Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Day Trump Leaves The White House

From 'Spitting Image"

Hey don't laugh.. it could happen

Ok I apologize. Not very nice of me. None the less... not too sorry.

Jimmy Sturr Orchestra From One Of My Old Post

Recently I had technical problems with this blog. Day by day I'm getting it a little more back in order when I came across this I first posted back in 2017. It was a preview clip for PBS recorded at 'Caesar's Windsor Casino' located in Ontario, Canada in 2010.

Ye gads these guys are good !

Here's the orchestra with Dennis Polisky and some of the Maestro's Men
performing at The Hunter Mountain German Alps Festival on August 11, 2013.

Most definitely these are some of the finest musicians to ever come along. This is the kinda stuff I really enjoy. Hope you did too.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Trump Latest Pa. Lawsuit Bites The Dust
U.S. appeals court rejects Trump appeal over Pennsylvania race
"Trump’s lawyers vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court despite the judge’s assessment that the “campaign’s claims have no merit.”..

The three judges on the panel were all appointed by Republican presidents.

District Judge Matthew Brann had said the campaign’s error-filled complaint, “like Frankenstein’s Monster, has been haphazardly stitched together” and denied Giuliani the right to amend it for a second time."

The way I see it this won't stand a snowball's chance in hell of the supreme taking up the case. The lawsuit was littered with misspelling and former dispelled claims. I truly think it's time to consider these vexatious lawsuits and start looking into removing some of these screwball lawyers licenses.

Enough already!

Trump Mental State Getting Worse Everyday

I'm not being malicious when I say this man seriously needs a mental evaluation for paranoia. In order to "rig" elections tens of thousands of poll workers, ballot counters, election committees, the courts would all have conspired in dozens of states. Even voters themselves he has accused of cheating. That's plain crazy talk.

So too his accusations against the pharma companies claiming they waited till after the election to release their findings. Consider his attacks on dozens of reporters and news presenters spanning across almost the entire media industry (print, TV, online, magazines, etc.) both here and abroad. His vitriol against every past administration including those government officials once associated with them. His bitter words towards governors, congress members and world leaders not aligned to his way of thinking. He even doubts national intelligence, the FBI and pentagon officials. No deal (UN, WHO, trade, military, NATO, environment, health aid and research) is a good one unless he considers it was his alone. Even insists nearly all of the social internet companies are out to get him too.

Some insist it's just Trump's strategy. No, sadly he really believes the stuff he says. It's one thing to be overly narcissistic. Entirely another when narcissism gives way to depend on paranoia to feed it. It seems little was built into our form of democracy through the constitution to deal with this kind of problem. The only hope would be our citizens see through this. Unfortunately it appears human nature is driven all to many times to depend on someone else (particularly a well known) as having some sort enlightenment they lack. We seen this time again throughout ancient history to present. Nearly every single war started with these deluded leaders. Not the people themselves.

Speak to the average Russian, Iranian or someone from nearly every country and it will be shown they've never had a personal grievance because most likely they've never met someone from elsewhere. If there's any animosity it was because of the propaganda they've been fed. I used to watch Anthony Bourdain travel to some of our most feared countries. People never had a problem with citizens from other nations, but their country's governments sure as hell did. Now Trump wants us to hate Iranians like we once did the Vietnamese.

I'm not saying we don't have foreign enemies. However right now, because of Trump and his enablers, our democracy is more threatened from within then from outside. I can't say all the turmoil would suddenly go away if Trump were removed. However things would sure as hell improve without his (Jim Jones like) constant hourly seeding of discontent from within the White House.

About the only thing I can say to people is.. we've had Democrats in congress and the White House before. The country is still here and it was for a long time before this self declared emperor took office. Four years from now another leader will once again be elected to lead this nation. This country isn't going to end with Donald Trump's departure nor the next president's. Anyone who feels otherwise isn't worthy to call themself an American. This is no longer about whether someone supports Trump or Biden. I'm not certain our Democracy can survive this if things continue this way. Government itself will not be the solution. In the end it's up to "the people" which way this thing goes. If it fails we, the human race, have only ourselves to blame.

Best advice I can give is everybody chill. Let the next administration take over. If it does no better then move on to the next. Just like we've always done.

Every Hallmark Movie Ever Made

Ain't it the truth

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Blogger Is Screwed Up (Update Blogger ISN'T Screwed Up)

It keeps deleting my template format on the main page. I lost over 4,000 of my past posts plus the recent comments. I tried importing backups to no avail. I'll check back tomorrow. Not sure I can fix it. I suspect the IT guys futzed with the coding (again).

Odd thing is if I eliminate my last two posts the format returns. If I make a new one the template on the main pages messes up. Therefore I highly suspect coders screwed with the template I'm using. Will they fix it. Given their past history ..probably not.


OK I give up for now. Don't know why I bothered to export backups since blogger refuses to accept any one of them. Keeps saying I exceeded what is allowed. I do have texts backed up but if you think I'm going through 1,000's of them... ain't no way!

I've tried reinstalling various templates to no avail. The layouts in the settings say one thing but appear entirely different on the blog itself. Not to long ago blogger changed everything up. I'm assuming to accommodate mobile apps at the expense of being desktop friendly when composing. The pictures are now encoded differently making it impossible for me to provide outside links to other sites like I use to. Previously all I had to do with click on a link button while highlighting the picture. Now that's changed to a bunch of crap I don't understand.

So the bottom line is I've wasted more time screwing with this thing then composing. It is what it is (till the next time they recode) Frustrating to say the least.

UPDATE (12/01/2020)
I'm fully restored.

So "import" does work. Ya just gotta be patient and keep retrying. I'm grateful blogger is capable of doing this. Probably me.. not them. OOPS!

Better Then Today's Network TV Shows

Forget so called reality TV shows. What's in it for the viewer. Lately the wife and I have been watching some of these older TV shows that make you think by playing along with them. Here's one of those all time classics.

Concentration (June 2, 1987)

My Last Covid Warning..

for you ignoramuses out there.

Not only has my step son (an EMT) gotten Covid (along with his wife who works in the ER forced to isolate) but so too now my granddaughter. This after her husband ended up confined to a hospital bed with it. Compounding the problem she cannot drive and has a 6 year old autistic son. Meaning they have zero dollars income. Heaven help if she ends up in a hospital too!

UPDATE- 11/26/2020
Now her son (my great grandson) now tested positive too!
Another 14 days in isolation?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My step daughter has now been assigned an additional 12 hours this week (so far) because of the increase in Covid patients in her ICU. I cannot imagine if she ends up also getting it how we'll deal with her kids whom we watch. Nor if her other half (a doctor at the same hospital) is forced to isolate.
LVHN specialist says local hospitals at 'critical crossroads,'
begs public to slow spread of virus
"We have seen significant increases in COVID-19 activity across the entire region we serve in the last 2 to 3 weeks. In the last 10 days, we have seen an almost doubling of the number of patients admitted to our hospitals.."

3 million decided to travel on airplanes. A reported 7,000 Hassidic Jews in New York decided to attend a maskless wedding. This isn't a game What the hell don't you people get!!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how disgusted I am with people blowing this off. Frankly if were only you getting sick as hell because you wanted to be an idiot I could care less. But the fact is, if Covid gets really bad there'll be few left to save your sorry ass health wise. Go ahead, continue to dick around with Covid, see who wins.

This will be my last warning to those fools who most likely won't listen anyway. I'm seeing an ever increasing number of the deniers on Facebook and elsewhere. Keep in mind. Even though there will be innocents who tried to avoid it these ignoramuses will be the first to go. Nature has a way of doing away with stupid people. So I suppose there's some consolation in that.

Let's Not End The Year On Bad Terms

Monday, November 23, 2020

Trump Burning Down The House
Wisconsin Election Officials Say Trump Observers Hindering Recount With Constant Interruptions, Questions
"Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said in a report by the Associated Press on Saturday that in some cases, the observers were objecting to almost every ballot pulled for the count."
Trump administration rushes to auction off Arctic Refuge drilling rights before Biden inauguration
""Building roads and bringing in heavy equipment disfigures the landscape before the drilling even begins.".. "Once ruined, the refuge cannot be restored."
Trump Seeks to Open Most US Coastal Waters to New Oil Drilling
"The Trump administration is proposing to open almost all U.S. coastal waters to oil drilling, including those off California and Florida where activists have fought for decades to spare delicate ecosystems from oil spills.

The proposal being released on Jan. 4 will go far beyond President Donald Trump’s April order directing the Interior Department to consider auctioning oil and gas leases in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans as well as the Gulf of Mexico."
Trump aims to box in Biden abroad, but it may not work
"On its way out the door, the Trump administration is enacting new rules, regulations and orders that it hopes will box in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration on numerous foreign policy matters ... "
Trump Reportedly Targeting Birthright Citizenship Again
"There is reportedly a draft of an executive order that would attempt to end birthright citizenship floating around, and it could be finalized before the Biden administration takes over. It’s just one of many immigration actions the Trump administration is trying to rush through before it leaves the White House"
Trump threatens to wreak havoc on GOP from beyond the White House
"Republicans are worried it’s just the start of what’s in store from the soon-to-be-former president."

The bottom line is this..
Trump is trying to make things miserable as possible. From denying transition for Biden to bogging down the next administration in every way possible. He's like a rotten boyfriend who is acting as if he can't posses what he wants nobody can by the time he's done. Inauguration is still a bit over 8 weeks away. Imagine the damage he can wreak before then.

Is there some constitutional way of defanging him before he commits something so egregious it cannot be undone?

Deep Fried Turkey Anyone?

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Music Break With Tommy Shaw

Styx guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw's rousing 2016 solo turn with the Cleveland-based Contemporary Youth Orchestra.
Girls With Guns

July 2020

I said it before. I'll say it again. The 70's and 80's gave us some of the greatest music of all time.

Styx- Too Much Time On My Hands
(Live At The Orleans Arena Las Vegas)
August 2016

Friday, November 20, 2020

Rachel Maddow Implores People To Avoid Getting Covid

I don't know how anyone could give better reasons for taking whatever precautions one can to avoid this damn disease.

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot

Putting aside the altered funny sountrack it's an amazing robot. However not matter what they come up with they will never replace me. This because they have yet to find a financial incentive to invent a f&*Koff machine.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Who is Mitch McConnell?

May 2019

Party 1st... American democracy 2nd

Check it out for yourselves on C-Span. The U.S. budget extension will expire on December 11th. The pandemic is causing small business to close. An untold number of people are in urgent financial need.

Spending 100% of it's time appointing judges and other officials Mitch deems will outlive Trump's term in office come January. The hell with the country. With Mitch it's all about party politics. All this while Trump is hunkered down tweeting, bitching, moaning about the election and doing little else. Sicking.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Know Who Brian Johnson Is?

You Should!

2011 Interview

Grammy Awards 2015

There may never be another music era like em'

November 15, 2020

Monday, November 16, 2020

My Emotions Are All Over The Place Right Now

On one hand I fret over Donald Trump and his followers as to what appears as almost a complete disconnect with reality. They are willing to believe any kind of shit Trump puts out from what I consider a mentally disturbed mind so entrenched in his own narcissism there's no hope of escape.

While at the same time there's a ever growing storm to deny Covid posses a threat like none other I've seen in my lifetime. Meanwhile my step daughter indicated they are reestablishing a separate Covid section in the ICU at the hospital. One which she is assigned to every day she works her 12 hour shift. Not only does she have to go out into the world like everyone else but has to suit up beyond the idiots who refuse to even mask up and take the simple precautions necessary. Because of you aholes her two 7 year olds (my granddaughters) have now become at risk. They and her other half who is an oncologist with many patients who would be denied if he should become infected or forced to isolate. Then there's the wife and me. We both watch our granddaughters when they both work. I'm 72 with COPD. The wife is 68. For me it would be a death sentence almost for certain.

My stepson (an EMT) has now become infected. He works with several ambulance corps and a medical helicopter team. Because of that his wife who works in the ER is now forced to isolate herself as well.

Have any of you idiots ever thought what would happen if the medical community becomes so infected they can't provide the needed medical services if this keeps growing this way? Same with police, food workers and grocery store personnel.

I've been sincerely trying to refocus my attention away from this kind of stuff but it's becoming harder and harder to deny what's becoming increasingly apparent. Donald doesn't give a shit about this country or his followers unless they're shouting his praises. He wants those confrontations in the street. He spends his entire time focused only on himself. Not the duties of a president. It's also apparent Donald (backed by his supporters) will attempt to make things so miserable for Biden they're willing to do most anything. Everyone in this country voted. That should be the end of it... period.

Forget politics this has become personal for my family and me. Nobody has an excuse for not respecting other peoples' fears over becoming sick because of some selfish bastards who think only their rights matter when it comes to wearing a simple piece of cloth and distance themselves. My daughter nor son didn't sign up to save your sorry ass when you ignore the proper safety requests. They're no heroes. They are like everyone else, just trying to earn a living (along with the police). After all they have families too.

In short. There's a whole lot of people who need to stop acting like selfish assholes before taking down the whole country. Same goes with these asinine protests. They accomplish nothing. Go find something else to do like taking a walk, finding a job or just plain shutting the hell up already. This is really starting to piss me off.

There I got that off my chest. Now that that's said I'll try once again to refocus my attention elsewhere.

From 2010: Jan's story - A love lost to Alzheimer's

I don't think I'm able to fully express my appreciation of "CBS SUNDAY MORNING". It's a show much unlike any other.

How Democrats Are Getting Screwed

Along with the majority of American voters.

1st Recording of SC Is Coming To Town

After recording companies turned down this song numerous times over two years Eddie Cantor offered to sing it on his radio show in 1934. If he hadn't we may never have come to know this Christmas classic.

Speaking of Eddy Cantor,
here's one of his performances in the 1943 film..
"Thank Your Lucky Stars"

No doubt about it he had the most unique schtick few other performers at the time possessed. His moves made him a stand out.

Eddie Cantor (1951)

A rare talent endeed

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Trump, "I Concede Nothing"

Friday, November 13, 2020

Hard To Believe There Was Once A Time...

Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Harry Reid proposed renaming part of a bipartisan bill to speed government approvals of drugs and increase medical research after the vice president’s son Beau Biden, who died of cancer.

December 2016

NOTE: This was passed and approved before Donald came into office.
(Although he likes to take credit for such things)

This offers me some hope that Mitch and Joe may once again find some commonality once Trump is vanquished. I tend to think these two may respect each other more then we might imagine. Time will tell what fate awaits the United States. Hopefully in a much more positive direction.

Dolly Parton - When Life Is Good Again

I know we all have opinions about how to deal with the pandemic. However what ever your opinion might be know that no matter what happens Covid is in charge. Save for effective vaccines and treatments it alone will determine how bad our economy will become. Who lives, dies or those left with lifetime afflictions. People can complain, argue, hate on leaders and their fellow citizens all they want but they are not the enemy. Covid is.

At the end of the day it all comes down to this. Covid infections are established science. No one can reason with this virus anymore then they could the wind, gravity or any other scientific fact. If you walk into a fire expect to get burned. No matter how people try to warn some will always argue and ignore what they are told. To be honest I don't care how reckless others are with themselves. It does concern me when it endangers people around them who have tried their level best who end up paying the consequences for those who are selfish and irresponsible infecting them needlessly.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Concession Speeches From The Last 60 Years

Face it something is mentally wrong with Trump. He hasn't taken a briefing since the first week of October. Not sat in on the Covid task force for months. We haven't heard his voice speak anywhere over the past 7 days... why? All he does is hole up tweeting about what he perceives as his misfortunes. The hell with everything else. Trump seems to feel if he can't run the country he'll take the whole damn thing down with him.

No matter how his tribalists try to spin it, this isn't normal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

4 Years Ago TODAY (11/10/2016)

Then there's this FOX News hypocrisy...

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Biden's Saturday Night Rally

In case you missed it, here it is....

A couple of key differences between Biden's and Trump's rallies...
* Everything was about everyone else except Biden.
* Everyone was wearing a mask.
* Nobody was left waiting for buses.
* No chants of hatred against the media or others opposed to his ideologies.
* The finale that Trump could never have imagined. All of Biden's and Harris's family and friends embracing one another. Great music, confetti, fireworks and drones like no other could have put together in the Trump camp. This is what happens when you leave it up to a great professional team of talented supporters who are dedicated to go beyond what people expect. Besides, Democrats have always been known to have a lot more fun then those cranky pants at Republican events.

This is from Bill Clinton's (January 1993) Inaugural Ball

Why Trump's Legal Shenanigans Won't Work

Back in 2000 when the votes came in by the end 537 votes were seperating both candidates (Bush/Gore) in one single county in Florida. No one in their right mind would think taking the fight to five states in hundreds of counties is in any way legally practical other then in Trump's convoluted brain.

So as you can see that was entirely a different thing.
In short.. Trump give it up!

Unlike Trump this is how "REAL" men of character speak...

Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers

Who knew?
I sure didn't.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Music Break With Frances Carroll & The Coquettes (1939)

Viola Smith, age 27, drummer, and her sister Mildred,
sax/clarinet section, were the bands creators and owners.
Apparently they hired Frances to front the band

If you're interested there's more information in the video's description​ on YouTube. Next to the 70's and 80's this is my second most favorite era of music.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Philadelphia Ballot Counting Live Stream

September 29th Jerry Lee Turned 85

Here's a couple of musical guests who came to his party.

Linda Gail Lewis is his sister

Jerry is on his 7th marriage.

October 30, 2020

I Found This Pilot's Videos Interesting

7 Airline Pilot Secrets You Don’t Know About
Boeing 737 Cockpit Secrets By @DutchPilotGirl

Extremely GUSTY Crosswind LANDING Boeing 737-400 Milan

Things look pretty busy up there.

Sometimes we forget the amount of dedication and skills involved when it comes to this job. I appreciate people who are willing to share themselves this way.