Saturday, September 29, 2018

Isto Loves To Laugh (Music Video)

As far as I'm concerned many in Washington are taking themselves too serious. I think Isto ought to be hired to entertain for at least one day or two every week or so in the halls of the Capital Building in Washington. Lord knows congress could use a chuckle or two. Performers have been working the subways and streets for years bringing a bit of levity. Why not Washington's hallowed halls? Couldn't hurt none, could it?

Maybe Washington could form a talent show once a year featuring members of congress or those in the Whitehouse. I'm sure more then a few could pull it off. Music has a way of uniting people in a way words cannot. Lord knows we could use a little more harmony between them.

Why Not?
We're not going stand for Putin getting away with this are we !

Not when we had the likes of Condolezza at the time

Nor Rep. Joe Crowley presently in office

Pennsylvania Lingo Take The Test

Friday, September 28, 2018

Supreme Court Nominee Clarence Thomas Been There Done That

Point Is...
How Clarence Thomas controlled his temperament and professionalism over that of Brett Kavanaugh's fitness for office.

Brett has a very obvious bias towards Democrats. This concerns me because it wasn't the line of attack Clarence took. Instead Justice Thomas addressed the charges against him by individuals rather then along party lines. This is what earns my respect for him. Brett-- not so much.

The judicial committee has approved his nomination. Pending any other procedures It appears this may go to the Senate for a vote.

My Thoughts On Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

The whole thing is a SS. There is not single player who doesn't have a vested interest in the outcome. Every person involved has been playing hardball. Everyone is trying to stick it to the other. There are no innocents here.

We a have a woman accusing Brett for something she should have dealt with years ago, Brett who obviously has a history which is less-then-stellar. Democrats and Republicans locking horns engaging with one another each using unscrupulous tactics.

When voters vote for chaos ... chaos is exactly what they receive. No room anymore for RINOS or DINOS. Only hardcore candidates. Electing moderates has become a sin. I've used this metaphor for some time. You have two people drowning. Instead of helping one another each grabs the other by the neck and they both drown.

If there is one thing I took away from this it is few care what is best for this nation. Instead we've become a bunch of people who favor less what we have in common over that which divides. Trump is not at fault. Neither are either of the parties. They only represent what this nation has become. Our founders got it right. Our system of government was designed to represent the will of the people. If there's anyone to blame for this fiasco it is we who sent this bunch to Washington

Is this really what we want?

What Is Magnetism? Simple Question With No Answer

Wikipedia describes magnetism as a physical phenomena . Yeah but what is it really?

We take so many things for granted like this thing called magnetism. Yes we have a bunch of formulas we use to manipulate it's characteristics for our uses. I even felt it's effects when I couldn't let go of my metal drill when it shorted out in my hands. Hence I been rather convinced it does exist.

Yet this guy says it doesn't. Huh?

Sorry still clear as mud to me

Maybe I'm stupid
Can anyone explain this clearly to me?

Yo scholars. Don't go away yet. Next up I want somebody to prove the existence of time. :-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Good Luck To Puerto Rico Next Time They Need Help

The New York Times
Utilities Helped Puerto Rico Fix Its Power Grid. Now They Face Hefty Tax Bills.
"Though their costs are expected to be reimbursed by the federal government, the companies were not earning a profit... Florida Power & Light was given five days to pay the first $2 million, and 30 days for $333,000 more in taxes, fees, penalties and interest. Ameren and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District received bills for nearly $3 million."

What does that mean for PPL (me)?

Allentown Water Users Will Be Getting Soaked

Judge: Lehigh Co. Authority can raise water bills for Allentown residents
"The city filed the lawsuit after the authority voted in May to increase rates by $13 dollars a month."

Ok so $13 a month doesn't sound like much. Well it is when you consider it's $156 more per year. My water bills over the last 4 years totaled under $400. Doing the math this increase represents nearly 40%. In other terms this means shortly I will be paying for more then 16 months of water but only getting 12 months worth next year. This comes on top of the $100 stormwater fee we were assessed.

Yeah I'd say we're getting a pretty good soaking considering all this liquid sunshine raining down on Earth comes from the heavens free of charge. At least it was until revenuers got ahold of it.

What's next.. 'Sun Fees"?

Maybe I ahould shut up before I give them anymore ideas.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh Deja Vu All Over Again

April 2017

February 2016

March 2016

They Say What Goes Around Comes Around
Indeed it does. If you watched all the videos you'll see both sides are guilty of playing this never ending game. We should all agree qualifications have little to do with either of these two nominations. Rather its this horrific ever continuing game of partisan politics. One which is tearing this country apart.

'Drain The Swamp'
Do it by refusing to support any politician constantly blaming and complaining about the other party. These kind of candidates care more about protecting their political brand then tending to the desires of the American people. Each election cycle voters reelect parties (politicians) rather then leaders. Both sides fall for the same line of crap they are spoon fed about what the other party stands for. Instead should be looking at what their own candidate has done in the past or is likely to do in the future while office.

If we're to 'Drain The Swamp' we need to learn how to separate the grain from the chaff. 90% of the politicians are more talkers then doers. Just because we see the same two or three dozen glory seekers constantly in the media doesn't mean they're worth the room they take up. The U.S. Congress is made up of 534 members (6 more with non voting status). Most of them are seat warmers whose only importance matters when it comes time to vote on a bill their party wants them to. If we're ever to change anything we need to send people to Washington who intend to actually accomplish something. If not-- send them home the next election before they can draw a pension.

Quit buying into all this faked divisiveness.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Protectionism Is Not Going To Make MAGA

High-skilled immigrants call out the Trump administration’s ‘hypocrisy’
"The Trump administration says it wants to move to a “merit-based” immigration system — one that gives priority to immigrants who speak English and are highly educated. But critics say that rhetoric is at odds with the administration’s actions...

The administration is also trying to kill another Obama-era program known as the International Entrepreneur Rule.... All of this has infuriated corporate America. The CEOs of Apple, Pepsi and other U.S. companies say the administration is scaring away high-skilled workers, which could hurt the economy."

Throughout history our technological advancements have been made possible by an untold number of immigrants who came to this country. To name four-- Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Elon Musk and Enrico Fermi amongst hundreds of others. According to PRB Foreign-born residents not only expanded the U.S. high-tech workforce but helped start new businesses that have generated billions in revenue and hired tens of thousands of workers. Foreign-born entrepreneurs helped start one-fourth of all new U.S. engineering and technology business established between 1995 and 2005, including Google and eBay. In high-tech Silicon Valley, California, more than one-half of business start-ups over that period involved a foreign-born scientist or engineer; one-fourth included an Indian or Chinese immigrant.

All of this boils down to Donald and his minions extreme dislike for anyone they or he don't think looks American enough. Here's the long range problem. If none of these are allowed to come here, they will go someplace else with their labor and talents. If anyone thinks this will bode well over the long haul they're very much mistaken. No nation has a monopoly on the smartest nor most industrious people. A lesson we no doubt will learn eventually which will come at a cost. Between Trump's immigration policies, his trade tariffs and all his other isolation policies it's only a matter of time before United States pays a penalty.

Farmers needlessly suffering in the middle west are now joined by South Carolina farmers facing their third year of tropical storm destruction, with at least $125M in damages

In addition while it's harvesting season Trump is blocking entrance to the much needed migrants farmers depend on to pick the crops American workers refuse to do. Thousands come here never intending to stay longer then necessary so they can earn money. Then return to their families in Mexico once the season is over.

I Don't Get It
Farmers, retailers, and the tech industry due to tariffs and Trump's immigration polices are affecting businesses and consumers alike. Yet support seems to remain strong. The way I figure it either they or I are fools.

Come the November elections if Trump and his Republicans remain on top I promise to shut my face. There's no point in me bloviating endlessly. Sometimes people need to learn the hard way. However I do wish to reserve the right to say "I told you so" when comes the day everything goes down the crapper.

Till then, see you on the other side :-)

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Alternative News Source For Lehigh Valley

I don't think many are aware PBS39 has an evening newscast at 6:30 PM Monday through Friday.
Reporters are based in 10 counties. You can check out a few of the programs you might have missed by clicking above as well as the backgrounds of these reporters. Some of their bios are quite impressive.

Chloe Nouvelle
Lehigh County, PA
Prior to joining PBS39, Chloe Nouvelle worked at NBC News producing segments on worldwide events for NBC Nightly News, Today, Dateline and MSNBC. As a member of the network’s foreign unit, she contributed to NBC News’ chronicling of the war in Syria, the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and the refugee crisis across Europe. Today, she resides in Lehigh County pursuing relevant and reflective coverage of the Lehigh Valley for PBS39’s Reporter Corps.

Here's another good one I've bookmarked with PBS39 on YouTube....
^^ Click on this to stream episodes online ^^

Trump Hires Only The Best Person For The Job

According to Alternet obviously not. I urge you to read the article. One guy who is a "special assistant in the Dept of Interior listed his only experience (other then being on the campaign) as a motorized scooter salesman. Another at the Farm Service Agency listed his previous work was as a receptionist selling his own line of scented candles. A Department of Energy special adviser for renewable energy was a Chicago-area utility worker and bouncer before joining Trump's campaign.

I'm sure every administration rewards their supporters. If you research 'ProPublica's database there seems to be more unqualified individuals then under Obama's. It's costing taxpayers big bucks for these 2,700+ appointees. I'd like us to be getting the greatest value for our money.

Friday, September 21, 2018

I Bet Trump Regrets Listening To Hannity Advice

The New York Post
Trump walks back plan to declassify Russia probe documents

For weeks Sean Hannity has been egging Donald on to declassify documents related to the Steele Dossier. Well Donald listened only to change his mind a few days later. I mentioned on another blog this could backfire on him. Here's why I believe it still. What if these documents instead of undermining the reasons for beginning Mueller's special council investigations supported them instead? What if these documents proved 100% beyond all reasonable doubt there were justifications for these FISA requests? That would make it some really lousy advice coming from Hannity wouldn't it?

Donald's BFF Hannity's whole spiel for months relied on his claims the FISA warrants weren't justified. Thus his forever prodding Donald into declassifying these documents. I tend to think Hannity will align with the president's decision going forward. If so I wonder how Sean will present this FISA/FBI conspiracy theory of his in the future?

Of course I have no way of knowing whether key allies called him or not. One thing I do know. If these documents could have bit Donald in the butt he'd have to come up with an excuse to put the brakes on. Personally I was rooting for release of these documents. Imagine the things we might have learned. Looks to me someone gave Donald a heads up why it may not be a wise idea.

I don't know which give Trump worse advice-- FOX & Friends, so-called Judge Pirro, Hannity or Giuliani. One thing is for sure, if I were president FOX News would be the last place I'd turn to for legal advice. Course then again who else can Donald turn to when those closest to him are striking all these plea deals before Mueller's special council probe.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bert And Ernie Are Gay Lovers

New York Post
Sesame Street’ writer reveals
Bert And Ernie Are Gay Lovers
"Bert and Ernie are more than just friends, according to “Sesame Street” writer Mark Saltzman"

What is the matter with these people?
For 49 years kids (including myself) see them as nothing more then close friends. What happened to innocence? What's next, the Lone Ranger and Tonto? Sherlock Holmes and Watson?

Statler and Waldorf?

Here I thought they were just two old Jews.

What... I say something wrong?

Then there's this


What To Do When Too Many Old People?

New York Post
Japan reaches new world record
with 1 in 3 people over 65
"New government figures show that the country now has the highest ratio in the world at 35.6 million senior citizens, which is about 28 percent of the population. It’s followed by Italy at 23 percent and Portugal and Germany, both with 22 percent..."

In 2016 the United States had 15.2%. In 2040 it's estimated there will be 21.7%. By 2060 an estimated 24%. I've always thought it a good thing when there isn't a boom in population. However what do you do when there aren't enough younger workers to replace them?

Perhaps the solution could be by allowing greater immigration of younger workers. Hopefully because of increasing automation they won't be necessary. This leaves us with the question whether society can continue living at the current level if less then half of the population is productive without importing younger workers?

I mentioned less then half keeping in mind about 10% are sill in school. Another 19% are disabled here in the United States.

I Missed The Emmy Awards-- SO WHAT!

I never watch any of these awards shows because... * I don't give a damn what anybody else likes. I'll decide for myself.
* There're nothing but a smoosh-fest kissing up to one another.
* Women have boobs. Already seen most of em' in their movies and shows already.
* Teleprompter jokes aren't funny.
* Too damn long.
* Nothing but great big ads for themselves interrupted by other ads.
* No point in honoring dead people not around to appreciate it.
* Few can accept their award w/o making a political statement or promoting some social cause.
Got anything to add?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Hearings Tied Up In A Knot

I'm going to assume readers have some knowledge what is going on. Here's a few points I'd like to make.

What Goes Around Comes Around
Republicans completely denied Obama's nominee a hearing. In response Democrats are playing hardball (so are Republicans). (1) Republicans refused to release 41,000+ documents till the night before the hearings. Thus an attempt to screw Democrats in the hearings last week. (2) Senator Feinstein sat on a letter from a female a accuser of sexual asasult while they were in high school. Feinstein claims she was respecting the so-called victim's privacy but now the accuser is willing to testify before the nomination committee. Let the games begin.

I don't believe anyone really gives a rat's patootie what he did or didn't do in high school. Where the problem lies is there is not one republican female on the nomination committee. Thus anything the conservatives do will only make them look bad in questioning this so-called victim's sincerity. No doubt Demo's female senators will skewer their questions. Of course this is the democratic party's strategy. One which could affect the outcome in the upcoming elections. Thus very little of this has to do with Brett's qualifications and everything with the political games played in DC.

Hearings will most likely be postponed till after the elections.
This in order not to come off making Republican nominee committee members look bad before the elections. If Democrats win Brett's toast. Speaking as a citizen watching both sides I think the whole thing is disgusting. We've become so polarized I doubt we will be able to ever have a neutral supreme court justice. Maybe a better way is having a president submit several names and letting both sides hash it out which one they could agree on. If that's not possible just maybe we ought to let the current eight members stand until they can. Back in 1789 'The Judiciary Act' named only six. Maybe we ought to let them die off till we get back to that number. Why not?

Ye gads I'm so sick of this bullshit!

It Wasn't Always This Way
Elena Kagan Supreme Court Justice SENATE confirmation hearings...

Confirmed by the U.S. Senate on August 5, 2010

Amazon Capitalism On Steroids

I encourage everyone to buy from locally owned businesses before they go away.

What wasn't mentioned is Amazon bought online pharmacy 'PillPack'
Whole Foods delivery via Amazon Prime expands to 38 cities

There's not much difference between a communist government's control over the marketplace and that of single business. Especially one becoming too big to fail. Once any single company gets too large they set the prices, work hours, benefits and wages for labor. Amazon didn't get large by itself. Consumers and workers allowed it to become the powerhouse it is today. This doesn't mean I consider Amazon evil. However...

By discouraging competition innovation suffers. There's no point in some entrepreneur working their butt off assuming the risks when at the end of the day some super sized company with it's huge financial and legal resources produces a similar knock off for a proven product. Then uses it's marketing pipeline to undercut these independent innovative smucks.

It has been a matter of my long held belief it's not good to have too many eggs in one basket. That bigger isn't always necessarily better. Consolidation is good up to a point. Co-ops between independent businesses can be a good thing, but this isn't what is happening here.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Harder To Deal With Websites Everyday

I'm a very intense user of websites and their RSS feeds. Here's something I've noticed with increasing frequency over the last 10 years or so. A RSS feed will start a story and just when the who, what, where information is suppose to start the author ends their feed. This to lure you into clicking to whatever site they are on. The reason-- so they can screw you over with popups and ads. Many have gone so far as eliminate RSS feeds harassing visitors instead to put up with their nonsense.

Speaking of popups. The first time it happened I thought it was a screw up. Then several times since a video came up which had nothing to do with the headline. Come on am I suppose to be stupid or what. It's just another way to get you click on a popup so they can feed their greed. Other sites remind me I'm using a popup blocker. Same deal. Clicking on it also allows them to earn a couple of extra bucks. If one digs into the code on a web page they will find a user clicking on anything (including a popup) can be acknowledging anything a programmer wants it to. There's nothing innocuous about them. Each serve whatever purpose a web designer wants them to. Usually I just refresh a page. If it doesn't go away I do.

Another thing I have no faith in is counters. As far as I'm concerned nearly all of them are faked Advertisers would have no way of knowing otherwise. Neither would any user of a social media website know the deck was stacked against them by other users programmers favored.

One extremely popular site ran auto play videos on top. It didn't matter how many times I paused the video it would not pause. When I closed the box another video would begin to roll. Here again every time I clicked something happened in favor of the website's greed. I couldn't even read the story I came for. This is getting beyond ridiculous to the point of unusable.

There's still another tactic. Some sites lock you out after three views. Others have taken to posting a headline with a partial article. When you click on the READ MORE button they want people to pay to read their so-called exclusive story. Many which can be found elsewhere for free.

Here's what is starting to piss me off...

TV/entertainment networks are streaming their best programs instead of airing them on cable (where we already pay subscription fees for them within our bill). People have reported movies they paid for are being removed from the cloud so they no longer can view them. Same deal goes with some subscriptions to books being removed before some were done reading them. More and more websites are so loaded with BS and ads their becoming increasingly difficult to navigate.

Look I know everyone needs to be compensated BUT there comes a point where consumers and internet users are being taken advantage of. A time when things are becoming unnecessarily complicated. My patience is wearing thin. Am I the only one?

Trump Obsessed With FOX News

Advisors.... I don't need no stinkin' advisors.

Trump Talking Stupid Again Still

OMG Zip It Already
What's it to ya?
You said you had nothing to do with it.
So why should any of this be a concern to you?
Does It?
Click On Chart For More Info

North Texas Fake Fair Catch (Football)

90-yard Punt Return TD
Saturday, September 15, 2018

Friday, September 14, 2018

Going To Prison For Voting

Ok I get it, but is locking her up going to make her a better person or keep us any safer?

Seems to me if someone isn't screwed up before they get locked up-- they sure as hell will be when the system is done with them. Prisons are supposed to be a deterrent to crime by hoping inmates will see the error of their ways. Then try to better themselves. In her case, with this judge, it seems he's trying to do the opposite.

The explanation is obvious. Judges get elected.

They don't want no damn ex-cons voting against them.

So let's screw with offenders' future incomes instead.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Government If I Had My Way

I have too many to mention but here are a few. Military Presence: I'd scale it way back. As of 2011 we were in 150 countries. This doesn't include those at sea. We've been screwing around in Afghanistan and Iraq for 15 years. I'm certain we could do a better job by prioritizing the need for our armed forces to be present.

Medicare For All: Speaking of the military. There is a huge cost involved providing for the medical needs of our vets and so too for the average working family. Saving a 100 billion dollars or more by scaling back our unnecessary military presence would help pay for healthcare without weakening our defense needs. Currently it cost $7,000 per veteran. Next year there is a request for $198.6 billion in funding. This too could go towards care for all. In 2012 the average American spent $9,596 in 2012. This doesn't include employers contributions. I'm certain all employers would be thrilled to rid themselves of this benefit. Throw in some government cost containment provisions and we'll have the beginnings of something workable for everyone's need. So imagine a plan where there are no unexpected deductibles. A plan which would pay 80% of everyone's costs. One which would still allow people to buy (if they wanted to) additional coverage. IT CAN BE DONE.

No Tax Breaks For Anyone: Face reality lots of churches, hospitals, colleges and other organizations are cash cows. I'd have no problem with them taxed at a lower graduated rate, but all of them depend on city and state services one way or the other. This is why I feel they should have to pay their fair share. I would like to see it illegal for any state or city to give tax breaks/incentives of any kind to any company or organization. Right now these companies pit one state or city against the other to get the largest break possible at a huge cost to taxpayers'. Take for example Amazon (worth more then $420 billion) sure as hell doesn't need taxpayers' help for their new headquarters.

Public Education: The property taxes for these are out of control. In 2016 'The Morning Call' published the costs district by district in Pennsylvania. Per student cost in Allentown was $7,533 ($41.85 per day). In Saucon Valley $11,473 ($63.74 per day). The way I'd deal with this is to eliminate any expense that doesn't deal directly with only those things essential to education. Schools today have been saddled with services which extend far beyond those required in the past. So too administration personnel such as those hired exclusively to seek out grants, federal funding and attempting in vain to fulfill endless state and federal unfunded mandates. Others hired for daycare, special counseling and foreign language integration classes. "If I had my way" local school districts (1) would not be forced to pay for private schools. (2) Not be forced to provide social services nor after school programs. All of these should be funded either by parents, civic mind organizations or at the state/federal level. Not on the backs of property owners. Every kid is entitled to basic education. We need to redefine exactly what constitutes a "basic education". So too who is financially responsible. Not just local property owners.

Retirement/Social Security: In each of our lives there should come a time everyone gets a break towards then end of their lives. I don't feel it's a company's nor government's responsibility for their workers' golden years. Nor for people themselves during their working years being forced to dig into their wallets for a IRA, 401 or some other questionable private plan they'd need to supplement a crappy social security check one day. What I'd like to see instead is a realistic guarantee that one day based on a certain age and income local and state taxes would no longer be required. Think of it as someone who paid their dues. The way to pay for this can be divided up by the companies receiving current tax breaks on their matching 401k's, reduced medical costs (see "Medicare for all" above) and the "public education" reductions I mentioned above.

Government Essential Services: "If I had my way" government services would be required to provide these for our basic needs. They would include, water, garbage, prisons, education, senior housing, medical, federal military operations and all the other things we seem to be privatizing these days. I feel government owes this to it's American taxpaying citizens. Companies have a lot of other ways to make a buck. Somehow we've come to believe companies (for profit) can do a better job then government (not for profit). If there comes a time government workers fail to deliver laws can be changed. I'll give you a couple examples where companies made out. States no longer run the lotteries nor E-Zpass. The states only get a cut. Why not all of it?
I have so many more things I'd like to discuss but I'm damn sure 90% of my readers never read this far-- nor give two hoots. This is why government gets away with the things it does.

One Example Of Crazy Drug Prices

Secret Drug Pricing System ...
"... CVS had billed Wapello County $198.22. But South Side Drug was reimbursed just $5.73. So why was CVS charging almost $200 for a bottle of pills that it told the pharmacy was worth less than $6? And what was the company doing with the other $192.49?"

I always find these drug prices confusing. One of my prescriptions bills Medicare $93.59 but only receives $3.10. The others are paid for about half what they bill. In another case Medicare pays about 50% while this same med can be found online for less the 25%.

It's like the time my hospital originally billed Medicare nearly 8x's more then they ended up agreeing to.

This is some crazy stuff no one's ever going to figure out. It seems when it comes to medical billing it's unlike any other business.

MRI's range from $400 to $3,500.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Peter Hollens Outdid Himself (Music Video)

Yes all those voices are his

He is one of he reasons the recording industry is on the decline. Peter is one of the guys you'll never see on an award show. Yet his talent exceeds many of these other recording artists you see and hear regularly. Not only that but he includes his fans on some of his videos. Something many of these mega giant recording companies would rather have you not know about. The face of the music industry is changing for the better.

Kudos to Peter and all the others who shared their talents !!

Comment if you wish to discuss this with me further.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

I Wanna Know What You Think

I've been at this blogging thing for a long time. I'm interested in what is on peoples minds. I've been down this road before. I try really hard to post things most of interest to me and those who read this. I also try to restrain myself from some of things which might offend people too greatly. I also spent a lot of time on some of these posts hoping to get a response. I also hoped many of these would connect with some who had many of my same interests even though some of them were rather off the charts. In so doing tried to do posts few else explored.

Although I would never reveal my identity is no reason for someone not to engage their views with mine. I never felt its a matter of who but what the issues are someone wished to express.

I always felt issues where far more important then the identity of the people who said them. Over the years I've lost a lot of the people willing to comment and interact with me. Am I not suppose to take this personally? WELL I DO!

Henceforth I'm prepared to follow my inclinations over concerns someone may find my posts offensive. People had ample opportunity to express their concerns. In the following days followers of this blog will experience greater edginess in posts from those before. So too the continuation of embedded videos I feel worth repeating

Be prepared to see a lot less of my previous constraints and more of my responses unlike those before. For example the new 2020 campaign button...

Not Looking Good For Us Carbon Based Life Forms

Regular readers of the blog know I go off the grid sometimes with my thoughts. Today was another one of those times :)

My mind started to explore the subject of evolution. It seems to me human evolution can only take God/Creator so far if it wishes to expand beyond our species. I find it curious after millions of years it's only been the last 500 or so technology took leaps and bounds. All this leads me to wonder whether God/Creator is putting in our heads to help design he/she/it's next great evolution. I'm talking about machines.

I'm of the belief intelligence occupies whatever vessel it can. If so intelligence would not need to limit itself to any particular form-- including DNA based life forms. There would be great advantages in occupying vessels far less limited then we. Containers such as machines. Here's a few of those advantages. Space Travel: Machines could simply go into sleep mode for long journeys. Thus seemingly to them as if time stopped. Upon arrival reawakened. Even if millions of years passed and technology progressed far beyond when they left it would be a simple matter to upgrade their information.

Speaking of upgrading: Humans start out with nearly a blank slate. It takes years and years to fully educate us. A new born machine-- on the other hand-- could be uploaded with all the knowledge they'd need in a short period of time.

Multitasking: While humans can do multiple tasks computer servers in parallel can do what no thousand humans ever could at the same time.

Knowledge: One may argue just like humans no single machine could be physically large enough to store all knowledge. The simple answer is they wouldn't need to. All they need is a basic interface to communicate with servers in what we refer to today as "the cloud". We humans already rely on desktop talking communicators in much the same way to have our questions answered. In so doing we ask a question and within seconds we receive a single answer. Now let us suppose one of these machines wished to communicate. Instead they could be asking and receiving 10,000's Q and A's in a matter of milliseconds. Far faster and with greater efficiency then any human is capable of digesting.

Environmental Problems: Humans and other animals need certain parameters to exist. Things such as air to breath and our inability to deal with extreme temperatures, dangerous radiation, toxic gasses or extreme gravitational forces.

Sensory Input: Our eyesight, hearing and other senses are limited by the frequencies in which they respond. Our nerves reacting to pain distracts us from whatever we're doing. Well designed machines are nearly limitless when it comes seeing or hearing things far beyond humans. Some may point out yes we can with the help of machines. Think about that for a minute. "With the help of machines". Question is why would machines need our help if they are capable on their own?

Physical Existence: We get sick and age. Machines break but they don't age very much depending on the materials used to build them. When they do parts can be replaced with newer and better parts. Some may point out as medicine advances so can many of ours with artificial machined limbs or organs. From some future machined being's point of view-- why not cut out the middle man. Eventually it's going to die anyway. Cold but true, right?

Nourishment: We need food from plants and animals. Machines can be fueled in many ways. Energy floating about the universe in all it's many forms we couldn't possibly sustain ourselves with. Most of which would be translated directly into energy without producing vast amounts human wastes such as poop, food containers nor the need for processing, refrigeration and all the other steps required by us humans to feed ourselves.

Without Humans Who Would Make THESE Machines"?

Believe me I'm not eager to see us humans become yesterday's relics. However it would hard to deny our God/creator is and has always been a work in progress. We in our human forms just might be another stepping stone along the way.

Many ancients describe God (the creator) as a circle. Both the beginning and the end. Could it just be we exist presently in between where awareness both existed before and where it now exists? Thus intelligence possibly only finding it's temporal existence in between.

Which Brings Us To The Subject Of Awareness Itself
Awareness isn't bound to intelligence. Rather intelligence's dependence on it. This brings us to the need to refocus our attention to the next higher level of God/the creator and that which is he/she/its awareness. What could possibly exist beyond this awareness? Non awareness (completion)?

Science teaches us what is put in motion tends to stay in motion. Could it just be whatever triggered this event has completed it's cycle? The rest of us are just remnants forever circling around what once been? If so-- it still doesn't answer any our questions does it? How did this all begin in the first place?

Thursday, September 6, 2018

I Call BS On Melania Trump Statement

Melania Trump Tells Author of NYT Op-Ed to Publicly Name Themselves and Praises 'Freedom of Speech'
"First Lady Melania Trump released a statement..."

This is like the 10th time FLOTUS "released a statement" or tweeted something. I don't believe this crap for one minute. I never will till she STANDS BEFORE A CAMERA AND SPEAKS THE WORDS FOR HERSELF W/O A TELEPROMPTER. Maybe she could go on as a FOX news guest. Otherwise I'm calling this just another pile of BS from the White House.

I understand she may never have wanted to be FLOTUS. I would understand if she would stay in New York or at the White House wanting nothing to do with this. That was her husband's choice (not hers). I can respect that. BUT these press releases I couldn't be more suspect of. Seems like more crap coming from Donald then herself.


Trump Supreme Nominee Dodging Questions

I think we can all agree it's likely Republicans will ram through Brett Kavanaugh's appointment. Lindsey Graham reminded us this is why elections have consequences. I'd remind Lindsey how Republicans blocked Obama's pick for almost the entire last year of his administration. Let me also make it clear to him-- what goes around comes around eventually. I'm sure Democrats won't forget this if when they regain congress. Enjoy (you short sighted fool) the ride while it last.

I really wish it wouldn't have to be this way but it appears these guys running the show have no idea how bad this is for government. Somehow they think they've been given the privilege to walk over the other half of the country. When moderates (from either side) try to engage in bipartisanship they are seen as weak. We need to rid Washington of their kind no matter which political party they identify with. There are very few willing to risk everything for what they feel is fair and just for the American people.

Isn't everyone sick of government classifying all kinds of stuff that pose no threat what-so-ever to the American people?

You'd think it was "their" government-- not ours.

Trump Deconstruction Only Getting Worse

Trump administration seeks to end agreement on child migrant detention
"It is sickening to see the United States government looking for ways to jail more children for longer,” said Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project. "

The Hill
GOP eyes another shot at ObamaCare repeal after McCain’s death
"Republican lawmakers say they won’t have time to hold another vote to repeal the law in 2018 but vow to try again next year if they manage to keep their Senate and House majorities."

New York Magazine
As Trump Doles Out Tariffs, the U.S. Trade Deficit Soars
"On Wednesday, the Commerce Department provided Trump with a grim answer: In July, the U.S. trade deficit soared by 9.5 percent to $50.1 billion, putting America on pace for its largest annual gap in a decade. Meanwhile, in spite of Trump’s tariffs, our nation’s trade deficit with China swelled to a record $36.8 billion."

USA Today
These companies might close, lay off US workers because of Trump's trade war
"Several have raised prices or suffered lower profits while others announced the possible closing of plants, layoffs and halting plans to add jobs. "

Chart of deficit spending from Obama's last 4 years in office and Trumps first 2 years

Does anyone seriously believe Trump is taking us in the right direction?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Why We Need A Robust Immigration Plan

The Miami Herald (09/04/2018)
$75,000 a year with benefits; no college needed.
Yet local employers can’t fill jobs
"Other young workers shy away from the physical nature of the work... Anyone with a high-school diploma seeking a job or apprenticeship can simply call or walk into the nearest Associated Builders and Contractors location to fill out an application and take an aptitude test."

Many years ago my late uncle left Gary, Indiana as a carpenter to seek work in Florida. My how times have changed. If Americans don't want to do this anymore I'm sure plenty of those seeking a better life here in the United States are more then willing.

I've posted here several times why technical schools are a much better alternative to college. Seems kind of dumb to me to end up with a $50k+ debt with no job compared to what's being offered. This speaks volumes about the character of what this nation is becoming. A country which no longer values sweat equity. One which expects someone else to get their hands dirty but unwilling to allow those who come from outside this country to do it for us. Reality is we can't have it both ways. Someone has to end up doing the physical labor. If not us nor them-- then who... elves in the middle of the night?

Monday, September 3, 2018

What's The Deal With "Fortnite"?

The Guardian describes it as the most popular game in schools. "With more than 125m players worldwide, the chances are either your children or their friends are already passionate fans." The article goes into great detail regarding the game.

Here is a 5 hour sampling of the Fortnite summer skirmish competition from week five series (day 2) back in early August 2018....

At the time of this posting it has almost 1.4 million views.

Although there's been no studies I can't imagine someone's mind not exhibiting symptoms of PTDS if they spend an extensive amount of time under the stress of this game.

I had no clue some 125 million were entertaining themselves with this kind of violence. It indicates to me a lot of peoples' basic instincts are alarmingly drawn towards violence. One could argue the game is fulfilling a demand. Hence why it's success. One could further argue if gamers are glued to the chair acting out their fantasies they won't be out shooting other people. So without a research the question remains-- are they potential bad actors or doing more harm to themselves then to others?

Either Way....
Of all the games I could imagine being developed this would be the last one I'd like to see on the market. Quite frankly it scares me so many of my fellow human beings take joy in annihilating each other. However I'm sure it would be a great military tool for those looking for new recruits by name. Then on the other hand perhaps Homeland Security may also be interested as well in who these players are. No one knows, do one? :-)

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Trump Another Weekend Of Golf

Trump threatens the 2019 pay raise to federal workers
This is an example of yet another crisis he creates so he can solve it a few weeks before the 2018 midterm elections.

Let us keep in mind the secret service has to pay his clubs for continued surveillance even when he isn't visiting. I'm fairly certain these dollars figures aren't included. Nor those for his course in Virginia. If so he's making a rather tidy sum even when he is not at them.

If Trump is re-elected, this N.J. skydiving company could be put out of business --"Skydive Jersey is 13 miles from the Bedminster golf course, as the Cessna flies. Therefore, it is in the 30-mile temporary flight restriction zone when Trump is there....there is no wiggle room for skydiving. It is outright banned..

...the 20 general aviation airports, 28 flying schools and 10 clubs, as well as businesses like Skydive Jersey, generated $2.4 billion to the local economy, and they needed some kind of relief from the TFRs.

Throw in those costs on top of it and you have one hellva' lot of dollars Trump is costing us!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Trump Heads To Golf Course During McCain Memorial

"11:40 a.m: President Donald Trump is spending time at his Virginia golf course while the nation’s political elite are gathered at Sen. John McCain’s memorial service. Trump arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling shortly after 11 a.m. Saturday. He sent out a series of tweets throughout the morning, but did not mention McCain.

For Trump this is business as usual. Look I understand he wasn't invited, but while many of his staff and others from his family attended the least he could do is shut the hell up and acknowledge McCain's passing on his stupid twitter account. Then go out golfing, who the hell cares, but as both a human and PRESIDENT he has abandoned all decency.

After looking over his last several dozen toxic tweets (many filled with lies) I'm convinced there's something seriously wrong with him. I've watched a couple hours of Aretha Franklin's services and over four hours of John McCain's various memorial telecasts. What I observed was people of all stripes paying their respects. They spoke not of themselves nor their divisions. Vice President Pence spoke kindly as well. These are the way NORMAL people speak towards one another both in life and death. You'd think after not being invited to a wedding and two funerals in five months he'd get a clue.

Instead of golfing Trump should have watched some of these on TV. Maybe he might have been able to pick up a little something about humanity instead of thrashing about like a human wrecking ball disparaging all that's decent.

Trump you never were nor ever will achieve that which was McCain.

I've always been critical of Trump because of his spreading misinformation lies, but today I've come to finally realize what a dysfunctional human being he truly is. A man incapable of compassion or human understanding of others pain. A man who can't comprehend others feelings isn't someone fit to be around. Even less so to be called a fit leader.

At this point my greater concern is for the United States under his continuing leadership. Let us hope decency in Washington and amongst people of goodwill will prevail despite Trump's "ILL" temperament.

Now more then ever (1991)