Saturday, October 31, 2020

Trump Train’ Ambushes Biden-Harris Campaign Bus

Trump tweeted his approval.

Everytime I think Trump couldn't go any lower somehow he always manages to prove himself a bigger scum then he was the day before.

U.S. Presidential Election Timeline

Bet more then a few don't know the complete timeline after the November polling is completed.

The Electoral College, Explained

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Follow The Fauci
U.S. sets record for new coronavirus cases, surpassing 55,000
"The United States reported 55,220 new coronavirus cases Thursday, surpassing Wednesday’s record of 52,789, previously the largest single-day total since the start of the pandemic, according to data collected by The Washington Post."

What's the point arguing with idiots. Idiots will always choose to remain idiots for some reason. Somehow they think they can thumb their nose at the virus and it will avoid them. Sometimes people just got to learn the hard way. This is one of those times. Irregardless how ignorant one chooses to be won't change science one iota.

They say nature has a way of eliminating idiots as it tends to advance the rest of the species. This may be another one of those times. So which one are you?

You in or out?

Monday, October 19, 2020

Wear a Mask (Be Our Guest Parody)

It continues to amaze me how much more and better entertainment is available then can be found on all 4 major TV networks combined.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Republicans Pissed Media Giants Foiled Their October Surprise
Hunter Biden email story
"The owner of a Delaware computer repair store where a man he believes was Hunter Biden dropped off a laptop that allegedly contained emails detailing an opportunity for a meeting between former Vice President Joe Biden and a top Burisma executive and other "disturbing" items, told Fox News on Wednesday... he has a condition that affects his vision and “can’t be 100% sure” it was Hunter Biden who dropped off the computer for repair... Isaac’s claim that the laptop in question belonged to Hunter Biden has yet to be substantiated."

So let me get this right..
The computer store operator (a Trump supporter) sat on this laptop since April 2019 till a few weeks before the election. Then made a thumbnail copy for Rudy Giuliani who then fed it to the New York Post who ran with it while people are voting. A man who says he's legally blind who can't even attest it was Hunter's laptop or even Hunter himself brought it in.

Think about this.
Is Hunter so damn stupid he'd bring a laptop chock full of incriminating evidence?
The newspaper didn't show headers detailing email servers they passed through.
Why 19 days before November 3rd if it weren't to be a planned October surprise?
Stolen emails.. doesn't this sound a whole lot like a 2016 tactic all over again?
How do we know some operative didn't walk in and set this whole thing up?

Then there's the Judiciary committee now talking about subpoenaing Facebook and Twitter for blocking links. Need I remind Assange is a wanted man for publishing hacked emails on Wikileaks? Hunter Biden is a private citizen and would have every right to sue the ever living daylight out of all those who published his hacked stolen emails (if they are even real in the first place). So what do the Republicans want from Facebook and Twitter.. them to be accomplices in a crime? Another Wikileaks?

How dare the Judiciary committee use their own official congressional site as a political tool to post a link to further promote this. These folks all know better. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Especially knowing Giuliani is involved.

I had no intention of getting further involved with all this bullshit (especially while voting is going on). BUT, something this obvious is nearly impossible to ignore. I may be slow at times but how gullible does one have to be not to recognize a setup when they see one. God's I wish this thing was over !!!!
The Obvious Frame-up Looks Clearly Like Russian Propaganda
"It might also be worth a quick look at the author of this Post article. The byline on the story is Emma-Jo Morris, who is listed on the masthead as Deputy Politics Editor at New York Post. Since when? Since today, that’s when. Morris has exactly three stories on her resume at the Post … all of them written on Wednesday. All of them about Hunter Biden. What did Morris do prior to her instant appointment as editor? She booked guests for Sean Hannity."

You May Not Know This About Jon Bon Jovi And His Wife

While there are plenty of people who talk, the Bon Jovi's are doing the walk.

Unfortunately it seems the big mouth troublemakers are getting all the attention in the media. Sometimes it needs to be pointed out there are those still around who are the glue that holds this country together. People doing far greater deeds then we may ever hear about. These two are among many whom give me hope our nation's people may be better then what's being portrayed by those in Washington, on the radio, TV and many in social media.

Madeline Kahn - You'd Be Surprised (1988)

I've watched a few versions of this song written in 1919 when Irving Berlin was 31 years old. America first got to hear this song when Eddie Cantor performed it in Ziegfeld's Follies of that year. However I feel it was far better performed and more appropriate for Madeline Kahn to take this song on. I think her arraignment of the tune might have been exactly what Berlin had in mind when he wrote it. She performed it in the style reminiscent of 'The Cakewalk'. A popular dance back in those early days when it was written.

From Irving Berlin's 100th Birthday Celebration in 1988

List of 100's of songs written by Irving Berlin

Speaking of...

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Postal Service Should Do Some Prioritizing

I've received email informing the wife and I county sent our ballots out 5 or 6 days ago, Where are they?

Instead I've received two more pre-filled in registration request forms from two third parties I have no use for. Three instructional mailings showing me how to vote (assuming I'm too dumb to follow the ones that will also come with the ballot). At least 10 political mailers from both parties. in addition another half a dozen or so BS mail advertisings. These along with my usual bills.

If we lived in a sane world one would think it's far easier to sort through the baskets full of same sized ballots then these clusters of loose mail. Why wouldn't anyone with the lick of common sense prioritize the far more important ballots everyone's waiting for. Why not dedicate one of the sorting machines and a crew so they could send them out with all this other crap I could care less about.

I'd be hard pressed not to believe something fishy is going on here since the bills I sent out just 3 days ago all arrived at their destinations. The USPS claims each machine can sort 36,000 pieces of mail in an hour. Lehigh County sent roughly 60,000 peices. Seems to me they could have got the job done in only a couple of hours with a dedicated machine. WHAT GIVES !!

October 9th Would Have Been John Lennon's 80th Birthday

John was assonated at 40 years of age on December 8, 1980

Lucas Nelson, et al.
Happy Birthday John Lennon

"Seinfeld's" Newman Urges To Mail Ballot Early

Friday, October 9, 2020

In Remembrance Of Eddie Van Halen

October 07, 2020
Howard Stern Pays Tribute to Eddie Van Halen

May 03, 2013

Van Halen: Hot For Teacher
Live At Red Rocks (2015 U.S. Tour)

The 80's had some of the most creative music and performers unlike any other we've seen before that time. It's hard for me to imagine future performers will be able to top the excitement and creativeness that was so predominate back then.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

10/8 Lehigh County Weekly Update (Drop Boxes, etc.)

Update with County Executive Phil Armstrong

BREAKING Pence Caught Wearing A Bug In The Debate

Critics pointed out even though Pence exceeded his time the fly left within the allotted two minute rule set for the debate.

In other news..
Pence Campaign Announces New Campaign Music Before His Next Rally

Campaign hopes it will have greater appeal to his largely elder supporters

How the situation was handled in the prior administration..

See Mike. That's how it's done

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Another PSA For Voting By Mail In Pennsylvania

This one didn't come from Lehigh County commissioner Phil Armstrong.


I did hear however Bernie O'Hare might be thinking of doing one like this.
(But only if he gets enough requests)

1. Follow ALL instructions carefully. If it says use 2 envelopes, use 2 envelopes. If it says use a black pen, use a black pen. Not funny. Not sexy. But absolutely essential.

2. Mail your ballot or drop it off ASAP. Like now. If your ballot arrives late, it won’t count and you’ll have been naked for nothing.

3. In places like Pennsylvania, your ballot must be placed in an inner and outer envelope. Put your ballot in the inner envelope, then put the inner envelope in the outer envelope. If you don’t do this, it’s called a naked ballot, and it won’t count. You can be naked, but your ballots cannot.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Taking Entertainment Break

I've been following YouTuber Dylan Vidovich for some time.
Here's his performance of "Ever Since the World Began" (Survivor Vocal Cover)

Next up, a visit to "Larry's Country Diner".

Michele & Jimmy Capps perform "On the Alamo" in 2018

For those not familiar with who Jimmy Capps was...
He was a fixture on the 'Grand Ole Opry' for over 50 years.
He passed away on June 1, 2020 at the age of 81.

As I've said before on this blog, 90% of what we watch are either BBC reruns on PBS or mostly videos found on YouTube. As far as I'm concerned the kind of corporate network programming found on TV today sucks. Not only in terms of quality but also lacking any semblance to sincere reality which can be found in abundance on the internet.

I'll leave ya with one more (for now)
Babalola The Singer- Kiss and Say Goodbye (The Manhattans Cover)

Monday, October 5, 2020

Jaime Harrison-Lindsey Graham South Carolina Debate

IMO it didn't go well for Lindsey.

Covid- It Is What It Is

I take no pleasure in raining on everyone's parade but the truth is things are headed down the crapper despite what you believe otherwise. * Movie cinemas are shutting down.
* More schools and colleges are pulling back on in-classroom sessions.
* The NFL full season schedule is starting to look grim.
* 60% of the restaurants say they may go out of business.
* Even the White House is suffering a Covid infestation.
* Airlines, cruise lines and all those associated with travel are tanking.
* Layoffs are going back up again.
* Covid hospitalizations are increasing again (including here in the Lehigh Valley).
* 20 States are seeing an increasing number of infections.
* And on and on. You get he idea.
And what are we doing? Starting to open up again just before the flu season. Now that's some crazy kind of logic.

All the signs are the fall and winter seasons will be like few others we ever seen if people continue in this direction. I've mentioned it a few times here that we can't ignore or bullshit these things away. It has to be dealt with. The way we deal with it is everyone wears their damn mask. Maintain social distancing and sanitize ourselves and objects as much as possible. These viruses don't give a rats patootie who you are or what political party anyone belongs to. Ignore it at your own peril.

I'm not a doomsayer. Rather a realist. All the signs are there. If we continue to ignore them these will become ever increasingly obvious even to the most thickheaded among us. Either we take the bull by the horns or suffer the consequences thereof. Nature is relentless and uncompromising. Accept this as fact or learn the hard way in the coming days ahead. Don't leave your guard down. You've been warned.

October 04, 2020

Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Wisdom Of Carl Sagan

Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan expanded on this subject far more greatly in the following video. In the video he spoke on things which should alarm us all. They should serve as warnings far into the future beyond his years here on this Earth. His journey may have ended but anyone who cares about our present conditions and those in the future regarding humanity should pay heed to his thoughts.

Previously I watched one of his other videos concerning the possibilities of alien life. In my view there's a couple of salient points to be made. Since the universe is far older then Earth there are plenty of other places species themselves and their technology far exceeds any possible understanding by us humans. Thus contact likely has already been made by them first a long time ago. We simply were incapable of recognizing it. Either that or they haven't for the same reason we don't even bother trying to communicate with earth worms, ants or amebas. This because we think they are beneath our species. Secondly earth worms, ants and amebas simply don't have the capability of mentally functioning as that which is compatible to humans.

Some final thoughts.
Some may call it karma for neglecting the heeds about this pandemic and the current state of our environment. Far from it. This is what happens when the inhabitants of Earth ignore soundly based scientific laws. Same goes with Earth itself (a living thing) when we over reproduce taking more then it can provide. Eventually we'll exceed what is available. The same as it would if there were too many parasites feeding within our own body. Science tells us this is so. Yet we continue on as if science will make an exception for the human race unlike other species who've succumbed to over breeding when there weren't enough resources left to sustain them.

Hoping for a God or space alien to save us is really a bad choice over scientific reasoning which truly is our best option.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

One Of The Clark Family's Cutest Musical Numbers

I found this video so irresistibly cute I felt compelled to share.

Hello everyone! We're the Clark family. Colt (the Dad) is a professional musician and Aubree (me, the Mom behind the camera) is a photographer. Together we home school our three children (even when we're not in the middle of a pandemic). :) We're keeping busy during our time at home by learning a new song every other day. We thought we'd record them and share as we go. Hopefully it brightens your day!

Friday, October 2, 2020

Lehigh County Weekly Update and Mail-In Ballots

October 02, 2020

Locations for each Drop Box are:

• District#1
o North Whitehall Township Building
o 3256 Levans Road, Coplay, PA 18037
o 610-799-3411
o M-F 7:30AM- 4PM

• District #2
o Upper Macungie Township Building
o 8330 Schantz Road, Breinigsville, PA 18031
o 610-395-4892
o M-F 7:30AM- 4PM

• District #3
o Catasauqua Municipal Building
o 90 Bridge Street, Catasauqua, PA 18032
o 610-264-0571
o M-F 8AM- 4PM

• District #4
o County Government Center
o 17 South 7th Street, Allentown, PA 18101
o 610 782-3194
o 24/7 at the Lehigh County Voter Registration Office

• District #5
o Emmaus Borough Office
o 28 South 4th Street, Emmaus, PA 18049
o 610-965-9292
o M-F 8AM-3PM

PA Republicans Want An Election 'Integrity' Committee
Pa. Republicans want to create and control an ‘election integrity’ panel with subpoena power
"The resolution would create a committee of five House lawmakers — three Republicans and two Democrats...Pat Christmas, policy director of the nonpartisan Committee of Seventy, said if ballots are subpoenaed after they are removed from envelopes it’s unclear if voter privacy would be violated."

Yeah this whole thing seems something like this...

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Now The Press Briefings Have Become A Shitshow Too

Fox News Radio's John Decker

He's not the only one..

Source : FOX News

For far too long the press has sat in the briefing room like good little boys and girls allowing Kaleigh's deflections to go mostly unchallenged. This was not the case today when at least six reporters got fed up. It's about time!