Friday, October 30, 2015

Allentown Students Assault Cops

The headline at 'Lehigh Valley Live' reads, Swarming teens provoke assault on Allentown cop

By now most people are aware of this. What followed not only at that site but countless social media sites is a huge flurry of comments and outrage. I didn't plan on getting into this but as a taxpayer felt compelled to stick my two cents in

Dear Students;
It is neither the school district's nor my responsibility as a taxpayer.. (1) To provide you with meals. (2) Help buy school clothes. (3) Baby sit your mamma babies. (4) Try and parent you in the values regarding morals and social skills your parents failed to provide. (5) Discipline your outrageous behavior in or out of the classroom. (6) Try and entertain you in order to garner more attention then those of your electronic devices. (7) Try and force an education on anyone unwilling to follow the lesson plans that you seem to think you have better expertise in then those who are far more educated then yourselves (the teachers). (8) Provide you with extra curricular fun activities beyond the role of providing a fundamental education.

Schools and the taxpayers have become bogged down trying to accomplish missions far beyond the goal of education. Schools are not your daddy or mamma. Here are some simple suggestions on how the schools should operate to get back on track.

(1) Kids show up and do what's instructed. Disrupt a class or fail to complete the work... YOU'RE OUT PERIOD.
(2) Not fed or clothed properly? Take that up with your parents
(3) Want to play sports or other fun stuff? Join a team or some other organization on your own time.
(4) Have a kid out of wedlock? Get your parents or someone to watch them. We all know how you can get pregnant and how to prevent it.

I'm truly as liberal as the next guy. However, while I feel for your misfortunes to be born under such circumstances poverty is no excuse for bad behavior, lack of respect by kicking teachers or cops asses nor by expecting anyone else to pick up the tab. Least of all the schools' or the rest of us forced to pay taxes because of it. My compassion and understanding ends when it impacts my family's safety and the costs born to it because of your lack of self control,

You don't like what's being offered? Quit or move some-place else. This is how society works whether it be a job in the market place or in school. Both schools and businesses succeed only when they provide the best opportunities. Those that don't go out of business whither and die. People will go elsewhere.

And that's exactly the position school districts are in. They are only as good as those who's comprise it. If this district was so lousy it wouldn't have the 1,000's of students enrolled that it does. Apparently there's a bunch of students bitching and moaning yet by their actions choose to still hang around and in all too many cases continue to disrupt. This indicates to me a lack responsibility. If you're sincere about the things you claim you want for yourselves you'd simply leave the district.

Let Me Summarize This Up For Ya
If ya didn't like it you would leave You & I both know you ain't gonna do that, are ya?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

End These Damn Presidential Debates

I've been reading countless articles today criticizing the media who hold these debates. I say the hell with all of these ungrateful bastards and all the networks who profit from them. Nobody is handcuffing and dragging any of them into these debates. If they don't appreciate them don't do them. It's just that simple!

Who the hell cares?
90% of the time spent by the candidates was complaining about moderators instead of speaking specifically what they would do regarding issues. So what's the point if the voting public gets nothing from them?

What I'd rather is candidates load videos to social media describing specifically what they'd do if elected. Hardly anybody gives a damn about these clown shows. In case these candidates haven't heard, social media is the way to go. Blowing smoke on TV is soooo yesterday.

The days of doing politics in a bubble ended years ago. If candidates want to engage today's voters the way they did years ago (before the internet) don't be surprised why so few of today's voters turn out in support. A huge part of Obama's success was because he used the internet to supplement his campaign.

Screw these elite journalists. People want to communicate directly. The internet now makes this possible. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels left out when these candidates are only speaking with those who are employed by huge corporations who supposedly speak on our behalf. Candidates can spend million$ on exhaustive travel and campaign rallies, but they will never reach near as many as they can simply by communicating via social media.

Frankly I'm disgusted and tired with each and everyone of them who are unwilling to engage with the everyday citizen one on one via this new medium. As far as I'm concerned this dog and pony show on TV is pure bullshit and has gone on long enough. Any candidate who isn't willing to engage directly doesn't deserve consideration. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

House Speaker John Boehner Says Goodbye

NPR, "Speaker John Boehner gave farewell remarks on the House floor Thursday (10/29/2015), picking up a box of tissues as he prepared to speak, a nod to his tendency to cry in emotional moments.... He spoke for 10 minutes about his life and rise in government, accomplishments in Congress and the role of the body."

Irregardless of whether I disagreed or not with the legislation he supported I will miss his candid remarks. He's had to deal with a party that's moved so far right from the days John first started I can understand the emotional conflicts he must have endured. I'm certain a number of his less staunch Republican members of the House will regret his leaving as well.

Whatever his legacy may be it's certain that John Boehner will go down in history one of the most passionate speakers who wore his heart on his sleeve.

A man who wasn't afraid to express his heartfelt emotions.

He may be the last of his kind in this new world of cold hardcore unfeeling politics which I fear lies ahead.

Some may even say he was a old school politician. The kind of man who was unwilling to allow certain members of the congress to tear this country apart over differing ideologies. As such suffered the consequences for doing so. If anyone thinks John was hard ass wait till you see what lies ahead.

Thus I wish to express my appreciation and respect for John Boehner's past leadership. I for one will miss him.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Official Sara Hailstone Is Quitting

According to 'The Morning Call', "Sara Hailstone, head of Allentown's economic development efforts and executive director of the Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone Development Authority, will leave her position Jan. 22.... In 2013, Hailstone became permanent executive director of the board. ANIZDA reimburses the city for 80 percent of her salary. She made $105,512 this year."

A point worth noting was the fact 80% of what she was paid came from ANIZDA. This didn't make her exactly impartial. Another thought to consider is whether the next person who fills her position will cost city taxpayers far more?

How about this.. why not appoint the next head of Allentown's Department of Community and Economic Development with someone w/o a salary from the business community.

Better yet why not eliminate that department altogether?
If someone can't afford to pay someone or understand for themselves what is necessary "to navigate and understand applications, permits, variances, Boards and Authorities, financial assistance, location needs, and development processes" they probably shouldn't be in business in the first place. Besides I question these positions where Allentown city government gets to pick and choose which business they deem worthy.

I know this seems harsh, but so are the false hopes and promises this city makes with these kind of programs that cost taxpayers a salary of over $100,000 per year. If the city (taxpayers) truly want to help why not divvy that $100k out in $10,000 increments to help 10 new small businesses get started each year instead?

Opposition Against XL Pipeline Was A Good Decision

Hell even Canada doesn't want pipelines now!

According to THIS REPORT By Carol Linnitt there might not be oilsands crude available from Alberta to the Gulf Coast in the first place."Canada’s newly elected Liberal government has indicated it will not support the construction of the Northern Gateway pipeline, which is currently facing 18 separate legal challenges. The Trans Mountain pipeline also faces a legal challenge from Vancouver-area First Nations and the Energy East pipeline has generated significant opposition from Alberta to the Atlantic."
Now you know why none of the politicians aren't speaking of it during this campaign. Imagine if we spend all those billions for a pipeline to nowhere. It would have been a much better idea to build pipelines or aqueducts to California instead. California has plenty of oil. What they desperately need is water.

Good Call !

Use To Be A Picture Was Worth A Thousand Words

Not Anymore

As if it weren't bad enough that any photo or video can be completely fabricated in today's digital world there's this...

AlterNet is reporting, "When the news broke that National Geographic was sold to Rupert Murdoch, fans of the magazine gasped. A magazine known for its photo essays paired with reports often based on scientific research being under the control of an outspoken climate change denier worried them... Six corporations own 90 per cent of the media companies in the U.S...."

In today's world of commercial reporting videographers and photo journalists were left go in mass. I wish I had a nickel for every time I see the words "file photo" under a report. Same goes with TV reporting with stock videos looping endlessly aside the news reader. Some of them weeks, months, if not years old.

It's one thing to cut costs, entirely another when older shoots are being used to fit an agenda. According to this article, "The Guardian licensed a photograph from Corbis Images that I shot in 2012 of a barrier island in Louisiana’s Barrataria Bay to illustrate a story about coastal erosion in 2014. The photo shows birds on healthy mangrove trees in a bird rookery. The report, published on October 14, 2014, makes no mention that the photo was taken in 2012, and gives a false impression of what the island looked like at that time. I reshot the same location for a DeSmog report in the spring of 2013. My photos show by 2013, the island’s mangrove trees were dead...."

Nearly half of what major media reports depends on photos and videos uploaded to the internet by various individuals. What should concern us is how corporate controlled media spin these after they get a hold of them. The question comes down to trust. Do we trust what people say first hand after uploading them or the corporate controlled spin meisters once they get a hold of them?

Pundit mouthpieces in almost all cases have read the same stories or watched the same videos we all did. They don't have any more first hand knowledge then what we do. That doesn't stop them from appearing on the boob tube or in print. This is how they make their living. The more outrageous, the more they can earn by being invited back to push whatever agenda media thinks will get them the most readers or viewers. Thus good solid reporting becomes secondary.

"He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past."

~ George Orwell, "1984" ~

Monday, October 26, 2015

Why Did Charlie Dent Vote No?

Debt Prevention -- Passage - Vote Passed (235-194, 5 Not Voting)
The House passed legislation that allows the Treasury Department, once the statutory debt limit is reached, to continue borrowing above that limit in order to pay the principal and interest on both government debt held by the public as it comes due and on obligations held by the Social Security trust fund.

Rep. Charlie Dent voted NO


Football Frenzy The EAHS Marching Band

This is what makes going to H.S. more exciting for some then going to others districts'.

(October 16, 2015)

Video Courtesy "Paul Schefflin"

Dopey Duncan At Walp's

Anyone remember Dopey's Pa. Dutch Humor (circa 1950's)?

Dopey Duncan at Walp's (Side 1/2)

Dopey Duncan at Walp's (Side 2/2)

Video Courtesy "Buck'lich Maennli"

     Dopey Duncan at his testimonial/roast
          @ Days Inn, South Whitehall
          Sunday, June 28th 1987

Friday, October 23, 2015

Should Allentown Lease Golf Course?

"Some Allentown residents are angry about the possibility of the city’s golf course being leased. They sounded off at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting (10/21/2015)."

My Comments About The Article Above
We must keep in mind this parcel will revert back to the Trexler Trust before it can be developed if the city would attempt to do so via the deed agreement. So that's out of the question.

As to the matter of the city leasing it out... Anyone interested in leasing it from the city would have to increase rates even if they didn't intend to make a profit. So what's so hard to understand?

Keep it simple. (1) Either the city increases fees to avoid deficits OR (2) If people won't turn out after the increase let the Trexler Trust have it back. Leave it up to the market. It's not that complicated. Either future golfers have a interest or they do not.

Common sense dictates no one's going to give the city a pile of money for something that's costing the city money w/o some sort of hook.

Who's kidding who!

Berks County Looking For Hispanic Translators

"People, even if they don't speak the language, they have the right to vote," said Ana Arias, bilingual coordinator for Berks County Election Services."

My Comments About The Article Above

It may not be politically correct to say this, but it seems to me if they need "English interpreters for election day" I don't see how these voters have much of an idea what they're voting for. None of these candidates delivered a speech in Spanish nor posted this language on their websites. So how can someone who can't understand English have any idea who or what they are voting for?

Construction Begins On Allentown's Waterfront Project

Construction begins on $350M Allentown Waterfront project
By Sarah Cassi | For (10/22/2015)
"Construction crews began work Thursday on streets, curbing and underground utilities for The Waterfront project. A formal groundbreaking is scheduled for Nov. 12... The entire project will take between eight and 10 years to complete."

Allentown Waterfront Live Cams Online
The 645 Waterfront Drive construction is not expected to begin until the second quarter of 2016
View As It Appeared On October 27, 2014
To view the cams and for more info click either the link above or on the picture

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hillary's eMail Security Oh The Irony

The Daily Mail (10/19/2015): State Department and Benghazi committee accidentally released the CIA source's name in Hillary Clinton email-- "The State Department inadvertently released the name of a CIA source who is suspected of being the main plotter behind the 1988 Lockerbie, Scotland airline bombing, and the House Select Committee on Benghazi republished the mistake this week.... the State Department's mistake exposed the 'name of a [CIA] human source,' making it 'some of the most protected information in our intelligence community."

Let me get this straight. For the past two years they've been worried about Hillary's eMail servers being a security risk yet they themselves have exposed this nation's secrets more then she.

Great Job Folks..
Keep Up The Good Work!

YouTube Stars: Is This Hype?

Forbes is reporting on the The World's Highest-Paid YouTube Stars In 2015-- "The minimum to make the list? $2.5 million in pretax earnings in the year ending June 1, 2015."

I've been hanging around YouTube since 2005 before Google bought it and I must say I've only heard of one of these, "Rhett & Link". Not that I hang around in the same circles but I find guys like Kurt Hugo Schneider's work a hellva lot more appealing even though he isn't on this list....

Famous for his one take videos

His videos date back six years ago when he was still attending Yale. He made a completely original musical series appropriately entitled "College Musical" along with his buddies he still hangs out with today.

'College Musical' Starring Sam Tsui

Kurt grew up in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Since Google bought it they messed with the algorithms mostly eliminating the original folks that made YouTube great in the beginning. These days if it ain't about the money.. it ain't about you !

Despite what they are reporting these Tubers earn, in February 2015 'Business Insider' reported YouTube still doesn't make Google any money . The 'Wall Street Journal also reported that same month YouTube: 1 Billion Viewers, No Profit As a result I'm a bit skeptical as to what's being reported.

How it can it be YouTubers make millions and yet Google seems to only break even?

Either there's a lot of bullshit being spread around or Google's YouTube has found a way to avoid paying taxes.

Something doesn't pass the stink test.

Labor's Taking It On The Chin

I had a different headline in mind, but decided to keep it office friendly :-)

WFMZ (10/21/2015): Phoebe workers in contract dispute over proposed pay-cut-- "In the last round of negotiations, the workers said management proposed deep pay cuts of nearly $5 an hour for some workers, with the explanation that the move is "in line with industry standards." "They want to cut $10,000 a year out of my salary," said Cindy Lazarus, a 30-year Phoebe nursing home employee."

CNN MONEY (10/15/2015): Retired truck drivers could see their pension checks cut in half-- "The Central States Pension Fund is pursuing a plan that would slash pension checks in half for some former union truck drivers. The fund is on the brink of insolvency and says it needs to cut benefits for 273,000 current and future retirees in order to stay afloat."

NY Daily News (10/22/2015): cook with autism worked for year, never got paid: family-- "Now, Applebee’s is paying Caleb Dyl for the 166 hours of work RHD documented. The Dyls estimated their son — who did not clock in and out of work and only kept hours through his work coach — worked about 350 hours."

Things aren't looking much better for those on Social Security w/o a raise next year especially if they're living in Bethlehem Township. WFMZ (10/20/2015): Bethlehem Township weighs 37 percent tax hike-- "The increase is likely to change as commissioners work through the draft, but township residents can expect some increase."

AlterNet (10/21/2015): Bank's Severance Deal Requires IT Workers to Be on Call for Two Years — Without Pay-- "IT workers who contacted Computerworld said that the clause was a way for SunTrust to receive ongoing technical support for free after their jobs had been outsourced overseas."

How far can people be pushed before they lash back?

Perhaps we will see via the political outcomes in next year's elections

Taylor Swift 'earned $1million a day this year
Jerry Seinfeld is the world's highest-paid comedian after earning $36 million in the past year

UPDATE 10/26/2015
Applebee’s Will Pay Cook With Autism For All 480 Hours That Family Claims

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Music Video Gone Viral In Just 2 Weeks

Uploaded October 6th & Already Has 9,102,352 Views As Of Oct 21 2015

From China TV Show: "Let's Sing Kids" Season 3

I swear about the only thing that can unite the world as one will come about through music

It's what unites us all !

Shakira at the UN's General Assembly September 2015

Shakira, before the Pope at the UN in NYC, dedicates her performance of
John Lennon's Imagine to all the children turned refugees due to the Syrian war

Shakira's remarks about the refugee crisis in Syria

Joe Biden Will NOT Run For President

Good for Joe for a number of reasons.

(1) Although he would probably do as well as anybody else behind the desk I feel it's in Joe's best interests. He's the kind of guy who's mouth speaks what he's thinking. Not always a good quality for president who's job it is skirt around issues. I wouldn't want Joe to be any other way.

(2) Even though I'm not in favor of Hillary it does keep the Democratic party from being fractured like the Republican party has become recently unfortunately. (The 'Tea Party' needs to form their own party separate from traditional Republicans)

(3) I like Joe. He needs to quit while he's still well thought of. Some people make great vice Presidents but wouldn't make great Presidents. We've seen this in the past. I think Joe reached his level of success and it should stay that way.

(4) I'm pleased that he chose not to run for his sake. I don't think he has the stomach for it. No matter how much pressure was being applied I think he made the right call.

Eagles #1 In Their Division (10/21/2015)

But That Ain't Saying Much

Currently the Eagles are 3-3 in the NFC East. At this point they could be considered a big fish in a little pond. Statistically speaking it doesn't mean very much in the open waters that lie ahead. Nine other teams have a better record. This week the Eagles will face off against the 5-0 Panthers on Sunday (10/25/2015).

Later in the regular season they will only play against two teams that are a serious threat. The Cardinals (currently 4-2) and the Patriots (currently 5-0). This leaves six other teams with better records (currently) they'd face only in the playoffs which are not on their season schedule. If the Eagles hope to win the 'Super Bowl on February 7th 2016 they'd have to better three of those six which haven't lost a single game so far.

Can the Eagles win 10+ games it takes to assure a spot in the playoffs?
(They'd have to win at least 7 out of the 10 remaining games)

If they could, how many games into the playoffs before they'd be eliminated?
(Not too many if they even get there via 'wildcard')

Pardon me if I'm not optimistic given Sam Bradford's inconsistency.
(Even if he remains healthy)

(teams with better records)
National Football Conference
     NFC South
     Panthers 5-0
     Falcons 5-1

     NFC North
     Packers 6-0

     NFC West
     Cardinals 4-2

American Football Conference
     AFC East
     Patriots 5-0
     Jets 4-1

     AFC North
     Bengals 6-0
     Steelers 4-2

     AFC West
     Broncos 6-0

     AFC South
     Colts 3-3

How The Super Bowl Works

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

APD They're Not Medics

This seems to be the position they are taking

"In Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, District Attorney James Martin set up a program to offer police departments free naloxone kits. But the Allentown Police Department so far has refused the offer. Martin told The Huffington Post that the excuse he was given was that it would be too complicated to move naloxone kits from one vehicle to another during shift changes.

Lehigh County Coroner Scott M. Grim said the county has had 91 drug-related deaths in 2015. More than half have been from opioids -- deaths that might have been prevented with naloxone. Allentown’s police chief, Joel Fitzgerald, did not return calls seeking comment."

My Comments About The Article Above
The Morning Call: "Of more than two dozen police departments within his jurisdiction, only one, he said, has declined the kits, and that's the one serving the city with the biggest heroin problem — Allentown. "I'm disgusted with Allentown's response to this," he said.


CLICK On Pic For More Information

Monday, October 19, 2015

$10 Burgers The Norm?

Allentown rings in new restaurant – Bell Hall
By Stacy Wescoe | LV Business Network
"Bell Hall opened Thursday on the ground floor of The Trifecta Building at 612 Hamilton St. P.J. Brady, bar manager, described the restaurant as a “gourmet burger place,” which makes its burgers with “top-of-the-line meat,” but without top-of-the-line prices."

My Comments About The Article Above
According to the 'Bell Hall' menu prices range from $8.50-$18.00 for a burger and fries.

I must admit we don't eat out often and have been told this is the norm. Is that true?

If so I hope they don't let Werts Café, McDonald's, Burger King or dozens of these other places in on it!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

PBS39- "FOCUS" On Allentown's NIZ

Rather then me posting my opinions, this time I'm curious what others' thoughts are regarding this presentation including the spotlight on the ROXY in Northampton.

Uploaded 10/12/2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Trains- Lehigh Valley's Zombie Nightmare That Won't Go Away

"The mayors pointed out , “Ten to 15 years down the road you’ll be able to board a train going to New York or Philadelphia."

My Comments About The Article Above
Let us hope not. The costs are staggering not only to restore rails but also what they cost taxpayers far beyond any possible fares collected. Unless commuters from the Lehigh Valley like switching three trains, standing outside in the cold for trains running two or three hours apart leaving the Lehigh Valley at best and completing their destination from whatever station they arrive at (or depart from for that matter) few will end up using them to go to NYC.

As for feasibility all one need do is look at how much taxpayers are forced to pay currently for the deficits run up by Lehigh Valley's LANTA, Philly's SEPTA, New York's MTA, New Jersey's Transit Authority or Amtrak.

The counter argument runs along the lines, well we pay for streets and highways too. True but these are funded by a pay-as-you-go system through requirements to developers, vehicle fees, gasoline taxes and tolls which everyone of us use daily. On the other hand when it comes to mass transit here are the facts; 55.66% rely on public transportation in NYC. Less then 7% do at the bottom of the listing for the top 50 cities in the United States. The Lehigh Valley probably wouldn't even make the top 500 list if there were one. Truthfully when was the last time you used mass transit?

This has a been a hot button item with me for years. Frankly I'm tired of posting time after time and again. This is nothing more than idea dreamt up by windbag politicians trying to appease a certain base who stand to make million$ if not billion$ over the long haul from gullible taxpayers.

Please read my previous posts on why I truly believe THIS IS A STUPID IDEA
Rail Transportation Study (Mine) I (06/09/2010)
Rail Transportation Study (Mine) II (12/12/2012)
Paul Carpenter Is Cheerleading 'FOR' Trains.. AGAIN! (03/13/2013)
Rail Feasibility Study HERE WE GO AGAIN!! (07/19/2013)
Passenger Rail Doesn't Make Financial Sense (01/18/2014)
"Cars Are Dangerous" (02/16/2014)
The Relentless Pursuit For LV Rail Passenger Service (08/28/2014)
OMG LV Choo Choos Here We Go Again (08/10/2015)

Feb 11, 2015

April 30, 2015

Hey Lehigh Valley Feelin' lucky?
Wanna Take A Chance?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Grandkid Doing His Thing (Video)

His Vocal of Nathaniel Rateliff's- "SOB" He Performed With A Couple Of His Buddies
He performed in three musicals when he was in H.S.
Also a musical at the Pennsylvania Playhouse a few years ago.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Alternative To Guns 4 Self Defense

Mr. Bill Has A Better Idea

Imagine a classroom where 30 students are armed with baseballs in each of their desks.
Imagine baseballs in the nightstand when it comes to having young kids in the house.
Imagine a criminal getting walloped in the head by someone being attacked in the street.

Baseballs are legal everywhere including on planes and other forms of public transportation. No one is going to get busted nor required to have a permit for carrying them or having them in their vehicles. They're sure a hellva lot cheaper and safer to be around that's for sure.

So Why Not Give Them Some Consideration?

Sen. Pat Browne Wants Off The Hook For DUI

"Browne could be eligible because his prior offenses occurred more than 10 years ago."

My Comments About The Article Above
"Browne's formal arraignment was scheduled Monday morning, though the state senator was not present in court.".
If he wants a favor the least he can do is get his ass into court!

"Browne was charged twice previously with DUI".
Yea I know it may be the law but how many do overs does this guy deserve?

During my lifetime I've come across two people who were forced to take the 'Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition' (ARD) program for far less. Both threatened with their licenses to drive even though it had little to do with motor vehicles. One was cited for riding a bike drunk down a city street. The other staggering drunk in the street while walking.

Shouldn't Brown given his history be treated more severely then they?

Course when it comes to the word "justice" and "fairness" both have separate meanings in entirely too many instances.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

How Much Will Social Security Checks Increase In 2016?

The short answer is.. THEY WON'T!

First The Bad News
According to the Associated Press, "For just the third time in 40 years, millions of Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees can expect no increase in benefits next year."

Now For Even More Bad News
According to this CNBC headline: Medicare Part B premiums to rise 52% for 7 million enrollees. I urge everyone affected to read this article which explains measures some can take to avoid getting hammered.

Further information can be found HERE which goes into greater explanation as to why this has happened. Although I find it hard to understand why, one thing I do understand very clearly is future retirees and some current ones (about 30%) are going to get it put them.

Although the raise in 2015 was only 1.7% it sure beat the hell out of 0% !

Gone But Not Forgotten
These changes go back to 2007 under G.W. Bush's final two years in office when Democrats controlled both chambers of the 110th Congress. The same congress that also failed to enact the "Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act of 2007". Obviously there's plenty of blame to go around. Perhaps more so with the Democrats who crow about their record on financing social needs. In this case, not so much.

For most seniors who rely on interest rates for payments from their savings the last few years has been terrible. Often times less then 1%. Those who gambled on stocks unless they were investment wizards also took a few hits. At least seniors could always count on SS coming through with a couple of bucks. Apparently not anymore !

Social Security Is Not The Same As The Dept. Of Labor's COLA
Because SS is calculated differently then regular inflation (COLA) retirees have lost an estimated 33% of their purchasing power over the last 15 years. SSA only takes the average cost of living increases over a three month period (July, August, September). Then divides that by the same three months of the year prior.


Now it's official. Social Security today announced, "Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for nearly 65 million Americans will not automatically increase in 2016."

One Of The Most Memorable Tony Performances Ever

A Salute To The 44th Annual Tony Awards Broadcast (1990)

100% Pure Broadway

Michael Jeter died in March 2003 at 50 years of age. He played a bookeeper in the musical "Grand Hotel" which played 1,017 performances between November 1989-April 1992. "Grand Hotel" is a perfect example of the kind of traditional Broadway musicals I enjoy the most.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

4 More Manufacturers Cheat Emissions Tests?

"The four car giants join Volkswagen on the growing list of companies whose diesel vehicles passed the EU's official regulatory test in a laboratory setting, but fail to meet them in realistic driving situations."

Is this whole world full of nothing but lying cheats!


There's a face that we wear
In the cold light of day -
It's society's mask,
It's society's way,
And the truth is
That it's all a façade!

There's a face that we hide
Till the nighttime appears,
And what's hiding inside,
Behind all of our fears,
Is our true self,
Locked inside the façade!

Every day
People, in their own sweet way,
Like to add a coat of paint,
And be what they ain't!

That's how our little -
Game is played,
Livin' like a masquerade
Actin' a bizarre charade -
While playing the saint!

But there's one thing I know,
And I know it for sure:
This disease that we've got
Has got no ready cure!
And I'm certain
Life is terribly hard -
When your life's a façade!

Look around you!
I have found
You cannot tell, by lookin' at the surface,
What is lurkin' there beneath it!
See that face!
Now, I'm prepared to bet you,
What you see's not what you get -
'Cause man's a master of deceit !

So, what is the sinister secret?
The lie he will tell you is true? -
It's that each man you meet
In the street
Isn't one man but two!

Nearly everyone you see -
Like him an' her,
An' you, an' me -
Pretends to be
A pillar of society -
A model for propriety -
An' piety -
Who shudders at the thought
Of notoriety!

The ladies an' gents 'ere before you -
Which none of 'em ever admits -
May 'ave saintly looks -
But they're sinners an' crooks!


There are preachers who kill!
There are killers who preach!
There are teachers who lie!
There are liars who teach!
Take yer pick, dear -
"Cause it's all a façade!

If we're not one, but two,
Are we evil or good?
Do we walk the fine line -
That we'd cross if we could?
Are we waiting -
To break through the façade?

One or two
Might look kinda well-to-do -
Hah! They're bad as me an' you,
Right down they're boots!

I'm inclined to think -
Half mankind
Thinks the other half is blind!
Wouldn't be surprise to find -
They're all in cahoots!

At the end of the day,
They don't mean what they say,
They don't say what they mean,
They don't ever come clean -
And the answer -
Is it's all a façade!
Is it's all a façade!
Man is not one, but two,
He is evil and good,
An' he walks the fine line
We'd all cross if we could!

It's a nightmare - We can never discard -
So we stay on our guard -
Though we love the façade -
What's behind the façade?
Look behind the façade!

I've been overwhelmed and a bit reluctant to keep posting negative blogs on all the crap I'm coming across day in and day out as well as the goings on locally around here. I'm not sure there will be enough honest ethical people left to hold things together forever. Maybe this is just a passing mood but for now that performance pretty much summarizes my feelings at the moment. Hence the spacing between posts over the last few days and the rather pointlessness in bemoaning the fact there's little I or anyone else can do in the face of such an overwhelming dishonesty from so many people who positioned themselves. For every one you knock down there are two others who come along.
Where does it end?