Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Biden Held A Presser Today (06/30/2020)

My impressions..
He calmly thought out his answers to the press.
Personable and respectful as always.
Biden said he and Obama read through the 30-40 page security briefs daily.
No matter how many times Trump and his crew accuse Biden of having early stage dementia his clarity proves otherwise. He addressed that issue twice.

Joe is the kind of guy who never was or ever going to be a flame thrower. Nor prone to react on impulse. What welcome change that would be.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Joyful Sound Of Music Once Filled The White House

Oh how I miss those times.

Some people may not cotton to Obama's White House days, but there's no denying his White House brought lots of joy to peoples' hearts.

Compare that to this..

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Florida 9,585 New Cases Of Covid In Just One Day

Gee I wonder how things got this way. Let's have a look back to the Governor Ron DeSantis presser just over a month ago on May 20, 2020.

That didn't age well did it? In response Miami is shutting down a vast number of beaches and urging the wearing of face masks. However some of Florida's finest are speaking out at public meetings against using them.

All of this is beginning to make me wonder what affect this virus may have on human brains. Although it's been almost eliminated some still believe it all started in bats. Maybe it's not such a far fetched idea seeing how some people are seemingly going "batshit" crazy. Course it is Florida. Some of them might have been that way all along :-)

Covid-19 Confrontation (Humor)

Friday, June 26, 2020

Song Of The South A Film Masterpiece

A historical background about the film.

I grew up loving the film and still do. I never thought black or white as a kid but rather the story itself. Even more so the film shows how these kids enjoyed the company of a black man more then being with their white parents. It seems to me today people are dirtying up the message that was never sent in the story. How I then and now interpret it to mean is no matter the differences between animals and people's skin color each can innocently enjoy one another's company. To my way of thinking people today have narrow little minds that are unable to grasp the underlining story.

Here was a white family moving to a southern plantation where the kids were miserable until they met a man known as Uncle Remus. Their parents were cold unlike the jovial black man they met who was filled with positivity despite his circumstance. What people seem to have a problem with is how life in the South was portrayed. They also claim it was because of how Uncle Remus spoke. Even the label "uncle" itself.

Never was a film made in it's day that portrayed black people in a more positive light the way this one did. For those who may accuse me of ignorance let me say this. I've had a number of uncles that I only wished were as great as this one. I also think it's a disservice to these award winning actors who may never be seen again in their most memorable performances. By removing all references to this film I consider it an attempt to "whitewash" over America's darker past. This film needs to stand as is. There's nothing racist about it. Only small minds would see it that way.

Here's the ending of the film..

Nothing could be happier then seeing three kids being totally color blind

Now Disney going to completely rework "Splash Mountain" so it won't reflect this film classic.

Explain to me what's wrong with keeping it exactly as it is?

Some of these stories are still being shared today
Uploaded May 13, 2020

In Other News...

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Kickin' Back Listening To Some Tunes

This is exactly what I needed today. A music break. I've had enough with the pandemic, politics and protests for awhile.

Heart Live At The Royal Albert Hall - released 25th November 2016.


Royal Albert Hall (2016)

Air Supply, recorded live in Hong Kong on 11th of August 2013

In my mind music is the closest we can get to heaven on this Earth.
This is because it's about the only thing that unites us.
Even if for only a brief time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A Few Thoughts On Covid 19

Let's start off with this doozy.

I recommend Trump get smart real quick. Otherwise he may not be around for the next election if he gets sick. Think about that one.

There's no amount of BSing that's gonna get any of us out of this one. If we don't want Covid 19 to determine the terms of surrender we need to be proactive as possible. I'm not going to engage in debate with people unwilling to take it seriously. I'll leave it up to the virus to drive home the point to those who think if they simply ignore the problem it will go away.

Irregardless of the fake positive spin on the economy we're in a whole heap of trouble. Sure some small businesses will try to start back up. However a large amount won't be able to sustain for very long safely operating at half capacity. We've already seen several major chains filing for bankruptcy. Government announcements of major layoffs and projects cancelled because tax revenues simply aren't there. The way I figure it by September we will have a much better idea where our economy stands. Much of it dependant on whether people take the proper precautions or not recommended by the CDC and WHO.

Compounding the problem there's a huge number of anti vaxxers who probably won't take advantage should a vaccine be developed. Our best hope is if a definitive treatment option becomes available. Otherwise this (like other viruses) will eliminate the knuckleheads in large numbers. Call it evolution if you will.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

FOX News Trashed AOC For Killing Amazon Project In NYC

FOX News
AOC-led push to kill Amazon's NYC move under renewed scrutiny as city faces catastrophic job losses
"Amazon had planned to build a second NYC headquarters in Long Island City in Queens, but community activists and left-wing lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY., and state senators rallied to block the move in 2019. In particular, they had zeroed in on the estimated $2.5 billion in incentives that Amazon would receive in order to tempt them to the area.

It was a battle that AOC, and other anti-Amazon local politicians, won when in February 2019, Amazon announced it was taking its jobs elsewhere."

Well I hope they are prepared to offer her a great big apology, front and center.

New York Post
Amazon signs lease for NYC’s biggest-ever warehouse
"(06/23/2020) Amazon has signed a lease for a 1-million-square-foot warehouse in Queens, its biggest-ever in New York City, according to a report.... The report also said that Amazon is looking to gobble up a 620,000-square-foot warehouse and office space in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, but has not yet signed a lease."

Looks like Amazon didn't need the $2.5 billion enticement from NY taxpayers after all. This is something other cities should pay attention to. Looks like she and these other leaders called Amazon's bluff and it paid off.

So when can we expect an apology to be forth coming?

What's Going On In Lafayette Park Washington Sickening

It seems to me MM networks are trying to downplay with little airtime as possible what went on last night (06/22/2020) after reporters were told to leave the White House. Thanks to the internet, where I get most of my news these days (as do they) I present the following video clips.

Here's what was happening before Park Police
and the Secret Service stepped in to remove them.

Notice nearly 100% of them were Caucasians.

The following clip shows what happened after police moved in.

These so-called protestors were trying to setup another autonomous zone like the one in Seattle. Plans changed this morning when police moved in to clear the street along with tents and other stuff they set up. Behind the police line was a street sweeper, front end loader and a garbage truck.

Clip courtesy of WUSA-TV9

Not only have the knuckleheads sprayed graffiti over the base of the stature but the very church they've camped out in front of which was passing out water trying to make peace with them. This kind of destructive BS accomplishes nothing. Quite the opposite making Donald calling them "thugs" look accurate to most rational thinking people.

It's one thing to protest then go home. That's our first amendment right. It's entirely another to set up a gypsy camp. Acting like a bunch of screaming irrational anarchists howling at the moon.

I see them as a threat to our way of life and as such should be treated accordingly. This is unacceptable. I find it highly disturbing. Their behavior should be given greater national attention.

Since apparently they have enough energy and time it should be put to use in a far more constructive way. Make yourselves useful in some way. Go get a job. Find another hobby. It's embarrassing knowing the rest of the world is watching. I, for one, am sick of this shit. GO HOME!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Here Is Why There Are Few Black Farm Owners

In 1910 black farmers made up 14% of all farmers. Today they make up fewer than 2% and own less than 1% land in rural America.

It's amazing all the ways America can find to avoid treating everyone equally. My deceased mom said frequently "we stink". She told several stories she directly experienced. I didn't take her seriously. I do now. The United States has a lot of atoning to do.

Before things can be made right we first have to acknowledge our dark history. Then admit it's ever presence even in today's society. This doesn't only apply to blacks but how this nation's people have always deemed others who don't have the "right kind" of cultural history, family wealth, viewpoint or lineage as unworthy.

We need to fix this or are bound to this unrelenting ever
repeating cycle of discontentment much as it were 1966 yet again.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Has AG Barr Gone Too Far?

Bill Barr tried to fire the US attorney for Manhattan. He refused to step down
"Geoffrey Berman, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan, who has led investigations of President Donald Trump’s inner circle, refused to step down from his post Friday after US Attorney General Bill Barr attempted to oust him."

FOX News
Graham says he won't advance Trump nominee for SDNY prosecutor without Schumer, Gillibrand consent
"Sen. Lindsey Graham said Saturday he will not take up President Trump's nomination for a new U.S. attorney for Manhattan unless New York's Democratic senators sign off.

Graham, a Republican from South Carolina who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he will honor the "blue slip" tradition and require the consent of home state senators to proceed -- in this case, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand."

You know you've gone too far when even Lindsey Graham has an issue with this.

Now LAW & CRIME is reporting, The House Judiciary Committee added another name to the list of Justice Department officials they wish to have testify about Attorney General William Barr’s “improper politicization” of the DOJ. Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) on Friday invited Geoffrey Berman to provide testimony during this Wednesday’s hearing.

This is a problem because Geoffrey Berman was previously not allowed to speak about ongoing investigations. However if he comes before Nadler's House Judiciary Committee he will be able to legally do so. Smooth move Ex-Lax.

Now Geoffrey Berman is saying he'll step down immediately because Barr told him Trump ordered his termination. Trump on the other hand a few minutes ago said he nothing to do with it. So which one of them is the liar?

Eskimo Pie Drops ‘Derogatory’ Name

Yeah now I'm getting it with all these name changes. This isn't about political correctness. It's about getting millions of dollars in free advertising publicity when they do. So no one needn't get their shorts in a twist the next time they hear about something like this.

Hank Thompson - Squaws Along The Yukon (1991)

Put that in your pipe and smoke it :-)

Breitbart News Tours The Night Before Trump Rally

I can honestly say I don't disagree with things some said. I wish these people would meet the normal liberals who walk among us. I believe the two sides have a whole lot more in common then either of them believe. Unfortunately only the loudest and most extreme voices are being heard. As much as I strongly oppose just about everything Trump says and does I will admit I agree with some of what they are saying. I'll bet fair minded liberals would also.

The problem is very few times does either side's average Joe get to be heard. Breitbart News isn't exactly known for their reputable reporting. However in this case it was an excellent video report. I want to hear from more people on both sides that aren't the usual foaming at the mouth activists, political opportunists or the ratings driven media. I'll bet we wouldn't be in the position we are if it weren't for these divisive coconut heads.

This Is How Kentucky Rigged An Election

Alarmingly the same thing is occurring in various other states throughout the country.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Atlanta Police Department Morale Low

Maybe they should stay out. According to these Atlanta TV reports over the years it seems to me Georgia has had, and still does have lots of rotten apples. Seems to me cops who follow good procedure needn't worry. I suspect the ones not reporting for duty are the ones who are unwilling to accept any authority over them. It's worrisome.

I realize many of these cops feel picked on. If they feel "picked on" imagine how these people felt in the following videos. They need to try and put themselves in these citizens places when they've had encounters with them.

Good Samaritan arrested after saving woman's life

Drivers arrested while stone cold sober






I found many more like them. Is it any wonder why people are outraged down there demanding reforms? Yes there are plenty good cops, but obviously there's a huge need for policing policy changes as well. Including reforms which will reward and protect whistleblowers so bad cops can be weeded out. Right now the most threatening thing any cop may face is if they were to report one of their own. If they can't be made to feel safe from these rotten apples what chance have any of us. Things need to change. Things shouldn't go on they way they have. As a whole it's not good for them nor the citizens they interact with.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Trump Making Crap Up (Again)

Obama, Obama.. what about Obama!
Seems Trump will never wake up to the fact he's always going to get caught when he lies. He can't make stuff up in his head pretending reality doesn't exist.

It is my hope if Biden ever gets elected he never ever mentions Trump during his administration. That Biden never cooperates with any federal investigations in the Trump administration prior to his. We're all sick of this kind of stuff. As far as I'm concerned Trump will be more then overwhelmed with legal problems coming from the private sector after he leaves office. Plenty have a legal ax to grind when Trump no longer has the legal protections he's afforded while president.

I wouldn't be surprised if many of his current butt kissers will quickly flip on him once he's out of office. Some writing books. Others looking to salvage their reputations at Trump's expense. All of this means they won't need Joe's help at the federal level. It also means Joe wouldn't be held accountable for whatever happens to Trump if he washes his hands of Trump and his prior administration completely. Besides Biden will have more then enough to handle without being accused of dirtying his hands by going after the previous administration. Something Trump seems incapable of for more then a day or two.

If Biden loses, so-be-it. I'm of the mind Trump will eventually sink his own ship and eventually fall out of favor with the people. Why? Because...

This originated during the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates when Lincoln said, “Judge Douglas cannot fool the people: you may fool people for a time; you can fool a part of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”.

We all know how Trump likes to associate himself with Lincoln. Perhaps Donald might want to more distance himself from the 16th president who might direct these same words towards him today if he were alive.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Trump Signed An Executive Order On Safe Policing Today

The White House
Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities

Looking over it as far as I'm concerned it doesn't specifically address anything having to do with actual police practices. For me the most significant line is this one I've underlined.

Sec. 2.
(ii) the State or local law enforcement agency’s use-of-force policies prohibit the use of chokeholds — a physical maneuver that restricts an individual’s ability to breathe for the purposes of incapacitation — except in those situations where the use of deadly force is allowed by law.

In other words the only part of the whole order which could have had any teeth in it would to outright ban the use of the chokeholds. Instead the carefully crafted document makes exceptions for the continued use of them. To me this order is a nothing burger with a heaping helping of word salad since there's nothing specific said about police practices themselves. Take a look at it for yourself and see if you agree.

Here is A LINK TO THE FEDERAL REGISTER listing of all the executive orders going back to Clinton's starting in 1994.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

LVCI: Biking For Dummies

Lessons learned the hard way from personal experience.

Growing Up In Allentown How I Remember It

A video I made a few years ago in 2010

None Of Taxpayers Business Where $600b Went

New York Times
Treasury Chief Refusing to
Disclose Recipients of Virus Aid
"Building ramparts of secrecy around a $600 billion-plus coronavirus aid program for small businesses, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has moved from delay to denial in refusing outright to disclose the recipients of taxpayer-funded loans.

Mnuchin told Congress at a hearing this week that the names of loan recipients and the amounts are “proprietary information.”

Friday, June 12, 2020

Andrew Cuomo On Police Reforms (06/12/2020)

Will other police departments across the nation make similar reforms?
I hope so.

Obama Addresses Police Shootings (07/07/2016)

If you click on other video copies of this on YouTube you will see the usual number of hateful comments. Much the same at the time as you see now across social media. I don't imagine the outcome would be much different this time either. As they say, "haters are always going to hate.". Wish it weren't true, but if history is any indicator people are fixing for a fight again. No matter how loud the voice of reason tries to overcome the turmoil.

Once again it looks like we're heading into another round of serious discord where there'll be little middle ground left for rational thinking people. Question is, how many times do we have to go through this before mankind realizes the senselessness waste of energy all of this abhorrence with one another is? Perhaps never...

... but one can always hope...

Trump Rally Why Juneteenth.. Why Tulsa?

What kind of message is Trump going to send black America?
In my opinion it won't be a good one.
Good Lord there are hundreds of other cities and dates. Why this one?

After a public uproar the date was changed to Saturday the 20th (but still is in Tulsa).

Just another coincidence?

The Washington Post
Trump poised to accept GOP nod in Jacksonville, Fla., on 60th anniversary of ‘Ax Handle Saturday’
"On Aug. 27, 1960, a mob of 200 white people in Jacksonville, Fla. – organized by the Ku Klux Klan and joined by some of the city’s police officers – chased and beat peaceful civil rights protesters who were trying to integrate downtown lunch counters. The bloody carnage that followed – in which ax handles and baseball bats were used to club African Americans, who sought sanctuary in a church – is remembered as “Ax Handle Saturday.”

13 Useless Chicago Police Officers


Thursday, June 11, 2020

Should Allentown Businesses Be Forced To Pay Sick Pay?

Allentown councilman introducing ordinance that would provide paid sick time for workers in city.
""Payroll tax, mercantile tax, sales tax, real estate taxes," said Billy's Downtown Diner owner Billy Kounoupis. He says small businesses like his already pay 35-40% in taxes."

First off, I would change the headline to read ""Allentown councilman introducing ordinance that would provide FORCE businesses to pay sick time for their employees."

My response is the councilman should stay in his own lane and leave it up to businesses what benefits they can afford to provide. This should be entirely between them and their employees. Businesses in Allentown are already struggling to survive with this pandemic under the governor's overly restrictive orders.

We all know what a great job the city is doing with it's own budget. Focus on that, why don't you, before thinking of running for mayor again?

The Morning Call (05/11/2017)
"Joshua Siegel, a recent graduate of Seton Hall University, is a newcomer to Allentown...

Age: 23

Professional experience: Student at Seton Hall University (graduating in December); volunteered as a debate coach at Phillipsburg High School; briefly served in the U.S. Army Reserve but was discharged for health reasons."

NYC Had A Policing Problem

Ah, the more innocent times.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

GOP Senators Answer To No One

Only two things can be true.
(1) Either they're oblivious to what's going on around them.
(2) Their complacent.

Most congress members make themselves unavailable to their constituents directly (unless it's election time). Now they won't even take a minute to speak to them through the press. Seems all they do is talk round-robin amongst themselves in their own little bubble.

Any of them who claims they didn't see the tweet or video has to be the only ones who haven't. If this is true, none of them should even think about addressing these problems behind closed door hearings. How could they if they don't know what's going on all around them. Talk about a disconnect.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Georgia Election Has Huge Problems (06/09-10/2020)

OMG can you imagine what is going to happen in November?

We've become a nation of idiots.
It isn't like we haven't done this before.
What the hell is going on here!

I repeat...
The whole world is watching us.
Many of them aren't liking what their seeing.


Police Force Begging To Be Defunded.

Aren't these suppose to be the people you call when your car's been vandalized?
Will anyone be charged for these crimes?
Weren't these the ones sent in to prevent vandalism?
Who's suppose to pay the estimated $500 for each vehicle's tire and tow job?

No wonder people are calling for a complete restructuring of the Minneapolis police.

The whole world is watching us.
Many of them aren't liking what their seeing.

Monday, June 8, 2020

The Obamas March In Selma (2015)

March 07, 2015

President Obama Speaks

Although time may pass many of these same issues are what we're faced with today. Change never comes easy. It's almost never pretty.

But change it will.

Rep. John Lewis on the BLM protests (June 04, 2020)

Rep. John Lewis has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Minneapolis Council Backs Disbanding Police Force

Disbanding doesn't mean eliminating
Wikipedia- "From 2005 to 2012, the State of New Jersey operated the department. It ceased operations effective May 1, 2013, when the Camden County Police Department Metro Division, and only division, took over full responsibility for policing the city of Camden"


Jun 30, 2017

January 2019

It seems to me if it worked out for Camden theirs could serve as a model which may work in other cities.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Colin Powell On CNN (06/07/2020)

I'm not a viewer of the Sunday talk shows but as I was having lunch I flipped on the TV and caught this interview. I found it compelling so I watched the entire thing. Something I wouldn't ordinarily do. See what you think of it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Whipping Up The Crowd In A Good Way

Once this Covid 19 and the protests eventually goes away will we ever be able to go back to this again?
Have our best years been left behind never to return?

Will there ever be future musical artists or come again concerts as great as those in our past?

I pray so. Music has a way uniting people no matter their differences. Even if it's only for a couple of hours. How sad this world will be if all of this becomes just a past memory.


826aska's Synth Playing Always Amazes Me

From 2015

Monday, June 1, 2020

Watching The Wheels

Too much noise going on.
I needn't add to it.
So, for now, I'm standing down from this kind of stuff.

Ball of Confusion - Temptations (1970)