Thursday, December 31, 2020

NYC School Bus Companies Suing is reporting, A bankrupt group of Long Island school bus companies are suing 47 districts for nonpayment after the onset of the coronavirus closed schools, according to Newsday... The case is seeking $20 million in damages.

I'm so damn old I remember when school districts ran their own buses.

Seems to me it would have been a hellva' lot cheaper to layoff their own drivers rather then getting sued like this.


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Don't Eat Icicles

Here's why...

Fairly certain Santa's reindeer might also have contributed to the problem. I'm not entirely certain about Santa himself either. Never can be too cautious.

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New Year's Eve Party At Boston Dynamics

They seem juiced to me
13,244,828 views in 2 days... wow!

I'm telling ya soon us human's will become relicts of the past in the ever evolving evolution of intelligence. Just hope they'll treat us well.

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GOP Senator Hawley Will Challenge Biden Electors reports, "Sen. Josh Hawley on Wednesday pledged to challenge President-elect Joe Biden's victory in Pennsylvania and possibly other states on Jan. 6, when Congress is set to certify the results of the 2020 election."

Now before everyone gets their panties in a bunch over Republicans trying to challenge Biden's electoral votes take a look at this. This is what happened when then vice president Biden presided over the event in 2017 that certified Trump's win.

You know what they say... "what goes around comes around". It appears we are doomed to be on an ever repeating journey when it comes to history.

Neither party can claim high ground when it comes to playing hard core political games. The question remains will Pence be able to control things the same way Biden did?

Probably not. Difference appears to be this time Senator Hawley says he will provide a signature. Thus it will likely end up in debate. What a sloppy way to pick presidents.

What Happens If Congress Fails To Certify Electoral Votes?
According to, "The joint session recesses and the two houses separate and debate the question in their respective chambers for a maximum of two hours,” the CRS said. “The two houses then vote separately to accept or reject the objection. They then reassemble in joint session, and announce the results of their respective votes. An objection to a state’s electoral vote must be approved by both houses in order for any contested votes to be excluded.”

There are other legal opinions which imply the vice president presiding over the certification has a wide leeway of what can be done. Others disagree. However given the scenario above it's likely since Democrats control the house the objection would not prevail. This since it's been stated, "An objection to a state’s electoral vote must be approved by both houses in order for any contested votes to be excluded.

But never say never. In crazy times like these one never knows for sure do one? If the decision ends up with the SCOTUS it wouldn't be the first time (Gore vs Bush).

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

LVCI End Of The Year Thoughts

As usual I reflect upon the past year regarding this blog. * I'd like comments/I don't want them. It sure would be nice if people gave me some feedback on many of the things I'm interested in and decided to share. On the other hand nearly every time I've gotten them it was to argue with me. So I suppose it's better to have none at all then further drain my energy after spending a bunch of time posting something in the first place.

* I've gone through my stats time and again. There seems to be no rhyme or reason why some posts take off like crazy and others do not. There is no special topic which interest people especially more then others.

* As much as I'd like to stay away from politics this topic seems to always draw me in. I wish it didn't. But it does. I suppose it's because the biggest idiots are talking nonsense. Sort of like a moth drawn to a flame. Why is that?

* It seems each year fewer and fewer people are clicking on blogs. More and more are posting their responses on Facebook and on other social media sites. Seems to me people want to hear more of themselves rather then listening to what someone else has to say. Despite the trend I will continue to express myself here. I'm simply not the kind of person who can deal with all the kind of crap that goes along with Facebook and all the other sites. It would overwhelm me.

* I've tried over the years to aggregate stuff that wouldn't be commonly found elsewhere. I never claimed to be a journalist or reporter. Rather offering opinion and presenting some topics which I hoped would be of some interest to people which they might have missed. Trying not to be too confrontational while at the same time freely presenting my views hoping people will respond in comments (although very few have).

* Finally there is this. I am requesting people subscribe in some way or another to this blog whether or not they leave a comment isn't of paramount importance to me. Rather I'd really appreciate being encouraged by the number of people who visit and read what I've gone to the trouble of posting.
Thus ends my usual annual review over the past year. If anyone has anything to add please free to do so. Either way if not, I look forward to my continued sharing of stuff with those of you who visit here from time to time.

May the new year be better then each of the last.

So too this blog continue to both inform and amuse in some way going forward.

Bob Kelly (FOX29-Philadelphia)/Mummers 
Outside the children's hospital


Mitch Introduces Poison Pills To Stimulus Bill

The way I figure it this was Mitch's intention all along to appease his Republican colleagues. Unless by some miracle Democrats gain majority of the senate in January via the Georgia elections this deal is dead and gone.

Call it a precursor to what the next four years under Biden will be like if Mitch retains control.

Likely Similar To The Last Four Years

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Examining Near Death Experiences (NDE)

TODAY Show December 2016

This was a good primer for people who may not be familiar with this oddity. For anyone who'd like to research more about this I recommend visiting THIS WEBSITE. It has a bunch of NDE first hand accounts.

I read through a number of them over the years. Each one seem almost entirely different form the other. It  seems what lies most in common between them is the overwhelming feeling of peace. A oneness with all on a level unlike any in the physical form.

I have additional thoughts but unless someone would like to discuss this further in the comments below I'm not going to expand this post any longer then it need be

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Shocker (NOT) Mitch Blocks Stimulus Bill

Mitch doubles down.
And that's that.

They call Mitch "The Grim Reaper" for a reason.
He earned it.
Is anyone surprised?

And Trump isn't happy about it.

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Monday, December 28, 2020

Screwy Louie Sues VP Pence
Gohmert sues VP Pence over role in declaring Biden as winner of election

"Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tyler) has filed a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence in the hopes of delivering the election to President Trump. Gohmert’s suit alleges that any action taken by Pence on Jan. 6 to formally declare Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election will be fraudulent."

Ye gads, give it up already. When all is said and done I think we need to check out the ventilation and water systems in the capitol building. Something ain't right

Trump On Election Rigging - Déjà vu


You know what they say.. "A leopard can't change it spots" nor "can you train an old dog new tricks". I guess Trump kinda figures if it worked the first time, why the hell not try it again. Around and around we go. Same crap, different day. Talk about your one-trick ponys.

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Tucker vs. Bill Nye 2017 - Climate Change

This is why people of reason refuse to appear.
Hannity does the same thing. Constantly interrupt and badger.
You learn things with your ears. Not your mouth.
FOX News is for dummies. Don't be a dummy.

If Tucker would have shut his pie hole for more then 20 seconds...

Meanwhile over at CNN in 2017...
Perhaps this is why Neil never appeared on FOX News.
He was given more then 10 seconds to explain things.

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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Can We Upload Human Consciousness?

Question is: Are humans just another step along the path to higher evolution. It seems intelligence can and does occupy any vessel it comes across. It then follows intelligence may not object to any future form we may create enabling it to occupy.

I don't think it would end our existence any more then it has with any other creature below us up to now. Even though limited all creatures great or small have some form of lower intellect.  However we would no longer be declared the smartest creature on Earth. The thing hindering such a development of a future vessel containing superior intelligence is our own egos unwilling to give up our place at the top of the evolutionary chain.

If indeed we'd become #2 it would also mean we'd be forced to rely on the benevolence of such entities much like those life forms below us now do as to how we treat them. Obviously we wouldn't be their #1 priority if they inherited the same survival instincts as we. Now there's one hellva' thought.

OK Let's Go Really Crazy.
Watch the video again. Especially that part about projecting limited awareness to another planet on a laser beam. Just suppose we are that projection from some someplace else. I read many near death experiences where people said they went into a world where they understood everything. Upon reentering their body they couldn't possibly fathom what they understood when they were in that altered state.

Think what we call God may actually be our natural state. The place where our whole conscious lives and we are just small limited projected expressions of our over all conscious being. I could ramble on for countless more paragraphs but just mull that over and all it would imply. 

Could "Big Ass" Fans Allow For Indoor Dining?

I hoped someone could come along and work something out like this. Sure would be great if restaurants could get back on track.

Bill Nye- Is There Life After Death?

Here Bill Nye encapsulated many aspects of this subject in a very brief video. I seen others but Bill seems to have done the best job explaining both the negatives and positives.

Unedited Source Of This Video

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Man In His Arrogance - Carl Sagan

Well Said.

In short.. Science shows us to expect no special favor. 

Let's Talk Gun Control- Defense For Shooting Someone

We came a long way since then.
I'm glad we settled this issue years ago :-)

If ever find yourself in a fix remember to come up with a great alibi.

A good criminal lawyer is worth his weight in gold.
Exactly what he'll bill you !!

But sometimes so worth it.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Huge Explosion Rocks Nashville

Indeed the louspeaker warning came from the explosives laden RV
Here's video proof of that

The 1:30 PM police briefing confirmed this as well

As if 2020 didn't suck enough already.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Trump Hasn't Vetoed Stimulus Bill Yet- Big Problem Is...

Maddow pointed out the following on her Wednesday night program.

Yet there he was out golfing today so too after pardoning criminals accused of doing dirty work for him like he didn't have a trouble in the world. So will he veto it in time or just let it expire?

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Tonight Trump finally signed it into law.

How SCOTUS Is Dealing With Trump's Appeal Against Pennsylvania

FOX NEWS reports,
"The justices this week set a reply deadline for Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and the other respondents named in the case of Jan. 22. The campaign had asked for the Supreme Court to order those on the other side of the litigation to respond by Wednesday and have reply briefs from the Trump campaign submitted by Thursday. It also asked the court to rule by Jan. 6. But the court did not oblige.

This means that by the time Boockvar and the others the Trump campaign is seeking to take to the Supreme Court even respond to the petition, President-elect Joe Biden will already be sworn in.

At that point, the court could simply decline to hear the case, saying it is moot or impossible for them to resolve at that point."

Good for them. This is exactly what I was telling the wife would be the way I'd handle this kind of abuse of the justice system.

Seems to me if SCOTUS would have done anything other then this they'd get who knows how many other filings in the next couple of weeks.

It appears to me SCOTUS is tired of getting played by this administration and wants out of the game.

Christmas Flash Mobs + My New Year Wishes

Dec 2013- Hong Kong International Airport

Hiyas ng Pilipinas Children's Choir (Manila)- December 2014

USAF Band WWII Holiday Flashback
Union Station in Washington, DC- 2015

My wishes for the new year are..
This pandemic is vanquished soon as possible.
Groups come together ending this needless divisiveness.
People can be able to safely gather in crowds as they once had.
Throughout the world people do to another as they'd want for themselves.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Stimulus: Trump Sticks It To Congress (And Us)

CNN had this to say..
"The White House explicitly told Senate Republicans weeks ago that it supported pursuing the omnibus (all 12 appropriations bills tied into a single big package) and those negotiations took place for weeks.

The White House was fully aware of what was in the bill and what was agreed upon, though White House officials acknowledged late Tuesday that Trump himself had not received a detailed briefing on the package before its passage.

Most of the items the President listed off as problematic in his Tuesday night video weren't from the Covid relief piece of the package. They were from the omnibus. Most, if not all, of those items were similar to items in past spending packages the President has signed."

Here's the way I see it
(1) Most of those requests for foreign spending came from his own state department
(2) He had 10 months to work with congress and didn't lift a finger.
(3) While congress frets about some sort of deal over Christmas Trump and Melania are headed off to Mar-La-Go this evening. Where, he no doubt will take in a  number rounds of golf over the next few days.

Does anyone seriously believe he cares how much you or I get? He knew Democrats wanted $2,000 for individuals and made fools of Republicans trying to cater to his needs for over nine months. Nothing unusual about that. It's who he is. He likes screwing with people. It makes him feel self important.

The way I figure it he could give two nickels what is or isn't in the package. The reason why he threatens to kill the bill is because all his voting hoax whining wasn't getting him enough of the attention he craved. By sticking it to this bill that's all everyone now talks about. He simply can't stand it when the spotlight isn't always on him

There's nothing more he loves then making people run around like fools trying to satisfy his whims. Then sit back, go golfing and watch the chaos follow what he created. It makes him feel all powerful when he screws up everyone's best efforts.

Looks like Mitch now has a great big problem on his hands despite carrying water for him. Wonder how Mitch feels about that? How will he react?

A great number of people were worried what crap he'd pull his last days in office. Looks like this is one of them (and it's a whopper). Stay tuned he could make things worse. Especially on his own supporters who won't help him overturn the election. Another trait of his.

Now is the time even his most ardent supporters should concern themselves with what should be for the greater good of this country (and themselves). Will they?

A More Sensible Way To Do Covid Testing

Explain to me why in this country people have to spend time waiting in long lines in their cars when there's a better way. Why couldn't these vending machines be placed in airports, pharmacies, bus terminals or in hospital and clinics lobbies?

Why is it we have to look towards other countries in solving what should be the most obvious solutions to a problem?

Even then most likely not doing it anyway!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

What's All In Covid-19 Stimulus Bill?

Not even those who voted for it in the House and Senate know. They were given little time to read over a 5,000+ page bill. The largest legislative bill ever passed in congress.
TPM: Among the other parts of the omnibus bill of interest to Hollywood is an extension of Section 181, a tax provision that allows for immediate deduction of television and film production costs up to $15 million. That incentive was scheduled to expire at the end of the year, but would now get an additional five years.

In the coming months I predict there will be an untold number of surprises that await us all. Congress could have chopped this up into smaller pieces over the past ten months. But then what fun would that be?

I wonder what this would look like if they printed the entire thing out. Then set it on Trump's desk to sign on TV.

I'm not going to bother trying to find the PDF of it online out of fear it would probably overload my computer's memory (not to mention mine).

10:02 PM

André Rieu One Of My Favorites (Among Many)

André Rieu featuring The Harlem Gospel Choir and Soweto Gospel Choir from Maastricht in 2012

Like I said prior, "music is my therapy." I can never get enough of it. Changes my whole outlook on any given day

Another three?
Why not...

When I die hope heaven will be like this.
If it is you'll know where to find me.

Need Me Some Bruce

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 2006

Music Is My Therapy

Monday, December 21, 2020

Trump Is Still Trying To Steal My Vote

Yesterday (Sunday, December 20, 2020) this knucklehead's legal team, filed yet another suit against Pennsylvania mail in ballots with the Supreme Court. I can't begin to tell you how much this guy pisses me off.

With everything we're hearing about what's going on in his White House this isn't going to turn out well whether or not SCOTUS agrees to hear it. The man is relentless.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Trump Give It Up Already! Pompeo blames Russia for a hack on US agencies. Trump disagrees.

One thing you can say about this guy is when he convinces himself of something ain't no amount of people or facts that will persuade him otherwise. He's as stubborn as a jackass. Difference is a jackass can eventually be coaxed to move on.

Archie Bunker On Immigration

We used to laugh at this stuff.
Now it just makes one wonder given current administration policies.

Fox Spreading Lies about Covid-19

We all know how Trump likes to name brand everything associated with him. So how about this... we rename this disease "Trump-19".

Or perhaps as "FOX-19".

This will make it easier to identify and remember when future history is written.

Maybe if he keeps repeating... it might finally sink in.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Republicans Accuse AOC Of Doing Nothing

Face it she's accomplished more in her first two years then many of these fat asses having spent years in Washington.

Here's why they trash talk her.
Because she is smart and exposes things she's not suppose to.

She even went after big banks...

She's the very essence of everything people should expect from a member in congress. What more could people want from a representative?

Interesting Headlines + Blog Talk


Rich people will cut the line for the coronavirus vaccine
COVID-19 vaccines: 'If I donate $25,000 ... would that help me?'
MAGA leaders call for the troops to keep Trump in office
Offshore Oddsmakers Made a Killing off Gullible Trump Supporters
Potential House vote to overturn Iowa election results
Trump, targeting McConnell and top Republicans
Fake Florida ministry got over $8M in coronavirus relief funds
Calif. psychiatric hospital's Covid-19 outbreak has sickened almost 700

These are only a few of the headlines I go through on a daily basis. Those and a bunch of video channels I subscribe to along with a collection of social media sites. When I put together a post I try to pick only those which peak my interest.

Yeah I know, most of ya don't give a crap but I wanted to let people know how well versed I try to become across all spectrums. So too how much time I spend researching what I think would most inform my readers on stuff they might not find elsewhere.

So it's my annual tradition to ask readers of this blog what interest them the most. And, like nearly every other year I expect to hear only the sound of CRICKETS. Don't say I didn't ask. Course I'm always surprised when my stats indicate some of the most benign articles end up getting a load of clicks. I must say however popularity never was my goal. I've always intended for this blog to share the things which tickle my greatest interest. Popular or not.

That said.. thanks for the read.
Come back.
Never know what crap I might come up with.

Hopefully kinda stuff likely you won't find on some of the other places you may visit.

Some Stuff I'm Coming Across (W/O Comment)

(Nor links)


World Could Sure Use Another Mr. Rogers

It was good advice back then as it would be now.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Another Beef With My Corporate Owned Drugstore

If you'll take a look a few posts down I already had an issue with them. This just adds one more frustration to the mix.

For over 5 years I've had the same drug order I pick up every 30 days. Nearly every time it's never ready and there's always some issue with my prescription. On Monday I ordered my prescription and as usual. Here we go again. They said it would be ready three days later (don't ask me why) at noon Wednesday. Here it is now 3:27 PM and it's still being "processed.". Who knows when or if ever the way this is going.

Yeah well now there's a snow storm and I have no intention of driving out in the middle of it because of these fools. One would think somehow in the world of sanity they'd have it in stock knowing fully well for some 60x's I'd be in need of it. You'd also think they'd treat a $800+ a month customer better then this. 

I have considered in the past transferring this to a locally privately owned drugstore. However both of them where swallowed up by this same corporate giant. So that would have been pointless. Maybe it opens the door to consider Amazon's pharmacy or some other online that delivers to my door, And people wonder why they've become the behemoths they are. Couldn't do much worse.

Truly this nation is becoming a greater idiocracy every day. I'm so damn frustrated.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Pioneer Of Rock & Roll

I suspect she is the one that inspired Little Richard to perform in the style he did.

It all had to start with someone.
That someone was Sister Rosetta.

JibJab 2020 Year in Review

Out with the old but I suspect 2021 won't exactly be utopia either.

Tom Cruise Insist Employees Mask Up

In no uncertain terms

Sometimes you have to make yourself clear when people refuse to listen. Especially when you got a couple of million invested riding on it. I don't know what it takes to get through to some people.

I do know my daughter's getting hammered over at the ICU with people dying and suffering. She is starting to get down in spirits especially now that she has been called in for extra hours. Too many sad stories to tell.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

I'm Being Scammed By Healthcare Insurance
Woman Shares How Her Insurance Company Tried Ripping Her Off After A Check-Up For Breast Cancer
"While many countries around the world are looking at American healthcare with confusion (and horror), for most Americans, this is everyday business they have to go through"

Check out her story. They wanted her to pay twice as much with insurance as without. 

Looks like I'm not alone. Just yesterday I was bitching about this very thing. My albuterol inhaler cost me 3x's more with my Part D Medicare prescription insurance then if I paid cash. However the problem is, even if I elected to pay cash my policy agreement with the pharmacy requires them to charge me 3x's more no matter what. So it's not an option.

They are charging $57.53 for an inhaler which could be bought elsewhere for as little as $18. Even two years ago before they instituted this deductible they still charged me $40. BTW if you look up this same pharmacy's full retail price on Google. They claim it less then $48. So how much damn profit are they making off these damn things!!

Here's the topper, my healthcare plan is owned by pharmacy store chain I go to. Two years ago they changed my policy from $0 deductible to $375. Like her there's no way I'll make my deductible before the end of the year.

Logic would have it if your paying premiums to this pharmacy chain's owned company we'd both get a break. Apparently not. It appears to me this drugstore is milking both their subsidiary and me for all we're worth.

Here's the scam..
Medicare Part D prescription insurance is only allowed to raise premiums so much per year So what they did was impose a deductible (something not thought about on an existing policy in the Social Security legislation). Thus imposing over a 200% increase in cost per year. Then on top of that (still not satisfied) their pharmacy division tripled the price for the medicine with should cost one third the price.


Monday, December 14, 2020

More Musicals We've Seen

I'm on somewhat of a kick looking back over some of the musicals the wife and I seen on Broadway. Here's several more. These clips are similar to the shows we've seen.

We saw this on Broadway as the first show
after the New Amsterdam Theatre was renovated in 2001
One month after the twin towers came down

This prop actually flew out 25 feet over the audience beyond the stage!

Ye gads there's so many more, but I can only remember these for the time being.

LES MISÉRABLES Plus Musicals Wife & I Saw On Broadway

If you never seen a musical (or even if you have) this is a must see. Here's a medley of a few of the tunes from the 2 3/4 hour stage performance in concert. It was recorded 2010 in England featuring a few of the orginal cast's performers along side some of the current ones at that time/

Here's another one we bought tickets for but
it closed before we had a chnce to see it.

Surprised the guy didn't have a heart attack during that dance number

But we did get to see 14 year old Trent Kowalik's exhausting dance routine


Ok so maybe I'm getting carried away but can't help
not fondly remembering all the musicals we've seen.
I'll leave it with just one more. This little number from 1986
When we saw this Jim Dale had the honor of performing that number the exact way. Costarring was Ellen Foley fresh off her tour with 'Meatloaf" ("Paradise By The Dashboard Light"). Later on she went to star in 'Night Court' on TV.

It opened on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre on 10 August 1986 and closed on 31 December 1989, after 1,420 performances.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Trump, It's Over Let It Go

Pretty harsh, eh?

Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Enemy Of The United States Is Within

There are two Trump groupies rallies today in Washington. THIS ONE and THIS ONE. I'm not sure which one is more seditious. Rather then try to quell​ the unrest what does Donald do?

He does multiple flyovers inciting greater division

Attendees included the usual wackos. Mike Lindell, Recently pardoned former general Michael Flynn. Alex Jones and a bunch of others who call themselves patriots. Although "true patriots" would never see them that way. Despite losing every court case (before 86 judges) they still insist (in their alternative view of realty) Donald was chosen by God to lead us the next four years despite 81,000+ voters deciding otherwise.

While many are preparing today for Christmas and others are out doing good deeds, these malcontents are angrily shouting encouragements to ignore the election  This is not just crazy talk but downright dangerous to the future of the United States government. Some even calling for secession. As far as I'm concerned they're Putin's little helpers. Putin need do no more. Mission accomplished.

Americans will have two choices to make for themselves. Either follow the path that leads towards civil war or be on the side that serves to strengthen the U.S. through unity. Obviously we can't count on half the Republicans in congress to help make this choice for us.

Course on the other hand keep going the way we're going with Covid-19 against one another and this could be the least of our worries. Maybe, just maybe, if our health system collapses and the economy tanks it might serve as a wake up call we need to work together. Then on the other hand things could get even uglier with even more finger pointing.

These truly are troubling times.

Friday, December 11, 2020

100+ House Republicans Sign Brief Backing Texas Lawsuit

Ok so if these patriots really believe the elections were rigged (which also got them elected) they need to resign immediately.

I also read one yahoo Texas representative is drafting a referendum to succeed.

Please do..  but remember Texas would no longer get one thin dime from the U.S government. Likely Texas would have to establish it's own currency, pay entirely their own funding for education, work out trade deals and pay the expenses for themselves along the border. Since their U.S. passports would no longer apply they'd need to work that out as well. Including crossing borders into other states. Workers would no longer be part of U.S. Social Security either so I assume you've made plans for that. Texas no longer could borrow from the U.S. Treasury. What about your department of defense? No longer privy to the FAA, CDC, CIA, NSA and every one of the other alphabet agencies Texas currently benefits from.

Best part is Trump could now be your president for as long you deem appropriate. Oh one more thing. The U.S. Constitution would no longer be a determining factor in what would become your own state's supreme court's future decisions.

These idiots haven't thought things through very much, have they?
But please go ahead Brexit yourselves. It will be so much fun to watch.

(7:00 PM 12/11/2020)

SCOTUS rejects Texas lawsuit

Shepard Smith Questions Why No Action On Stimulus Bill

Good job Shep

After watching I'd say  people out of work, small businesses and states aren't going to fare well. So who exactly will benefit if not they? Assuming there would ever come to pass such a bill. My trust certainly lies in doubt.

Here's how we compare to other countries...

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Allentown Mayor Ray O’Connell To Seek Reelection
Allentown Mayor Ray O’Connell to seek reelection? Nat Hyman says he’s backing the incumbent so progressive candidate is defeated
"Developer and prospective mayoral candidate Nat Hyman said Thursday that after meeting with O’Connell this morning, he has decided to not run and instead throw his support behind the incumbent... Hyman’s goal: ensuring the defeat of Ce-Ce Gerlach, a progressive Allentown City Councilwoman who has already launched her mayoral bid."

I couldn't disagree more. Look, I like Ray a lot but that has nothing to do with it. Nat has 1,000's times more experience with the kind of stuff Allentown will need to deal with. What has Ray done for this city that makes him the better choice?

Politics sucks. This city needs someone who knows how to talk with financiers. Ray has none of the qualities that will enable us to face the coming financial crisis which awaits this city. Nor is he the kind of fighter this city needs. Nat on the other hand has all those qualities and more.

This truly disappoints me. Indeed Ray may stand the best chance of winning, but as far as I'm concerned if he does over what could have been (Nat) the city will lose out in the long run. Especially those impoverished who think Ce Ce or Ray has some magic formula which will better their lives.

This is the worse possible decision. The future remains bleak in my eyes. DAMN IT!

65 Christmas Videos I Thought You Might Enjoy

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

This Rumba Robot Vacuum For Wife's Christmas Present?

I thought the cat might like it too.

Trump Really Needs To Put A Sock In It

Oh well then, if the "bookies" had you at 97% that's all the proof needed.
Your lawyers ought to bring this up in the SCOTUS.

BTW. How'd you know this?
You and the kids lose some money?

Maybe could it just be because they didn't?
Speakig of "running the country"....

By that do you mean the United States?

What you mean "NO ONE"?
You did.

As 'commander and chief' is this suppose to be a call-to-arms'?
Thank God so far nobody is taking the bait.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

OMG how did this nation survive over two centuries before the Donald came along.

Ye gads you'd think Trump was the first to lose an election. Kinda figured this guy wouldn't go quietly but the way the Donald is carrying on you'd think he was on the run trying avoid jail or something.

No matter what he says doesn't explain how all those Republicans got  elected down ballot from him. If I were a Democrat looking to cheat I'd want to make damn sure I'd fix it so Democrats held the majority in both sides of congress.

I haven't seen anybody carry on this way since I left 4th grade. Except for those Eagles fans when they threw snowballs at Santa Claus. Then again that was a lot less shameful then what Donald's tweeting during this Christmas season.

Jeff Dunham’s Spin On Classic Abbott & Costello Routine

Still works for me. This timeless comedy bit is as funny today as when Abbott and Costello perfomred their "Who's On First" routine.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Texas Sues 4 Key States
Texas Sues 4 Key States
"Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued battleground states Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin on Tuesday to challenge their 2020 presidential election results.

Paxton is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to "declare that any electoral college votes cast by such presidential electors appointed in Defendant States Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin are in violation of the Electors Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and cannot be counted."

So let's also discount the other states who declared Trump the winner along with their Republican congressional winners in each of these states as well.

I'm so sick of this shit!

Don Shambo My Son's L.V. Mentor Dies At 63

I can't tell you the many times my son spoke of working with him. If you haven't heard of Don most certainly everyone in the EMS field has. Gone too soon.

New Huge Emergency Room at LVHN

Not just a room but a huge spance wherein lies all kinds of medical equipment and a number of isolated bays to treat patients. It is said to be currently the largest ER in all of Pennsylvania. Previously the ER was 30,000 SqFt. It's been expanded to 130,000 Sqft and now open as of Monday, December 07,2020.

I consider it very fortunate we have such a facility in our own backyard.

Take a tour.
You have no idea how insanely large this place is.

So what do you think kids?

Monday, December 7, 2020

Bill Nye On Wearing A Mask

Some people will never get it.
And by that I don't mean not become infected by Covid-19.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Most Emotional Performance Of "Hallelujah" Ever

Raúl Esparza | The Kennedy Center | 09/11/2017

The Multiverse Hypothesis

Explained by Neil deGrasse Tyson

The way people see things entirely opposite of the other makes me wonder
if parallel universes could have overlapped in some way not understood.

So which did Trump win in?
This one or the other you choose to live in?
See what I did there :-)

There is only one of me however because...
I've been told when I was created God threw away the mold.
I wonder why that would be?

I Missed This Halloween Video From Paul Glozeris

Covid Mask - Monster Mash parody

It never ceases to impress me how create some people can be. This one got almost 150,000 views.

PBS Cost Taxpayers $1.35 A Year

Keep in mind more then a few areas of the country there's no internet or cell service. So even if people in these areas wanted to pay 120x's more to stream TV offerings they wouldn't be able to. In a few areas it may be the only TV available. Of all the stuff the U.S. budget waste money on this has to be the one which gives taxpayers the biggest bang for their buck.

The wife and I watch 100's of PBS programs and specials each year. Currently we're following 'Father Brown', 'Death In Paradise' and 'Doc Martin' each week. Who can deny 'Frontline' also does an outstanding job. I also occasionally tune in to 'France 24' on WLVT's 2nd channel. A great source for international news mostly ignored by nearly every other news organization.

Need more reasons why the government needs to continue funding PBS?

Here it is...

Thanks to folks "CBS Sunday Morning' for

Did You See That SNL Skit?

Somebody said I was watching the wrong channel. That wasn't SNL. No, I'm pretty sure it was.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Trump Losing For Fun And Profit

But right now mostly for profit. The fun comes later.

Business 101-
Step one- Create a demand.
Step two- Profit from it.

Let's not forget this too..

Friday, December 4, 2020

A Few Oldie But Goodie Entertainment Videos

I love these nature videos where animals are COT going about their daily activities.

Don't you?

I'm not certain why this 2011 clip of Jack Black singing the national anthem before a L.A. Sparks basketball game has gone viral once again. But it has with some 3.3+ million views since it was first posted. One thing can be said, Jack has one fine set of pipes.

Here's another 3.3 million plus viewed ONE CONTINUOUS TAKE video making it's return to the viral stage. This one is from 2013 featuring dancers strutting their stuff to Herb Albert's alternate slicked up version of 'Puttin' on the Ritz'.

Finally I'll leave you with this unusual video of 'Twisted Sister' from 1984. It has a surprising 109+ million views. This is not one which was normally played on the MTV back in it's heydays because of it's length (6 minutes 31 seconds). Here is the extended version of "We're Not Gonna Take it"

I grew up with this kind of stuff and I turned out just fine.

Well maybe, except my unexpected outbursts for no reason at all!
When the electric goes off.
TV ads take too long,
When the birds chirp too loud out my window.
When leaves blow in my yard.
When I'm not the only one shining in a group of people.
When.. Never mind..
Now I'm just starting to get pissed off about being pissed off.
That's normal.. right?