Thursday, October 31, 2019

House Votes On Impeachment Inquiry

There were a couple things said. One was no matter what the house does or says, Republican opposition will move the goal posts The second warned about conservatives wanting these witness testimonies broadcast live. A case of be careful what you wish for.

My own thought is there never was a more discordant president in U.S. history. He has succeeded all too well in dividing this nation like no one else ever could. The battle lines are drawn and it doesn't bode well for either side. More importantly the future of this nation. Ideological differences have overtaken reason. It's people under the constitution are about to be tested unlike anything we've seen since the civil war.

There are some countries where they are allowed to call for 'flash elections' in the middle of their leader's term. Unfortunately our constitution doesn't afford voters this opportunity. Maybe it should have since it seems voters have lost confidence in our representatives to make this decision for us. They seem to be hopelessly deadlocked along party lines.

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

This Ticks Me Off

Between robocalls, TV and internet ads I fed up to here. I even had two calls today from myself to myself according to the callerID. The ever increasing accumulation of all this nonsense has gotten out of hand for me. Enough is enough already

Now 'Daily' started this crap where you can't visit them with my 'ad blocker' turned on. For yucks I disabled it and all hell breaks loose. None of their news stories/pictures loads till after a continuing crap load of ads appear in the sidebar. Scroll down and the stories never show up till a shit load of other ads (with absolutely nothing I'm interested in) nearly overloads my browser causing it stall for a period.

I had a similar problem with ''. In their case these bullshit ads actually cause my Chrome browser to overload causing it to auto-exit on it's own.

These sites need to educate themselves. All these ads come unscreened for malware from other sites the page is linked to. I've had my Norton virus protection popup on a few occasions blocking and warning me. None of these jerks need 134 ads to pop up on a single page (yes that's how many on some). Even worse auto playing pop up videos along with auto playing ads making it nearly impossible to focus. There are about a half a dozen other sites which do this as well.

Remember how AM radio became intolerable with their ads? The magazines which had twice as many ads as articles? Well now these pigs are at it. The internet was never meant to be this way... a intolerable jungle of commercials

Look I realize these folks have to make money BUT... this is becoming intolerable as TV's 20 minutes out of a 60 minute programs. This is why I record as many as I can. So I can skip the ads that I'm never ever going to buy something from. Who's kidding who. 5 or 6 cars ads (I 'm not interested). Drugs, drugs and more drugs for conditions I don't have. Not interested in ambulance chasing lawyers nor a freaking pillow. Then there's the ever repeating promos for their other shows I'll never watch. All this on top of the cable fees they are getting from within my $96 a month cable TV bill for their mostly shitty shows. ALL THE WHILE STILL BEING FORCED TO WATCH THOSE DAMN ADS ON TOP OF IT. It's almost as if it's their second thought to throw in some entertainment in between the commercial breaks. Maybe if they didn't overpay everyone several million dollars apiece half of these wouldn't be necessary. Outside of some local news programs we watch less then seven hours of TV per week (if that).

Forever I've been promoting via links to these sources for the information I provide on this blog. Except for the videos that's about to change. There's no reason why I can't produce solid information which can be easily verified from several sources via a 'Google' search.

Business Matters- Allentown Mayoral Debate

Check it out.
Which candidate do you think won the debate?
Which one will you be voting for?

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Real Herbert Hoover

CBS Sunday Morning (Oct 20, 2019)

I didn't know this about him. It's surprising how much you can learn in a 8 1/2 minute video. It makes one appreciate how much greatness some people can achieve in their lifetime.

One can't help but compare Hoover to the change in Republican ideologies of today. Enough said.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Da Vinci Science Center Getting In On The NIZ

Da Vinci Science Center aims to build new center in downtown Allentown
"The center's current goal is to open the new facility in 2023. The new location is currently estimated to cost about $60 million."

According to THE MORNING CALL, Allentown’s Hamilton Street parcels are not in the NIZ, but the city would apply for inclusion through a parcel swap at Da Vinci’s request... The city offered to guarantee as large a federal loan as it can, likely in the $5 million range... The $20 million grant is still secured for the new science center despite its move to downtown Allentown, Browne said Thursday.

I'll tell ya what I think... there's an awful lot of taxpayers' bucks involved here. This NIZ program could end up over $2b before it's done (if it ever is). This NIZ thing seems to keep growing and growing without a clear end in sight. Like I've mentioned before... no matter how much NIZ none of our taxes here in Allentown seem to ever go down.

There was a time when every building on Hamilton Street was built as a result of consumer demand via private investment dollars. I may be way off base but I think if we have $60 million to throw around it would be much better spent trying to eliminate (or at least lower) property taxes for individual home owners. Thus attracting more families allowing them to purchase goods and services (creating a consumer demand) along Hamilton Street like they used to do in the old days.

Seems to me perhaps we could have somehow created a $2b NIZ for citizens instead of a couple of developers. Here's how it might have worked. The state could have loaned newly arriving individuals (like they did developers) to build new homes on unwanted or foreclosed city owned properties. Since the city is or was not receiving taxes on these previously it would forgo city taxes for let's say 10 or 20 years. In turn homeowners would spend what they otherwise would on city taxes and their state income tax to repay these loans from the state. This is very similar to the deal developers received..

Here's the one major difference. There's way too many excluded properties that could have been included otherwise if it were not for the NIZ. The city would still be receiving taxes on all those properties they've destroyed for the current NIZ. Nor would have the current NIZ incurred the costs to seize them. The current PPL arena could have been built over by the iron pigs baseball stadium which wasn't producing taxes anyway.

Currently Allentown's budget is approximately $115 million per year. The majority which is raised by individual homeowners. So why wouldn't we want more of them instead of renters who come and go. I suspect the city has no idea how many aren't paying city income tax nor the per capita tax as they drift in and out. Such is not the case with actual on the record homeowners. You know, the ones who hold a stake in what happens to Allentown over he next 10 or 20 years.

Yeah I know I've drifted off somewhat from the Da Vinci Center proposal, but I hope you see how this relates. It seems to me it's a going down the wrong path. I'd prefer investing in homeownership over another entertainment venue unlikely to recover the possible $60 million for decades to come. Whereas homeownership would have both benefited people here and now and the city as well if this were to have been the course taken.

That's my two cents. So what do you think?

Friday, October 25, 2019

Elijah Cummings Wife Speaks At Elijah's Funeral

October 25, 2019

Elijah Cummings' closing remarks at Cohen hearing (02/2019)

Folks this is what greatness is made of.

It breaks my heart to hear Washington has lost part of it's soul with the passing of Elijah.

A New Threat- Swarms Of Drones

As if we didn't have enough to worry about...

Keep in mind whatever we come up with, so too our enemies. Imagine if you will a squad of our soldiers coming under attack. Each drone pre-programmed within having no need for wireless communications or able to be withdrawn till they've accomplished their algorithm (software) designed missions.

2018 Labor Day performance in the north-western city of Xi’an, the Chinese company set in flight a swarm of 1,374 drones over the city wall, creating a fantastic light show.

Imagine if these were instead armed!

We've all seen how extensive troop loses are when trying to invade a city or country by foot soldiers. The problem with atomic bombs is they nearly destroy every structure invaders would hope to reoccupy. Also leaving behind highly radiated buildings, water, air and land rendered unoccupable. Numerous swarms of armed mini drones solves both those problems. All this seems like a nightmare Science Fiction movie except the threat to human life is very real.

Just as it was, and still is, neither nuclear missiles nor these latest weapons of war can be put back into Pandora's Box now that they've come to life. No doubt billion$ will be spent creating and in trying to develop defenses by all parties concerned. Money that could be better used to enhance human life instead of trying to destroy it. No doubt too there will be an insane amount of bartering to sell these weapons on the black market to rogue nations.

These things can be programmed for facial recognition, heat signatures, license plates... oh hell, just about anything. Who knows one day they could be used for police work.

With the advent of all this 'artificial intelligence' and the ability to communicate between each other they could operate on their own when they detect a threat. Let's hope one day the threat they perceive to themselves ain't us.

Monday, October 21, 2019

In Honor Of The 2nd Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I don't think these people were quite what the framers had in mind.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

U.S. Government Engaged In Human Trafficking

Crooks And
Migrant Children Taken From Their Parents May Never Be Returned To Them
"..immigrant children separated from their parents at the border may never be returned to their parents, even after judges ordered separations to stop...

Children are taken and placed in foster while their parents are being deported without appropriate hearings. Once in foster care, some children as young as infants, have foster families petition for full custody - and the foster parents win. Why? Because the U.S. Government says they are "not eligible for reunification." And the most sickening part of this? The real parents aren't even told where their children are or that they have been adopted."

If this isn't "'human trafficking", what would you call it?

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Were Disney Cartoons Racist?


When I was a wee one I had no idea the crows being black had anything to do with this tune. I just loved the clip. It was my favorite part of Dumbo as a matter-of-fact.

Disney was one of the first to introduce black artists in his productions.
James Baskett as Uncle Remus

Both these had a powerful influence on kids growing up. Br'er Rabbit (Song Of The South) and his foolish impulsive ways. In Dumbo bullying and how much a mother's love means. These and so many other's of Walt's creations had powerful positive messages kids today should see. It seems to me since Walt's death Disney has strayed.

Cliff Edwards

God Bless Walt
Disney doesn't make them like they used to.

Trump Is Not A Conservative

Dec. 5, 2018

May 31, 2018

True conservatives must begin to take back their party from Trump and those of the hard core rightwing. I say the same to those in Democratic party who also have their fair share of extremists. Locking horns between both political parties is neither good for them or this country. I'll give you a few Republican (voices of reason) worth reconsidering from the 2015-2016 debates.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Few Thoughts On VP Pence

Although I don't agree with his politics I'm rooting for him to become president as soon as possible with a Trump impeachment. I watched him speaking in Turkey after his negotiations with them. This is what a president is suppose to sound like.

Number two... HE'S NOT IMPULSIVE. He thinks things through before he opens his mouth. He most certainly doesn't randomly tweet every two minutes. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine Pence addressing Pelosi and the democrats disrespectability when invited to the White House. Nancy claimed Trump kicked the meeting off by saying I don't know why I'm here. I never wanted this meeting. What the hell !

I would like to see Trump tossed out as soon as possible so Pence could take over even though it's a determent to the Democrats

Why A determent?
Because it would give Pence the incumbent advantage. Imagine if you will if Pence became president in January 2020. Voters would have one full year to evaluate his performance. If he performed like I expect he would, he'd be almost a shoe in.

For example he could lay claim to negotiating the current deal he made with Turkey. Pence could point out he owns no properties unlike his predecessor, Trump. Nor could be accused of having dirt held on him by other countries like Trump and his offspring via having received huge amounts of financing making him beholden to them.

One further characteristic of Pence is his demure. No matter how aggressive people act towards him he remains calm and soft spoken (professional).

If Republicans have a ounce of commonsense they'd jump aboard the impeachment train as fast and hard as possible and rally behind Pence if they want to retake the White House. Otherwise they can continue to try and justify whatever other crazy antics Trump manages to come up with going into the next election. Face it. Trump is a loose cannon. I think the choice should be obvious.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Currently I Favor Pete Buttigieg

Ignore the last 1 1/2 minutes of this video

My opinion is not based solely on his performance in the debates last night. I've been watching his performance in several interviews over the last few months.

It's Not Even Freakin' Halloween Yet!

It's Autumn

House Drug Bill Would Save $345 Billion

H.R. 3-- "To establish a fair price negotiation program, protect the Medicare program from excessive price increases, and establish an out-of-pocket maximum for Medicare part D enrollees, and for other purposes."

MOTHER JONES.COM-- This is something that, in theory, the Trump administration supports, so it shouldn’t be hard to get it passed. Unfortunately, that would ruin Trump’s claim that Democrats are doing nothing, so it will probably die in the Senate.


IN A PDF LETTER THE CBO STATES... Title I of H.R. 3 would require manufacturers of certain prescription drugs to negotiate prices with the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Prices for those drugs could not exceed 120 percent of the average price in certain other countries. Other provisions also would affect prices for drugs, including limits on prices of drugs for which international prices are not available. If manufacturers did not enter into negotiations or agree to prices by specified dates or if they did not meet other conditions, they would be subject to an excise tax of up to 95 percent of the sales of those drugs.

CBO estimates that applying the provisions in title I to prescription drugs covered under Part D of Medicare would reduce federal direct spending for Medicare by $345 billion over the 2023-2029 period.
You can track H.R. 3's progress here at CONGRESS.GOV. It also contains all the juicy details.

H.R. 3 was sponsored by Frank Pallone Jr. (D-NJ). It has 49 Cosponsors, but not a single House Republican!


Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Great Elton John Interview Video

Loved These musical scores of his too!
     Lion King
     Billy Elliot

Lyrics by Lee Hall; Music by Elton John

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Shepard Smith Leaves FOX News

I said to my wife I wonder how long Shep could stomach the badmouthing. Shep is a light hearted kind of guy not prone to tolerate all the negativity that permeates this network. He was promised as FOX's news chief he would be able to interject breaking news stories whenever they occur. From what some are saying these other opinion programs objected. I also said to my wife I wonder if FOX will admonish these others from taking shots at him. Who would they backup? Now we know.

We all make choices. FOX made theirs. Shep made his. I'm certain Shep will be happier. He already looked relieved in those final moments.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

White House Tells Congress To Go Stuff It

The White House says it will no longer play ball until the house takes a full vote on impeachment. Here's why that won't happen..

IN THIS LETTER TO CONGRES Pat A. Cipollone, counsel to the president wrote " I. Your “Inquiry” Is Constitutionally Invalid and Violates Basic Due Process Rights and the Separation of Powers. He accused Pelosi of violating “fundamental fairness and constitutionally mandated due process,” saying Trump should be allowed to cross-examine witnesses, receive transcripts of the testimony, have access to evidence the House collects and have counsel present during questioning."

Geesh did this guy get an honorary degree in law or perhaps after sending in fifty bucks get one online? Look folks there's nothing confusing about this. The constitution allows the congressional house to take up an impeachment inquiry in a manner it deems appropriate. Think of it this way. Their action could be compared to a grand jury. Grand juries investigate and if they so choose will hand down an indictment (not a conviction). Like the house, grand juries are under no obligation to speak with people it's investigating or who they're speaking with. Nor what they say. By voting for impeachment it would be like dissolving the grand jury before it could determine what or even if charges should go forth. Sort of like a detective turning in his police report to a D.A. without conducting an investigation..

If the house so decides to move towards prosecution (votes for impeachment) it is then turned over to the senate to hold hearings. These senate hearings will be presided over by the chief justice of the supreme court. In this instance, John Roberts. It is at this time both sides will be heard. Meaning Trump will have the opportunity to exercise his " Due Process Rights"

If Trump chooses to ignore the house's subpoenas (backed up by the constitution) he could be charged for violating the constitution he swore to uphold when he was sworn in. In of itself he could be removed from office for.

Here's a guy who knows full well what the consequences could be. It's Lindsey Graham speaking towards Bill Clinton's hearings when he was a 'representative' in the house on December 18, 1998.

I wonder if he still shares this same view today now that he's in the senate?

Before Trumpsters go all partisan on me let me say this. Accusations have been made. It's congress's duty to investigate them. If you saw something you thought was illegal going on, wouldn't you want someone to check out your story? Congress sure as hell investigated numerous accusations against both Clintons and many in their own party. We were told over and over again to 'report something if you see something' Is there a reason why Trump should be made the sole exception?

One final thought. If democrats had never gained the majority in the house (good or bad) we wouldn't be where we are. Who said voting doesn't matter!!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Whatever Happened To Shannon?

I used to follow Shannon for years. Suddenly she just dropped out of sight in September 2013 never to post a video again. She also has not updated any of her social media sites. Never said goodbye... nothing. Makes me wonder if something bad happened or she just gave up on her dreams. Either way I'm sure I'm not alone wondering the same thing along with her nearly 4,000 other subscribers. In my eyes she was a super talented person and hoping things are going well for her.

Here is a playlist of some of my other favorites of hers.

Decap Organ (Mechanical Music Video)

Jimfrom OH-- "This is the 105 key Decap organ playing on Midi "Rampart Street Racoon". This is a long awaited nighttime video that many organ enthusiasts have asked for. The organ is owned and was restored by Jim Welty of Fairborn, Ohio.

NOTE: This was filmed in 33 degree Ohio weather and the tone of the organ is a bit "off". We will be updating the audio sometime late Spring 2010.

Originally the organ was 7 feet longer and 5 feet higher. It required major modifications and compaction to fit it into the trailer. Many of the instrument modules had to be shortened and relocated without destroying the basic tone of the organ. This was done over a two year period.

The organ is now playing on Midi technology but retains the original key frame and is capable of playing the original 105 key book music, which is often done at rallies.

The basic organ was sold as new in about 1979, but many parts and pipe units are from pre-war Decap organs. It was common to reuse some of these older parts in so-called new machines. The organ originally was utilized in Antwerp, Belgium in an establishment serving alcoholic beverages -- and other forms of adult entertainment. "

If you enjoyed this one I have 30 more mechanical music videos you can watch on MY YOUTUBE PLAYLIST

Incidentally I have 100's of other videos featuring all kinds of music on MY OTHER MUSICAL PLAYLISTS ON YOUTUBE

Friday, October 4, 2019

Can We Eliminate School Property Tax?

This has got to be one of the most continuous issues facing lawmakers for years. One could agree county and cities property taxes are needed to pay for needed services. Schools on the other hand provide no direct benefits to homeowners. It could further be argued school property taxes are the only repeating taxes for something you purchased. It's especially unfair if a family never had kids or moved here after they became empty nesters. Some families have a half a dozen kids who pay the same as those with none in a comparable home.

One of the issues I have is how schools have gone beyond their mission to provide a basic education. For example providing grief counselors, before-after and during school meals, infant care, security teams, summer programs, teachers tuition reimbursement programs, financial partnerships with community colleges, bloated administration positions and so forth. All of these are noble causes but incur increased costs. Let us start the conversation by looking at ways to decrease some of these expenses.

Several other points could be made but the question still remains as to how would we otherwise pay for education? Here's a few to think about.

*** At one time the federal government wanted to encourage population growth. In today's world it makes me wonder why we still give generous IRS deductions for each kid. What if instead a certain amount were charged for each kid and that amount was sent directly to the school district your kid was in after 6 years of age?

*** How about an impact fee for each child born? Yeah I know having kids is already expensive as hell but our continued population growth impacts us all. This offsets some of those costs to the rest of us.

*** What if after a certain age we eliminated owner occupied property taxes comparable to 'debt paid'? Charge them more in their working years. Less thereafter. In the case of renters landlords would receive reduced property taxes (and be required) to provide reduced rents for units without kids proportionate to what they pay. A little more for the others with kids.

*** How about requiring so called non-profits to pay taxes on their properties? It could be paid at a much lower rate, but why shouldn't they help pay like the rest of us for the same benefits we are told we are receiving?

*** What about those single moms with a bunch of kids struggling too poor to pay? Yeah, what do you think we ought to do with them? Any ideas?

Point is... our education system (including college) is sucking us dry. Could home schooling online be the answer OR some other new way of educating our kids? What say you?

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Obama's Not Too Subtle Dig At Trump

Given what's happened over the last few days even Obama couldn't have imagined how pertinent his words would become a little over a year later. What is this guy, a clairvoyant?

Barack's Speech At University Of Illinois
September 7, 2018

CLICK HERE for his entire one hour speech.

Man Films Last Few Minutes Alive

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hillary Clinton Running For President Again?

Sort of sounds like it...

Looking over the current crop of Democrats running against Trump it may not be such a bad idea as it first seems. None of them have the experience Hillary has. The only one that does is Biden but given his baggage and age it isn't making him look too viable. Not to mention with every passing day these other Democratic candidates seem to come up with even crazier ideas then the day before.

I for one would like to see a rematch.
Debate #1

Debate #2

As far as I'm concerned Trump will eat Biden for lunch. You and I both know it. Could it just be Trump is hedging his bets in case Hillary jumps into the fray? Could this just be the reason why attorney general Barr, Hannity and the crew are renewing their efforts to try and destroy Hillary? I tend to think this very well may be the case.

Seems like she spends a lot of time living in his head to me. Too much so. Could the fear of her running be the reason for it? Now whether Hillary actually runs is another matter. I very much doubt it. Time will tell.