Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Distant Galaxies Mess With Our Lives

The implications of what these energetic particles are capable of doing is enormous. Especially if they are able to alter DNA as implied in this video. I also find it rather astounding the knowledge these scientists have acquired. Much of which I have never heard of before. I'm learning new stuff everyday.

How Many Remember Mr. Six?

HINT: He was a hellva lot younger then the character he portrayed.


Mr. Six (Danny Teeson) was an advertising character used from 2004 to 2010 for the American theme park chain Six Flags.

Danny Teeson (born May 27, 1975) is a British dancer and choreographer.

Moderna Creates Twice as Many Antibodies as Pfizer

Study Shows Moderna Creates Twice as Many Antibodies as Pfizer
"There are two plausible reasons for the higher antibody levels of the Moderna vaccine, according to the paper. One is the higher amount of mRNA that is packed in the Moderna vaccine (100 micrograms) as compared to the 30 micrograms given in the Pfizer vaccine. The other is the duration between the doses."

How fortunate both the wife and I received this one at AG Hall through Allentown's health bureau.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Bellyaching About Packaging Waste

Here's another one of my videos from the archives. It's old cranky video I made about recycling back in February 2009. It was true back then as it still is today.

Although these videos once appeared on YouTube, they've never been presented on this blog. Some I've uploaded back onto YouTube. Others I have not and only appear here exclusively.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

vBlog- Ye Olde DJ Has Been... Me (Archived Videos)


Wondering if people would be interested in more vBlogs like I used to do?

Doing The News My Way

I've been going through some of my old archived videos. I'm not sure but thinking about posting a few more from the past It's a break from the current BS I've been posting recently. More?

Roller Skating 60's Style

Another video of mine dedicated to all who enjoyed their nights at the rink.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

4 of My MIDI Files

These were all done on my Roland SC-55 using 'Cakewalk' Software. I'll admit I downloaded the basic midi files but then went on to add tracks, assign instruments shaping them then adding additional SFX tracks to them as well. I've spent a huge amount of time on them. These are just four of may dozens. How many can you recognize.?

Although I'm certainly no musician by any means I do enjoy playing around with this stuff.

A Coupla' Video Dance Mixes I Made (LVCI Exclusive)


Thursday, August 26, 2021

2022 Lehigh County Budget Presentation

Lehigh County Executive Phil Armstrong delivers his 2022 Budget Proposal to the Board of Commissioners.

Las Vegas is Building the World’s Largest Sphere

It's schduled to open in 2023 at a cost of $1.8 billion.

Atlantic City, eat your heart out. This is unimaginable without seeing it in person when it's done.

Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom

People can argue with school officials.
People can argue with politicians.
People can argue with each other.
People can argue with medical people.

People can endlessly toss their opinions about with whoever they please. The fact remains there's no arguing or reasoning with the virus once it makes a home in someone's body. Covid will always have the final say who gets to live and who dies. Good luck to people taking up their opinions with a virus which could care less what peoples damn thoughts are. Whatever happens in the future will be entirely up to the virus itself for those not willing to give it the respect it deserves.

In short no matter how angry or loud people get the virus will still be the virus doing what every virus does. Ever in wait to infect the foolish just as sure as every other proven scientific law exist it is so.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Municipal Water Should Never Be Privatized

Aqua Pennsylvania looks to increase suburban water bills by 17% for up to 490,000 customers
"Aqua Pennsylvania, one of the region’s largest water companies, has filed a rate case petition with the state Public Utility Commission to increase water bills for customers by 17% and wastewater bills by 33%. More than 490,000 customers could be affected."

Basic municipal water should never be allowed to become privatized. If water isn't a basic function of any local government I question why even have a local government?

Water isn't a option. It's  the most basic life sustaining element humans need to survive. It should be at the very top of the list local governments be forced to provide. It's ironic some local governments don't want to get involved supplying it. But they'll be right there doing a company's bidding, rendering a home uninhabitable, if someone doesn't pay the bills to a large commercial corporation.

Talk about a mafia like shakedown. Government in cahoots with a commercial company.

The way I see this it does not serve the local taxpayers best interests by pawning off what should be government's responsibility. Instead citizens are forced to deal with a for-profit publicly-traded corporation beholden to it's shareholders.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Raven Rock Pennsylvania's 'Underground Pentagon'

Wonder if these folks got my reservations for this place since I never received my evacuation pass. Maybe it got lost in the mail. Never mind I'll call them. Say, what's the phone number for this place, anybody know?

Underground Beneath Philadelphia Streets

When the wife worked for the Wanamaker department stores she occasionally had meetings in Philadelphia. We always used an underground parking deck about a block away. From it you could directly enter a bank lobby (always unlocked) which had direct access to a subway walkway. From there we walked directly to the basement retail floor entrance of the Wanamaker building. No snow, rain nor cold weather problems whatsoever. I'm sure there a number more Philadelphia residents might be familiar with.

Comment from one viewer-
"Many tunnels were simply filled with utility lines and the walkways were moved to parallel tunnels, most of the concourses are still in use, and one can walk from 7th to 19th now, and from near arch street down to spruce...same as for past 90 years. the walkways connect two major regional commuter stations, a dozen commuter lines, 5 trolley lines, and 4 subways including one to NJ, many fantastic office towers, shops, department stores, government buildings, and restaurants. The arch street portion was cleverly and responsibly converted to a beautiful facility for homeless to shower and rest...

Monday, August 23, 2021

America’s Forever Wars

That pretty much sums it up. Another lession in history.

Allen B. West Pissed After Wife Arrested


Gubernatorial Candidate Allen West's Wife Speaks Out About DWI Arrest
"So, not knowing my rights nor the sequence of events to occur, I went along and at this moment I will avoid the gory details, but I am both injured and getting medical care. Officer Harris with the Dallas Police Department became “Aunt Lydia” for those fans of The Handmaid's Tale. She became my personal tormentor. She “showed me the ropes,” wrote West. “My hands are swollen and bruised as are my shoulders and arms. I have been locked and restrained in the squad car in the sweltering heat…. “The restraint tore some of the ligaments in my hands and shoulders. And….. I probably will test positive for COVID. My head is hurting very badly,” wrote West."

Sunday, August 22, 2021

4,215 Posts To Date

Looking back over the last ten years or so I've surprised even myself over the number and diversity of posts I made. Surely readers may find some of these of interest to them. Check them out on the right sidebar.

When I think I've covered just about every topic someone could I always find something more to post about without repeating myself. I really doubt anyone could find more diverse topics anywhere else other then here. I've always tried hard to find stuff that isn't repeatedly​ found elsewhere. Off the beaten path so to speak.

Yeah I'm blowing my own horn.
Why not?
If not I, who else would?

President Reagan's Humor

This was the time before Republicans lost their sense of humor over the years. Ronnie wouldn't be accepted in today's Republican party for dozens of reasons. I did vote for him and I would do so again if there were another like him. No he wasn't perfect but he was a hellva' lot more personable then the whole bunch in today's GOP. I'd be hard pressed to find any in that party today to be as charismatic and likeable as he.

The problem is today we take everything so damn serious. Not everything is a crisis every moment of the day and night. Nor is one's political opponent someone who is seen to be someone who must be destroyed no matter what. Even if it comes to the determent of stability within the United States in so doing.

To be truthful I feel neither Biden nor Trump should ever have been allowed close to the oval office. Two extremely bad choices. VP Harris is no stellar genius either. We could have done so much better with some of the other candidates in the primary. Reagan might have been somewhat out of touch but compared to Trump or Biden he would have made a better president today then both Biden and Trump combined. We really need to do much better in the future. However I fear the way it's looking, probably not. There's just too much ugliness in today's political world. So much so most decent folks wouldn't consider running for office.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Pirates Are Running Wild Off West Africa

I'm certain most people don't give a rat's patootie about what goes on in the rest of the world. We should. These are the kind of things we end up getting mixed up in for whatever reason when our American interests become involved. More about this after the video.

Apparently the people in that country got screwed out of their resources by big oil and Chinese fisheries. Since they have become destitute they will take to doing anything in order to survive. We tend to think of these as criminal pirates by nature rather then people driven to desperation. Perhaps if these people were given a fair share none of this would be happening. Wherever corruption and greed takes hold little good becomes of it.

We are all connected in some way whether directly or not. It's never a good idea to bury our heads and look the other way. Hence why I find it important enough to post such videos as these even if they are occurring on the other side of the globe.

These things have a way of sneaking up on people who aren't aware of everything going on in the rest of the world. Lest it's a good idea to keep an eye on the kind of greedy corrupt stuff going on elsewhere so it isn't able to get a foothold in this country. 

What You Need To Know About Afghanistan

Origins of the Taliban

Where things stood on Jul 30, 2021

It's been reported trillions of dollars in aide for roads, buildings and it's military apparatus disappeared through corruption without oversight. What few buildings and roads were actually built the people remained convinced the Taliban did these for them.

We screwed up by not truly knowing the history of how the Talban came into being. We also early on thought it would be a swell idea to arm the Taliban against Russia. Yeah well, Karma's a bitch.

In short. Wars are won by winning over hearts and minds. Victory that comes through the use of military force is doomed to be short lived. Know thy enemy before thinking about engaging them. Without a thorough working knowledge of the history and the thoughts of the Afghanistan people themselves it put us in a position of potential failure before we began.

Question is, have we learned this lesson before engaging another country. I doubt it. History isn't one of our highest priorities when it comes to our schools and universities. Neither is it with our intelligence, state department or military officials over the last four administrations evidently.

Friday, August 20, 2021

China The Mystery Of The Longyou Caves

These are usually my least viewed posts. Regardless I find them more fascinating then most of the other things I post.

Who were these people? Where'd they go? Has the apocalypse already come and gone leaving us behind? Do we inexplicably move from one dimension to another? Maybe living in a hologram? Sometimes these explanations make more sense then those who try explaining these abnormalities?

Your turn. What do you think is the explanation?
Go ahead. I'm waiting.
If people don't share the same curiosity as I it makes me wonder, why not?
This is important to me. Please leave some feedback. I'd appreciate it.

In summary..

Trump-Appointed Judge Made Himself In Charge Of ICE

Immigration Lawyers Say Trump-Appointed Judge in Texas Just Decided He’s in Control of ICE and ‘Emperor of U.S. Immigration Policy’ in ‘Unprecedented and Outrageous’ Ruling
"For immigration lawyers, Tipton has, in effect and with a court’s imprimatur, reinvented ICE with a system that places onerous demands on the Biden administration... The order also dismantles long-held understandings of executive branch authority over the Department of Homeland Security..."

It seems every decision elected leaders make is challenged in court. Thus essentially allowing unelected judges to become unofficial rulers. I don't think this is what authors of the constitution had in mind. Unfortunately you give some people a little bit of power and they run amuck with it.

It certainly does make voters wonder who's actually running the country. The ones we chose or certain biased unelected judges who empower themselves to run this country as they see fit based on their political prejudices. 

Smarter Than a 6th and 9th Grader?

How'd I do?
Don't ask.
Looks like my brain retired years ago along with me.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Daughter Of Former MC Columnist Paul Carpenter Accuses Him Of Sexual Abuse

Daughter of former columnist wants to add mother to civil suit over alleged sexual abuse
"Aug 18, 2021- Texter claims Paul Carpenter sexually abused her from the ages of 9 to 19, and that he used shackles and ropes to trap, beat, and rape her."

Retired Morning Call columnist Paul Carpenter’s daughter accuses him of sex abuse in lawsuit
August 13, 2021- "Beginning around 1972, the suit alleges, Carpenter groomed Texter to believe that sexual contact between a father and daughter was proper. Starting when Texter was 13, Carpenter raped her three or four times a week, sometimes using restraints or a belt and his fists to beat her, the suit alleges. It also contends he threatened to force Texter into prostitution so he could watch her have sex with other men."

Prominent ex-Morning Call columnist sexually abused daughter for decade, lawsuit alleges
"Aug. 13, 2020- Carpenter worked as a bureau chief for The Morning Call and then a columnist, with weekly columns that ran from 1989 until he retired in 2014. Carpenter prided himself on writing about perceived governmental abuse of power, specifically by county children and youth agencies. Messages left for Morning Call Editor Mike Miorelli were not returned... The daughter, now 58 years old, said she has talked to many people about the abuse. As a child, she said, she disclosed the abuse to a teacher."

If true, that's nasty stuff.

Why Are These People Wearing Masks...

If they don't work?

Uploaded August 18, 2021

I've said this since the begining. Covid won't go away. It's just biding it's time until people leave their guard down. That goes for everyone including kids going back into the classrooms. People need to seriously wise the hell up!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Abandoned Weapons at Kabul Airport

US Contractor Shows Abandoned Weapons at Kabul Airport

Devices Destroyed Outside NATO Building as Taliban Enter Kabul

Little else to say other then.. WHAT A MESS!
So unbelievable. It seems like a never ending nightmare.

Colorado River Is Drying Up (Our Farms With It)

First most of our manufacturing jobs dried up. Will farming be next?

40 Million People Rely on the Colorado River Now It's Drying Up

The farms in the Lehigh Valley are going away as well at an alarming rate with warehouses now continuously being being built on what once was valuable food producing land. The United States used to be the food basket of the world. This is no longer the case as we rely more and more on importing our foods from other countries.

While many are focusing on what happens in Afghanistan and fighting among ourselves over wearing masks we are facing far greater challenges in the future. I suppose if the pandemic doesn't get us the lack of food and water will. So much so that it can no longer be ignored. All these will greatly impact the economy as well as all those lost manufacturing jobs. These are troubling times.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Afghan Military Was Always A Mess

Warning: Strong Language

This is what our military had to put up with. When they didn't improve after 7 years of training by 2009 I doubt they ever could have since then. This is the kind of embedded culture which we cannot overcome. It's who they are. They were only in it for the money and protection U.S. troops provided them when they were tossed out of their villages for various reasons. Never were a force which could be relied on.

Why weren't Americans shown this on U.S. media?

Sec. of State Blinken on Afghanistan

Sec. of State Blinken on Afghanistan:
‘This is not Saigon’
"Secretary of State Antony Blinken declared Sunday that the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan since the withdrawal of U.S. troops is nothing like the fall of Saigon in 1975."

Sure looks like it to me!

The Afghans never did nor never will change. It's been a cesspool for centuries. Always will be.

We knew going in if they enjoy anything more then fighting among themselves it's when they can unite against a foreign intrusion. Give it a  a few weeks or months and they'll go right back to endlessly killing each and other's tribal members. It's who they are. It's what they do. This should be a mystery to no one.

A Brief history of Afghanistan

The point is Afghanistan isn't actually a country. It's an area of the world where numerous tribes have shifting control over certain geographical areas after warring with their neighbors come each Spring's new battle season.

Is It Useful To Wear A Mask?


Saturday, August 14, 2021

Setting Up New Computer Sucks

I dread every time I have to do this. The wife's computer is perfectly fine. Problem is it's a Windows VISTA OS system no longer supported. Neither is my Norton antivirus  on it.

Honestly if we weren't forced into a corner not being able to visit many of these sites because they no longer loaded we'd hang on to it for years more.

Setting this system up is like walking through the gates of hell. The login requires an email address. It won't accept our provider's. Course not. They forced me to create a new one on Microsoft's. Then it didn't like the password I wanted to use. Just about every file I transferred needs a new app since this system didn't like the ones we have in our backup archives. Then there were updates to the updates. It even required we download a new version of Window's 10 we had on this brand new computer. Of course then there were more updates for that.

There also was an issue with our password manager. This new updated Norton software claims my wife's doesn't exist in the cloud even though it did an hour before on the old computer. So I was forced to use my list instead of hers So I imported and merged her old backup into mine. Now we have one great big giant chunks of passwords which had some outdated coming in from her side. One step forward two back. I tried to log in with some of hers and had to end up resetting passwords which of course required all kinds of confirmations before I could do that. And... here we go again having to back up the new ones into my archives overriding the old one I had just made.

Then I tried to make a recovery disk if/when the HDD ever gave up the ghost. Another no go. Had to order a thumb drive that was larger then any I have in stock. It used to be I could just burn a couple of disk. That's a no go now  Looks like I'm stuck with dozens of DVDs and CD burnable discs. No one uses them anymore. They're setting on top of my VHS tape cabinet collection :-)

Windows 10. I have no idea why this thing is so buggy about connecting to my other computers. I never had a problem like this before.

I have lots more to complain about but I will say one good thing came out of this. Since her old computer with it's two terabyte disks are still running great it makes a great backup server. Which I've already used for the unending disorganized files it now holds. I've always been fussy about organizing files and folders. At this point I don't give a hoot. The programmers win. As long as the damn thing works I'm done endlessly frustrating myself trying to organize it.

Honestly these computers get worse with every new operating system that comes along. Seems like they just pile more code on top of the old rather then starting out fresh with far less coding. This recovery backup requires 12 gigabytes. That tells me everything I need to know about how less efficient these systems are. The faster the internet becomes the larger and more complex the web pages become. Same goes for memory and processor speeds. The greater increase in memory, the faster motherboard speeds, the more programmers stuff code into them.

So that's how I'm spending most of my time these last few days.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

A Word To You Anti-Vaxxers

Please don't watch this if you're not willing to listen to a whole lot of cursing.

I completely 100% agree with this guy. I've lost my patience as well. As far as I'm concerned this is no longer up for debate on this blog. I've had it with the comments I'm receiving. I refuse to endlessly debate with those trying to outwit my logic. Take it somewhere else.

I'm All For Improving Infrastructure But...

This is excessive to my way of thinking.

It's my sincere hope this infrastructure bill passed by the senate will be used to fix deteriorating structures. They need it a lot more then NYC's never ending excessive billion dollar projects. If NYC and the rest of the country can't maintain what we already have why are we forever shoveling more money into new ones?

It's like buying a brand new car while living in a tent as it rots.

$649 Dyson Fan vs. $15 Walmart Fan

Next to my computer desk I have a Whirlpool HEPA filter air purifier. I paid $350 for it 5 years ago. Behind me a $20 dollar fan like the one described in this video. So if one unit goes I still have the other. Both combined at 57% the cost of this Dyson. Some HEPA units go for as little as $269. Seems to me people are paying more for a name rather then anything else.

Good marketing by a company doesn't always make for good sense

Covid Choices

People have only two. Go with the delusional or choose sanity over madness. Many will be foolish enough to stick to their guns against masks and vaccines to literally their last dying breath. We've come to the point where it's become the difference between reality and those choosing to live in some sort of fantasy world of denial. A weird place for many where they can just make stuff up and pretend it's true for a number of reasons.

Republicans Take To Mask Wars As Virus Surges In Red States
"Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has issued an executive order threatening to cut funding from school districts that defy a statewide ban on classroom mask mandates. He’s now suggesting his office could direct officials to withhold pay from superintendents who impose such rules anyway.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster is threatening to withhold funding to schools in his state’s capital of Columbia over masking rules, while Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has vowed to enforce a similar order against mask mandates — despite large school districts around the state, including Dallas and Austin, promising to go ahead with classroom face covering requirements."

Rand Paul Files Disclosure 16 Months Late Showing Wife Invested In Remdesivir Maker
"Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) disclosed Wednesday that his wife bought stock in Gilead Sciences, which makes an antiviral drug used to treat COVID-19, just weeks before the full threat of the coronavirus pandemic came to public light.

Paul filed paperwork to show that his wife, Kelley Paul, invested in Gilead in February 2020, according to The Washington Post. The pharmaceutical company makes remdesivir, an antiviral drug given to former President Donald Trump when he was sick with COVID-19 in October.

Paul is a member of the Senate health committee, which began receiving briefings on COVID-19 in January 2020, the month before his wife’s investment."

Who people going to trust more? 
Windbags like Rand Paul, the CDC or actual working hospital medical doctors?

Haven't made a decision?
No worries, Covid will make it for you.
Darwinism at work.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Do Folks Ever Get Tired Of Bickering?

Over 1,100 comments in less then 24 hours.
Are you kidding me!
I don't give a rat's ass what 1,100 other people think.
Don't these folks have any thing else to think about?

I sure do that's why I post on just about anything other then Gov. Cuomo resigning or this unending BS about Covid. I'm trying to inform people rather then swimming with the tide. Seems the world would be a whole lot better place if people in general tried to look beyond the tiny little bubble they want to immerse themselves in.

Take a look at my many posts below and on the side if you want to experience something beyond what main stream would prefer to direct peoples attention to. I try to make every effort connecting people with the things they may not come across elsewhere. My goal is to expand my horizons. To be as eclectic as I possibly can just like I always have been. Hopefully many of those who visit this blog regularly will join me as well in this journey going forward.

Big Bang Beginning Of The Universe? (Perhaps Not)

How Hindu-Buddhist Like!
Wikipedia: "A kalpa is a long period of time (aeon) in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, generally between the creation and recreation of a world or universe."

Although kalpa years don't add up to the years our universe exist by today's supposed scientific understanding I always thought they were on the right track.

It makes so much sense to me. We sleep for a period. We awaken for a period. We or the universe couldn't be created in any other fashion by our maker since there was no other example to go by then he/she/it's own self.

Another example. Ra- the Egyptian God of the sun symbolized by a circle represented the continuous cycle of day and night. Put another way.. no matter where you begin a circle it always ends at the beginning. Yeah these guys might have been on to something our science is now only beginning to rediscover.

Notice too if we orbit the Earth, or galaxy for that matter, we will end up in the same place we started. Why wouldn't the universe itself be of the same nature?

To me these are clues. As to what will become of use accepting and knowing such things has yet to be seen. However it does take us a step closer to understanding our place in the giant scheme of things.

Solution For All The Plastic Waste

A no brainer. Seems simple to me.
Why aren't we doing this?

Another case of United States being a day late on just about every new technology. Seems we have to be up against the wall before we even begin talking about any problem facing us.

Here's the message regarding the future for United States predominance: Snooze, you lose'.

ABC6 News Team's Weekly Friday Night Dance Party

April 06, 2021

They do this off air every Friday. Looks like they all get along just fine.

Monday, August 9, 2021

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All too many times people arrive here seeking out a single post from whatever link led them here never taking the time to look at my other stuff. Some of these other posts might interest you as well.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Apple To Scan iPhones For Child Sexual Abuse

Robotic AI algorithms watching each of your photos.
Yeah like nothing could go wrong here.
Not just CREEPY.. dangerous.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Wise The Hell Up- COVID KILLS!

I'm fed up, tired of hearing the unending BS arguments. So is the daughter. After nearly 25 years working in the ICU she's had her fill. If this continues to rise she is planning on quitting in the next 6 weeks or so. I'm positive she's not the only one. There's a growing number hospitals reporting staffing shortages. The hospital she works for offered $40 an hour for extra hours (on top of those many already worked). Most turned it down. Gee I can't imagine why. How much of this shit are workers supposed to put up with. Believe it or not they are only human. Not superheroes. Just people trying to earn a living. How many of us would want to go to work under these conditions?

Many argue it's their right to come up with any excuse for not taking the vaccine or wearing a mask. Yeah well try and bullshit your way out of it with the Covid virus once it takes up residence inside your sorry ass. You do realize there's no actual coarse of treatment once you have it?

Do I seem angry?
Damn right I am. If you want to be an idiot by taking your own life that's one thing. But you're jeopardizing those around you who do not deserve to die because of your stupidly. That's what ticks me off.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Pastor Greg Locke Sunday Church Service August 1st

What kind of world do these loons think they live in?

Recycling Worth It Anymore?

No matter how you spin it...
Garbage In ='s Garbage out.
Most times the world seems FOS to me.

Years ago we used to buy Tupperware. Since then we've gotten an overabundance of plastic containers we try to reuse for storage of our leftover meals. At this point we have so many containers we have no choice left but to toss out the incoming containers we're forced to purchase with our grocery items.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Covid Experiences People Are Having

No matter what the facts are or someone says there will always be those too damned thick headed to listen. Don't say I and others haven't tried to warn people.

CBS News Investigates The ASPCA

Begining to wonder if almost all the country's nonprofits are FOS. Like I said before, hats off to those in the media who still do these investigations.

If Recycling Was Honest

Remember before screws and small parts came in bubble packs? Milk came in wax/cardboard cartons? Soda in reusable glass bottles? Before all the plastics used on today's cars? Oh there's lots of other things I could mention. The point is... imagine if we didn't  overuse plastic unnecessarily in the 1st place.


Sunday, August 1, 2021

Keeping Up With Neighborhood Facebook Page

This is what I see on some of them. Not to mention those who ask, 'Where can I get the best wax job?'

Not sure if they mean for the car or themselves :-)

Take A Look Inside A Hasidic Jewish Torah Celebration

Well the Hasidic certainly are not as recluse as I thought. This is something most people who are not Hasidic have ever witnessed. Good job Peter Santenello in filming this video.