Tuesday, December 30, 2008


When I was contemplating whether I should set up an account such as this to express myself, I reflected upon several contemplations. When people come to these things one of the first things they tend to evaluate [size up] the author. Is the author female/male, young/old, a scholar/uneducated, etc.

I wanted my missives to be unblemished by pre-evaluations based on the reader's predisposed personal experiences they may associate in regards to the author. It is my intention to share thoughts and ideas unblemished by precognitive evaluations as they relate to the person behind this blog.

Initially I evaluated Vblogs [to which I'm more proficient]. But that would have unveiled all those things I previously mentioned. Blogging in this manner is much like reading a book not knowing it's author. If the author becomes branded or the author's presentations were to be fashioned into a movie, perhaps the many personal visions of your own formulated backdrops would be disappointingly presented in film. Reading formulates personal visions. When presented on stage or screen, it may not be as personally envisioned. The scenes actually can become a distraction from the story as you understood it. See where I'm going?

Using deductive reasoning, I decided upon anonymity in order to transcend age, race, age, gender, and put forth ideologies for the sake of standing on their own values untainted by my own persona. The ideologies I wish to present in the following discourses, are done with the aspirations of having them to stand apart from it's source to be scrutinized solely on each and of it's own merits [or lack thereof].

This site receives no remuneration of any kind. It is not monetized in anyway what-so-ever. Any references to a commercial product is done so as a courtesy. In doing so it should not be construed as either an endorsement nor implied that a enterprise mentioned is reputable.

All items presented are done so after consideration of the DCMA laws regarding "Fair Use".