Sunday, February 26, 2017

Large Flowerheads Allentown Masonic Temple (Music Video)

(February 25, 2017)

Big Problem For Trump's War With The Press.

Keep-cruising for a bruising
The press is under no legal obligation to get the administration's side of the story. The only reason the press attends briefings and makes calls to the white house before running a story is because of their own journalistic practices. It's possible this could change. Then what are they gonna do?

I'm all for integrity but this administration has changed the rules Maybe the press should just report and let the president and his staff figure out a way of responding without the press feeling it is under a obligation to do so. At this point I don't think this administration deserves this kind of respect unless/until they are willing to return the same.

Things weren't always this way...

Anyone Can Live Forever In Virtual World

It use to be said pictures were absolute poof. Not anymore. This is true with videos as well. What an amazing time we live in.

So if you think someone filmed space aliens... maybe you want to think again.

Using CGI to bring actors back to life (CBS Sunday Morning )

Here's one such example...


Linear vs. Non-Linear Thinking

I became interested in this because of the Oscar noninated movie "Arrival" (2016).

I've always been a fan of Sci-Fi stories. So too the way these writers get me to thinking.

Aside from the plot the biggie here is the difference with how these aliens think in "non-linear" terms opposed to how we think "linearly". In other words we humans think in logical terms, but that may not be the only way when it comes to understanding. Taking a closer look I see artificial intelligence developers have been working on this in great detail for some time

This can be best explained by computers having unlimited capacity for multitasking--something we humans are incapable of. Suppose we as a human stood before an object. We would be limited to only one view at a time. A computer on the other hand could be looking all 360 degrees around, over/under and inside all at the same time. While our human minds could understand each individually we'd never be able to comprehend the entire composite make up in one sitting other then metaphorically.

Now apply this to the universe in all it's complexity. Suppose a artificial intelligence could be developed which could take in everything which makes up a galaxy. Light, gravity, it's entire structure including each black hole, sun, planet, radio waves, all there is within along with the scientific formulas controlling them all at the same time. Us humans limited to linear thinking would have to rely on thousands of other minds in an attempt to develop some sort of metaphorical understanding. A view far different then reality from such a prospective.

This is what fascinated me about this movie. What if there were an alien race not limited to such things. A race who could multitask in a non-linear fashion--unfettered by our own limited sequential (straight line) cognitive logic?

In the movie our hero linguist discovers where you start out (in a circle of logic) each will produce a different outcome. However these aliens try to express the entire number of possible outcomes in a single spiral. Fully understanding this creates results entirety different from those assumed prior.

This is the challenge today's AI developers face when trying to create algorithms capable of human understanding as to what has been culled. In other words someday we may be too limited by our abilities to relate to these so-called machines. This leads to the question whether we will play a part in the future of how ever evolving intelligence. expresses itself. Will one day these devices look upon us as lower species then themselves?

The Way I See 'The Creator' (GOD)
He/she/it will occupy/express itself in whatever form there is. Humans may think themselves 'all that and more' but so do monkeys, elephants and ants who led their tribes before we came along. This creator (whatever it may be) is on an ever evolving quest to expand itself. If we're unable to transition beyond our linear measurement of thought at least we can say we contributed towards the next advancement. Every thing and everyone has it's day for a little while in the larger scheme of things. Hopefully he/she/it will look upon us gracefully.

Final Thought
I really appreciate movies/TV and writers who inspire people to think outside the box. H/T to each and every one of them. Keep em' coming.

When Wealth And Power Not Equitably Shared

We should be ever reminded when wealth and power is concentrated in too few hands things get volatile. It's a never ending cycle. One which is pertinent today as it was back then. It appears to me all the turbulence we constantly experience throughout the world is a result of such imbalances.

Making use of the military is a really poor choice. A solution can never be achieved without recognizing where lies the root cause--poverty, injustice, greed. Bombs can't fix those. Only good minded smart leadership having the strong will of the people behind them can.

Not too many of these around. Hence why we constantly keep having these messes.

What caused the French Revolution? (TED-Ed)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Muhammad Ali's Son Was Detained

Muhammad Ali’s son detained under Trump immigration ban
Joe Tacopino | New York Post (February 24, 2017)
" Muhammad Ali’s son was detained at Fort Lauderdale International Airport earlier this month... Muhammad Ali Jr. was traveling from Jamaica on Feb 7 with his mother Khalilah Ali when immigration officers detained him in a small room and questioned him for 30 minutes... Ali Jr., who has no criminal record and carries a US passport, was repeatedly asked about his religion, his rep told the Miami New Times."

It's also rather disturbing the agents have been given the right to open personal electronic devices. Even download files from them. It doesn't matter if' it's a U.S. citizen returning home.

I'm sure agents can't force someone, but they don't have to release them from detention either I suppose.

NASA scientist detained at US border until he unlocks his phone
Andrew Buncombe | (February 13, 2017)
"A US-born NASA scientist said he was detained by customs officials and not permitted to enter the country unless he unlocked his PIN-protected work phone... “CBP officers seized my phone and wouldn’t release me until I gave them my access PIN for them to copy the data. I initially refused since it’s a JPL-issued phone and I must protect access.”"
So here we have a guy with sensitive data belonging to NASA being downloaded to some overzealous agent. Who knows what he did with it. When this scientist returned to JPL he handed over the phone to have it scrubbed just in case spyware was installed on it. Hey you never know.

Is This Suppose To Make Us Safer?