a DJ but he was far more then that. Born in 1933 Ralph is now 86 years old and was still hosting a weekly program on RFD-TV a pay TV channel based in Minnesota up until November 2011. They continued running his previous shows until October 2015 Thankfully we still have the following clip from 1990. God bless you Ralph wherever you are.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Great Oldies- The Dovells And Johnny Tillotson

Live from Rock 'n' Roll Palace (1988)

The wife and I spend most of our time watching musical clips like these. I suppose they show my age but I'm finding a lot more pleasure in them then what is offered on TV these days. Although this one featured rock the majority we've been watching were previous shows from 'Nashville Now', 'Church Street Station' and many of the other older country music programs. Shows like those of Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jimmy Dean, Glen Campbell and all so many others similar to them. Gosh whatever became of networks offering weekly musical entertainment shows?

Although I keep up with current events at least 90% of my interest are far removed from them. Music is still my number one followed by science and the unexplained mysteries. I suppose looking at the content of this blog you wouldn't know that. Those other things put me in my happy place. Current events-- not so much. Looking back over my previous posts It makes me wonder. Should I feature more the likes of them rather then a blog in which I blabber my opinions about current events. Maybe I should focus more on sharing the entertainment and science related videos in which I have greater interests. Stay tuned.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Is FOX News Going To Try And Scapegoat Obama?

Ed Henry Curiously Wonders About Accountability for the Obama Administration Over Russian Interference
"It was Fox News reporter Ed Henry who brought the pro-Trump train back on track when he noted that the Russian influence happened during the Obama administration and disingenuously asked why that’s not getting attention. Henry followed Kilmeade saying “Good point happening in 2015, 2016,” before adding “Who was president? Donald Trump? No Barack Obama. It was happening under President Obama’s. Where is the accountability for the Obama Administration?”

Spending time constantly having to fact check this propaganda network is exhausting. So it's Obama's fault their man got elected?

The Washington Post- Published on Jun 23, 2017

CBS This Morning- Published on Dec 16, 2016

What more could have Obama done?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

My Reaction To The Mueller Report

I can understand as much as Donald would like it to be so-- the report raises more questions then answers. I figured once this came out it would be like pouring gasoline on a fire. I expect both sides to get a lot more worked up then they already were. I don't give a rat's patootie whose careers goes up in flames. For my part I'd much prefer voters take the information Mueller provided to the polls in the next election and leave it at that.

Unfortunately we'll be subjected to politicians and the media all screaming in our faces rather then concentrating on the things Washington should be fixated on. You know silly stuff like deficit spending, trade, border security and about a zillion other things we elected them to work on. Instead almost every minute of their time is spent trying to stab each other in the back when they're not busy raising campaign money so they can get reelected to do more of the same.

I'm sick of this whole 'Punch and Judy" show that both sides and media enrich themselves on. Few in Washington or on TV aren't millionaires. It seems they forgot all about us. I suggest everyone tune it out. These problems are manufactured so we'll think only they can solve the problems they themselves created. This while playing us for chumps as they line their pockets. I'm so over it.

The Mueller Report only serves to reinforce what either side wishes to believe. It resolves nothing.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The FOX News Machine In Action

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Thoughts On Bernie Sanders Bethlehem Town Hall

Bret, good point.

First off I have no intention of voting for Bernie in the primaries. I'm looking for someone who isn't 30 years older then most of the people they would be representing. That being said I thought he had a few good points, One of them was when people were asked to raise their hands if they'd favor a government health plan over their employer's. My response to those who react negatively is to ask- how many employees have a say in what plan their employer chooses? Unless bound by union negotiations I bet none. I'd be highly against a one plan fits all Bernie seems to support. If we're going do a plan it should be similar to Medicare but with several offerings. I also believe, like current Medicare, it should cover only 80%. People need to have some skin in the game so they aren't running to a doctor every time they sneeze. In addition I'd favor people able to opt into a supplemental plan. This would create greater flexibility for people to decide what would be a better fit for their needs.

The other thought is when a moderator questioned the low percentage he paid to the IRS. His response was why doesn't the moderator ask Trump what percentage he paid? His opposition is accusing Bernie of being one in the top 1% richest Americans. Not so. Bernie's tax forms indicate he and his wife's combined income was $561,293 in 2018. According to tax records Bernie and his wife are worth around $2.5 million in assets. However today's top 1% are described as having a net worth of $10,374,030 or more. Not that it matters since people seem to have no problem with a billionaire president anyway. But it's important to keep things in perspective by adhering to the facts.

The program also touched on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Let me tell you how I feel about that. There are 535 members in congress. She is only one. Those on the right obsess night and day making her look as though she was the sole voice of the Democrats. If it weren't for their fixation I doubt any of us would know who she is. They're the ones making her out to be more then she is. One single voice amongst many who have many differing views. I highly doubt she'll sponsor a single bill over her two year term. If she does there's about a zero chance of it getting out of committee to the floor. Not to worry speaker Pelosi will continue to marginalize AOC each time she gets out of line. Trust me, you don't want to get in a pissing contest with Nancy. I highly expect Trump and FOX News will continue goading AOC knowing she always takes the bait. Much the same goes with Representative Ilhan Omar.

Like I said this time around I'm no Bernie fan. I have issues with his abrupt temperament. We already got one of those, We don't need another one. His views, rightly or wrongly, greatly irritate the other side of aisle. Yeah we already got one of those in the oval office. We don't need another one.

What we do need is someone willing to influence both sides by appealing to their better nature. I wish it weren't so but it must start at the top since I'm not seeing any grassroots movement towards this direction at the street level. I don't know which candidate I'd be willing to support but I'll know when I see one. A person who at their core is a unifier rather then a divider.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Unexplained Technology

I've been following several explorers over the years who have been questioning these same things. A few questions have always remained for me. If these wonders were created by sophisticated machinery and tools-- why haven't they been found? Was there some method we have yet to discover used to overcome gravity? These workers couldn't create artwork within the burial chambers without light. Torches were not used since no carbon soot could be found in any of them.

It's been suggested when advanced civilizations fall so does their advanced knowledge with them. Think of it this way. If some cataclysmic event were to strike today such as releasing multiple neutron bombs or a natural solar event it would completely disable every one of our electrical devices. This would mean none of our computers, vehicles or power grid would be operable thrusting us back into the dark ages. It would most certainly mean none of our electronic records would remain. Masses of people would starve causing them to revert back into jungle savagery. In tens of thousands of years (after civilization could once again redevelop) would they also not be perplexed?

The Earth is 4.543 billion years old. The earliest fossils ever found resembling human form was 66 million years back. That leaves a whole lot of time which yet remains to be discovered. There is a lot of intellectually conceited folks who'd like to think everyone who existed before us were stupid primitive people. Does anyone seriously believe it was only over the last hundred years or so human technology advanced for the first time?

Makes one wonder how many times technology has advanced only to be obliterated for unknown reasons forcing knowledge to be rediscovered again repeatedly. The mystery isn't what these ancients were able to do. Rather it is why we can't figure it out.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Tommy Smothers Ask "Who Do I Have To Hate".

These videos are appropriate today as they were then. I truly miss the days when 'folk music' proliferated. The songs tended to bind us together encouraging us to see the greater good. We could sure use a lot more like them.

2007 at the Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas

You Probably Paid More Federal Taxes Then These Billion Dollar Companies

60 Top Corporations Paid $0 Federal Taxes Under Trump Tax Law
"The companies that paid nothing in taxes were “able to zero out their federal income taxes on $79 billion in U.S. pretax income,” according to the study, first reported by the Center for Public Integrity and NBC News.... The cut in the corporate tax rate alone will save corporations $1.35 trillion over the next 10 years, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation."

Guess who's going to get it in the hiney.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Trump And His Cronies Taking It Too Far

Trump and his favorite news outlets always fought back aggressively against the Mueller probe. But never have they ramped up their furor like the last few weeks. The fiery words being used like "coup", "spying" on Trump's campaign and "treason" takes this to a whole new level. One which I fear will pave the way towards a great deal of chaos resulting in violence

Here's a brief timeline of events. In the summer of 2016 the CIA came to the Obama White House with information Russia was trying to influence the election. Question is what should he do? (1) would be to share it with the public. In doing so he'd be accused of trying to manipulate the election. (2) Keep his mouth shut until either Hillary or Donald were elected and inform them. He chose the latter. At which point Donald accused Obama and the intelligence agencies of "spying" on him. I don't know where you come from but in my world this would be called "investigating"-- not spying.

Also in my world when agencies of our government are charged with overseeing possible illegal foreign activities yet choose to ignore them they would be in dereliction of duty. I'd even go so far as to say withholding this from the President of the United States or somehow covering it up would be a "treasonous" betrayal to our country.

As far as a "coup" I don't think those making these kind of accusations know it' definition.. A "coup" is an illegal seizure of power. Obviously this never happened. There was no suspension of elections thus allowing Trump becoming president. Makes me wonder if he using these extreme accusations is trying to pull off what he accuses others of.

These are toxic times when the president of the United States accuses congress, the press or anyone who opposes him of "treason". So too I find it frightening when law enforcement investigations are labeled as "spying".

Where All This Is Headed
By the time Donald and his cronies are done it will be too late to restore trust with our government. Once trust is broken there will be nothing anyone can say or do no matter who comes after him. Trust not only in government but between people themselves affecting the economy, our status in the world and the rule of law. This country has faced worse times then this, that's for sure. The difference, there always emerged a leader who could unite us. I don't know if we can count on that kind of luck this time. Our trade deficits, national debt and standing in the world simply may be too difficult a task for even the greatest among us to overcome.

This isn't about liking or not liking him and his supporters. This is about people being able to see through both sides of the toxic BS going around these days. Then taking a stand against all forms of negativity. When the people of a nation fail finding commonality it's greatness becomes another chapter in history like many before it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I Went Through My Grocery Bill

I'm overly detailed when it comes to my budget. I've been this way for years. This time I decided to take a deep dive into what we actually spend on meals. I found a few things which might be surprising especially for those who eat out instead of home cooked meals. Turns out we spend about $1.50 for a home cooked hamburger with sesame bun. About $2 on side dishes (fries and salad). In other words about $7 for the two of us. I have no idea where a couple could buy a meal like this outside for less.

Other foods include-- 11.5 cents per egg. We snack on 6 slices of a pie which cost us $1.00 each over three nights. Macaroni cost 60 cents a box + the costs for generous amounts of cheese which last us two nights. Wegmans ice cream $2.39 compared to Breyers which is $4.79. Marie Callender's pot pies $1.57 each.

Everything we spend at the grocery store for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the extras I allocate $400 a month, The wife spends about another $50 a month for the grandkids which eat breakfast and lunch 5 times a month here when they visit. Sometimes a bit more. Sometimes less.

Question is-- has anyone thought about how much they spend?

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Finally Got My Van Back

Not that anyone should care but yesterday (April 08, 2019) I finally got my van back. I first got an estimate at the beginning of February. I was told to bring it in three weeks later on February 18th. All I wanted was my two rusted rear fenders repaired and the hood painted along with buffing out scratch marks I created when I scraped up against a sign post trying to pass another car in the back alley.

My worst fears were not realized
I was afraid they screwed up and didn't want to tell me. However when I picked it up the owner and I engaged in a lot of good conversation. Early on a mechanic called out sick for a week. Then quit. It took another week to hire someone who only stayed a few days. Another week to hire someone who didn't know how to do a repair properly. Another week to hire another who ended up also leaving a week later.

The owner showed me pictures he took every step of the way. Him and I both agree it's tough to find qualified individuals willing to stay. I can certainly relate to that. Before I retired, where I once worked, I trained perhaps 5 or 6 before one of them stayed. And some of them who did stay seemed like they only wanted to get hired so they could take advantage of our workman's comp.

Well at any rate-- the van's back looking great like when I bought it 22 years ago. Yeah you heard it right.

Mechanically it's in great shape. It just needed some body work. Even with this repair cost it's only a fraction of what another one would plus what it doesn't cost me to insure it. Now hopefully some knucklehead won't vandalize or bang into my faithful companion after all these years.

Reagan On Free Trade

Radio Address on August 6, 1983

In Short
Nobody wins trade wars. Tariffs on imports is nothing more then a tax burden placed on consumers. A much better idea is an agreement between two nations based on quotas they both feel are fair to each another.

It should be also added
When the United States imposes sanctions on other countries it is designed to put a squeeze on citizens in the hopes of causing it's government to collapse through an uprising. The side effect creates huge amounts of refugees trying to flee them for both our borders and those of others. I'd much rather turning to our 'state department' for alternative solutions.

Just as each of our own neighbors we may not like living next door it's better then getting in a shoot out with them.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Recycling--What Recycling!

On days like these I get so fed up with the crap we're led to believe.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Great Dance Performers Are Timeless (Music Video)

This proves it...
Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

#askthewhitehouse: Immigration Reform

Unlike Trump's Twitter feeds the Obama administration once hosted podcasts where people were allowed to interact with the White House directly. This one was on December 11, 2013 where Vice President Joe Biden and Cecilia Muñoz, the President's Domestic Policy Advisor, answered questions about immigration reform live via Skype. I think this one will give us a idea where Joe Biden stood on immigration.

We've all seen Trump speak a million times with reporters and at his rallies. How refreshing it would be to see him do one of these. My how times have changed!

If anyone's interested the Obama White House on YouTube still maintains a large archive.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Our Immigration Policy Will Never Change

The White House Rose Garden, June 30, 2014

Who's that guy... Trump?

If we are to be honest with ourselves almost everything Obama complained about is almost identical to what Trump complains about today. You'd be hard pressed to find major differences between the two. The only difference is which political party gets blamed for their inactions. Congress will bat this ball back and forth forever. No matter who sits in the oval office they're likely to vent till the cows come home and still nothing will come of it.

Around And Around We Go
Obama's tactic was the value immigrants add to this nation. Trump's, the threat they pose. Both are opposites on the same coin. Truth be told neither side will find resolution until congress takes this matter up. Since it's apparent congress won't, it's most likely whichever party gains the congress or White House in 2020 will find themselves cranking like both Trump and Obama did. We've been bitching about this and at each other's throats since forever. If you think each or the other political party is at fault you haven't been paying attention.

Tucker Carlson’s Phony Populism

According to celebritynetworth.com 49 year old Tucker's net worth is $16 Million. His salary, $6 Million.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The College Admission Scandal IMO

In my opinion the reason this has become a scandal is the colleges didn't get their cut.

I think most would agree for decades it was common practice for someone donating big buck$ to a college itself pretty much assured their kids would get in.

The problem here is these folks tried writing checks to college personnel instead to the college itself.

Am I being too negative for my opinion on this issue?
Here's a challenge for my readers. Pick a name on a building at any college of your choosing. Then Google that name to see if any of their offspring attended that same college. I did. I wasn't too surprised with the results. See what you come up with.

We Are So Done Watching NCIS: LOS ANGELES

Every show we watch contains an element of humor. Most of the humor of NCIS-LA has been replaced with gunfire and torture. This past Sunday the show at the very beginning started out with torture. This was not the first time this season. A far cry from prior years when there was plenty of humor.

If you'll note the original NCIS still maintains it humor and in almost all the shows not a single shot is fired. NCIS- NEW ORLEANS is getting a little rougher too, but so far it's still tolerable and maintains most of the humor it always had.

I have no idea who put it in producers heads over at NCIS-LA to make the show much darker. Maybe because it's cheaper to spend 10 or 15 minutes filming shoot ups and people screaming while being tortured. This rather then writing a decent script. Perhaps their writers played too many violent video games as a kid. What ever the reason we will "X" this one our from our viewing schedule going forward.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

I Refuse To Buy Streaming Services

We all dreamed one day we could pay for cable channels a la carte. Instead what got are a bunch of greedy pigs wanting us to pay separately for only a few new shows on each we wish to watch via the internet. New shows, instead of being offered all in one place, are now splattered across almost a dozen separate pay venues. Many of these dozens of crap channels cable companies are forced to pay for if they want to air any single channel are the same ones these greedy pig streaming companies own.

Folks what do you think is going to happen when they drive cable TV out of business. Does anyone seriously believe it will be cheaper. Wouldn't it be nice if everything we wanted to watch were all in one place. Yeah it once was. We called it cable TV.

I waited years for TV to go high definition in order to watch on big screen TV. Now these jerks want me to watch it on a iPad or mobile phone. You got to be kidding. Smart TV-- yeah right. A TV that monitors everything you watch and for how long. Even cable companies are getting into the act with their required descramblers we pay extra for to decode their signals which also report our viewing habits. Some broadcasters are even talking about pulling their over-the-air signals.

There was once a day when 3 or 4 over-the-air channels provided all the entertainment produced for free. Right now we watch at most 10 shows a week. At this rate it cost us about $2.50 apiece. How many do you watch and how much do you pay to watch them?

All this greed is getting out of hand.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Trump Threatens To Close Border With Mexico

For a LIVE look at just one crossing-- The U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing in Ysidro, California..
or the picture below
(I took this screen grab at 12:54 pm Monday afternoon)
This feed won't work in Internet Explorer

CATO Institute At Liberty
“Closing the Border” Is a Terrible Idea
"•Mexico is America’s 2nd largest export market and 3rd largest total trading partner.

•U.S. border crossings with Mexico handle a half a trillion dollars in trade each year. Nearly half enters through Texas where two thirds of illegal border crossings have occurred this year."

Current U.S. Policy

(1) Intimidate
(2) Sanction
(3) Demean
This policy not only applies to foreign countries but towards one another within as well. The measure of a country or man isn't how apt they are at belittling others. Rather by rising to greatness despite not having to encumber others to achieve it.