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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Ukrainian-Russian Border ( One Day Before Invasion ) VIDEO UPDATE

I've followed this guy for months (bald and bankrupt). He's constantly taken us viewers places others have not. Mostly backwood towns and abandoned former Russian buildings. The videos he records are very raw and straight forward.

A week now seems a lifetime ago in terms of the rapidly changing events in Ukraine. I arrived in the country thinking to myself 'Putin isn't mad enough to invade because the Ukrainian people will fight to the death for their country. It will be like Stalingrad.' And yet I was completely wrong to underestimate his insanity. Now as I write this the people who I met in this video are living under bombs and bullets. Unbelievable how much suffering Ukrain e has gone through in its history.
I could write so much but I will leave that until my next video. In the meantime I wish the people of Ukraine well and hope for their safety in this terrible war

I've always found myself better informed with his unique style of travelogues.  Check out HIS CHANNEL if you're interested in more of them.

bald and bankrupt VIDEO UPDATE

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Why You Can't Repair Your Own Vehicle

This is crazy. I had no idea someone couldn't possibly replace these two basic parts on their own. The days of being your own DIY garage mechanic are way long gone. I've been watching dozen's of this guy's videos. Enough of them to realize I wouldn't dare try and repair even the spark plugs (many of which are buried beneath a nest of other parts). His patience and skills far exceed my own or ever would hope to have.

'Rainman Ray' (Florida) is a very patient well educated guy.  Imagine what the tools alone cost. Thus making the repair shop a cheaper alternative. No wonder repairs cost so damn much.

A 20 minute repair that ends up taking
hours through no fault of the mechanic.

I truly wish I could be certain to find a skilled mechanic as such as he in this area. This occupation seems to require the same skills as a surgeon at fraction of the pay.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Liquidity Services- It's Like Recycling But Better

We've bought lots of stuff at "Ollie's" including 2 air conditioners that we've used for years. I've also browsed through Amazon's online outlet. It really comforting to know most of this stuff isn't going to the dump.

Perhaps a few Allentown entrepreneurs might want to consider opening shops selling this stuff downtown. I'm certain they'd be more successful then opening yet another beanery.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Documentary: "Active Measures" (2018) WATCH IT!


A clip from the documentary

This explains where things stand today regarding Trump, the Ukraine and more.

The Entire Documentary

I'm going to say this as terse as I possibly can. Anyone who doesn't take the time to watch this, supports Trump and his minions are fools for Putin. If the U.S. ends up going in this direction we are a nation of fools.

I consider this the most important post I've done to date. If I don't see a good number of people watching this video or commenting I wash my hands of posting anything of significance in the future. Let the chips fall where they may. There's no point in trying to post anything of importance in the future if people wish to carry on as though the walls aren't closing in on our democracy.

I'll say, screw it. You'd think people would care, but I'm finding mostly it isn't so. I'll just keep these concerns to myself and post BS nonsense I find which brings me greater joy and a whole lot less frustration.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Housing Dilemma

George Carlin - National Press Club

(You will have to turn your volume way up)
It's rather long but worth it

May 13, 1999

What he said then is just as relevant as today. The man was a genus I tell ya!

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Trying To Fill The Void

On weekends most bloggers don't post so I try to fill the void. Coincidently it's also when I find things that interest me most. Hence why these frequent posts occur on weekends. This also would be a good time to check out some of past post as well...

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All too many times people arrive here seeking out a single post from whatever link led them here never taking the time to look at my other stuff. Some of these other posts might interest you as well.

You Won't Believe What Car Mechanics Come Across

When you're on the road think about what you might be sharing the highway with.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Ned Richards Took It Too Far

He's done some of this stuff on his WALN cable radio show before and on Facebook. Now he's taken it too far. Maybe he should apply somewhere else on talk radio. We're so done with him in this household. We'll never listen to him again. This is not how a musical DJ is suppose to act. Some Santa Claus he claims to be. Very hateful!

When I listen to musical formatted stations this is not what I expect. I listen because I want to get away from this crap.


Why Doesn't The US Have Universal Child Care

If It Did Just Maybe...
Employers wouldn't be complaining they can't get enough workers.
With a extra worker in the family might be able to afford the rising rent costs.
There would be greater government income (through more payroll taxes).
Allow parents, who desire, to further their education outside the home.
Reduce the welfare burden on government and non profit poverty programs.
More fully educate children at an earlier age.
I'm sure there are more good reasons. Feel free to add your own.

And so it continues..
Face it, the U.S. will never change.

Check back often. Better yet subscribe. You never know what you'll find next on this blog. Entertainment, science, technology, humor, everything in between and more.

Before you leave check out my other posts.

All too many times people arrive here seeking out a single post from whatever link led them here never taking the time to look at my other stuff. Some of these other posts might interest you as well.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Long Term Residents Being Priced Out In The Lehigh Valley
The fallout when you’re Edged Out
"Only a handful of the more than 700 new apartments proposed or recently built in South Bethlehem are considered affordable...

Today, there are more out-of-town investors and the high-quality units get rented to students, not locals, Vasquez, the Donegan family development specialist, said. He’s worried soon South Bethlehem will be 80% student rentals...

The economics of the student housing market mean it’s more lucrative for landlords to rent to college kids, who can pay $3,000 or $4,000 a month..."

Hats off to "lehighvalleylive' for this most excellent article. I highly suggest you read it in it's entirety.

Reviewing what New Yorkers are now forced to pay and I have little wonder what's going on here.  Investors are buying up everything they can get their hands on cheap Then trying to attract New Yorkers.

I'm very aware of all these real estate agents nonsense BS as well. So what if my home is worth 20% more. That means anywhere else I want to go would have an asking price of 20% more as well. Many encouraging buyers to get into a bidding war to drive up the sales price even further. Rents costing me far more monthly then my home does right now.

The increased value of my home is only an advantage for the real estate tax collectors, investors and property agents trying cash in at my expense. This isn't an investment it's my home. At least it will be till these financial finaglers manage to squeeze the wife and me along with all the others like us out of the Lehigh Valley. AND there's not a damn thing any of us can do about it!

Video Courtesy- 'lehighvalleylive'

Friday, February 11, 2022

Subscriptions For Car Options

Apparently greed has no bounds.

This leads me to wonder if they'll shut down and lock out a car and it's engine if one defaults on their loan.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Coupla Videos I'm Watching Today

Curling the livingroom

And as always, the amazing 'TruthSurge'...
Ice Cream Man - Van Halen guitar cover.

FYI, I sang this 7 semitones LOWER than the tune then pitched me up 7 so that I could sing it in MY range. That process causes some audio degradation but I make up for it with some multiband eq and stuff.

LVCI's Exclusive Interview With Cupid


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Sunday, February 6, 2022

State Senator Browne Head-Butts The Morning Call

The Morning Call made this a "subscriber exclusive". So I guess none of us will ever know what this all about unless we "subscribe". Maybe now the paper knows how we feel when it doesn't make more information freely available to us either.

They picked a less then flattering photo..
So I suppose that may indicate their displeasure.

One thing I'm certain the NIZ has always be less then accountable for it's actions to the taxpayers. In my opinion that makes this whole thing stink. I suspect there's some rather shady dealings going on in my opinion.

What I want to know most is how much money is the arena losing. I highly doubt it's "making" money.

How ironic after the paper sold it's building located in the NIZ to this developer, moved to his other building it no longer pays rent to.. there is now sudden concern. Why? Somebody have a falling out?

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Second Hand White Baby Grand performed by Jessie Lou Harvie

Jessie Lou Harvie at a singing lesson with vocal coach Robert Wishart (in the U.K.)

This song was an original from the TV show "SMASH" the wife and I enjoyed very much. It was performed by the broadway star Megan Hilty. The show ran two seasons from February 2012 to May 2013 on NBC.

10 Original Songs From 'Smash'

"Don't Forget Me" A Megan Hilty solo from the show

Makes me wonder if networks will ever be great again. Sure seems like they aren't aiming in that direction!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Reality Behind Cable Costs

SECTV put this information out
"Each year during negotiations, networks ask Service Electric for increases of double, triple or more of their current rates. They are increasing the cost to carry their channels, without offering anything new or different."
I noticed too at least another half a dozen fees demanded by government at all sorts of levels. Seems everyone wants a piece of the pie.