Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Bill Cosby Conviction Overturned By Pa. Supreme Court

Whether one agrees or not with the court's decision, everyone should be able to agree he doesn't pose a threat to the public.

SiFi- A Failed Pandemic Response

The Vidiians experience Phage (a ever evolving viral mutation)

Yeah sure this was science fiction but imagine what could have happened if our researchers hadn't come up with a covid vaccine. This assuming they have since ours too continues to mutate. Hey just saying :-)

Hillary Clinton Sings On Rosie (02/03/1997)

Trump eat your heart out

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

RCC Workaround Florida Gov Orders
Royal Caribbean asks unvaccinated Florida guests to show proof of insurance
"In Florida, the government bars companies from requiring to show proof of vaccines... The insurance policy must have a minimum of $25,000 per person for medical expenses and $50,000 per person in travel expenses, Royal Caribbean said."

Don't blame RCC. They were forced into this by Florida's governor. Goes to show you what happens when government politics sticks it to big business. They fight back.

Had Florida allowed RCC to go ahead with it's all vaccination requirement I'm quite certain this wouldn't have been a necessary imposition on the cruise ship's travelers out of Florida.

People got a problem?
Go speak to the governor for interfering with the cruises industry's cautious health policies which would have required all passengers to be fully vaccinated..

Ce-Ce Gerlach Facing Charges
Allentown city councilwoman facing charges in ‘Tent City’ child endangerment case, DA says
"Gerlach was charged with endangering the welfare of children in which the parent or guardian or other person commits the offense and failure to report suspected child abuse, Martin and court records said. She was released on $2,500 unsecured bail after being arraigned before District Judge Rashid Santiago, records show. Her preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled 10:30 a.m. July 19."

Not exactly exhibiting good judgment. Especially considering herself a social services supporter for the citizens of Allentown.

James Whitney posting on Lehigh Valley Ramblings was all over this on May 03, 2021 while Ce-Ce was campaigning for mayor before the primaries.
Whitney: Allentown Mayoral Candidate Ce-Ce Gerlach Exposes Minor to Alleged Sexual Abuse
"Recently, an Allentown community activist and concerned citizen made an accusation that has now been partially confirmed by CeCe Gerlach. The concerned citizen alleged that CeCe met with a 16 year old boy, who had runaway from home, to do intake paperwork for her employer - Valley Youth House. But rather than take the child to Valley Youth House’s emergency shelter, or the Allentown Rescue Mission, or The Salvation Army, Ce-Ce decided to drop the boy off at tent city, an Allentown homeless encampment"

I suggest people read the above article in it's entirety if they want greater details then what is now appearing in the local media.

Facebook readers are complaining why no one knew about this before voting in the primaries. Well they would have if they followed Bernie's. blog. Several stories a year are scooped by Bernie. Sometimes long before local media picks up on them after his writings. I suggest people add his blog to their reading list. I'm nearly certain our local reporters have for some time.

Monday, June 28, 2021

China Has Largest Hydropower Plants In The World
China's Second Largest Hydropower Dam Starts Generating Electricity
"The plant, which is set to be second in capacity only to the Three Gorges Dam [also in China], will consist of 16 1-gigawatt (GW) turbines, giving it the largest single-unit capacity in the world... The dam was also built in order to help meet China's climate change goals, with the country aiming for carbon neutrality by 2060..."

On the downside as I understand it when Chinese government wants to do something they just do it without consideration to farmers or other environmental concerns.

Considering our hydropower is beginning to dry up with the droughts in the west they seemed to have begun outpacing us when it comes to moving away from fossil fuels.

If the United States wishes to remain the world leader we face a steep road ahead.

Online Purchase Advice

While my VISTA account no longer generates virtual account numbers my MasterCard still does. I use this to generate a temporary account number (different from my card) with a dollar limit I can set.

I just used this because one of my renewals required me to accept auto pay. Something I will not stand for. So good luck to them trying to charge me anything further.

I've used this a number of times before because some sites save my credit card information. I'm not going to risk my information being stolen if someone hacked their site.

Sometimes these banking websites don't make it obvious but if one searches their site when logged in there is a good possibility they might have one.

Never use auto pay for anything. Any mistake they make will take weeks, months or maybe never at all after kissing their behinds trying to correct. It can also result in unexpected overdraft fees. Even possibly draining someone's account completely.

Why anyone would do this is beyond me.

It's like handing over strangers keys to the vault.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Death By Auto-Tune

Hard to know what is real anymore even when they're in concerts. Believe it or not I usually can tell the difference. Mostly because I have this same software which can do this on my computer.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Here Comes Windows 11.. Oh No!

Can I please use my Windows 8.1 forever.
Here we go again, a whole new learning curve. I'm way too old from wanting to learn new stuff. I'm perfectly happy with what I got. Everything works fine. Just the way I want it to.

The biggest downside I see to this OS is I've heard the word "cloud" used several times. I don't want my software and other stuff stored on servers somewhere in the netherworld. I have trust issues. I don't want some "cloud" computer jockey modifying my settings at will either. Which they could easily do.

The best thing about my current software programs  I've been using for years is that (1) I bought and own them. (2) I'm completely familiar with them. God knows if any of my current software will even work. That would be totally unacceptable.

The other thing I didn't see in the following video were  the desktop icons I'm absolutely addicted to. That would be totally unacceptable as well.

In a word..

Fran Blanche - The Meaning Of It All

She says things better then I.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Florida Gov Orders Purity Test

Florida Gov Signs Law Requiring Students,
Faculty To Have Beliefs Surveyed
"Florida’s governor has signed legislation that will require public colleges and universities to annually survey its students and staff about their beliefs and viewpoints in order to support “intellectual diversity,” while hinting that the schools could face financial penalties depending on the survey results."

The spaghetti monster in the sky.
Does this qualify?

Not Only A Canadian Disgrace
751 Bodies Found Buried At Indigenous School In Canada
"(06/24/2021) From the 19th century until the 1970s, more than 150,000 Indigenous children were forced to attend state-funded Christian schools, the majority of them run by Roman Catholic missionary congregations, in a campaign to assimilate them into Canadian society."

UPLOADED: May 29, 2021

As I learn more I'm becoming increasingly disappointed how man's inhumanity towards one another seems never ending. Some people throughout even today's world are hell-bent on destroying other's lives. How disheartening.

Pope offers no apology as of 06/06/2021

Ireland's baby mass grave

UPLOADED : July 15, 2020

With all we're learning about the Catholic church in those countries and here in the United States it has a lot of explaining to do.

Texas Crappy Electric Grid Solution To Prevent Overload
How your power company can remotely control your smart thermostat
"Texas’s power grid is unpleasantly surprising its users again. After last winter’s storm disabled parts of the grid for several days, causing potentially hundreds of deaths, a summer heat wave is once again threatening the grid. One potential solution Texas power companies have found is to turn up the temperature on some customers’ smart thermostats. Problem is, some of those customers weren’t aware that their power company could and would do such a thing — until their homes got uncomfortably warm."

I don't like any of these so-called "smart" devices. Not home lighting controls, cooking ranges, thermostats, refrigerators washer/dryers, cars, mobile telephones or anything else these guys cook up. Usually it is a means to spy on users mainly for their own purposes for who knows what. One of the nasty side effects to these things, programmers are able to update them. This includes changing your settings mostly unbeknownst to the user. Same goes with cloud storage and end user programs which can only be enabled through accessing their servers.

Uploaded January 6, 2017

Imagine how apps and algorithms have advanced since then!

As if knowing everything on your computer and cell phone (bank accounts, transaction, buying habits, locations, etc.) weren't enough, now corporations want to learn your sleeping, cooking, washing heating cooling, driving habits at home when you're not on your cell phone. Who knows what other information they can derive through algorithms about yourself. What's next, smart underwear?

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Gen. Mark Milley On Critical Race Theory

Critics are making an issue out of something that shouldn't be one. Teaching history needn't be this controversial.

U.S. Senate Doesn't "Represent" Democracy Very Well

Certainly not the larger half of "The Will Of The People" as Mitch McConell would try having us believe.
U.S. Senate representation is deeply undemocratic—
and cannot be changed
"But, according to the calculation of Ian Millhiser, writing for Vox, if you add up the population of states and assign half to each of their two senators, “the Democratic half of the Senate represents 41,549,808 more people than the Republican half.”

If a state has two senators from the same party, he assigns that state’s population number to that party. If a state has one senator from each party, he assigns half the population to each party."

Think of this another way. Delaware has a population of around 974,000 people. California has around 39,510,000 people. Yet both receive representation by two members each in the senate. Call this a constitutional flaw if you will.

As you can see AOC is justified complaining. Mitch and the republicans know full well they represent about 41 1/2 million fewer of the population then democrats in the senate. This is one of the reasons conservatives of all stripes continually bash AOC. Her continued outspokenness makes them uncomfortable as hell. She shakes things up they'd rather not have exposed.

I understand we are not a "direct democracy" but rather suppose to be a "representative democracy". But we aren't truly a  "representative democracy" in it's purest form either. Something to keep in mind next time Mitch claims he's only "representing the will of the American people". Well some of them maybe... not the majority he'd have us believe.

Now learn about the filibuster
This is how they killed the bill AOC was talking about

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Bethlehem Gadfly Is Closed.
Time for a new beginning
"Though the real estate is paid for and will remain open for the rest of the year
... Wednesday, May 19, 2021, high noon, age 81."

I can't begin to tell you the number of bloggers I've seen come and go since 2008. Yet here I am still after 4,132 post for better or worse. I truly wish there more of us posting on a regular basis. Almost all those who were first around when I started either post infrequently or not at all.

h/t to Bernie O'Hare and Michael Molovinsky amongst others for their continuing efforts to do so which exceed my own.

Headlines With Brief Comments
Hubble Is Still Offline, and Its Time Might Be Running Out
"The most prolific telescope in history has been offline for over a week and attempts to restart it have so far failed."

The problem seems to be it's memory board. However there's still years of data to pour through from what was already downloaded. Most amazing space instrument ever!
Earth's Unexplainable 27.5-Million-Year Cycle of Mass Extinctions
"Strangely, this geological activity keeps the time and the geologic events are correlated, not random. Notably, they include volcanic activity, mass extinctions, plate reorganizations, and sea level rises."

What time is it?
Better check my watch.
Appeals court: Man paralyzed from crash with reinforced mailbox
"An Ohio man who built a virtually indestructible mailbox because he was sick of people smashing it is being sued by a motorist who crashed into the thing and got paralyzed, according to a report."

I heard about this before. Some guy where I used to work was told by his lawyer not to plant an I-beam he was considering after his 5th mailbox was run over. Not even place boulders towards the end of his property along the road.
250 Gators Removed From Walt Disney World
"Wildlife officials have removed 250 alligators from Disney properties in the five years since a 2-year-old boy was killed... Trappers receive $30 for every captured gator, plus the proceeds from any leather and meat sold..."

The happiest place on Earth. Apparently not for the alligators who lived there for 1,000's of years before. It's our playground now.

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He's Running Against Sarah Huckabee Sanders

That's one powerful campaign ad.

Reason Pa. May Not Have Highway Money
Pennsylvania lawmaker billed taxpayers $1.8 million in expenses
"State Rep. Chris Sainato (D) From when he was elected to the House in late 1994 to mid-January of this year, Sainato spent or has been reimbursed personally for more than $1.8 million...

... During that same time, Sainato and other lawmakers — who make up the largest full-time legislature in the nation — have received near-annual cost-of-living increases, and are today among the best paid in the U.S. In 2020, Sainato was paid a salary of $90,335, plus $21,951 in expense reimbursements and $30,746 in per diems, most of which he collected during the pandemic, with the state’s economy at a standstill and millions out of work."

Voters PAY but have no SAY

There's lots of talk about redistricting. One thing never talked about is cutting the number of them in half.

And there's not a damn thing we can do about it.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

I've Mentioned This Previously Many Times

Over the last several posts I've noticed people have been skipping over my previous ones. As a result I'm going to put a hold on new ones till I see increased counts on nine of my most recent till people catch up.

Should I move this blog over to another platform like Facebook or some other social media site?

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Before you leave check out my other posts.

All too many times people arrive here seeking out a single post from whatever link led them here never taking the time to look at my other stuff. Some of these other posts might interest you as well.

Ray Morris Posted A Forks Township, Pa. Video

Stating this simply as I can:
I never considered growth in Lehigh Valley a positive thing. For just about every reason people moved here is now gone because they did.

Word Of Caution Hand Gardening

The wife was out doing flower gardening which she spends many hours doing. This is the first time she cut her bare hand on a three inch broken glass hidden in the soil. Luckily for her it was only minor but could have been so much worse had she severed a muscle or tendon requiring surgery.

I'd highly recommend people use small garden tools like scoops and rakes for these small projects instead of one's bare hands.

From now on this will most certainly be the case for her.

Open Meetings Violation Cost Town Everything

Sometimes, especially small local governments, tend to get sloppy posting public notices. This video should serve as a reminder to every local leader THEY MUST FOLLOW LAW TO THE LETTER. Seems to me the town overreached by taking this higher and higher in the court system.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

"Sparks" Is Now On The Big Screen

I had the oppurtunity to see these guys preform at one of the WSAN concerts in the Roxy Theatre (Northampton) way back when. What a hoot!

Dems Should Use Mitch's 2018 Republican Strategy

The Senate Hard[ly] At Work

They're getting paid for the whole month, so why not?

Friday, June 18, 2021

Providence Municipal Court Proceedings

June15, 2021

May 2019

December 2019

Judge Frank Caprio is the Chief Municipal Judge in Providence, Rhode Island

"Caught in Providence" airs on Philadelphia television KYW/WPSG WPSG 5:00am.

Wonder if anyone had pleasant experiences like these when they had to appear in traffic court. I doubt it

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Had A Earworm- Couldn't Sleep

After watching the 2019 "Toppers" concert from Amsterdam last night I couldn't sleep. This kept looping through my head. Course if you're going to have insomnia at least it was entertaining. Well it was until about the 10th time around.

One of the highlights to the 3 1/2 hour concert was this guy.

Amazing no one had a heart attack

No they never toured here. They likely never will. All are seperate stars in their own right and only come together once a year in Amsterdam for 6 shows.

We've got about 9 more hours of these concerts to watch. Already did 7 hours of them. Sleep in the coming nights may become questionable :-)

OK, one more from 2015 we already watched.

They usually feature one segment guest hosting American performers

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

I've Watched Both Putin And Biden's Pressers

I watched both press conferences in there entirety. The main impression I took away was both leaders are well spoken and intelligent.

The worst part is how the American press at Biden's were confrontational looking to stir up trouble.  Putin whose presser lasted almost an hour and half addressed reporters from all over the world. Each were respectful acting professionally (even those from the United States). American reporters were anything but at Biden's. More like gossip writers who have no business calling themselves journalists. Biden would have done better if he allowed foreign press (who are respectful) to ask questions.

In my opinion if it were up to Biden and Putin alone we wouldn't have many of the problems we're experiencing. Unfortunately both are under extreme pressures at home causing most of these problems.

I also think Biden never should have worked off a list handed to him for only the U.S. reporters he called on. Handlers were doing a great disservice to Biden. It made it look too controlled unlike Putin's. Overall Biden's abbreviated presser was a great disappointment to me.

If I were to score the two Putin's presser was far more informative. Because of it's length I came away with a greater understanding where his head was at.

Whatever the outcome shall be it will depend on far more individuals then just what Putin and Biden discussed while they were alone. Each have large presences at home who seek greater frictions between our countries then the two of them might prefer. 

No Lockdowns Anymore (Musical)

w/ Ariana Grande & Marissa Jaret Winokur

I've always been amazed by Ariana Grande's talent. Although I've never enjoyed the singles her corperate overlords wanted her to record. She has so much more talent then that.

Jimmy Fallon September 2015

Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Mom Used To Say "We Stink"

Perhaps as she grew older she acquired more knowledge then I appreciated at the time. Now, being as old as I've become, I find myself more and more in agreement with her. Especially given the stuff we're learning about our country's past history. Just look at a few of today's headlines. Krasner finds ‘horrendous abuses of power’ among cops, prosecutors in special report (Phila.)

Capitol Police IG To Testify That Rioters Stole Ballistic Vests And Helmets On Jan. 6

U.S. Military Guns Keep Vanishing, With Some Used In Street Crimes

899 People Got Expired Vaccine Doses At Times Square Site

MTA bosses ‘misused’ credit cards

Armor-piercing grenades stolen from train heading to Pa. Army depot

MLB Pitchers Could Face 10-Game Bans For Altering Balls: Commissioner

Woman Whose Wheelchair Delta Broke Reveals Hellish Truth About Flying While Disabled

Disney World sees huge rise in concealed gun arrests

Those are only some of today's. Seems rather fruitless for me to comment on them for there will dozens more like them tomorrow. Fortunately the wife and I spend most of our time on family and watching positive entertainment on TV when I'm not going through these for this blog.

Should this blog greater reflect my other interests instead?
Maybe just headlines I come across?
It's an issue I've always grappled with.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Fake Tickets To Trump’s ‘2nd Inauguration
Fake Tickets to Trump’s ‘2nd Inauguration’ Circulate on Social Media
"This is not a genuine photograph of tickets to Trump’s inauguration. This is a doctored image that was created with a blank ticket template.... This picture appears to have been first posted to the internet message board 4chan on June 13. That posting appears to have been made as a joke to mock the idea that Trump would soon be reinstated to the presidency."

They've been turning up on Faecbook and elsewhere. I kinda figure anyone reposting them on their account will wind up in "Facebook Jail". But hey who knows, maybe a few will show up in front of the capitol steps that day anyway :-)

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Government Can Steal Your Money

Here's how. Through questionable forfeiture laws. When they do it's up to the accused to prove they didn't commit a crime. Even when they weren't charged with one. It appears the constitution and peoples right to due process no longer matters in today's world.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Huge Cover Up By Former Trump Administration
Trump Administration Spied On Top Democrats
"The Donald Trump administration spied on top Democrats and their children after gaining access to lawmakers phone data, a report claims. Phone data belonging to two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee were subject to interrogation by the Trump administration and justice department (DoJ) in 2018, The New York Times reported on Thursday."



I fear few of our greatest minds are willing to risk their careers, possibly there very lives, by going in to Washington politics. It was said many congressional Republicans have these same concerns if they should speak of their true beliefs. Can't say I much blame them. However by not doing so puts our democracy in peril. I wonder if there will come a point where this has gone too far.

I don't see how this could be construed in any other way then trying to undermine our democracy. Dictatorships are born this way.

Adam Schiff reacts..

Washington officials are not the only ones living in fear...
Trump-inspired death threats are terrorizing election workers
"Election officials and their families are living with threats of hanging, firing squads, torture and bomb blasts, interviews and documents reveal. The campaign of fear, sparked by Trump's voter-fraud falsehoods, threatens the U.S. electoral system."

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Tax Fairness- Nothing Fair About It

I'm shocked, I tell ya.. NOT!

It's always been this way. Plug one loophole, they find two more.
I'm assuming their state taxes look simular.

Rich peoples club... and you ain't in it.

What's Wrong With Some Of These Cops?

Seriously what would you do?
Ever see some of those shoulders along route 22 or portions of the Pa. NE Turnpike. I'd rather risk another charge for not pulling over till the next grassy area or exit area. Never would I imagine a hot dog with a badge would wreck me like I just committed murder. He must have watched too many action movies. Could have wrecked himself along with a few other cars. Why is it some of these guys seem to find the need to escalate situations?

These are the kind that keep lawyers rich at taxpayers expense.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Why We Have A immigration Problem At The Border

There is a lot of information available about the U.S. tinkering in South American affairs for decades. I'm not going to go into great length about this. If anyone's interested they can research this for themselves. I will say this. The immigration problem is largely of our own making. Call it karma if you will. We are by no means innocent when it comes to the problems we unnecessarily create for ourselves both within and without.

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Allentown School District Is A Mess

ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA, In 2012, the average teacher salary in Allentown School District was $63,480 a year, while the cost of the benefits teachers received was $19,845 per employee, for a total annual average teacher compensation of $83,325... .

WFMZ: The budget for 2021-2022 will be approximately $365M+. Two thirds which comes from federal and state funding. This along with a 4.6% tax increase. The largest allowed by law.

ACCORDING TO PUBLICSCHOOLREVIEW.COM The school district's spending/student of $19,320 is higher than the state median of $15,178... Public schools in Allentown City School District have an average math proficiency score of 21% (versus the Pennsylvania public school average of 45%), and reading proficiency score of 36% (versus the 63% statewide average). This district's average testing ranking is 2/10, which is in the bottom 50% of public schools in Pennsylvania.

Parkland School District spends about $17,122 per student. Why is Allentown spending over a couple thousand dollars more? Mismanagement or for concentrating more on social needs rather then basic education like reading, writing arithmetic?

I don't have the answer but I do know this. The Allentown school district is definitely not heading in the right direction. I see little chance of it ever doing so. Maybe it's time we look towards hiring someone from the business sector who has a good sense on how to handle finances heading up this monstrosity.

One thing is for sure we never had any luck hiring someone from another district elsewhere. We already have plenty of staff to handle the educational aspects (maybe too many). I think this district now needs a sound fiscal manager from the private sector rather then another grifter from some other school district.

Check back often. Better yet subscribe. You never know what you'll find next on this blog. Entertainment, science, technology, humor, everything in between and more.

Before you leave check out my other posts.

All too many times people arrive here seeking out a single post from whatever link led them here never taking the time to look at my other stuff. Some of these other posts might interest you as well.

Future U.S. Food Supply In Jeopardy

While everyone is going through their mental gymnastics bitching about their political and ethnic differences this reality is largely going unnoticed. This country better get it's act together quickly. Start working with each and other on the "REAL" problems facing us. If not, none of this bellyaching divisivness will very much matter if we all go down the tubes together with little food or water in 1/3 of the country.

Once there was a time surrounding the Egytian pyramids fields were lush and green. Time and again past civilizations were driven from their lands when they became no longer viable. Don't think for a moment it can't happen here. The earth is an ever changing place favoring no one.

Barack Obama- Saving America's Democracy

Democracy, like the economy, grows from the bottom up. Not the top down.

Monday, June 7, 2021

FRANCE 24 A Good Source Of News

A portion of my day is taken up watching "France 24". It's available on most cable channels and on YouTube. American news providers ignore just about everything else going on in the world. Thus many people in the United States remain ignorant of things going on in the world around them. Not only that I find most American news sources very biased. "France 24" much less so. I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your daily routine to watch them.

Changing how we do our grocery shopping

Kamala Harris's first foreign trip.

How The U.S. RUINED Puerto Rico

Think what was said in that video. 85% of everything has to be imported strictly from the United States. This because Puerto Rico isn't allowed to trade with anyone other then the United States. Thus when we in the states pay import fees then ship this same stuff to the island there are additional export fees on these same items. Thus P.R. gets screwed since both costs are passed down to them. Plus all fossil fuels are forced to come from the United States.

In other words we treat Puerto Rico like crap. This doesn't speak well of us. Don't even get me started about Cuba. Seems we like to keep everyone else poor. Well maybe not all of us...
Sens. Moran, Klobuchar, Leahy Introduce Legislation to Lift Cuba Trade Embargo
(May 21, 2021)
"The unilateral trade embargo on Cuba blocks our own farmers, ranchers and manufacturers from selling into a market only 90 miles from our shoreline, while foreign competitors such as China benefit at our expense,” said Sen. Moran... The U.S. International Trade Commission found that if restrictions on trade with Cuba had been lifted, exports like wheat, rice, corn and soybeans could increase by 166 percent within five years to a total of about $800 million."

Not to mention how many would like to take cruises/planes to vacation there. Keep in mind Cuba isn't building bombs nor nukes which threaten us. In fact about their biggest contribution to this southern region is it's training of doctors.

What are we afraid of from these Caribbean nations.. competition?
Or is it we just plain don't like so-called foreigners?

Seems to me we try to keep other nations poor so we can live large. If so, this game can only last so long.

Why Marine One Is So Expensive

It still impresses me how just about anything can be found on YouTube. It is probably the largest video arhcive in the world. I hardly, if ever, couldn't find something I was looking into. Amazing times we're living in.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Inside A Nuclear Powered Submarine

The USS Florida (November 2019)

I'm a bit surprised the Navy granted permission to film. On the other hand I doubt anyone has a clue how all these systems work with what was shown in this video.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Ever Hear Of The "De Toppers"?

See the thing is we think only American music performers can fill stadiums. So not true. Some of the biggest acts in the world never come to the United States. DE TOPPERS is one such group. Hence why most of us here in the states never heard of them. According to Wikipedia, "The group has performed a series of concerts every year since 2005 in the Johan Cruyff Arena [Amsterdam]... with more than 40 sold-out shows, is the longest running concert series in the Benelux [group of three nations]."

I've posted five performances but a whole bunch more can be found HERE ON YOUTUBE Them folks in the Netherlands sure know how to have a good time! It makes me want to visit there.

Yes this what I do with most of my time. Watch a bunch of international performers few ever get to enjoy. This is what makes me the most happy.

Fox News Propaganda

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Few Troublesome Headlines + One Good One
Space junk slams into space station, leaving gaping hole in robotic arm
"According to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), the robotic arm is attached to the outside of the ISS and ‘a small section of the arm boom and thermal blanket’ has been damaged."
Feds Charge GOP Donor’s Brother With Murder After Pardon By Ex-Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin
"Federal authorities have charged a 43-year-old man with murder after outgoing Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin pardoned him a year after his family had raised thousands of dollars for the Republican politician... Many of the hundreds of people Bevin pardoned were related to donors to his political campaigns."
US Soldiers Accidentally Leaked Nuclear Secrets Online For Years
"As per Bellingcat's investigation, it turns out that a number of soldiers were using flashcard learning apps to memorize these protocols — the trouble is that any flashcards loaded onto the apps are available for the public to see. These flashcards contained detailed classified information, such as the specific vaults in which nuclear weapons were held."
'Solar Canals' Could Save 63 Billion Gallons of Water Annually in California
"With approximately 4,000 miles (6,437 km) of canals transporting water throughout California, the state has plenty of real estates on which to build solar panel infrastructure, a report by Popular Science explains. It turns out that fitting panels above the waterways using suspension cables also provides a surprisingly powerful benefit for the canals themselves."

The idea here is to prevent water evaporation.

Songs Kids In The '60s Grew Up With

OMG.. that was almost 60 years ago!
Seems like only a few years ago.
Damn.. Am I really that old?
Appears so.

Starting with Allentown's own...