Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Politics Has Become A Disease

In my view politics has become a disease threatening the continued existence of the United States. It's eating us up from the inside out. Every social media platform's comments nearly always twist everything into some sort of ideological combat situation.

Nearly every congressional activity is now focused on taking each and other's party out instead of issues that urgently need resolving. Each committee hearing turns into a verbal punch-and Judy shit show. Some state governments are challenging federal laws like they were separate countries unto themselves.

People are divided like never before in my lifetime. Currently government is a reflection of such discord. No longer can legislators make laws that don't end up with elected or unelected judges who seem more powerful now in the decision making process then ever before.

We have two presidential candidates who neither are exactly the pick of the litter.

I've said it many times before. No country's government, economy nor civilization can survive without individual moral, honest and ethical values. No one can regulate nor make laws that will restore these virtues. If we, as individual people, cannot hold to these ruin awaits. A divided house cannot stand.

How unfortunate for the fewer who hold lack of greed, humility, understanding, compassion and honesty who will be dragged down by those which do not.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Saturday, January 27, 2024

The 2024 Super Bowl Conspiracy

So much for that theory. After this past weekend's playoffs it's the 49'rs versus Chiefs. Oh well it was fun to think about the short lived false conspiracy while it lasted.

Allentown School District- Another Bites The Dust
ASD school board votes to fire former William Allen High School principal Cheryl Clark
"The Allentown School District school board voted Thursday night to terminate the former principal of William Allen High School... "

With all these comings and goings it's almost like trying to keep up with sport brackets. Jeesh, even coaches last longer from year to year.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

I'm leaning Towards Nikki Haley

Yeah sure I don't support all her ideas but she makes a hellva' lot more sense then the two elders running for president.

Some of the best points she made yesterday (Wednesday, January 24, 2024) in Charleston ..
(1) Where Donald goes chaos always follows.
(2) Joe had over 3 years to work on the immigration problem with poor results.
(3) She has more foreign policy knowledge then Joe and Donald put together.
(4) Both parties spend almost all their time investigating each other rather then on problems people sent them there to work on.

I might add it also impressed me how she spoke for over 30 minutes without the need for a teleprompter. She had triple the energy of either of her opponents. She was also quick witted with the audience members when they shouted from the floor. Although she is on the right side of the aisle she's far from being radical as many of those to her left or right on issues. Both whom she criticized.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Is The 2024 Super Bowl Rigged?

 Do they know something we don't :-)

Or is the media just plain stupid?

Pennsylvania Has It's Own Super Heros


FOX 29 - A Philadelphia Snow Day Tradition

It has become a FOX29 annual tradition after each first snowfall to show this video of Steve Keeley versus the snow plow.

Steve says he knows when they air it because people, who've not seen it before tweet him asking if he's OK. Yes he is. This happened 10 years or so ago. He tells them he's fine but the plow operator ended up with a sore hand afterwards.

Steve joked, because the operator got too many high-5's after the incident.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

How Corruption and Greed Led to the Downfall of Rock Music

Rick Beato

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Chapel Hart - "Welcome To Fist City"

This was a Loretta Lynn original released in 1968. She wrote with it in mind to women who pursued her husband while she was gone from home out on tour. He at the time wan't exactly known to be a great husband. Loretta is pretty well known to put her life's tribulations to her recorded music.

Maul -Wurf: "The Wanderer" (A cappella Style)

They're From Switzerland

Friday, January 19, 2024

Tracking Regulatory Changes In The Biden Era
Tracking Regulatory Changes In The Biden Era
"Every day, the federal government enacts impactful policy changes through the executive branch and its agencies. The Brookings Center on Regulation and Markets Regulatory Tracker (“Reg Tracker”) provides background information and status updates on a curated selection of particularly important regulatory changes."

Check out the link above to see how many you agree or disagree with. There are quite a few.

How many of these could be overturned by the outcome of the Supreme Court's ruling on the 'Chevron Doctrine' appeal remains to be seen.

This is in reference to my previous article below.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

An Effort To Demolish Regulatory Agencies

I've been listening briefly to the Supreme Court hearing on the 'Chevron Doctrine'. It basically allows government AGENCIES to enact regulations.

What I heard was Neil M. Gorsuch repeatedly interrupt the lawyer representing these agencies on behalf of the government. Almost to the point of argument. Every time the lawyer spoke he interrupted like most conservatives do when someone else is speaking. It's not looking good.

Can you imagine what will happen if the 'Chevron Doctrine' goes away? The government oversight will become powerless. Some are against regulations, but imagine a country without any!

It seems just about every action imaginable ends up with judges making the final calls. Can you imagine what a nightmare it would be if judges ran almost every thing in this country? We're almost there folks. This is getting way out of hand.

I do understand there is a somewhat large group ultra conservatives out there today who'd like to see the government stripped to it's bare bones (including the revenue service). Like a game of Jenga blocks one by one this court is undoing even it's own prior decisions. It may not be long before our system crumbles under these highly partisan members of this supreme court. Add to that a congress who can't even get out of their own way.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

How Much Does Social Security Add To Our National Deficit?

Keep this in mind when certain congress members try to blame SS for adding to our deficit spending in the upcoming budget negotiations. I'm certain it will happen. Always does.

News Headlines (With Links) 01/13/2024

Hertz plans to sell 20,000 EVs, including Teslas, as it returns focus to gas-powered cars

Central Bucks appoints acting superintendent at $1.7K per day

In case you missed the absolute clown show that was the House of Representatives talking about Hunter Biden, Rep. Porter summed up all you need to know—this was Washington at its worst.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Just The Headlines (01/09/2024)

A quick copy paste. Anyone with further interest can do a quick intenet search.

Monday, January 8, 2024

What America Needs To Hear Again

It's a damn shame what lies ahead in the next presidential election. None, not one, of the candidates inspire. I fear the loss of such does not bode well. Where is the person who could step forward and speak such words as these again?

Putting whatever feelings you have towards Obama aside.. were his words not what we need most in these troubling times ahead?

Sadly Washington leadership has become almost entirely self indulgent to the exclusion of all else. It is my fear this nation's best days are behind unless, by some miracle, someone comes along who has the charisma and moral character to completely altar the course in which we are headed. So far I'm not seeing that happening. Is it even possible at this point?

Perhaps only the American people themselves, despite government, can right this ship. Hopefully this is so. If not what destiny lies ahead will not bode well for any of us. Like it or not we are all in this together. Succeed or fail effects each and every one of us in some way or another. Just like a ship. The evil, the pious, the old, the young no matter ethnicity nor beliefs will all drown together or continue afloat to continue our journey for many days ahead.

Think I'm being overly dramatic?
What are your thoughts?

Am I Being Too Tough On The Eagles Posting This?

U.S. House First Session Is On January 09, 2024

Here's what we can look forward to..

More of these same shenanigans I imagine.

Saturday, January 6, 2024

A Tribute To Michael Jackson

The world can be cruel. It is pretty much the same now as when MJ was alive. It's really tough to ignore although his children have done their best to do just that. As for me, I'm still trying.

People never understood Michael. He certainly didn't deserve all the ugliness thrown at him. I'd be tempted to go so far as to say Michael was a gift to a world which didn't deserve his magnificent musical genius and inspirational lyrics. Yes he had his eccentricities on the outside but something was going on deeper inside then we may ever hope to understand.


Friday, January 5, 2024

A Couple Of Performances From The Netherlands

I Will Survive – AndrĂ© Rieu & Dorona Alberti

Gerard Joling - Unchained Melody

Talk about audience appreciative participation!

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

America’s Education System Is Failing

July 07, 2023

Here's another example of why schools are failing us in Baltimore

I'm sure this is generally the case throughout the country in some form or another. I don't have all the answers but I do feel an awful lot of money is being wasted on so many things other then the basics. Schools should not exist to feed, cloth nor introduce social ideologies. Let community groups address those needs elsewhere. Rather science, math, how to balance a bank account along with good spending habits. This is the kind of essential information young adults will need when they graduate. These should be the solitary goals. Nothing wrong with music, sports or other specialties, but w/o the basics schools are cheating kids out of a future. Even if these were eliminated there are plenty of those activities available outside school hours scattered throughout the community.

There are too many expensive so-called specialists for programs that go far beyond the original intent of providing a basic education. If public schools can't get their act together maybe it's time cut back till they do. This by restricting what administrative positions are allowed by law and disallowing funding for them.

Monday, January 1, 2024

Rose Parade Program Note

Currently I'm watching the Rose Parade on WPHL (Phila) ad free. Meanwhile ABC is running ads and miss two or three groups and floats every 10 minutes. How do I know? Because WPHL showed every one those ABC missed. SHAME ON GREEDY ABC.

BTW: When the networks cut out at 1 PM WPHL kept carrying the KTLA broadcast for another 12 minutes till the very end with two more bands and floats. ALL AD FREE!