Thursday, May 31, 2018

Some Near Death Experiences People Had

The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation is a site I visit from time to time. I find many of these NDE's quite interesting. Many describe experiences they've had in common. The overwhelming feeling of love and being able to understand completely all that exists.

Unfortunately this knowledge of all things fades almost completely when they reenter their physical being. However each seem to be allowed limited recollections at some level. This site catalogs those remembrances and allows us a limited peek into their journeys.

Perhaps this scene from the film "What Dreams May Come" may provide a fuller explanation of why such things may be possible.

Maybe it is true every negative experience we have anchor us to them because of our unwillingness to face them head on.

CHECK THIS OUT. It's from one of Carlos Casteneda's series of books I read about a warriors stance. Here' a couple of excerpts. "I am already given to the power that rules my fate. And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend...

A warrior is not a leaf at the mercy of the wind. No one can push him, no one can make him do things against himself or against his better judgment."
What I'm trying to say is...
Ain't nothing in this world a bigger thing other then what we allow our minds to think them to be. So called God has given us the ultimate freedom to exist whether it be in this world or the greater. By doing so we are each left to deliberate what is delusional and what is not. Some quandary, is it not?

Yeah that "God"-- he has some strange sense of humor does he not?

How To Survive A Knife Attack

Chinese police released this helpful video.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Smarter Way For Labor To Go On Strike

All too often when Americans go on strike they manage to piss people off against them. Thus losing support. If workers really want to be more effective here's a better way.

Checking out some of the other photos back up my belief we can learn from other countries to do things a better way. Here's an example...

"Most Japanese Schools Don't Have Custodians. Instead, The Students Do The Cleaning Themselves As A Part Of Showing Gratitude To The School And Learning How To Become More Productive Members Of Society "

Ya I know we would like to think of ourselves in this country as if we are the only great innovators throughout the world. While we here in the United States are staring at our naval most of the other progressive countries are pulling ahead of us.

Some in order to avoid U.S. sanctions are starting to trade no longer using the U.S. Dollar. Others have been burning trash to energy for over a decade. Several countries are depending half (some far less) on fossil fuels. Europe's been using traffic round-abouts for years. These to name a few.

Certainly no single country has cornered all the great ideas but this doesn't mean we can't use the ones working for them. Since they've already gone through expensive trial and error this could be a huge advantage for us. Instead we seem to be obliviously stuck in our ways lagging behind in many areas.

They say "no man is an island". Neither is a country. Currently other nations are gravitating towards greater unity and the sharing of better ideas. We on the other hand seem to be drifting away from those. This should be of concern as to where our nation will end up in a few years.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Simple Transgender Bathroom Fix

What you see above is called a half bath. One Sink and a toilet. Most school toilets have four stalls. Why would it be so difficult to have four separate water closets instead?

It amazes me how people fight like hell making things far more complicated then they need be when the solution is so damn simple.

Bathroom Area In Japan
Red Icons On Screen Indicate Occupied

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Volcano In Hawaii Being Over Hyped

As news reporters tend to do they hype up stories. The way they report it Hawaii's "big island" is overflowing with red hot lava.

Good news is it's really no big deal. Here's a map of the affected area.

Speaking about media hyping a story... here's one from 2011

Nice try... No Cigar !

Saturday, May 26, 2018

If You Haven't DO IT NOW !!

Please look over my last seven posts. These are dear to me.

This is my attempt to show the good residing inside all so many people.

Robin Williams Greatest Film Ever

If I had to chose one of my all-time favorite movies, it would be this one. It inspires me like no other. It not only offers hope after death but so too reminds us love should be the greatest force in each and every one of our lives. This film offers far more then any single religious teacher could ever hope to impart.


$2.99 On YouTuibe

Meeting Katie (His Deceased Dog)

After he dies he chooses to enter hell to reunite
with his wife who earlier committed suicide.

One might say they could almost look forward to the next chapter after our lives ended here on this Earth once they've seen this remarkable movie.

Inspirational Videos Day 5

Oprah Winfrey

Friday, May 25, 2018

Either Party Only Represents About A Quarter Of The Population

According to THESE STATISTICS only a little over half participate voting in presidential elections. This means no matter who wins none are given a mandate (although pundits would have us believe otherwise).

Some might be of the opinion this is a matter of apathy. I on other hand am starting to think most people are not as divided as politicians and the big money interests would make us out to be. Instead it could be most people (including others throughout the world) are just trying to get along without government intruding on their lives. Which is why I posted several videos these past few days about the positive aspects of what people are saying and doing.

I once read a philosophical piece which stated evil feeds on peoples differences like mosquitoes drawn to blood. It supposed if humans could overcome their differences evil would be starved to death no longer attracted to this Earth.

I'm not in favor of the further feeding of evil. Henceforth I will try making a greater effort (with this blog) to present the more positive aspects rather then dwelling on many of the things I have in the past. Here are two more inspirational videos I came across today I thought worthy posting.

Angelique Kidjo - "We Are One"

Politics Aside-- It's The Message

Inspirational Videos Day 4

The power to change the world relies on each of us.

Navy Seal Admiral William H. McRaven (March 2014)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Inspirational Videos Day 2

Give What You Can, Take What You Need

Here's What Happened After Giving Money To Homeless Man

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Inspirational Videos Day 1

Money Suit Social Experiment

This reaffirms what I've always believed. (1) For greedy people never will enough be enough. (2) Some of the most ethical and honest people will never be awarded the recognition they deserve. In others words-- Never Judge A Book By It's Cover.

Stealing From The Homeless

9/10 times someone said something

Sometimes when my faith in people is in doubt videos like these come along. All it takes is more of these kind of videographers to spread these untold stories. In this world there are too few. We need more of them.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Trump Still Cantankerous About Winning

Here's what happens when dotard's handlers don't steer him into a weekend golf outing...
He drives himself into a frenzy sitting around watching TV

Hey-- ya won!
Get over it.

The commander and chief rage tweeted so far eight messages up to the time I was composing this. Somehow he still thinks the DOJ is his personal solicitor charged with doing his bidding. If this is what this oddball is like after he won imagine what he'd act like if he lost. I mean really-- should this be the best use of a president's time?

Trump has made it clear he will never be satisfied till everyone's locked up who ever said anything negative about him. This makes this president a very dangerous man. Most certainly not someone I want leading our country.

He's rich. Got a great looking wife and kids. Sits in the oval office. All of this and he's still miserable. It appears he can only be happy if other people are more miserable then he makes himself. If that doesn't describe a mental condition I don't know what would.

There are over 300 million Americans with their own problems which need solving. I'm certain most have greater troubles then poor old Trumpie has ever had to deal with. So pardon me if I don't give a rat's ass about his woes. He's not the only tin can on the dump. All we hear from the Trumpster is about the predicaments he gets himself into. Most certainly (indicated by his tweets) he's least concerned with ours.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Hey Washington Who Cares?

I Don't Care....
Who's investigating who.
Who's getting reelected or not.
Who's political party can out spin the other.
Who goes to jail or not.
Which bozo gets the most airtime on TV.
That Donald still can't get enough praise.
Who can out BS the other during press briefings.
Who's leaking what.

Here's What I Give Crap About-- What Washington Isn't Doing For Us
These BS artists haven't taken up immigration nor gun reform. Nor addressed future Pension/Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security budget shortfalls. Addressed 47% of the workers making less then the wages needed to live modestly. Done nothing tangible whatsoever to lower the cost of medicine or medical healthcare. To make sincere efforts helping to lower criminal recidivism rates. The list goes on. I could name many more.

What Washington does best is hold hearings, They hold hearings on themselves. They hold hearings on anything and everything along with creating public committees to screw with John Q Public's head that their doing something. In the end these amount to nothing more then a prepared speech accompanied by the all too familiar photo op BS nonsense. Truth be told they do this specifically so they can avoid producing actual legislation.

Ever watch most of those videos where Senators and Representatives are putting on a show speaking in congress? Notice none of their colleagues are in their seats around them. If they're not listening to each and other-- why the hell would you think they'd be listening to what anyone else has to say.

Face it 90% of their time is spent self serving in putting on a show trying to get reelected. I mean really, are people so gullible as to believe congress couldn't fix drug prices, control healthcare costs and all the other crap in a heartbeat if it so desired?

There's plenty of fake to go around. Fake news. Fake politicians with faked outrage. The only thing real nothing is getting done. Promises are made if this or this or that person gets elected next time we'll resolve these problems. Yeah "next time". Well, if not, then maybe the "next time" with the one after that.

Meanwhile we suckers rush to the polls hoping someday somehow someone elected will make drug prices come down, healthcare become affordable and we will have a enough to retire. Scared that if we don't vote it will never happen.

Well here's a flash. Politicians will make sure it never does so they can continue to scare people into voting. Thus creating job security for themselves.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Maybe Voters Should Boycott All Elections

The Morning Call
Allentown expects $4-5 million annual deficit through 2022
"Allentown is expected to have a $4 million to $5 million structural deficit annually for the next five years and won’t have the flexibility to borrow money long term, according to a report released by Allentown City Council on Monday."

Allentown is bleeding deficits. The school district is bleeding deficits. The water authority is facing deficits. The state is bleeding deficits. The federal government is bleeding deficits.

In Allentown we've had dozens of extremely vocal activists lash out against tearing down Hamilton Street for the NIZ, the phony incinerator deal, the Cedar Beach pool debacle, water lease boondoggle and others which all turned out very badly.

Voting and screaming didn't do a damn thing to dissuade any of these deals or the NIZ from going through. Now here we are back where we started.. BACK IN DEBT.

Dem thar are sum purtty buildings downtown, but they haven't done a damn thing to help the school district or city's finances. The worst part is city residents had no say in the matter. Apparently soon we'll be forced to pony up for the revenue these extravagant buildings are failing to generate for the city.

I Think The Best Thing Voters Could Do Is.. NOT VOTE.
Elections have become a facade where politicians (backed up by big money) will say and do anything. What's the point of voting when no matter who gets elected the end results are always the same? It's time to send a clear message and the best way to do that is to say we no longer want to participate in the game.

It's not a crazy idea as one might think. If we were to be honest with ourselves the majority are not voting FOR somebody but rather AGAINST someone else they don't want to get in. This means even if their candidate sucks it's better then the other guy winning. How about this. Next time we think about voting only pick the ones we really want w/o thinking about how it may or may not affect the outcome. Currently most of us vote for whom we consider the "less evil". "Less"/"more" what's the diff? Why should weighing one evil against another play a part? After all isn't evil still evil whether it be in greater or lesser form?

We Need To Change How We Think About Voting
By not voting we're sending a clear message-- NONE OF THE ABOVE do we find acceptable.

Too often we feel guilty if we don't vote. If a potential voter thinks none of the candidates worthy I feel it's their true patriotic duty not chose any of them.

Some may say to themselves "if I don't vote I'm responsible because of someone's else's bad choice". My reply-- Project Much? That's on them.

Readers can do whatever they choose. As for me I will never vote again till it's for the people I really, truly, genuinely want to see in office. Never ever again the "lesser of two evils". No more compromises.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018

McCain Being Trashed By Trump Followers

Because John McCain doesn't want Trump at his funeral and because of John's opposition to Gina Haspel being confirmed to head up the CIA all the claws came out. A guest on Fox Business called him a "songbird" under torture while being held captive in Vietnam for almost 6 years. Another staffer in a conference at the White House saying what difference does he make, "he's dying anyway".

To me this was about the last straw with this administration. This after pulling out of our agreement with Iran against everyone's wishes aside from the Donald's. Even members of his own White House recommended him not to. Paying off the Stormy Daniels agreement is just about the only one this guy has made good on throughout the years. He screwed DACA people promising them he'd look out for them and not to worry. Lied about "repealing & replacing" Obamacare with a far better plan. One which would be a "big beautiful plan covering everybody which will be much cheaper". His tax breaks required the treasury borrow $800 billion in the first quarter this year coming up short on revenue.

I could go on and on with my complaints about this guy. Those were a few of the biggest affecting the most people. Trump has a endless list of people he's either trashed himself or allowed others without offering a word. However this latest trashing of John McCain is the straw that broke the camel's back with me. This phony president who claims to support veterans hasn't said a peep in John's defense. While McCain was suffering almost six years in Vietnam at the Hanoi Hilton captain bone spurs was building his so-called business empire back home. It's one thing for him or me to disagree with policies but entirely another as a human being (especially the president of the U.S.) to allow these people to speak in such a way unchecked.

John McCain captivity in Vietnam, 1967

A POW with John McCain at the same time

There can be no greater example of American values then in John McCain
Senator John McCain (R-AZ) made a poignant return to the Senate, less than a week after learning he has an aggressive form of brain cancer

Published on Jul 25, 2017

As John pointed out in that speech...
Enough with this endless RINO, DINO crap. Those are code words spoken by ignorant sick minded people who despise reasonable politicians willing to engage in bipartisanship. We're losing a boatload of them in public office. The last time we've seen this much partisanship was before the civil war. Today, much like back then, irregardless of claiming to be patriots anyone engaging in placing party over country is anything but.

There's always been this division boiling beneath this country. What limited it from coming to the surface were people in government who made every effort to unify and bring those divisions together. Unlike Donald who's exploited peoples' differences to the max. Not only people within in this country but sow divisions between other nations and ours.

Look I'm all for different views and election outcomes, but Donald is taking this country far beyond. He made these divisions personal afar what should be reasonably expected of a president. He and those who carry water for him are generating hatred between neighbors and others in the world. No good can come from this. If evil were to wield it's sword in this world I suspect it would appoint Donald to be the bearer of it. That's how strong I feel about this.

To recognize evil is not difficult. Despite all the seeming complexities that which is evil seeks to divide by it's very nature. That which seeks to unite is of the opposite.

All our divisions can't be laid blame on Donald's doorstep alone. He can't do anything without supporters. What alarms me the most are the number of people unwilling to accept our commonality. I never realized just how much we could be this easily divided. Makes me question just what kind of country I thought we were. One which we say we are and the other whom we actually are.

Now that I think about it-- looking back over history we never were very nice to each other. Guess I deluded myself into expecting more of this generation. How disappointing.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Here Is Why Jobs Are Disappearing The Nut Fitter Suite -- Seat has installed 'dancing robots' at its Barcelona manufacturing facility. The state-of-the art factory has some 2,000 robots building the cars. The machines work alongside humans completing a car body every 68 seconds.

This is what U.S. car manufacturers are up against

No matter who the politician is they're all FOS when it comes to filling voters' heads they somehow can create jobs. Any company that gets it's hands on some cash will always try modernizing operations where they can. In other words eliminate workers when given the opportunity..

Why Wouldn't They... Wouldn't You?
(1) Robots don't need parking lots, bathrooms or break areas.
(2) They work 24/7 365 days a year w/o pay and for zero benefits.
(3) Robots can work in a building w/o heat, cooling or even overhead lights.
(4) These machines can't form labor groups.
(5) It's hellva lot cheaper to replace a broken bolt then missing appendage.
(6) Robots can do things no human is capable of.
(7) OSHA can't fine companies for safety violations endangering it's equipment.
(8) Save overhead costs for payroll, HR, job supervisors, employee thefts and legal actions.
Sorry folks but the future isn't looking good for increasing our manufacturing job numbers. The ones still holding steady are those in politics. Even they may not be safe. Here's a machine someone invented which could replace congressional members...

The only reason congress hasn't considered it's inception
is it's tied up in a committee's appointed sub-committee study
who is still waiting to appoint civilian members

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Universe Expanding At An Accelerating Rate Or Is It?

Yeah I had another one of my brain farts. I have these every so often. This one concerns the seeming inexplicable speeding up of our universe. So here it goes in simple terms as I can possibly explain it.

First off I believe (and I'm not alone) dark matter doesn't exist. It's part of a mathematical cheat in order to fudge an outcome we'd have no other way of explaining. What I do believe is the universe isn't speeding up. Rather we in our localized time zone (influenced by gravity) is how we measure things differently apart from the whole of the universe. This is what is making the outer reaches of the universe appear as though they are speeding up. Think of it this way. Suppose our location were at the stem of a balloon. As the balloon expanded it would appear to us other objects on the surface are increasing their speed as they draw away from our location.

These departing stars would be traveling separate apart from time as we know it within our location. The same rules regarding the speed of light could still apply to us and they both. However the two would no longer bear a relationship to one another because of the fluidity of time. Thus allowing them to appear traveling beyond the speed of light in reference to our time locality but not actually wherein the time in which they exist. This has a huge implication being some of the light from those traveling away from us may never reach us.. ever!

Our current light measurements are only able to observe stars some 13.5 billion light years out. Thus being ensnared within our localized time zone we can't rule out the possibility the universe extends far beyond only the light we are able to detect. Perhaps into infinity.

How we measure time is it's relationship between objects. In other words time's observable effects. While this is suitable for our everyday needs it falls far short of explaining what time in-of-itself is. Without true comprehension of how time is manufactured or if it even exist we can never hope to understand the mechanisms of our universe. Every measurement of ever hoping to understand our observable universe depends on our knowing. Yet it remains perhaps the greatest mystery of all.

Universe Expanding At An Accelerating Rate, Or Is It?
Is time speeding up due to the inflation of the universe?

One Solution To Defeat Those Dreaded Telemarketers

A service called The Jolly Roger Telephone Company-- "Our robots talk to telemarketers so that humans don't have to!"

Here's One Example :-)

Tons of other sound samples can be found on Jolly Roger Telephone Company's YouTube Channel. Ain't this a hoot. That thar is some really funny stuff. Loving it.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Another Trump Whopper

As I said before I've given up trying to fact check every one of Donald's average 4 lies a day since he came into office. Here's one of his latest.

New York Times
Trump Says Obama Administration Failed to Free Three American Hostages Held in North Korea
"FALSE: Of the three Americans currently known to be held in North Korea, two were arrested after Mr. Trump took office — meaning the Obama administration would not have sought their release."

Someone would have a better chance winning at roulette then landing on the truth with this guy.

May 3, 2018

The Next Evening...

Face it. Just about everything that comes out of the president's mouth has to be fact checked. This president's greatest attribute is his ability to create chaotic divisiveness. This and being able to destroy nearly everyone's careers whom allow themselves to come in contact with him. That said. I give Rudy Giuliani about another week or two in the White House.

One of my greatest concerns with Trump is his ongoing war with our judicial system, the FBI and Department of Justice. Trump sees these as his adversaries preventing him from exerting unbridled presidential powers. Good Lord without them he'd be like a bull let loose in a china shop.

Here's Why The United States Isn't Oil Independent

And probably never will be.

U.S. To Become World’s Top Oil Exporter
05/02/2018- "The U.S. exported a record 8.3 million barrels per day (bpd) last week of crude oil and petroleum products"

U.S. Energy Administration
How much petroleum does the United States import and export?
"In 2017, the United States imported approximately 10.1 million barrels per day (MMb/d) of petroleum from about 84 countries."

Like flying 400 mph into a 500 mph headwind.

So typical of the way government at all levels works. Never content unless we're running deficits.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How To Fix Illegal Immigration

Anyone who ever visited the beach can tell you were the seagulls will swarm. To those feeding them. Same goes with pigeons in the park. I put this the most crudest simplistic terms I could think of. It was not meant to dehumanize these poor unfortunate refuges. I'm certain not a one of these like any of us wouldn't wish to uproot our families tearing ourselves and loved ones apart from everything we've ever known growing up The whole thing boils own to only one thing-- desperation.

Imagine how miserable it must be to think wherever you go people will make you and your family feel unwelcome (sometimes hated).

A place where people neither speak your language or have the same culture. What little you own can't be taken with you. No job. No home. Little hope.

So How Do We Fix This?
Good medical practice dictates it's far better to eradicate the root cause of a disease before it infects rather then try to cure it once it spreads. In other words our U.S. policies should be directed towards stabilizing these problems in other countries rather then bombing, sanctioning their economies as well as allowing companies to take unfair advantage.

With South American countries too often we dictate what prices we'll pay agricultural farmers rendering them unable to survive. As a result they turn to far more lucrative illegal crops. Thus creating violent gangs trying to avoid the poverty we helped create. In turn giving rise to crooked politicians making living there untenable.

I see no reason why we couldn't create foreign policies which help develop manufacturing, farming and encourage U.S. companies to invest in South American countries where refugees have become a problem. It's a known fact companies exploit cheap labor. You can't tell me with the proper encouragement the United States government couldn't entice businesses to invest if it were so inclined with similar South American labor. It isn't like the countries we are already dealing with are all democracy based humanitarians.

Let Me Put This In A Nut Shell
Either we make things more hospitable where refugees are coming from OR continue making our side of the border look more attractive. It makes far more sense economically as well for our nation's security to help these people remain where they are. Besides increasing our standing in the world (appearing less adversarial) it will help reduce the flow of drugs coming up from South America.

Instead of the United States resolving this problem through a intelligent humanitarian solution we've chosen instead to arm ourselves against them. This is not what I want this great nation to stand for.