Thursday, October 21, 2021

Death Threats Creating Exodus Of Election Officials

This can be blamed almost entirely on Donald Trump. He has a way of amplifying the intellectually challenged crazies among us. This makes him a dangerous threat to U.S. democracy. What's the matter with people that they can't see him for what he is?

Color Fun Fact From Neil deGrasse Tyson

Just another way at looking at things.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

One Of The Most Significant Roles On Star Trek

Here's why

Nichelle Nichols discusses how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
who was a fan of Star Trek convinced her to remain on the series.

Sometimes we don't think about things that really should matter. This is one of those that did. I was quite surprised looking back they were right. Blacks were never featured in SciFi's up until that time.

Nichelle Nichols on filming the first interracial kiss on American television.

A really big deal at the time!

"Person Of Interest"

Another series we used to enjoy.
Why The Show Was Cancelled
"Here's why Person of Interest was cancelled after season 5 and what season 6's story could've been about. The action-thriller series was based on the concept of an artificial intelligence called The Machine that could predict murders before they happen."

Show Opening Season 1 (2011)

Knowing today there's facial recognition software, cellphone tracking, trojan virus malware, etc. this program was not as far fetched as some may believe it once was. Who knows what the government (and others) may have at their disposal.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Bring This Show Back!

It was more informative then watching what people now consider cable news. All of it based on real events at the time. They pointed out on many occassions what's wrong with main stream news many of us are deluded by.

As far as I'm concerned people could learn more from that show then on any of the cable news networks. Sure the show was biased. So is cable news but a whole lot less entertaining. Sometimes this show was more factual.

Best Congress Money Can Buy
Senator Joe Manchin Wants the “Most Important Climate Policy” Out of Biden’s Budget
"The program is designed to reward utilities that shut down their older coal and natural gas plants and switch to cleaner solar, wind or nuclear options—it would also punish utilities that don’t make the switch...

Manchin, like many powerful people in the state, is personally heavily invested in the industry. Before joining the Senate, Manchin founded a coal brokerage firm, which he has handed over control of but still profits from. By one estimate he has earned about $45 million from the business since joining the Senate."

The total number of coal miners in his state (14,000) represent only 2.4% the total number of 2018 voters. (Less then 1%  of the total population). And here you thought he was unselfishly worried about those coal workers in his state.

One thing I can say with certainty...
No U.S. congressional member comes out poorer then they went in.
Millionaire Members of Congress and Their Taxpayer-Funded Pensions
March 16, 2021: "In 2018, the latest year available, 617 retired members of Congress received federal pensions: 318 at an average of $75,528, under the older (CSRS) retirement program, and 299 at an average of $41,208 under the current (FERS) system...

Last year, at Forbes, we calculated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 
(with an estimated net worth of $114.7 million) earned $5.7 million in salary during her 35-year congressional career... Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (with an estimated net worth of $35 million) earned $5.5 million in salary over 37 years."
Top 50 U.S. millionaire congress members (in 2018)

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Why the Dutch Wait Less at Traffic Lights

This more efficient flow not only creates improved  safety but so too benefits a city's economy. More deliveries can be made in a certain span of time. Less accidents means less costs for emergency services. Less stress for pedestrians, riders and drivers. Greater fuel efficiency. Less traffic of all kinds within a certain time span because many arrive at their destinations before things become backed up.

Every year the United States falls further behind other nations newest innovations.
Why is that?

Social Security Increase For 2022
Social Security Announces 5.9 Percent Benefit Increase for 2022
"The 5.9 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will begin with benefits payable to more than 64 million Social Security beneficiaries in January 2022... The maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax (taxable maximum) will increase to $147,000."

This is the first time I will be seeing a decent increase. Hopefully it will be enough to carry me through 2022's increasing costs of inflation.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Either Commit Perjury Or Get Fired

As if most cases aren't stacked against a defendant in the first place. DA's have at their disposal a team of lawyers, legal research assistants, detectives, forensic specialists, lab work and a budget not with their own money to spend. Most defendants have none of those. I've always said throughout my life, he who has the most money usually wins. Hence why the system is stacked against the least wealthy.

Hung juries can result in possibly several expensive retrials Even if someone feels wrongly convicted they can run out of money for appeals. Thus ending up on the losing end. This doesn't make "justice" necessarily fair does it?

Monday, October 11, 2021

Brush Up On Your Mandarin
Pentagon’s first software chief quit because China has already won global tech war
"The Pentagon’s former software chief said he quit because China has already won the tech war guaranteeing global dominance — with some US government systems mere “kindergarten level” in comparison."

Given the fact..
Over 70% of our electronic chips used in the country are imported from China
76 cargo ships with 10,000's of containers await unloading Chinese imports.
China is using those profits buying up U.S. companies (reducing their production).
Chinese military and land expansions are at a ever growing rate.
China is making inroads with foreign countries because the U.S. is losing it's economic leverage 

Pay Attention: 
We hardly make anything like we once did. When we do, we rely nearly 50% on the parts coming from other countries including much of the machinery to assemble those parts.

The majority of the vehicle brands sold here are owned by foreign corporations with parts largely made outside our borders. Same goes with importing pharmaceuticals, lumber, aluminum and dozens upon dozens of more items totaling $2.1 trillion of imported goods each year. In fact the United States runs a trade deficit with all its five major trading partners: China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Canada. China being the largest.

Congress and most of this country's people can't agree on most any damn thing. Too busy confronting one another to pay attention to the real threat. Companies looking to cut corners. Congress obsessed trying to take out their political opponents to the degree everything else gets ignored. Not to mention currently we have some of the least intelligent human beings to walk the planet filling those seats. Many of which couldn't hold a job more then a few weeks if they worked in the private sector. Quite a bunch of bullshitters actually. 

Pathetically there's little you or I can do about the situation Change has to come through federal legislation. Quite frankly I'm little confidant anything will change to make that happen. A nation cannot became a great world leader by relentlessly kicking each and other in the ass. This while other nations are getting their act together aligning themselves with other countries just  chomping at the bit to overtake us. This unfortunately is where things stand as I see it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

One Of My Pet Peeves

I remember very clearly in 9th grade when my English teacher lambasted a kid for saying it wrong. "What are you, a baby?... goo goo dada. You're in 9th grad now. Say it right!"

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Roots Of Christianity

And you think the Talban are tough!

Not sure Bible study for kids would be a good thing in schools as some would have us believe. If it were, which parts should or should not be taught and who'd get to decide? 

How about none of it just to be on the safe side.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage Plans

I have a Medicare supplemental 'F' plan. Always did even though it's much more expensive. These so-called advantage plans are a nightmare in my opinion. Years ago our employer had one of these and it was one of the worst experiences the wife and I ever had. We had to navigate a complicated maze with a very limited amount of newly minted doctors available. The worse scenario being a visit to the ER. It would not be paid for unless we jumped through hoops. Even if approved there was no assurance every doctor in the ER was a in-network member. Horrible. Absolutely frightening.

Yes it costs the wife and I combined nearly $368 a month, but just one visit to the ER could cost multiple times that amount under one of these so-called advantage plans. Plus it picks up my very expensive prescription cost nearly equal to what I pay in. The plan covers the full 20% Medicare does not pay every time without question.

You'd be surprised how many times these advantage plans refuse a request to visit the ER without complicated prior approval from them. Or raise questions about  paying for certain medications that regular Medicare does for in-home medical treatment devices.

Medicare Supplemental 2020 Plans

The wife and I both have 'F Plans'

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Allentown Circa 1828 to 1985 (Repost)

Reposted From Jan 17, 2013

"These postcards were from the private collection of the John Stopp family from Allentown, Pennsylvania, whose ancestors pioneered near the Jordan Creek prior to the Revolutionary War, later built civic and commercial buildings in Allentown, and were involved with several of the institutions depicted in the postcards."

Video Courtesy jmackel

"Sheila Evans of the Allentown Symphony Association gives the
history of Symphony Hall and its influence on the surrounding area."

History & Tour by ViaCastTV

A BRIEF TIMELINEMarch 12, 1867- Allentown was officially "incorporated".

July 4, 1828- The first documented performance by the "Allentown Band"

1832- M.S. Young & Co. 724 Hamilton Street (later 740 Hamilton) (Mark Young & Stephen Barber). Stephen died in 1860. The store was huge. It's 5 story building was connected by tunnels and an overhead bridge to it's other buildings at 11,13 & 15 S. 8th Street.

June 1, 1848- Allentown had a population of 3,700 people living in 619 houses (6 per home).Today 118,032 are living in 45,960 houses (2.56 per home)
1847- Appel Jewelry, originally opened on E. Hamilton street. It relocated to the 600 block on Hamilton in 1860. In 1930 Carl W. Appel then became owner after his father passed away. Carl passed away at 94 years old on June 24, 1997.

1850- Henry Leh (an Allentown native). At 20 years old started H. Leh & Co at 626 W. Hamilton St.

1887- Allentown Steam Heat Company (23 S. Hall Street) was founded by Harry C. Trexler (his 1st business venture). It ceased operations in 1968

July 1, 1891- Electric trolley car service began in Allentown on Hamilton Street by the Allentown and Bethlehem Rapid Transit Company.

February 19, 1897- Hess's (9th & Hamilton) founded by Charles and Max Hess. Max died in 1922. Charles ran the store between then and 1932. Max Hess, Jr., from 1932 through 1968.

Oct. 19, 1899- The Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Center Square in Allentown was unveiled

Sept. 17, 1908- The Bandshell in West Park was dedicated (The Allentown Band performed at the dedication)

1910- Zollinger-Harned replaced the hardware store (W.R. Lawfer & Co.) at 605 W. Hamilton St.

November 17, 1913- 8th Street toll bridge opened for traffic (5 cents). The plans for the bridge were started in 1911 by the "Allentown Bridge Company" (formed by the "The Lehigh Valley Transit Company"). In 1906 Harry C. Trexler bought the forerunner to what became the LVT.

1912- Benioff Furs opened. The store was later run by his son, Abraham J. Benioff who at 91 passed away on Nov. 27, 1997. The store at 10th & Hamilton along with it's storage locker at 410 N. 6th Street closed on Friday, Feb 2, 1996.

1914- Harry C. Trexler started "Romper Day"

1897- Harry J. Trexler (lumber dealer), George Ormrod (coal/iron-like in Ormrod, Pa.) and Col. Edward M. Young (hardware) formed the Lehigh Portland Cement Company. On April 23, 1919 Lehigh Portland Cement Company' became reincorporated.

1922- Yoccos (Liberty Grill) founded by Theodore Iacocca (uncle of Lee Iacocca). Currently being run by the 3rd & 4th generation.

1923- Kern's Restaurant (Stooges) founded by Charles and Arlene Kern.

1926 to 1928- The PPL building was built.

1931- The Brass Rail opened it's first stand. It was started by Philip Sorrentino. Later, in 1933 it's location moved to 1137 W. Hamilton Street (since then closed). In 1961 a second store was opened at 3015 Lehigh Street where it is now run by his grandson.

1933-1934- The Allentown post office was built.

Other misc. businesses:The Allentown National Bank
The Lehigh Valley Trust and Safe Deposit Co.
The Second National Bank
Allentown Boiler Works
Shafer's Popular Book Store
Allentown Brewing Co.
Daufer & Co., 16 South 8th St.
Arbogast & Bastian, 7-23 Hamilton St.
Koch Bros (Clothiers) 7th & Hamilton
The Vulcan Brass Works, 716 N 4th St
Lehigh Knitting Mills, Court and Hall Sts.
Allen Steam Laundry, S 7th St.
Eastern Light
Allen Stamp and Stencil Co., 104-106 N 7th St.
Kramer's Music House, 544 Hamilton St.
Good's Pharmacy, 803 Hamilton St
Dolly Madison (soda/ice cream)
Adelaide Silk Mills
Wolfe Shoe Mfg. Co., Hall and Court Sts.,
McCrory's Five & Ten
Woolworths Five & Ten
A&P Food Store
Mohican Market
Movie Theaters:
The Boyd, The Towne, The Jeanette, The Rialto, The Colonial, The Earle, The Capri, The Eric, The Strand (12 N. 8th circa 1917), Orpheum Theatre (6th St. and Linden St.), Boulevard Drive-In, Westend Drive-In
The Rialto Theatre was built from 1918 to 1921.
Fire severely damaged it 1946.
It reopened and remained open till it's closure in 1979.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Detailed Past History Of Allentown (Repost)

Reposted From: June 16, 2011

Excerpts from the book "Past, Present And Future of the City of Allentown" published under the Auspices of the "Board Of Trade" in 1886. The book is housed at 'Columbia University's School of Business NY, NY.

Drawing some parallels from history
In Chapter 1, on the very first page, I found it interesting to note that in 1886, "All new industries are exempted from taxation for ten years." About all I can say the more things change, the more the stay the same. Today's city planners aren't doing anything more orginal then what Allentown was doing 125 years ago. Not exactly cutting edge is it?

Difference is, Allentown wasn't cutting NIZ checks to them !

Chapter 2 began with addressing urban sprawl. Course they were seeking farms back then rather then McMansions. "Every human tide, since the first human wave, began flowing westward, has followed the course of streams in search of fertile acres."

Originally in 1761 James Allen (son of William Allen) laid out plans for the town, "He laid it out from Fourth to Tenth streets, but concentrated nearly all his architectural efforts around the present Lehigh Street."

Chapter 3 discusses, amongst other things, the naming of the streets. "Hamilton Street was called after Governor Andrew Hamilton whose daughter you will remember, was James Allen's mother."

"The road from Easton to Reading.. Union and Jackson streets"

"The other ran from Bake-Oven Knob out through the present Seventh street past Helfrich's Springs."
The rest of the chapter describes the calamities that befell Allentown, devastating fires and floods around 1848. The fires woke Allentown up for a need for a fire department as contributions poured in from as far a way as New Orleans to help Allentown rebuild.

Chapter 4 Begins by talking about Allentown's 'inns" (bars).. "the father crowding in a tavern in every nook and corner where one would fit. Indeed , in the morning of our civic existence tavern-keeping was the chief local industry.... six taverns of the early village with it's 350 inhabitants in 1776..."

The book spoke nothing of 'nuisance bars'. :-)

~~ At this point I'm going to just skip a whole lot ~~.

The first store traded in "miscellaneous wares" in 1794. By trade, I mean "trade". "It wasn't considered the correct thing to pay cash... The transaction usually was a ridged exchange."

The first Mayor of Allentown was elected May 1, 1867, a Republican candidate Samuel McHose. Chapter 6 goes into detail describing each of the first several Mayors.

Chapter 8 goes into length discussing the ethic makeup of Allentown in the 1800's.

"Prior to 1802 we used to be obliged to journey to Bethlehem for our mail." It turns out an enterprising tavern owner saw an opportunity. People would then come to his tavern (bar) to pick up their mail

It can be argued that Allentown's first newspaper was the "Unabhaengiger Republikaner" ("Adjudicator Republican") published July 1810. Chapter 14 details Allentown numerous early press journalists and other papers.

Chapter 16 says The city of Allentown owed on it's debt $385,990.04 on Jan. 1, 1886. In 1886 Lehigh County was 100% debt free. Allentown's tax rates on homes was 6.5 mills. Today Allentown's is 50.38 on the land your house sits on and 10.72 mills on your house.

The richest ward in 1886 was the 5th ward and the poorest was the 8th ward. Kind of like a flip flop over what it is today.

Today's 5th ward is around the 6th street area between Hamilton and Liberty streets. Today's 8th ward is one of the biggest. It's in the area to the West of Mauch Chunk Road to 17th street. Downward past Highland Cemetery to Gordon Street. Then East to 7th Street bordered by Sumner Ave.

Rent was about $7.50 a month for a two story 5 room house. Most residents paid rent no higher then $18 a month.Good for today's landlords that Allentown, unlike today's New York, didn't put rent control in at that time. :-)The homes themselves were worth between $2,000 and $4,000.

The Allentown Bank came into existence on August 27, 1855. It had $100,000 of capital on hand. By 1886 it had $500,000 with a contingency fund of $100,000. The 'Lehigh Valley Trust And Safe Deposit Company' opened for business on Sept. 20, 1886. It started out with a capital of $250,000.

It was from that point forward, because of these banks, that Allentown headed into it's glory years of manufacturing. This was a departure from depending entirely on farming and mining up until that time.

Chapter 14 begins the many manufacturing companies that followed after 1855 (establishment of the Allentown Bank) till Chapter 56 (the end of the book ). It extensively names them with a great many details up until 1886 (the date of the book's publication).

All 168 pages can be read here on Google books
Published in 1886 by the "Daily Chronicle And News", 638 Hamilton Street.

School Boards Across Country Request Federal Protection
School Board Group Asks White House For Federal Protection
[CNN video report]
""The National School Board Association is asking the White House and the Education Department to help ensure the security of its members"

Too many nuts attend public meetings.
My suggestion would be to host all public attendees in an adjoining room connected LIVE via big screen video and audio feeds in both directions. It would also eliminate those who refuse to give up their allotted time for public comment simply by disconnecting them. This would satisfy the requirement of public participation while at the same time insuring the safety of all concerned. This would apply to all public meetings. Not just those of school boards.

Shame it's come to this but I see little choice. Otherwise what rational person would ever want to become a government member knowing at any time they could be physically accosted.

How To Wreck Postal Service

Up the price
Slow the service
Sometimes no deliveries for days

In other words drive customers away.

Another example of government hardly at work for you.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Who's FOS, Trump Or Biden?

ANSWER: They both are.

Biden in 1988

Putin found it amusing

I had expressed my dismay with the choices we had in 2020 election back then on this blog. Voters were given only two choices.. dumb or dumber. You choose which.

I mean really, is this the best we could do?

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Here's Where Rap Got It Roots From

Here's one of the early rappers- Jimmy Dean

Joe Casey died June 22, 2012.
He was a square dance caller for 62 years throughout New England and New York.

Bet many of ya didn't know anything about the roots of rap did cha?

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Amish Auction For Their Kids Healthcare Costs

Uploaded September 26, 2021

Holmes County, Ohio

I don't think there could be better people in the country then these folks. They set a great example for us all. I found it rather surprising how much  Amish buggies cost.

Need Me Some MORE Bruuuuuuuce

The 'Hard Rock Calling' festival in London, 2013

Need Me Some Bruuuuuuuce

Live at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 2006

Saturday, September 25, 2021

We're Losing The Economic War

This was the statement I made the other day. Here's more about that.
LA port backup grows to record 62 ships as supply chain crunch worsens
"A record 62 cargo ships are waiting to dock at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and are stuck floating off the coast... The Port of Long Beach has broken monthly records for how much cargo has passed through for 12 of the last 13 months, with 32 percent more cargo processed this year than in 2020..."

Simple logic dictates every one of those incoming cargo ships are making other countries even richer. They then can use those profits to buy up more American farms and manufacturing companies. Then in turn shutting them down requiring us to buy even more crap from them. Thus creating a shortage will drive up profits even higher for them.

Duh !
U.S. leaders must be a special kind of stupid to continue allowing this to happen. There's very little consumers can do about this. Unfortunately Washington politicians are too busy trying to destroy one another to be bothered with what would be in the best interest of the country. 

Saudi Arabia Buying American Water Rights

There are no limits on the amount of water foreign governments can extract and export.

They're even buying the cargo ports themselves!

So while the ignorant damn fools down in Washington are playing political games we're being taken over through ownership. The countries that own our wealth are the ones that will control Washington (if they aren't already). This is some seriously alarming stuff in my book.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Local Board Meetings Are The Backbone of America.

Brian Williams Clip From His MSNBC Show 'The Recount'

This is why intelligent species from other planets never make contact. Perhaps they did a drive-by eons ago dumping their undesirables and flew off   Now we're stuck with them.

It was also could explain Genesis in the bible as to the expulsion from the garden. It wasn't about bad apples after all. God and the angels didn't want to raise a bunch of nuts so they weeded them out. Somewhere along the line translators must have mixed up the two since both are vegetables.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Clips From 4 Of The Best Shows Ever On TV

These show's writers forced people to think about things going on in the world. Will there ever come a time once again where TV shows receive the kind of budgeting requirements they need to appear on network TV?
Has network TV entirely succumbed to the fee based streaming services business model only?

I, for one, miss those days when major networks were the truly 'must see TV' it once was. Shame on them for abandoning shows like these. The following performers and writers deserve much more credit then I would have assumed. I took for granted they'd always be others in the pipeline. Sadly I was very much mistaken.

The Newsroom: Will McAvoy On Being A Republican...

The Newsroom: Ground Zero Mosque Debate

Boston Legal: Alan Shore- Illegal Immigrants

Boston Legal: Alan Shore vs Supreme Court

Madam Secretary: How The Sausage Gets Made- General Mourad Cherat

Madam Secretary: Former Secretaries of State advise Elizabeth

Madam Secretary: VOTE!

The West Wing: Jed Bartlet Scenes

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Biden Administration Treatment Of Haitian Migrants
Chuck Schumer Criticizes Biden Administration Over Treatment Of Haitian Migrants
"The Democratic Senate majority leader urged President Joe Biden to cease the expulsion of Haitian migrants who have been massing at the U.S.-Mexico border."


Most of those interviewed had been staying in South America for months. Some for years. If  my family and I arrived at a hotel and the rooms are all full we either need to go somewhere else or head back home. For these people it's as simple as crossing back to where they left Nobody is forcing them to live in squalor like they choose to do under the bridge. This is of their own making. We didn't do it. Biden nor any of us should be held responsible for these unwise decisions they continue to make.

Then there are those screaming their heads off about Biden allowing them into the country. The other half of the jackasses yelling Biden shouldn't send them to Haiti. What is Biden supposed to do. Damned if he does. Damned if he doesn't. How the hell are we suppose to stop them.. shoot them?

The way I see it these wanderers determine their own destiny. I'd not give them food nor water or anything else. All they have to do is turn around walk back across the river. None of this is America's doing. We can't take on every problem people create for themselves.

There's only so many people a boat can hold before it sinks. Such is the same with nations. Before trying to lay a guilt trip on the American people all sides need to be reminded no single nation can solve all the world's problems. There is such a thing as generosity. Another to allow others to exploit the American people's good intentions till it weakens us.

There's a time for compassion. But no such time as it endangers our country because of others failures to deal with what should be their own responsibility. In short.. these people need to realize we're not suckers for every unfortunate thing happening elsewhere in the world. They need to go elsewhere till they are invited. Even better, stay home. Work on the conditions that made them want to leave in the first place.

4th Grade Common Core Division

OMG these poor kids. Hours of teaching what could probably be taught in a fraction of the time. It's like driving through Pennsylvania to Ohio for a beach vacation in New Jersey.

We had a kid who worked with us in the wet mix room at a food plant where I worked. At the end of the run we only needed a partial batch. The guy working with me told the kid to figure the amounts we needed. He was given a paper and pencil. He told the kid to do this while he did something else which needed to be done. Unbeknownst to this kid my coworker already made up the partial batch before this genius could come up with the amounts needed. And my coworker did it all in his head.

Is it any wonder then why our schools are behind nearly every other developed country?

To add a little extra burn to this story, nearly all the equipment we were using was engineered and manufactured in other countries.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

What The Hell Is Wrong With Texas?

Lawsuits are all fine and dandy but they only serve to punish taxpayers. Never the jackasses that deserve punishment. These officials seem wanting to make things as miserable as they can for so many who don't deserve it. Drunk on power if you ask me.

MLB Moves Bat Production To China

(MLB's balls are hand-sewn at the Rawlings factory in Costa Rica.)
China is Coming for American Farms
"The biggest Chinese agricultural investment in the U.S. came in 2013, when the Bank facilitated the largest acquisition of an American company to date: the $4.7 billion purchase of Smithfield Foods [the licensee of Nathan's Famous pre-packaged beef hot dogs], also the world's biggest pork producer, by the Shuanghui Group. The 146,000 acres of land that Shuanghui thereby gained made it one of the largest foreign owners of U.S. property.

But Beijing hasn't stopped there. Currently, ChemChina, an agricultural state-owned enterprise, is attempting to take Swiss firm Syngenta, the world's largest crop protection maker and third-biggest seed supplier, public. Its value? $50 billion. More importantly, while Syngenta is a Swiss company, it operates multi-billion dollar farm sites across 16 U.S. states, invests in research and development yearly, employs over 4,000 Americans in 41 states and views the U.S. as its top market. Its stake in American farmland is thus critical, and China knows it.

This scene from 'Madame Secretary' two years ago
sums things up nicely for what I'm about to say.


So while we fight among each other over just about everything China's been on a straight forward path towards world domination. I fear we've become such fools that we see each other and just about every other person in the world a threat except the very country that threatens us directly the most.

At one time we worried about manufactured imports from Japan. Then our jobs going to Mexico. They both pale in comparison  About the only thing we make anymore in this country is TikTok videos and lawsuits against one another.

Isn't it about time we wake the hell up?
We're engaged in a economic war with the rest of the world. One which we're losing badly.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

THE LION KING on Broadway Reopened On 09/14/2021

It re-opened September 14, 2021 at
'The Minskoff Theatre'
200 W. 45th St., New York, NY

We had the good fortune to see this musical in October 2001. One month after the Twin Towers were destroyed. Attendance was full. Despite what had happened many, such as the wife and I, were determined to not allow ourselves succumb to fear. It was the first LIVE Broadway musical production to grace 'The New Amsterdam Theatre' after it's $34 million restoration. It had been decaying for years since hosting 'The Ziegfeld Follies' (1913-1927). 

Elton John wrote the musical score. Tim Rice the lyrics. It was the first Broadway production to use actors in giant animal costumes as well as large hollow puppets. The show premiered on October 15, 1997 and has been going strong ever since. Grossing over $1b (highest of all time).

August 19, 2021:
Director Julie Taymor addresses the cast of THE LION KING on Broadway before they sing through 'Circle of Life' for the first time since March 2020. The performance is led by Tshidi Manye.

You may ask, well what's playing at the New Amsterdam now. Well I'll tell ya. Glad you asked. "Alladin" returns on Sepetember 28, 2021 to the stage.

James Monroe Iglehart at the 2014 Tonys as the genie.

As of 2019 there were actually 5 genies to that date
James Monroe Iglehart, Michael James Scott, tour Genie Major Attaway, and standbys Juwan Crawley and Deonte L. Warren

Monday, September 13, 2021

Eagles Season Opener 32 To Falcon's 6


I'll admit I was skeptical but one never knows do one?

Fingerprint Door Locks Are Useless

This can also work similarly on numerical keypad locks. Not to mention worn dirty buttons may give away which buttons are frequently pressed. So much for high technology.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Covid Doesn't Give A Crap What People Think
Daily Covid-19 case average is more than 3 times higher than it was last Labor Day
"The United States' seven-day average of new cases Monday (137,270 daily) dwarfs the average seen on Labor Day of last year (39,355 daily), according to Johns Hopkins University data."

As I surmised Covid never has given up the fight. It was just waiting in the wings till people got sloppy. Well here we are folks. I expect by October this whole thing is going to get out of control (especially in the schools).

It doesn't matter one iota what people want to believe. The virus itself couldn't be concerned less what happens despite all the screaming, hollering and bickering with one another. Sometimes the human race has to learn the hard way. This is one of those times.

It's shame so many innocents who do the right thing have to suffer because far too many others choose to be jackasses.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Michael Moore On Ending War In Afghanistan

Clip from 'Fahrenheit 9/11' (2004)

This is a 14 minute clip from a longer documentary called
"Rethink Afghanistan" that was released over eleven years ago

Hundreds of thousands were feeding off the teats of the American taxpayer. No wonder so many are pissed off with Biden ending the war.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Meet Some Genuine Amish Mennonites In Ohio

These kind of videos are much better watching then any so-called reality programs on TV. Unscripted The real deal. Nothing could be more authentic then people you see here in this video. I must say, many of their opinions align with mine.

Once again an example why my preferred viewing are YouTube videos. These kind of videos take me to places and people I'd never meet. I learn new things from them constantly.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Taliban Inspect U.S. Aircraft Left Behind At Kabul Airport

Yeah sure we trained some of them how to repair aircraft.
Course they'll need the proper parts that fit each to do that :-)

The Haves And Have Nots Getting Worse

Freed from traditional offices, remote workers are relocating all over the country, fueling "Zoom booms" in remote towns. In Crested Butte, Colorado, the new influx is leaving locals with nowhere to live, prompting the town to declare a housing emergency.

So let me see if I get this correct.
Locals have to live in tents, cars and trucks so wealthy can enjoy their 2nd and 3rd homes served by them. Well this sucks. It reminds me of indentured servitude. This restaurant lady pays them whereupon they give half or more of the salary back to her to live in one of her rentals.

The gap between those who have money and those who have not are getting wider each passing month. We see this in most of the third world countries around the world. If this inequity is not addressed the United States could become one like them. If there could be one thing worse then socialism it's capitalism run amuck. Unfortunately all indications are we are headed in that direction.

Talk about going full circle.
Seems to me we're headed back to a time miners, ranch hands, plantation/farm workers, cement factory employees and others had to live like this. So much for the American dream. More like a nightmarish future for some. The way ahead not looking too bright if this trend continues unabated.

Friday, September 3, 2021

ABBA Back After 40 Years!

Few groups today can excite the music industry like ABBA. It's so welcome a relief for me to hear of their return no matter how they do it.

'Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now (cover by HSCC)

Another great cover band from South Australia I came across.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Social Security Funds Will Run Out Sooner Than Expected
Social Security funds will run out sooner than expected, feds warn
"Social Security will need to cut benefits starting in 2034... Medicare is still expected to exhaust its reserves in 2026."
Social Security Board of Trustees: Combined Trust Funds Projected Depletion One Year Sooner Than Last Year
PRESS RELEASE: "If Congress does not act before 2034 there would be sufficient income coming in to pay 78 percent of scheduled benefits... Social Security paid benefits of $1.096 trillion in calendar year 2020. There were about 65 million beneficiaries at the end of the calendar year."

SSA Trustees Report- "The Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Fund, or Medicare Part A, which helps pay for services such as inpatient hospital care, will be able to pay scheduled benefits until 2026, the same year as reported last year. At that time, the fund's reserves will become depleted and continuing total program income will be sufficient to pay 91 percent of total scheduled benefits...

Lawmakers have many policy options that would reduce or eliminate the long-term financing shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare. Lawmakers should address these financial challenges as soon as possible. Taking action sooner rather than later will permit consideration of a broader range of solutions and provide more time to phase in changes so that the public has adequate time to prepare."

Indeed there are measures congress could take. However given the current political climate, will they in time?

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Distant Galaxies Mess With Our Lives

The implications of what these energetic particles are capable of doing is enormous. Especially if they are able to alter DNA as implied in this video. I also find it rather astounding the knowledge these scientists have acquired. Much of which I have never heard of before. I'm learning new stuff everyday.

How Many Remember Mr. Six?

HINT: He was a hellva lot younger then the character he portrayed.


Mr. Six (Danny Teeson) was an advertising character used from 2004 to 2010 for the American theme park chain Six Flags.

Danny Teeson (born May 27, 1975) is a British dancer and choreographer.

Moderna Creates Twice as Many Antibodies as Pfizer
Study Shows Moderna Creates Twice as Many Antibodies as Pfizer
"There are two plausible reasons for the higher antibody levels of the Moderna vaccine, according to the paper. One is the higher amount of mRNA that is packed in the Moderna vaccine (100 micrograms) as compared to the 30 micrograms given in the Pfizer vaccine. The other is the duration between the doses."

How fortunate both the wife and I received this one at AG Hall through Allentown's health bureau.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Bellyaching About Packaging Waste

Here's another one of my videos from the archives. It's old cranky video I made about recycling back in February 2009. It was true back then as it still is today.

Although these videos once appeared on YouTube, they've never been presented on this blog. Some I've uploaded back onto YouTube. Others I have not and only appear here exclusively.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

vBlog- Ye Olde DJ Has Been... Me (Archived Videos)


Wondering if people would be interested in more vBlogs like I used to do?

Doing The News My Way

I've been going through some of my old archived videos. I'm not sure but thinking about posting a few more from the past It's a break from the current BS I've been posting recently. More?

Roller Skating 60's Style

Another video of mine dedicated to all who enjoyed their nights at the rink.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

4 of My MIDI Files

These were all done on my Roland SC-55 using 'Cakewalk' Software. I'll admit I downloaded the basic midi files but then went on to add tracks, assign instruments shaping them then adding additional SFX tracks to them as well. I've spent a huge amount of time on them. These are just four of may dozens. How many can you recognize.?

Although I'm certainly no musician by any means I do enjoy playing around with this stuff.

A Coupla' Video Dance Mixes I Made (LVCI Exclusive)


Thursday, August 26, 2021

2022 Lehigh County Budget Presentation

Lehigh County Executive Phil Armstrong delivers his 2022 Budget Proposal to the Board of Commissioners.

Las Vegas is Building the World’s Largest Sphere

It's schduled to open in 2023 at a cost of $1.8 billion.

Atlantic City, eat your heart out. This is unimaginable without seeing it in person when it's done.

Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom

People can argue with school officials.
People can argue with politicians.
People can argue with each other.
People can argue with medical people.

People can endlessly toss their opinions about with whoever they please. The fact remains there's no arguing or reasoning with the virus once it makes a home in someone's body. Covid will always have the final say who gets to live and who dies. Good luck to people taking up their opinions with a virus which could care less what peoples damn thoughts are. Whatever happens in the future will be entirely up to the virus itself for those not willing to give it the respect it deserves.

In short no matter how angry or loud people get the virus will still be the virus doing what every virus does. Ever in wait to infect the foolish just as sure as every other proven scientific law exist it is so.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Municipal Water Should Never Be Privatized
Aqua Pennsylvania looks to increase suburban water bills by 17% for up to 490,000 customers
"Aqua Pennsylvania, one of the region’s largest water companies, has filed a rate case petition with the state Public Utility Commission to increase water bills for customers by 17% and wastewater bills by 33%. More than 490,000 customers could be affected."

Basic municipal water should never be allowed to become privatized. If water isn't a basic function of any local government I question why even have a local government?

Water isn't a option. It's  the most basic life sustaining element humans need to survive. It should be at the very top of the list local governments be forced to provide. It's ironic some local governments don't want to get involved supplying it. But they'll be right there doing a company's bidding, rendering a home uninhabitable, if someone doesn't pay the bills to a large commercial corporation.

Talk about a mafia like shakedown. Government in cahoots with a commercial company.

The way I see this it does not serve the local taxpayers best interests by pawning off what should be government's responsibility. Instead citizens are forced to deal with a for-profit publicly-traded corporation beholden to it's shareholders.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Raven Rock Pennsylvania's 'Underground Pentagon'

Wonder if these folks got my reservations for this place since I never received my evacuation pass. Maybe it got lost in the mail. Never mind I'll call them. Say, what's the phone number for this place, anybody know?

Underground Beneath Philadelphia Streets

When the wife worked for the Wanamaker department stores she occasionally had meetings in Philadelphia. We always used an underground parking deck about a block away. From it you could directly enter a bank lobby (always unlocked) which had direct access to a subway walkway. From there we walked directly to the basement retail floor entrance of the Wanamaker building. No snow, rain nor cold weather problems whatsoever. I'm sure there a number more Philadelphia residents might be familiar with.

Comment from one viewer-
"Many tunnels were simply filled with utility lines and the walkways were moved to parallel tunnels, most of the concourses are still in use, and one can walk from 7th to 19th now, and from near arch street down to spruce...same as for past 90 years. the walkways connect two major regional commuter stations, a dozen commuter lines, 5 trolley lines, and 4 subways including one to NJ, many fantastic office towers, shops, department stores, government buildings, and restaurants. The arch street portion was cleverly and responsibly converted to a beautiful facility for homeless to shower and rest...

Monday, August 23, 2021

America’s Forever Wars

That pretty much sums it up. Another lession in history.

Allen B. West Pissed After Wife Arrested

Gubernatorial Candidate Allen West's Wife Speaks Out About DWI Arrest
"So, not knowing my rights nor the sequence of events to occur, I went along and at this moment I will avoid the gory details, but I am both injured and getting medical care. Officer Harris with the Dallas Police Department became “Aunt Lydia” for those fans of The Handmaid's Tale. She became my personal tormentor. She “showed me the ropes,” wrote West. “My hands are swollen and bruised as are my shoulders and arms. I have been locked and restrained in the squad car in the sweltering heat…. “The restraint tore some of the ligaments in my hands and shoulders. And….. I probably will test positive for COVID. My head is hurting very badly,” wrote West."

Sunday, August 22, 2021

4,215 Posts To Date

Looking back over the last ten years or so I've surprised even myself over the number and diversity of posts I made. Surely readers may find some of these of interest to them. Check them out on the right sidebar.

When I think I've covered just about every topic someone could I always find something more to post about without repeating myself. I really doubt anyone could find more diverse topics anywhere else other then here. I've always tried hard to find stuff that isn't repeatedly​ found elsewhere. Off the beaten path so to speak.

Yeah I'm blowing my own horn.
Why not?
If not I, who else would?

President Reagan's Humor

This was the time before Republicans lost their sense of humor over the years. Ronnie wouldn't be accepted in today's Republican party for dozens of reasons. I did vote for him and I would do so again if there were another like him. No he wasn't perfect but he was a hellva' lot more personable then the whole bunch in today's GOP. I'd be hard pressed to find any in that party today to be as charismatic and likeable as he.

The problem is today we take everything so damn serious. Not everything is a crisis every moment of the day and night. Nor is one's political opponent someone who is seen to be someone who must be destroyed no matter what. Even if it comes to the determent of stability within the United States in so doing.

To be truthful I feel neither Biden nor Trump should ever have been allowed close to the oval office. Two extremely bad choices. VP Harris is no stellar genius either. We could have done so much better with some of the other candidates in the primary. Reagan might have been somewhat out of touch but compared to Trump or Biden he would have made a better president today then both Biden and Trump combined. We really need to do much better in the future. However I fear the way it's looking, probably not. There's just too much ugliness in today's political world. So much so most decent folks wouldn't consider running for office.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Pirates Are Running Wild Off West Africa

I'm certain most people don't give a rat's patootie about what goes on in the rest of the world. We should. These are the kind of things we end up getting mixed up in for whatever reason when our American interests become involved. More about this after the video.

Apparently the people in that country got screwed out of their resources by big oil and Chinese fisheries. Since they have become destitute they will take to doing anything in order to survive. We tend to think of these as criminal pirates by nature rather then people driven to desperation. Perhaps if these people were given a fair share none of this would be happening. Wherever corruption and greed takes hold little good becomes of it.

We are all connected in some way whether directly or not. It's never a good idea to bury our heads and look the other way. Hence why I find it important enough to post such videos as these even if they are occurring on the other side of the globe.

These things have a way of sneaking up on people who aren't aware of everything going on in the rest of the world. Lest it's a good idea to keep an eye on the kind of greedy corrupt stuff going on elsewhere so it isn't able to get a foothold in this country. 

What You Need To Know About Afghanistan

Origins of the Taliban

Where things stood on Jul 30, 2021

It's been reported trillions of dollars in aide for roads, buildings and it's military apparatus disappeared through corruption without oversight. What few buildings and roads were actually built the people remained convinced the Taliban did these for them.

We screwed up by not truly knowing the history of how the Talban came into being. We also early on thought it would be a swell idea to arm the Taliban against Russia. Yeah well, Karma's a bitch.

In short. Wars are won by winning over hearts and minds. Victory that comes through the use of military force is doomed to be short lived. Know thy enemy before thinking about engaging them. Without a thorough working knowledge of the history and the thoughts of the Afghanistan people themselves it put us in a position of potential failure before we began.

Question is, have we learned this lesson before engaging another country. I doubt it. History isn't one of our highest priorities when it comes to our schools and universities. Neither is it with our intelligence, state department or military officials over the last four administrations evidently.

Friday, August 20, 2021

China The Mystery Of The Longyou Caves

These are usually my least viewed posts. Regardless I find them more fascinating then most of the other things I post.

Who were these people? Where'd they go? Has the apocalypse already come and gone leaving us behind? Do we inexplicably move from one dimension to another? Maybe living in a hologram? Sometimes these explanations make more sense then those who try explaining these abnormalities?

Your turn. What do you think is the explanation?
Go ahead. I'm waiting.
If people don't share the same curiosity as I it makes me wonder, why not?
This is important to me. Please leave some feedback. I'd appreciate it.

In summary..

Trump-Appointed Judge Made Himself In Charge Of ICE
Immigration Lawyers Say Trump-Appointed Judge in Texas Just Decided He’s in Control of ICE and ‘Emperor of U.S. Immigration Policy’ in ‘Unprecedented and Outrageous’ Ruling
"For immigration lawyers, Tipton has, in effect and with a court’s imprimatur, reinvented ICE with a system that places onerous demands on the Biden administration... The order also dismantles long-held understandings of executive branch authority over the Department of Homeland Security..."

It seems every decision elected leaders make is challenged in court. Thus essentially allowing unelected judges to become unofficial rulers. I don't think this is what authors of the constitution had in mind. Unfortunately you give some people a little bit of power and they run amuck with it.

It certainly does make voters wonder who's actually running the country. The ones we chose or certain biased unelected judges who empower themselves to run this country as they see fit based on their political prejudices. 

Smarter Than a 6th and 9th Grader?

How'd I do?
Don't ask.
Looks like my brain retired years ago along with me.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Daughter Of Former MC Columnist Paul Carpenter Accuses Him Of Sexual Abuse
Daughter of former columnist wants to add mother to civil suit over alleged sexual abuse
"Aug 18, 2021- Texter claims Paul Carpenter sexually abused her from the ages of 9 to 19, and that he used shackles and ropes to trap, beat, and rape her."
Retired Morning Call columnist Paul Carpenter’s daughter accuses him of sex abuse in lawsuit
August 13, 2021- "Beginning around 1972, the suit alleges, Carpenter groomed Texter to believe that sexual contact between a father and daughter was proper. Starting when Texter was 13, Carpenter raped her three or four times a week, sometimes using restraints or a belt and his fists to beat her, the suit alleges. It also contends he threatened to force Texter into prostitution so he could watch her have sex with other men."
Prominent ex-Morning Call columnist sexually abused daughter for decade, lawsuit alleges
"Aug. 13, 2020- Carpenter worked as a bureau chief for The Morning Call and then a columnist, with weekly columns that ran from 1989 until he retired in 2014. Carpenter prided himself on writing about perceived governmental abuse of power, specifically by county children and youth agencies. Messages left for Morning Call Editor Mike Miorelli were not returned... The daughter, now 58 years old, said she has talked to many people about the abuse. As a child, she said, she disclosed the abuse to a teacher."

If true, that's nasty stuff.

Why Are These People Wearing Masks...

If they don't work?

Uploaded August 18, 2021

I've said this since the begining. Covid won't go away. It's just biding it's time until people leave their guard down. That goes for everyone including kids going back into the classrooms. People need to seriously wise the hell up!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Abandoned Weapons at Kabul Airport

US Contractor Shows Abandoned Weapons at Kabul Airport

Devices Destroyed Outside NATO Building as Taliban Enter Kabul

Little else to say other then.. WHAT A MESS!
So unbelievable. It seems like a never ending nightmare.

Colorado River Is Drying Up (Our Farms With It)

First most of our manufacturing jobs dried up. Will farming be next?

40 Million People Rely on the Colorado River Now It's Drying Up

The farms in the Lehigh Valley are going away as well at an alarming rate with warehouses now continuously being being built on what once was valuable food producing land. The United States used to be the food basket of the world. This is no longer the case as we rely more and more on importing our foods from other countries.

While many are focusing on what happens in Afghanistan and fighting among ourselves over wearing masks we are facing far greater challenges in the future. I suppose if the pandemic doesn't get us the lack of food and water will. So much so that it can no longer be ignored. All these will greatly impact the economy as well as all those lost manufacturing jobs. These are troubling times.