Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Freedom H.S. Coach Changed Dwayne Johnson's Life

"As a high school student, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson started getting into trouble. He was arrested for everything from fighting and stealing to forging checks, but Dwayne says he began to change his ways when he was 16 years old."

Video Courtesy The Oprah Winfrey Network On YouTube

Obituary For Jody Cwick who died on October 27, 2006 at 51 years of age.

Putin Must Be Laughing His Ass Off

Here you have congress investigating it's own most trusted investigating agencies and each other.

One half of the politicians trying to destroy the other half to get to see who ruins runs the country.

Downsizing the State Department while most times at odds with the President.

The news media poisoning the waters of public opinion better then the Russian news agency TASS could ever hope to achieve in it's wildest dreams.

Government planning on spending trillion$ more then what created our huge deficits each year for decades. This even before slashing taxes.

The U.S. creating new endless wars with other countries Russia can befriend and make a ton of loot selling arms to use against us.

Putin doesn't have to lift a finger creating division. We do a much better job of it on ourselves. He can sit back and watch us cower over illegals, N. Korea, terrorists, endless wars, and people of all stripes fearing one another within for dozens of reasons. To name a few. Things like job losses, ethnic differences, gender, economic inequalities and more importantly the ever increasing distrust of our own government quite possibly more then his.

Wrapping This Up
A lot has happened to people's attitudes since the end of WWII. About the only thing "united" about the United States is it's name only. The thing that unites people is when they feel threatened. Unfortunately power brokers in this country have exploited this to their advantage. Far too many people it's seems are ignorant of the fact they are being used as pawns.

One could lay blame on Putin, Trump, congress, the media or business leaders. In reality fault lies in each individual who refuses to see the whole is made up by the sum of it's parts. Continuing not to accept our commonality means soon we'll be left with none.

Like it or not...
We're all stuck here together in the fishbowl we all call Earth

What we make of it is up to us.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Millennials Think James Bond Is A Pig

Daily Mail
Millennials watching classic Bond movies online for the first time describe Sean Connery's 007 as a rapist blasting plots as 'sexist' and 'racist'

OMG am I old. The way I see it most of these temptresses were also spies out to kill 007. Those that weren't seemed quite enthralled by his affections. I'm so glad I'm not dating in today's world.

Too Much Information?
The very first time I was seduced at 17 was by a 16 year old girl who touched me first and wanted me to.... well you know. Anyone remember all in-kind heavy petting at drive-ins and at the submarine races our dates ended up on? I sure do. One girl even thought I had a sexual dysfunction because I didn't try touching her boobs on our first two dates. She wanted more then I thought was the gentlemanly thing to do. Boy she sure left me know how I got that wrong :-)

Look--I don't know how things work today but back in the day it seems I was always one step behind the girls I dated. Good lord if I would have become famous the tales these girls could have spun.

It's my experience girls ain't no saints either. Hence my apprehension towards this #metoo movement. Here you have a bunch of women at award shows wearing black dresses, emblems and roses supporting women's complaints while wearing plunging necklines and short skirts after appearing half naked (or worse) in films and on social media in selfies. Then complain when men are attracted to them. Come on in reality there's two sides to every story.

Thank God I don't have to deal with them these days and lived at the time I did. When women were honest as men about their physical desires. I can honestly say none of the girls I ever was involved with ever once accused me of being more aggressive then they.

Does it sometimes happen?
Yes I'm sure. But not nearly as much as many would have us believe. Exploitation for one's career advantage, revenge and rejection may play a larger part in what I think we're witnessing. That's my opinion.

I'll leave you with this (my truest feelings on this subject)

Oh what memories I've had

Friday, January 26, 2018

Misc Stuff

Check out the comments on the post just below this. Someone said...
First, the DOJ does not have to prove actual money transactions in the Pawlowski case. All they have to prove is intent. It is ironic that everybody around Pawlowski is lying, even his main cover-man Fran Daugherty, while Pawlowski plays Sergeant Schultz. Second, Charlie Dent is a do nothing establishment congressman. For years he complained of Obama Care, but he has proposed nothing to change it and when he could have supported change, he refused. Third, Sanctuary cities are violating federal law. Therefore, they should face criminal and civil action. Fourth, Trump just unveiled a pathway to citizenship to DACA dreamers."

Check out my response.
~ ~ ~

Sheeple, Sheeple, Sheeple
Several days many media sites parroted this headline--
French Shoppers Go Full Black Friday Over Flash Nutella Sale

Can't these media dopes recognize a staged video when they see one? I'm 100% positive if I set up a display at a local market with this same sale price I wouldn't get 10 people interested unless I paid them to carry on. Marketing people get paid to stage these videos hoping they will go viral. DUH !
~ ~ ~

If You Can't Raise The Bridge..
Lower The Water

NPR--After Revelations Of Gender Pay Gap At BBC, 4 Male Hosts Agree To Salary Cut
~ ~ ~

Sean Hannity Had A Oopsie Moment

Two things worth noting.
Last night Sean Hannity did his show live. Later Sean was informed FOX's own Ed Henry found three people who collaborated this story This is what happens when Sean can't do a do-over. The other is April Ryan of 'The Urban Radio Network" reported on this over the summer. It didn't get traction until 'The New York Times' came out with this story last night (01/25/2018).
~ ~ ~

Google Planning To Reinvent The Wheel?
There are reports Google is planning a hyper-local news app. Sounds to me like the former "Patch News" service to me. Good luck with that. :-)
~ ~ ~

The NFL rejected an advertisement objecting to not standing for the National Anthem. Good! Let's just play football. Traditionally all the ads have been cleaver and funny. Save that crap for the awards shows (I never watch).
~ ~ ~

Winter Fuel Bills From Several Sources
Neighbors to either side of me have fuel oil. Their bills came in around $700 (not including electric). One person I follow on Facebook has all electric. His was just over $700. I have natural gas. Mine was $370.30 + $106.52 for electric. I run mine 24 hours at a constant 73 degrees. This house has the old sash windows with weights. I've tried many things over the years. What I learned (with the large old hot water radiators) it's best to leave the thermostat at a constant level. Anyone have a story to tell?
~ ~ ~

On Monday, January 22nd, 2018...

I call this blog "Lehigh Valley Clancularius Introspectives" for a reason. It's because you'll never know what I come up with next. Please follow me via email (right sidebar) or through an RSS feed. Even if it's only one or two items you find of interest to you.
Thanks, LVCI

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Bunch Of Thoughts I Have

I tend to think unless the feds have recordings that prove 100% Allentown mayor Pawlowski implicated himself guilty of pay-to-play he's off the hook. Witnesses who cut deals by already admitting their guilt most likely will lack credibility in jurors eyes. Inference is one thing. Absolute self incriminating proof is another.

I've seen about four of five interviews Pa. Rep. Charlie Dent gave on TV the last week or so. OMG-- he should be Speaker Of The House. What a man of reason.

Elton John announced his retirement from touring. It's almost funny his planned farewell concerts will be spread over three years. What is truly exciting his first farewell tour date will take place at the PPL Center in Allentown on September 8th, 2018.

According to 'Alternet' Kimberly-Clark will use Trump's tax cuts to pay for it's plans to get rid of 5,000-5,500 people, --"Kimberly-Clark’s CFO Maria Henry said during a call on Tuesday that the GOP tax cut bill's “cash flow benefits” to the company will assist in paying for the layoffs and that “tax savings would also be used to make capital investments and to ‘allocate significant capital to shareholders,’” according to the New York Times."

The DOJ is planning on coming after so-called "sanctuary cities" threatening to arrest officials who won't enforce federal laws. Questions-- wouldn't local officials or law enforcement be exceeding their authority by enforcing federal laws? Should local taxpayers be forced to pay the costs of enforcing federal laws and resultant legal fees of our officials?

New York City is beginning to use "surge pricing" for vehicular traffic. One phase is charging different prices for bridges and tunnels during high volume periods. The second is using license plate readers to charge cars traveling on certain streets throughout the city. I can imagine one day this could come to the Lehigh Valley. You know what they say--monkey see, monkey do. Drivers may never know they're being charged or how much till they receive a bill. Could facial recognition one day be used to charge pedestrian foot traffic as well? Don't laugh. Nothing's too crazy anymore when it comes to government's money grabs.

Trump says no wall--no DACA. Democrats say-- no DACA no wall. I say come February 8th-- no budget. Not that I want it that way, but that is very much the reality we are facing.

Trump's at war with the FBI, sanctuary cities, liberals, so-called fake media, his former political opponent (Hillary), members of congress, former members of his own staff, women accusers, shithole countries, trade deals, Muslims, liberal leaning states and all so many more. Putin, China or our other advisories couldn't have asked for a better gift.

Pennsylvania legalized state gambling games, casinos, marijuana and now Philadelphia wants to legalize heroin shoot up sites. Legalized prostitution can't be far behind. Think of the cost savings Pennsylvania could realize if it shut down all those employed in vice investigations. MAGA again, eh?

Why did the U.S. require the RT (Russian) network register as a foreign agent? FOX News, talk radio and social media sites (especially comments left on Trump's own Twitter account) are doing far more damage to undermine peoples trust then RT ever could.

I have more thoughts but that will do it for now.

I call this blog "Lehigh Valley Clancularius Introspectives" for a reason. It's because you'll never know what I come up with next. Please follow me via email (right sidebar) or through an RSS feed. Even if it's only one or two items you find of interest to you.
Thanks, LVCI

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Brief History Of Immigration Reform

Yeah I know-- I'm sounding like a broken record. However I think it's important to realize we never would have arrived at this government shutdown if congress would have taken care of business. The following videos demonstrate the Republicans and Democrats views on this are only separated by the thinnest of margins. At least they were until Donald came along.

The last time congress passed reforms was on 11/06/1986

Nothing was done by congress to update it since.

06/26/2007 President George W. Bush urged passage of a bill legalizing millions

Geo W. on January 28, 2008

Obama outlined a immigration overhaul plan on June 19, 2009

All of these people were of reasonable mind.
     What the hell happened?

Why Soldiers Aren't Getting Paid During Shutdown

Short Explanation...
Because Republicans don't want them to.

Mitch McConnell refused to allow vote on emergency bill to pay military families!

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) spoke on the House Floor on Jan. 20, 2018 about her Pay Our Military Act, which ensures that our service members are paid during the Trump-GOP shutdown.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Immigration Reform Long Overdue

How long do we wanna kick this can down the road?

Obama July 8, 2008

Obama June 30, 2014

Trump January 13, 2018

Look I think Democrats have waited long enough. It's been 10 years of stone walling. Is it any wonder why the Democrats patience has finally run out?

Who's Fault For Government Shutdown?

ABC News
Published on Aug 24, 2017

Seems this is what Trump planned all along.

Oft times I'm accused of saying Donald Trump doesn't get a single thing right. I need to walk myself back just a bit. There was this one time when he couldn't have been more correct.

Donald Pinning The Tail On The Donkey

President Guarantees Soldiers Pay During Shutdown

Obama signs bill guaranteeing active duty military pay in event of shutdown
Without such a bill, the military's 1.4 million active-duty personnel would still be expected to be on duty, but could see a delay in pay, if Congress misses a midnight deadline to avert a shutdown.

My mistake.
Wrong President. No Trump didn't. Not so far today.

That was a report from FOX News on September 20, 2013.

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Pending Government Shutdown

The last time we had one was 2013. Republicans were outraged over Obamacare. Ted Cruz filibustered till time ran out. This time it's the Democrats over immigration reform. So don't try and tell me one party is more guilty then the other.

A Bit Of History
Obama begged congress to tackle immigration reform for years. Republicans managed to stall reforms so Obama on June 15, 2012 decided to create an executive order entitled DACA (The Dream Act). He'd admit it may be overextending his presidential authority. However over the years despite legal challenges it remained the law of the land. This until Donald Trump decided in September 2017 to undo it by his signature alone. Otherwise we wouldn't be here where we are now with this budget stalemate.

If Not Now When?
Democrats considered this a poke in the eye and demanded Republicans in congress finally take action waiting some six years (five months since Trump's undoing) with no action. Despite Democrats agreeing to four previous budget extensions (since September) with promises from the Republicans they'd make immigration reforms nothing was moved forward. Now Republicans say if Democrats will agree to a fifth there will be one within 30 days. Anyone else see why Democrats are a bit skeptical?

Here's The Way I See It
Despite all the king's horses and his men blaming Democrats Donald Trump is entirely 100% at fault. Last week the senate came up with a bipartisan bill that would give him 1 to 2 years funding for his wall. Well over $2 billion. He wanted the entire $19 billions for the next 10 years. In essence he threw them out. This despite telling them only two hours earlier he'd agree to it.

More significantly Trump on his own is trying every way possible to deport nearly everyone who wasn't born here. The latest being groups of Salvadorans and Haitians Enough is enough. This is far more action then Barack Obama would ever dare consider doing..

Stop Kicking This Can Down The Road !
Conservatives didn't like it when Obama did things on his own and I most certainly don't like it now when Trump does it. Enough with the promises on immigration reform. Everyday 100's are being thrown out mostly based on Trump's whims rather then through legislative clarity. Most importantly the economy, families, employers and whole communities are in a constant state of flux and turmoil never knowing from day to day what's on the Mar-a-Lago innkeeper's mind from one hour to the next.

I'm not sure how this was allowed to go on for so long. One thing I am sure of-- the clock is approaching midnight. Either this month or the next--WE WILL FACE THE MUSIC if this is not resolved soon. It won't matter if someone is a conservative, liberal or doesn't give a hoot. All are affected,

Here's where things stand as of this afternoon (01/18/2018)

I stand with Sen. Lindsey Graham

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Companies Don't Have To Bring Money Back From Overseas

It really makes me wonder how Americans are so easily duped. Who cares about corporate taxes. If rates are higher-- no problem. It's all quite simple really.

Suppose a American company's separately registered foreign subsidiary leaves a billion dollars overseas. It's American counterpart needs five hundred million dollars here in the states. All they have to do to bring it here is borrow the money from themselves in that country. There are several advantages (besides being able to move money home tax free).

First is why bother with seeking bank approvals. Their foreign enterprise is able to loan it to themselves at lower rates then banks domestically could regardless the risk. Thus shareholders are benefited by below market rates. Secondly repayment of the loan's interest (to themselves) enables them to deduct this from their taxes here in the United States. If taxes go up all they need to is increase the interest rate they charge themselves. This scheme works whether a company has many shareholders or is wholly owned by a wealthy individual. Thus there is a incentive to continue leaving some of their loot in other countries.

The only reason any company might move their money back here is if the tax rates become higher overseas. What happens in the future remains to be seen. Some countries have already responded by lowering their corporate taxes to match ours. I wouldn't expect a huge surge suddenly to begin washing up on the shores of the U.S.

Unofficial Trump Campaign Song For 2020

Donald Trump's Upcoming State Of The Union Speech Leaked Out Early !

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Understand The Immigration System

There's a brouhaha going on over immigration reform. Before anyone can discuss reform they need to first understand the system. The following video tries to do just that.

In my opinion we already have a pretty good system. Like any other system it's never a bad idea to take a look at how it's working and what can be done to make it better from time to time.

However for years Congress has expressed little interest in reform. Congress hasn't made a single piece of legislation despite pressure from both the Obama and Trump administrations. Is it because they think it's good enough already or fear the loss of votes tinkering with it?

One thing is for certain if any changes are to be made it should be based entirely on what's best for both immigration and U.S. citizens not the political parties or their pundits. Data should be carefully evaluated on how this affected the economy, individuals' quality of life and security over a number of years.

From what I'm seeing everything has been blown out of proportion. There's no immediate crises to get this done, but since the world is ever changing it's a really good idea for congress to improve on how we approach enforcement and whom we allow to become our neighbors without prejudice. Currently things are helter skelter.

Oh and while we're at it..
No one should be cutting funding to the U.N. and nations hosting refugee camps like we have been doing. This should be part of the solution to deter illegals crossing borders. Either we and other nations help people where they live or make it so miserable they'll do anything out of desperation to survive. Continued funding would be to everyone's benefit.

Putting it in less noble more selfish cruder terms I'll explain it this way. If someone doesn't want birds in their backyard-- erect feeding stations and birdhouses down the street.

If these countries can handle this another way we sure as hell should be able too !!!

Some of us in United States do care.

A country's measure should not be how much wealth or the military might it has. Rather it's greatness should be measured by what's in peoples' hearts.

What's in yours?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Airing My Thoughts About Trump (One Last Time)

I've stated numerous times my intentions of not posting political items. I'd like to speak not in political terms but rather as to the character of this President.

Forget Politics. It's All About Character
It seems to me Trump measures another country or someone's value by the amount of money they accumulate or their technological achievements. This while ignoring the role United States played throughout history in making many of these other nations the way they've become. Anyone who studies history will see how many times United States has installed puppet dictators in countries we've never should have been involved in to their determent. Through our policies we've forced many into poverty For example some of the closest to us are Cuba and other Caribbean nations such as Haiti.

Trump (and his supporters it seems) are unable to accept individuals who are raised in poverty or the lower end of the pay scale. Take for example this past year. Donald never invited a single person to his properties who didn't shell out a ton of loot to be there. He could have invited coal miners and their families he smoozed to get elected. Same goes with the police, firemen and all those other families he claims to champion. Did he give out of his own pocket a single gift or meal at Christmas or any other time of the year at any of his properties? Face it the man doesn't like to fraternize with the common worker or their family. He apparently doesn't want them to smell up his joints. The only time you'll see them with him is for a photo op at the White House.

I Don't Think Trump Is A Racist
I'm of the belief in his eyes anyone who doesn't have a fat portfolio he considers a lesser human being irregardless of their ethnicity. This is what I believe is driving his immigration polices. In brief he has no use for the unwashed masses Where they come from or their religion doesn't matter one bit as long as they come with a fat wallet and speak well towards him.

The same goes for his policies domestically. Anyone who is below a certain stature or economical level is useless as far as he's concerned. Hence why he is so dangerous to the future for the average American when it comes to his future policies. It doesn't matter whether someone is black, white, Hispanic, Jew or whatever their linage is-- if you can't afford to be in his club or praising him-- you ain't in it.

It doesn't matter whether someone is Republican, Democrat, woman, man, black white, born of this country or elsewhere. We're talking strictly about Donald Trump's nature and whether we're willing to succumb to his values or accept those who are our fellow human beings.

Can We For Once Forget The Politics?
If we can't see beneath what binds us all over that which separates us we are doomed to the fate that awaits as a result.

I absolutely will post no more about this on this blog until it blows up (and it will).

At that time I will do a "See I Told You So". Expect no more of this from me.

I did all I can do to sounding the warning.

(I already regret doing this one)

Friday, January 12, 2018

How About Retiring To A Cruise Ship?

CBS This Morning (Published on Aug 22, 2016)

Ok so the following may a bit of an exaggeration but it sure is some food for thought :-)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bernie Sanders In 2016 Debates (Healthcare)

Any thoughts On Bernie's Plan?
Would you be willing to pay more in taxes if it meant a lot less out of pocket expenses for college, healthcare premiums (and copays), etc. resulting in a larger net income?
I posted this because the focus in Washington is now on Trump and the media's reputations, foreign policies, the upcoming budget renewal, DACA, immigration and just about anything but issues on healthcare and education. Two which would directly affect everyone far more then any of these others.

One of the main talking points Trump campaigned and won on was his pledge to create a more affordable and better healthcare program then Obama's. I'm unwilling to let go and forget his promise. Neither should voters.

I've noticed a huge spike in the number of hits on my pieces that don't involve these kind of political hot potato items. Thought I'd give it another shot. If too few are interested most likely I will avoid posting on those political in nature going forward.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

January We're Closest To Sun Why So Damn Cold?

Popular Science
We’re three million miles closer to the sun in January than we are in July. So why isn't it hot?
"... it turns out that our distance to the sun actually has very little to do with the temperature we experience. It has far more to do with the angle at which the light hits us."

I found it interesting--globally speaking--in January the Earth receives 7% more rays then in July. Hence why I thought the Northern Hemisphere would be a more temperate place to live in July.


Check out the article for the reason why.