Friday, May 28, 2021

Senate Republicans Blocked 1/6 Commission Legislation
Republicans Filibuster Bill Establishing Bipartisan Jan. 6 Commission
"Senate Republicans blocked bipartisan legislation on Friday that would have established an independent 9/11-style commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol... The vote tally was 54 to 35, but the bill needed 60 votes... Several senators did not even vote, likely because they’d left town for Memorial Day weekend."

Or they were too coward to commit. There's something going on here far more sinister. Almost as if there were a cover up similar to the 9/11 and JFK investigations  Americans aren't entitled to learn about.

This is just the beginnings of Republican opposition. If they can't agree on this, after they themselves were physically threatened, the cult likely will oppose any and everything that even hints of bipartisanship. I'm not surprised.

Party first. United States second as usual.

Allentown Has An Immigration Problem

I'm not speaking about foreign citizens but rather various people moving in and out of Allentown like it were some sort of stay in a motel. Essentially Allentown facilitates and encourages this kind of behavior by allowing more rentals to flourish. Instead of using intelligent zoning ordinances encouraging ownership we continue to entice people allowing them to easily drift in and out of the city.

I'm trying really hard to be nice in the way I'm saying this, but if I were to put it more bluntly... What kind of idiotic policy is it that encourages people to blow in and out of this city without having to invest some sort of long term skin in the game?

What sense does it make to have 5 or 10 renters move into a block over that of 5 or 10 who actually own and have a vested interest in it?

Much the same applies to the NIZ. Why should a business give a hoot if they can simply pack up and move without having a stake in the building they occupy over the long term instead of actually owning it. Why should they anymore then any other renter as to what local government does if they can simply pack up and move?

It's all about assuming ownership and the long term stake each has in both the success for the city and themselves. Without these elements no one nor the city itself will ever achieve the things which would make this city a better place to live.

ASD Sticking It To Taxpayers Again

Well once again it's that time of year when I post my annual complaint. Despite the Allentown School District getting an extra $9.8M in CARES ACT money. Another $26.5M next year they still want another 4.6% more from property owners then last year. Gee ain't that swell. Somebody explain exactly how the $242 I pay a month benefits me in any way at 73 years of age?
ASD OKs proposed budget with maximum tax increase
"The final budget is scheduled to be presented in June and is expected to be approved before June 30."

My city tax is only half. It includes garbage, police, fire, street cleaning and repair. Along with a host of benefits which directly or indirectly benefit me. That's not something said for the school district. Lehigh County's tax bill is a bit more then one fourth of ASD's.

It seems ASD is determined to drive every last living senior on fixed incomes out of their homes. The very people who are the least cause of the district's woes. Often when seniors are forced to sell their homes they become rentals. Thus bringing in a fresh crop of kids directly impacting schools that weren't living here prior. This is like a never ending black hole the way it's presently being funded.

The way I see it this district literally can't afford to ignore this never ending downward spiral and those who  point this out. It will continue to get worse and worse no matter how much they wish to ignore the problem. By ignoring complaints like mine they're slowly destroying our local education system.

I don't see how forcing people like me (on fixed incomes) benefits neither they or I. Course every two years or so highly paid education officials simply leave the district after reaping the rewards when the going gets tough. So what the hell do they care what happens after they decide to move on. There will come a breaking point.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tribune (TMC Parent) $278M Deeper In Debt Day Of Sale

13% Interest rate!

Years ago former criminal mobsters said they went legit because it was easier to steal money without consequence.

This probably will be the last we'll ever be able to see the company's finances. This is because it has now become a private company no longer listed on the stock exchange. Meaning they are no longer bound by the regulations required of publically traded companies.

In this news release it also says, While Alden’s $633 million offer is fully financed, the hedge fund can use Tribune Publishing’s cash on hand and reserved the right to have the newspaper chain take on up to $375 million in debt to close the deal, according to its equity commitment letter filed with the SEC. Tribune Publishing is debt-free, profitable and has more than $250 million in cash.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Al Franken Now Does Podcasts

April 21, 2021

Good to know he hasn't completely gone away. From what I can determine if he ever gets his own network TV show it won't be on FOX.  Course it would be a hoot if he actually did and it followed Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham's time slots. Wonder what the ratings would be like?

Solution To End Our National Debt?

"The Onion" came up with this in 2009. It shouldn't be giving people any more screwy ideas then they already have. There's almost a blur between the crazy ideas politicians are coming up with and satirical comedy. So much so it is almost putting The Onion out of business :-)

Friday, May 21, 2021

Allentown Police Chief Glenn Granitz Leaving

Everybody seems to have an opinion why he is leaving. Think Glenn himself will ever tell us the real reason?

He joins an ever growing list of those who come and go. I believe the problem lies within the people who live here rather then those who attempt to take on these kind of  responsibilities. It becomes too exhausting since the general population won't assume responsibility for themselves. Simply put. We don't have a leadership problem we have a people problem. No one person can solve this if the willing are outnumbered by the unwilling. 

I don't want to hear this place or that place is much better. Seems to be the general condition we find ourselves in throughout the country, no matter where. Perhaps it's because people today are no longer born, raised, die remaining among family members in the same location. Hence few have a vested interest. They move assuming the next pasture will be greener. Better people. Better house. Cheaper to live. Maybe because their employer transferred them..

Few are willing, for whatever reasons, to face the challenges of staying put. So here we are. A nationwide population of transients. Such is life.

AZ Election Machines In Question/GOP Deflections

The Republican Party has mastered the art of deflection. Whatever they are accusing others of doing, it's most  likely what they themselves have been up to.

If ones works from that presumption it makes things so much easier to understand where they're coming from.

House Republicans at a May 12 committee hearing:
Deflection at it's finest!

See the truth for yourself in this video.

Republicans oppose a commission to study the Capitol Insurrection

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Why The World Is Going Crazy

A lot of food for thought. The way I see this all that was said can be defined with one word, "CHILL". Do things like fishing, music or what ever else brings peace to a troubled mind. The world has always been filled with troubles. It's when we become too attached trying to resolve these conflict arises.

Like the song says...

Sage Advice

Therein lies most of today's problems. Many people simply don't know when it's best to stand down. There are troubled souls living on this Earth who are nourished by hatred and anger. The more of it the stronger they become. The less they are fed, the less will be.

Each individual has the opportunity to decide for themselves which path they pursue. One emboldening discontent. The other insuring a way to a more peaceful existence. Both will most decidedly produce results for the actions each person resolves to take.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

McConnell Will Oppose The Jan 6th Commission.

Why Every Vote Counts In Allentown

Think about this. If all the residents in one city block or apartment complex went all in for a single candidate it could change the entire outcome.

Here's something else to think about. There were less then 8,000 votes cast for the Democratic mayoral candidates in the primary. The population of Allentown is nearly 121,000. Less then 7% bothered to vote for them. Meaning roughly 112,530 (93%) of the others couldn't be bothered.

This clearly indicates the vast majority of Allentown's residents aren't vested in this city. Surely this must register on our elected leaders minds as well. Why should they stress themselves out over Allentown's problems if so few are willing to get off their butt even for one day to vote?

Somehow the majority of our residents think magically everything will turn out fine for them because some 7% will carry water for them. I'm here to tell ya...

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Some Retired Top Brass Dumber Then Dirt
More Than 100 Retired Military Sign Letter By 'Jack Meehoff'
"A group of more than 100 retired generals and admirals who have accused President Joe Biden of being a communist have been pranked by a faux flag officer going by the nom de guerre “Rear Adm. Jack Meehoff."

One commenter left this satirical gem..

Makes one wonder if the human race is doomed.

This doesn't exactly instill confidence with our military leadership.

What is this country becoming!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

VOTE - Scene from "Madam Secretary"

Season 5, Episode 4

Whether it be national, state or local all elections are important. It starts from the local level on up. Be sure to vote this Tuesday, May 18th, 2021.

Just What The World Needs, More Ads

As if all those on the internet, robocalls, billboards, TV and at the fuel pumps weren't enough..
Ford Patents Tech to Display Ads Inside Cars' Infotainment Systems
"So if you are driving and a McDonald's is up ahead your system may prompt an ad of a delicious McDonald's burger... This is not as frightening as the option to have some peace and quiet for an extra fee each month."

Looking for a sponsor to put on my headstone to help pay costs.

Viagra maybe?

Delayed Disconnect Phone Scam

This report came from Canada. Not sure if it works in the United States?

I've never heard this one before. DAMN !

Friday, May 14, 2021

My Home Grocery Delivery Experience

Up to now it's been a good (although pricy) experience throughout the pandemic. Today I'm of a different mind.

Prices for items are said upfront to be 15% more expensive online then in-store prices. All figured I paid $110 more on our latest $370.40 monthly order then I would have if shopping myself with the fees/required tip added on. If that weren't a deterrent enough five items were cancelled that I ordered rather then substituted as I requested. This screwed up our meal plans. I was also charged for a single item that was supposed to be a three pack. Hard for me to imagine the delivery person didn't take two for themselves out of the package. Grocery scanners don't screw up.

I'd really like to help these delivery/shoppers earn a living in these hard economic times. However a near 30% premium for their services is unrealistic.

Looks like (after a year) we'll be shopping for ourselves once again. I really miss the ability to do comparison shopping via unit pricing. Something which is harder to do without seeing products on the shelves side by side.

Anyone else have any input on this?


Short. Sweet. To The Point

How Not To Drive In The New Roundabouts

Well it's Eastern Kentucky. What did you expect?

Could be worse I suppose. Here's the Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Species Bias With Neil deGrasse Tyson

A lot to think about.

In short the most important species to humans are themselves. Wonder if the creator of all things would feel the same way if forced to choose who stays and who goes? Does this creator even have a preference?

What we have in common with all other species is the will to survive. Though  it could come at the expense to another. This is a built in conflict which cannot be undone within the imperfect world all are forced to live in together.

Each species is interdependent on another in some way.

Sometimes to the determent of the other.

Not too sure I'm fond of the system.

Cheers :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Sen. Judiciary Cmte On Stopping Gun Violence

Today (05/11/2021) they held a hearing this morning on stopping gun violence. Ted Cruz falsely claims 'ghost guns' are a made up problem. Here's a edited version of the almost two hour meeting.

So once again there was Ted Cruz blowing smoke as usual. This is why nothing ever gets done. Congress talks, talks and talks some more but does little if anything. Ted as usual throws his BS around. Then gets up and leaves the hearing never listening to a single word anyone else had to say. Including the invited witnesses testimonies. As usual he ends up raising the level of his voice as if it would lend creditability to the absolute nonsense he was spewing.

My question is why the hell was Cruz there if he wasn't going to participate? Never mind I know the answer. Because the only opinion that matters to him is his own. A fool who is all mouth no ears. Someone who doesn't need any more information cluttering up his tiny little brain. His is a mind made up no matter what the issue and refuses to take even a minute to listen to anyone else. A guy who is going to use his comments on FOX news to garner even more money and attention to himself. Especially the accusations he threw against Democrats claiming they want to get rid of police (which was nothing more then a diversion). He knows it will go over well on conservative outlets.

That said, as anyone can plainly see none of this will go anywhere. Republicans ='s guns, guns more guns. Democrats ='s reasonable laws against the reckless proliferation of guns. Never the twain shall meet.

March 07, 2021

If there were justice in this world Cruz would be forced to sit in a chair to watch this video. How dare he accuse cities run by democrats as not a problem he himself helps create for them.

How so very frustrating knowing congress will probably pass no additional legislation. Not surprising.. but still it is frustrating.

Monday, May 10, 2021

So Am I To Assume..

Since the beginning of this month about 1,000 visited this blog (about 100 a day). "So am I to assume" since only two people left comments everyone must agree with what I said.

Nice to know.

How reassuring!

Unemployment Pays Too Much?

Here, let me help explain. The average rent in the Lehigh Valley is $1,300 a month. A person would have to earn $10 an hour in full time work (before taxes) to meet the rent.

Realistically if someone has a wife working who also earns the same amount working different shifts for 40 hours to avoid day care and the expense of two cars they'd still need another $500 a month for groceries (if they have kids). At least another $500 for medical. Another $200-$300 for car expenses. Thus leaving both about $400-$500 for utilities and other expenses.

Obviously the problem here isn't lazy unemployed individuals but rather underpaid employment. Much of which is only available for under 40 hours per week.

If both aren't making at least $15 an hour with fulltime work it's rather pointless to give up their time together and raising kids just to become a slave to capitalism. It would be difficult to live on anything less. Heaven help those who are single.

Something needs to change.

Two Highly Inflammatory Political Videos

Been too quite around here lately. So I thought I'd stir the pot a bit. I know it will be appreciated (not). 

Now a word about the news and social media sites being accused of violating the first amendment.

I want you to notice what it actually says. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..". Nowhere does it say, other then the government itself, some other entity couldn't. For instance social media companies, newspapers or TV networks. Not even this blog  It only spoke to congress forbidding free expression.

Then there's the endless beating of the drum conservatives are victims of the so-called cancel culture. Where have heard this? From they themselves who spout it daily all over the place. If there's any canceling going on it's certainly isn't working. This morning I saw C-Span was replaying the entire Matt Gaetz speech from Friday's "America First" rally in Florida. It can also be found just about everywhere someone wants to watch it.
So there you have it. My most inflammatory post of the month (so far). Hope you enjoyed it. You're welcome :-)

Sunday, May 9, 2021

My Favorite Lawyer- Alan Shore Esq.

Another one of our most favorite TV programs ever, 'Boston Legal'. There were 101 episodes which aired on ABC from October 03, 2004 to December 08, 2008.

With today's 'cancel culture' I highly doubt any ever again will have the fortitude to create such a series as this.

Indeed they covered both sides of just about every issue.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Brits A Bit Stuffy?

Prince Charles 60th Birthday (2008)

Just thought I'd add a little class to today's blog post.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Baseball: Blown Calls So Far In 2021

Bad new for sports betters who may have gotten cheated out of their winnings.

Legitimate Minimum Wage Questions

If there once was a time workers made these kind of wages back in those days why can't they now? What changed?

Is there anything that can be done to make it possible again?

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Here's Why Some Want To Shut AOC Down

It's not that she's stupid. Nor as some claim her extreme liberal socialist ideology threatens our country. What it's really about is she exposes too much of what many would rather she not. In other words too many have a good thing going on and want to shut her mouth. That video was from 2019 alone. Those which she blew the whistle on. We could use a 100 more like her in congress.

I'm not saying anyone has to like her personality, but she sure does expose the kind of stuff many would rather she clam up about. Here's another from 2019.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Racism Then And Now

Now Asians are being targeted too. Face it we were always (and still are) a nation divided. I doubt I'll ever see the kind of country I would want us to become. I suppose it's always been this way with humans. Both exhausting and disappointing. Could explain why nobody in the universe beyond bothers with us lo these millions of years. I wouldn't either.

Guess Who Is One Of The Largest Players In Renewable Energy

It's wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi Government’s Mubadala Investment Company. That's right, it's located in the UAE which has one of the world's largest oil reserves. Even they know fossil fuels is not the way to go in the future.

It's been growing worldwide for the past 15 years.
It should be apparent the United States faces great challenges in this area. Not only for innovative solutions concerning our environment, but more importantly, the billions of dollars in future profits which could go elsewhere. When it comes to technological advancements the U.S. is being challenged unlike ever before.

We really need to step up our game if we are to remain holding our position in the world. There are plenty of other countries chomping at the bit to overtake us. Like in everything else the target always is to overtake those ahead of them. How much longer we retain our leadership is up to us. 

Even those who deny climate change ought to wise up to realize it would be foolish not to stake our financial future on the upcoming technological changes that lie ahead. If we don't surely someone else will. "Snooze we lose".

Monday, May 3, 2021

I Voted

I did.
Did You?
Will You?
Why Not?

I Wish People Would Learn To Spell Correctly


Stars From The Wizard Of Oz

Here are a few clips of the stars from 'The Wizard of Oz'. See if you can spot who played the 'tinman', 'scarecrow' and the 'cowardly lion'. Each of these performers were stars in their own right. Sometimes people tend to forget how talented they were.


Ray Bolger , Eddie Hodges , Jane Powell & Jimmie Rodgers , Jimmy Durante

Bert Lahr - Medley of Madness (1938)

Bert Lahr also had some really serious acting ability.
From the film "Always Leave Them Laughing" (1949).

Charlotte Greenwood & Jack Haley Jr. - Moon Over Miami (1941)

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Why Medical Bills In The US Are So Expensive

December 26, 2018

Now that I have posted a few times about healthcare does anyone have any thoughts they'd wish to discuss?

Health Care: America vs. The World

PBS NewsHour (04/21/2021)

Hat's off to PBS for another well researched report. They reported both the good and bad.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

U.S. Health Care Versus Abroad

How Germany's Universal Health-Care System Works

Uploaded November 24, 2019

Canada's Universal Health-Care System

Uploaded July 05, 2019

To be truthful I think Americans will never ever see true healthcare reform. Not because people don't want it. Rather because everyone involved in the current system are getting wealthy off of it. That is... everyone except us who are held captive by them.

Surely no one truly believes politicians nor any other government official would dare cross paths with the powerful insurance and medical industry. Especially those "public servants" who hope to gain future employment with them once they leave public service for more money.

The system is so locked in place I don't see how we could change it. It starts with the medical colleges overcharging students. Education loan providers do quite well because of it. Doctors graduate most times owing $300,000 or more before even starting to practice in their mid to late twenties. Some 10 years after high school with little to no income. They also need to pay high cost malpractice insurance for themselves. So they need to earn the salaries they do.

Insurance companies are no backstop. They'll pay whatever hospitals and drug companies force them to. Malpractice lawyers with large settlements add to the insurance costs. All this causing those expenses to be passed down to their policy holders.

So if we are ever to reign in medical costs in the country which of those would go quietly if they were forced to take a financial hit? Here's a clue. None of them. Therefore, as I said, we will never ever see true healthcare reform.

The difference in those other countries was they never left it get of hand in the first place. Once this became so embedded as this it spelled the doom to Americans being able to have what other countries had for a long time.

Uploaded January 04, 2019