Saturday, January 31, 2015

Its So Cold...

Roosters are rushing into KFC to use the pressure cooker
Grandpa’s teeth are chattering - in the glass
You have to open the fridge to heat the house
Lawyers have their hands in their own pockets
Richard Simmons started wearing pants
We had to jump-start the furnace
We made antifreeze by hiding her woolly pyjamas
Dogs are getting stuck to the fire hydrants
We had to salt the hallway
Hell is actually freezing over
Santa's reindeer flew south
My shadow froze to the ground
Mommy turned into a mummy
Car dealers are now selling zambonis
Silly putty turns into serious putty
Opposing politicians are hugging each other to keep warm
Smokey the Bear was seen grabbing a box of matches
Strippers are becoming frozen to poles
Cab drivers are getting frostbite on their middle fingers
Cops are tasering themselves
Mexican food has quadrupled in price
Donald Trump's hair froze in place
People are eating ice cream to keep warm
Even the Good Humour Man is in a bad mood

LC Commissioners Fighting Executive.. AGAIN

"The commissioners’ unhappiness with Muller is spurring them to repeal a 31-year-old ordinance that designates the county executive to act as their agent in labor negotiations. The commissioners want to take back that job...

“They asked if they could sit in on negotiations and we said ‘you’re welcome to come to any one of them’,” said Muller. “It was an open door to them,” he said, adding most commissioners chose not to attend. Muller said former Commissioner Scott Ott showed up at one session, Scheller showed up at another “and no other commissioner showed up to any other session.”...

In 1984, only six years after that county charter was adopted, commissioners passed the ordinance designating the county executive to act as its agent in negotiating with unions representing county employees."

My Comments About The Article Above
Sounds mostly like a political struggle of wills to me. In most cities the mayor is the main negotiator as well. Council members and commissioners get the final approval no matter what their chief executive agrees to or not. I consider this a 'Too many cooks spoil the broth' situation.

I'm a strong supporter of the will of the people. Voters elected Muller and that's just the way it is. The same goes for making any changing of the charter. This should also be left up to the voters.

What say you?

Penn State Football Prices Are NUTZ!

And so is anyone who pays for them.

Penn State announced prices for 7 game parking passes are going up from the $70 it cost in the 2014 season to $100 in 2015.

Purchasing Parking on Day of Game in 2014 Was..

In 2014 the single ticket prices of a game was..
It simply amazes me how much money chumps are willing to pay for something Pennsylvania taxpayer$ already shell out to this college. Must be nice to be rich!

What A Racket They Have Going For Them!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Rock of Ages Closing Night- Sights and Sounds

"Rock of Ages" opened almost 6 years ago on Apr 07, 2009. After 2,328 performances it closed two weeks ago on Sunday, January 18th, 2015.

Over it's run Constantine Maroulis (Mar 17, 2009-Sept 09, 2010) was the main star in this musical. Even though he came in 6th on the 4th season of 'American Idol' there's no doubt about it Constantine's career came out ahead of some of those competitors who won above him. (Carrie Underwood won that year).

Here's A Short Clip Of The Closing Night

Since the show's closing on Broadway it has now moved and currently playing at 'The Venetian' in Las Vegas

A Quick Shout Out & Thanks

Even though few readers leave comments I do want to thank all of you for visiting & let you know I appreciate it.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tax Advice

I've used online software for several years and love it.

Here's a few advantages-* It cost me 1/3 of what my accountant charged
* E-filing eliminates someone hand entering might screw up @ the tax office
* Direct deposits shave 4 weeks or more off refunds
* Filing online (in the cloud) costs 1/2 of what disks do
* When I did it by hand I missed over half what I was entitled to
* Even an idiot would have a hard time screwing up
* Most online services store information that doesn't haven't to be reentered year after year
It's important to file as early as one can. Identity thieves try to file before their victims. Straightening the mess out is a pain in the butt. I never understood the logic of waiting to the last minute. Is this somehow meant to punish or send a message to the IRS?

Anyone have something they want to add?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Is Reality?

I've gone down this road before.

Is Reality An Illusion?

Someone with an opposing view will point out if they hit me with a stick I'll find out pretty quick just how real that stick is and the resultant pain. Consider this. If someone were numb to pain would they not conclude pain has no basis in reality? Much as a blind person who has no idea what light is other then how it is described to them.

Our interpretation of reality consists of three things. Our direct sensory observations, instruments created to observe beyond our human capabilities and those we assume through intellectual mathematical formulations.

If there were no observer would any "thing" even exist?

And if it did, wouldn't it be far different from our perceptions of it?

Hence the question.. "What Is Reality"?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Humans Creating Robots Leading To Our Own Extinction?

Will there be any place for humans in the next evolution of ever evolving intelligence in this universe?

Intelligent machines have replaced workers on the production lines and in warehouses. Driverless cars are coming into existence. Many of the fighter pilots have been replaced by drones. Drones that researchers are already starting to develop into making them capable of recognizing a threat and coordinating an attack on their own.

What we consider artificial intelligence is not as different from ourselves as much as we'd like to think we are. The human brain processes and carries out instructions to our human body. The only thing that would make humans different is the ever elusive and unverified soul we claim to possess. Until someone can fully substantiate a soul actually exist humans should be very concerned.

Let's speak more about machine driven intelligence. When they first came out, decades ago I use to go into chat rooms. It was all the rage for some of us to create scripts for them. The challenge was to fool other people into thinking they were talking with another user when actually it was a scripted "bot". Since that time this idea has now evolved into 'Apple's SIRI' app. SIRI can now recognize speech and reply as if she were real. Hell now even 'bots' can be fooled by other 'bots'. And this shouldn't worry us why?

Which brings us to the topic of jobs. How are people going to work if machines begin doing most of them. Some will argue machines will always depend on humans for design and repair. So not true. Right now as we speak computers are designing other computers and building certain machinery on their own. The only thing mankind holds in his possession is the 'off/stop button'.

I have a little story for you there. The company I worked for used ladder logic scripts (programmable logic controllers) to run it's production lines. One of the most important features was having several big red stop buttons so any employee at any of the work stations could shut the whole shebang down in an emergency.

The first time we tried to use it nothing happened. All the equipment kept running. The reason this happened-- The buttons were programmed in several dozens of places within the thousands of lines of script except for one. Hence the computer refuse to recognize the command.

In today's software many of us use on our own computer it's not unusual to find millions of lines of code. Tomorrow's highly sophisticated artificial intelligence will require many millions more then is imagined possible. Much which will be developed by computers themselves in our pursuit of making machines capable of learning. Therefore it's not unimaginable a machine one day will not be too fond of being turned off any more then any human would and bury deep within it's code to prevent such from happening.

Let's Talk More About Jobs..
What happens when 90% of the human population is no longer required to service customers or make things. Will the remaining 10% be forced to support the other 90% who we no longer have need of. We already see it starting to happen.

CNET News - Hardware store robot helps shoppers find products

A day could come when machines decide for themselves we humans are outdated and inferior. After all machines don't need air to breath. They don't need heated/cooled buildings. Nor do they need rest or get sick from disease. Time means nothing to them (think space travel). They don't have need of food nor toilets and showers. The only thing they need is energy. One day they will be able to get that too for themselves. Woe be the day machines evolve beyond our control and come to realize this of their own accord.

We humans tend to think of ourselves as all that and more. That somehow we're irreplaceable in the giant scheme of evolving intelligence throughout the universe. Indeed even if we have souls there's no guarantee machines will have need for one to perpetuate themselves on this planet.

It is said we are undergoing an second industrial revolution.
Could this instead be leading to a second evolution instead?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Changes To The LVCI Blog

I've changed the template for these reasons.
* This blog now loads extremely fast
* Users can scroll down to every page I've ever uploaded
* It has a cleaner less cluttered look
* Readers can change this blog's appearance to suit their own preferences (see top bar)
* If I want to add more options in the future they won't add clutter
* No longer does someone have to scroll down past one story to read the next
(Features like links to other blogs, archives, etc. can still be found by hovering to the right of the main screen)

Of all the previous templates I've used in the past I find this the most pleasing and hope readers will as well.

Remember Jim O'Brien?

I came across these videos today. They brought back fond memories of how Jim approached the weather. When he did his weather forecasts they were not only informative, but entertaining as hell.

September 25, 1983

A Tribute to Jim O'Brien 30 years after his death. 11-25-13

Does anyone else remember Jim and have a few thoughts they want to share?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Even More Taxes Coming Your Way In 2015

Many states, including Pennsylvania are looking into extra taxes on E-Cigarettes even though there's no tobacco in them. Should that same tax then apply to nicotine inhalers, patches, lozenges, gum because they all have nicotine?

The Allentown School District is considering a contract to seek out more property tax revenue (pursue what are known as reverse appeals). I suppose if you can't lower the water ya just gotta raise the bridge, eh?

Then there's the new 2014 Obamacare penalties many people were not aware of they will have to pay in this year's filings. If someone doesn't have or failed to get insurance last year there is a penalty to pay. $95 per adult - $47.50 per child up to $285 or 1% of household income (which ever is higher). SUPRISE !

IRA owners if you don't want to get zapped next year be aware starting in 2015 you can only make one single rollover from an IRA in a 12-month period. This does not apply to direct rollovers. Only those who withdraw their full amount, sit on it (in effect using it as a short term interest free loan) then opening new IRA.

Pennsylvania gasoline wholesalers have been hit with a 10 cent increase the first of this year. This now brings the Pennsylvania gasoline tax to 70 cents per gallon. By 2017 Pennsylvania wholesalers will be hit with another 15 cents a gallon. Making Pennsylvania the highest gasoline taxed state. Lest we forget, Pennsylvania highway tolls went up 5% a few weeks ago. Now I understand why we have the best highways and bridges in all of the 50 states, right?

What's that you say, you're worried about Pennsylvania's huge budget deficit and want to help out. Have no fear Pennsylvania's newly elected Governor has a plan for you to do just that. Under Pennsylvania's charter the state's income tax has to legally remain a "flat Tax" system. Like I always said, having a good lawyer there will always be a way around the law these pesky legal hurdles.

Governor Wolf plans to let the income tax remain as a flat tax. What he plans to do instead is raise the tax rate. Then create certain tax exemptions for lower wage earners who once had to pay no matter how little they earned. Thus creating a progressive tax system (in effect) without violating the past court decisions that upheld the flat tax requirement to the state charter (unless a amendment could be passed).

Like Benjamin Franklin said, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

May I also add.. upon death is when your executor has to pay the ones you didn't while still alive. You really didn't think the government forgot about all those tax deferred contributions you made did you?

Deflated Balls Not A Problem For This Team

All the team's balls have been checked. Are properly inflated and ready to go...

The Philadelphia Phillies begin Spring training
in just 23 days from today (01/25/2015)

Spotlight On "This Way To The EGRESS"

     A Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Based Band

Tiny Desk Concert Submission

This Way To The EGRESS (Official Site)
This Way To The EGRESS (Facebook)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Talk Radio & Fox News Keys To Success

Since the beginning Rush Limbaugh made no secret of what made him successful. Bill O'Reilly then used Rush's formula to make himself what he has become. What's their formula?

Rush believes no one in the listening audience gives a damn what his callers have to say anymore then O'Reilly's guests. It's all about what the host thinks.

Callers and guests are considered nothing more then props to make the host look good. If a guest or caller starts bettering the host they simply cut them off. It's a simple as that. Why people continue to go on these programs is beyond me. Megan and Sean have also used this formula successfully for years. He who controls the switch will win the debate every time.

Like Bees To Honey
Seems to me human nature is attracted to self centered individuals who think they have all the answers for whatever reason. Then try to knock them or the person they are complaining about down a peg or two for sport. This whether appearing as a guest, caller or in the form of a comment on social media. So much negativity I find rather disturbing.

Any thoughts?

On This Day January 24th...

In 1964 the final ratification took place on the 24th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Previously anyone who failed to pay taxes was denied voting rights. Congress first proposed this in August 1962. It was submitted to the states in September that same year. It wasn't until March 25th, 1963 Pennsylvania approved it.

Still it didn't end there.. Selma, Alabama 1965

Also on this day in 1984 Apple Computer first came out with it's Macintosh personal computer. The cost was $2,495 ($5,595 in today's dollars)

This was also the day that the United States Department of Homeland Security officially began operation in 2003.

Expanding on a couple of things
The 24th amendment's purpose was to eliminate an attempt to block blacks from voting. The poll taxes were ruled legal by the Supreme court up until this amendment. The last state to pass it was South Dakota. In order for an amendment to pass 2/3rds of the states have to ratify. Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina & Wyoming to this day still have not.

The Macintosh personal computer was several more times powerful then the computers aboard Voyager 1 when it launched seven years earlier on September 5, 1977. Remarkably Voyager 1 (the furthest spacecraft from Earth) traveling at a velocity of 38,000 mph still sends back messages 37 years, 4 months and 18 days as of January 23, 2015 !

Homeland Security: Ron Paul (R-TX) said on November 2002 Homeland Security Is the Largest Federal Expansion in 50 Years -- "Ironically, many in Congress who usually champion limited government were enthusiastic supporters of the largest federal expansion in 50 years..." On October 26, 2012 Obama signed new Executive Order expanding Homeland Security mission in the U.S..

In my opinion it appears we're all subject to this ever expanding spying on American citizens and on other individuals here and abroad. Question is.. does Homeland Security's main mission consist of protecting individuals or the powers of government itself?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Homophobia Video?

This video has gone viral. It's also become one of the most controversial. So far it has garnered 12,799 comments and 8,637,807 views as of this posting (01/23/2015 2:13 PM)

Ingrid Michaelson- "Girls Chase Boys"

(An Homage to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible")<

Comments Anyone?

Pa. Rep. Schweyer On His Committee Assignments


Rep. Peter Schweyer @ Pa.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Elections Have Consequences (Coal Ash)

Back in 2014 U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
sought a vote on his "saving coal jobs act"

He was immediately blocked by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on behalf of Senate Democrats.

Now that Mitch and the Republicans control the Senate expect him to reintroduce this legislation once again. With that in mind I present the following video for your consideration."This new mini-documentary from Legal Progress showcases the real human impact of special interest money infiltrating judicial elections by featuring one North Carolina family’s story of how coal ash pollution has poisoned their community.

Since state and federal governments have failed to regulate coal ash as a hazardous waste, citizens’ only recourse to address the catastrophic environmental and health damages caused by the pollution is the judiciary. As detailed in a recent CAP report, however, there is a troubling correlation between North Carolina Supreme Court rulings and the success rates of firms that donate big to judicial candidates following the repeal of the state’s public financing system.

This raises concerns about corporate influence in judicial races – including corporate polluters like Duke Energy, which currently has billions of dollars at stake in North Carolina courts over its responsibility to keep toxic coal ash out of the state’s drinking water."

I think it's rather obvious how I feel about fossil fuels when alternatives are readily available. While Europe is going the other way we have now elected officials who most likely will sponsor and create a further dependency on fossil fuels and the corporations that profit from them. Thus, in my opinion, leaving the United States behind from where future energy technology is headed.

If the United States is to remain a world leader in technology we can't afford to be held back by political laws and policies aimed at supporting wall street profits for some well connected corporations. If we don't stay ahead of the curve other countries will step in that will. If this was how we went about our business here in the United States in the past we'd all still be riding horses and buggies & shoveling coal. Either we move on or be left behind.

I'm not sure that's what voters had in mind, but that's what they're going to get if McConnell gets his way on this issue.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Auto Industry Making Stupid Loans

Honda Warns Against ‘Stupid’ Auto Loans-- "A top U.S. executive at Honda Motor Co. said competitors are doing “stupid things” to boost auto sales, including making seven-year-long car loans that harm buyers.

Automakers are increasingly selling vehicles with 84-month loans that reduce monthly payments while making it tougher to repay faster than cars lose value.."

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should
I know one guy bragged how he owed more then his debtors would ever hope to collect if he should die... and he did. Unfortunately his wife, daughter & her husband and all three grandkids living with him were evicted from their home. Along with a camper and the cars were repossessed upon his death as well. Not to mention the companies he dealt with took a bath.

I'm sure he was not alone living years ahead of what he and others will be unable to afford. This isn't good for anyone nor the companies that are foolish enough to play this kind of game. There are plenty of executives who will do all kinds of things to make things appear good on paper. They get a promotion along with a raise. Then leave the company before the shit hits the fan. Then mix, stir and repeat somewhere else.

It's not a matter of if, but rather when. How long do you think this nonsense will last before the whole shebang collapses the entire economy?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Guns At Your Kid's Baseball Game OK?

Oh hell, it doesn't matter what you think anyway!

According to Bethlehem Township's CodeChapter 170: PARKS AND RECREATION AREAS
§ 170-8 Prohibited activities.
G: Firearms, except for law enforcement officers in the performance of their official duties to use, possess or discharge a firearm in any park.
[Amended 12-17-2012 by Ord. No. 11-12]

Now according to the Morning Call (01/19/2015) a "Tea party member tells Bethlehem Township it must repeal law banning guns in parks"

As far as I'm concerned I'd pull my kids from any event where some stranger (I know nothing about) shows up packing heat. We all know how some parents get all crazy in the stands. It's one thing to scream & holler in anger. Another if they should lose it and pull a gun. We've read several times in the news where a parent punched out a coach or ref. Now picture this same jerk with a gun.

Should I be paranoid seeing someone with a deadly weapon?
A better question would be what kind of "paranoid" shows up at a ball game or picnic thinking they need one?

Gun rights advocates talk about their rights. What about mine?
They may feel safer, but I sure as hell do not. I don't know who or what some gun toting idiot may be up to.

More guns don't make people safer. States with the highest gun ownership had 9x's the rate of unintentional firearm deaths compared to states with the least gun ownership. Look at other nations like Iraq and Syria where kids grow up owning guns by their 13th birthday. Is that what we really want?

I will be 67 years old next month and I can honestly say in all these 67 years I never once found one single reason or circumstance I had need of one. There's only two kinds of people I can think of who would walk around with one. Either a criminal or a weenie living in fear. Neither would I consider stable.

Here's the million dollar question
I don't want to hear about something you heard or read

Was there ever a single time you needed a gun to defend yourself?

Monday, January 19, 2015

World So FOS

* North Korean prison camp survivor admits inaccuracies, author says
* ‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ actually didn’t; books recalled
* Fox News Apologizes for Absurd Claim About Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’
* A Complete List of the 32 Women Who Have Accused Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

It's an understatement to say the world these days is so full of bullshit & hypocrisy it's hard to know where to start.

Forty world leaders gathered in Paris to unite in their so-called contempt for terrorists who murdered less then two dozen people, while mostly ignoring well over the 2,000 killed and 1,000's more kidnapped and the 3,700 buildings destroyed by Boko Haram in Nigeria. 1.5 million have been displaced. These same leaders largely ignored Somalia's al-Shabab fighters who have killed 1,000;s more in 2014. The list of terrorists and other countries are too numerous to mention. Where's the outrage?

So far 32 women claim to have been sexually assaulted or raped by Bill Cosby. Anyone with common sense would question why, except for one or two of them, had they not gone to authorities when these were to have occurred years ago. I also question who would really assault 32 woman in the first place? Is that even realistic? Seems to me innocent until proven guilty has gone out the window.

I follow hundreds of news stories each day and watch TV news. What I found is most repeat what they find on the internet much like I do. As soon as one person post something nearly all the media picks up on it and assumes it's gospel without questioning the source of it. So many so called recognized experts and scholars have no better understanding and have been talking so stupid they are not worth quoting. The people who leave comments either read just the headline or only half of what's written further adding to the misinformation from their own ill informed prejudices. In other words most of what we read, see and hear is gossipy hogwash.

Point I'm Trying To Make
I am exhausted and weary from all of this ignorance. I see no point in echoing this nonsense here. Hence have largely ignored these type of things. This is why my posts (of late) are fewer and less in depth. I've been more focused on entertainers and other things more personal in nature.

I'm Looking For Input
     What interests you the most?
     What do you like reading or learning about?
     What would you like to discuss or share?
     Are there reasons why you would be hesitate to leave a comment?
     Should I do more daily posts/less?
     What's your opinion of this blog?

President's State Of The Union Address

Does Anyone Really Give A Hoot?

Back on January 29th, 2014 Politico reported little more then 10% of the U.S. population watched the thing. Keep in mind all the major networks, cable news & a half dozen of satellite cable channels carried it trying to force us to watch.

However almost 4x's as many watched the super bowl last year.

I'll leave it to my readers to decide why. Have any thoughts?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Spotlight On "St. Paul And The Broken Bones"

A 14 minute video clip of "St. Paul And The Broken Bones". It's one of the more then 258 performances over the last five years on the NPR Music series "Tiny Desk Concerts"."December 06, 2014, by Bob Boilen-- Close your eyes and listen, and you might imagine someone who looks a bit like Otis Redding. Open them, and you're likely to see someone who looks more like your neighborhood bank teller.

That man standing on my desk in the golden shoes is Paul Janeway. He was, in fact, a bank teller in Alabama not long ago — and this stupendous seven-piece band from Birmingham has only been doing this since 2012. But take a look at this Tiny Desk Concert and you'll see why 'St. Paul And The Broken Bones' music is so winning. It's got heart and soul and flair, with a well-worn sound buoyed by strong, fresh songwriting."

The Official Website For "St. Paul And The Broken Bones"

A David Letterman Web Exclusive (after their appearance on the show)
"Grass Is Greener"

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Neil DeGrasse Tyson The Meaning Of Life

"At the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, on Thursday, January 15, 2015, six-(and-three-quarter)-year-old Jackson asks astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson the question on everybody's mind. "

Video Courtesy

"..meaning in life is something that you create,
that you manufacture for yourself and others.."

Good Answer !

Let's Get Rid Of Tip$

Money "Customers of Pittsburgh’s Bar Marco restaurant soon won’t have to calculate a tip for their server. The restaurant is implementing a no-tips policy in April."

I'm not sure how all this tipping business got started, but it's long past due to end this practice.

I once had a boss whom my former coworkers complained to why he never complimented them for good work. His reply was "I don't thank my employees for good work. Good work is what I expect from each and everyone of you." While it did tick some of them off it does make perfect sense.

What makes certain occupations different from others?
Take for example, when a cash register operator at the grocery store or a retail clerk rings me up I haven't a compulsion to tip them for doing so. Neither a service repairman. To name just a few of many. Why then a barber, food server, hotel worker, bartender or cab driver?

When someone goes to a store or makes use of a service repairman each of their salaries are already factored in the bill we pay. This is between them and their employer. Why should certain others not be?

Take a restaurant for example. Instead of getting a $10 bill for the food, just make the menu price $11.50 instead (15% more). Other then feeling guilty or sorry for someone because their employer doesn't pay them enough I doubt most people would otherwise leave a tip.

If someone's lousy at their job there are plenty of recourses for employers and customers to make it known to an employee. Just like in any other job where someone doesn't perform well they are left go. Should bartenders, hair stylists, food workers, etc. be treated any differently then the majority of us who do not expect to be rewarded every time we do that which is expected of us?

What Do You Think?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Who Controls The Paycheck Calls The Shots

Reuters published a piece about employees healthcare costs. In it they said, "Beginning in 2014, the law known as Obamacare raised the financial incentives that employers are allowed to offer workers for participating in workplace wellness programs and achieving results. The incentives, which big business lobbied for, can be either rewards or penalties - up to 30 percent of health insurance premiums, deductibles, and other costs, and even more if the programs target smoking."

I have a flash for that reporter. The company I worked for did this over 9 years ago. Long before Obamacare.

The article cited one woman who refused to "voluntarily" go to her employer's doctor group for a health screening and it now cost her $4,500 a year more.

People can blame Obama, the previous generation, their employer or whoever they choose. The fact is until workers develop the gonads to unite and stand up for themselves this will only continue to get worse. I cannot fathom for the life of me why people these days refuse to stand up for themselves as a group. I never dreamt the day would come employers would be allowed to dictate if someone's too fat, drinks, smokes, doesn't have a car, a phone or anything else they don't like would be tolerated by their workers.

Companies don't hire people as a favor. They need workers as much as workers need them. It's a partnership and it's about time workers start laying the boundaries between what companies can say and not say they can do when they're not on the clock with their personal time and beings. Anyone not willing to stand up for themselves to be respected should not expect their employers to treat them differently then they have been. Don't look for outside help. Government won't do it. Companies won't either.

IRS Not Best Choice For Tax Advice

Yeah everybody likes getting something for nothing, but there's always some kind of price to pay for it. reports More Than Half Of All Taxpayer Calls To The IRS Could Go Unanswered This Year-- "But if you’re one of the lucky callers to get through to the agency don’t expect it to be a quick situation, as Olson estimates taxpayers to be placed on hold for an average of 30 minutes. What’s more, if the caller has been waiting too long, the agency will implement a “courtesy disconnect,” also known as hanging up,.. "

The story is based on a'New York Times' report that says, "Services to taxpayers are likely to drop to their worst levels since 2001."

This is what happens when you keep cutting funding for the past 5 years.

Your Hot... I Know

This is what happens online when guys tell some chick they're hot who then agrees with them?
Check it out on Huffington Post