Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Tucker Carlson Deflections

Speaking of deflections... Kelly Ann is a master at it.

These two aren't alone.

Is "Go Back To Your Country" Racist?

If you don't know,
you probably are one.

I'd Be Leary To Buy Into New Development

The Home News
Lack Of Sewer Agreement Between Allen, Northampton Leaves Residents Without Homes
"Without an agreement, developers cannot hook up homes to the sewer system. With no hook up, residents are not allowed to move into their new homes."

Way back when we were looking for a home I never considered a brand new one. Within five years of one our relatives moving in the foundation developed a crack allowing underground water to seep in. They had to install a permanent sump pump to remove the water, A coworker had to redo his entire septic lines because of faulty piping installed by the contractor. About a year after that (because other homes were later drilling their wells) he had to have his dug another 100 feet. Still one other person I knew had his neighborhood begin experiencing sink holes due to the way the rocky earth below was bulldozed over. I've also read about how incorrectly installed stucco began molding beneath. Another where backyard flooding problems began after other homes were built upgrade from them.

Oh you renters aren't out of the woods either. For a couple years I was the maintenance guy for several complexes around here. Here's a few problems some of these buildings had. The wiring was aluminum connected to copper wirings for appliances. In short they don't play well together. Decks were built over entrances. Problem is the decks were slatted. Not water proof. Central air conditioners were installed in living room closets to the outside making it a extremely draftee in the winter. Water would flow into crawl spaces beneath the first floor making it musty smelling. The main breakers were installed outside causing the springs in them to unnecessarily trip in the cold winter months. Intake and outtake duct work for the heating was installed ceiling height instead of floor level. Hall outlets and some outside lighting was connected to individual apartments rather then to the "house meter". There were several other problems I'd rather not be too specific about lest some one might figure out which complex they were. Suffice it to say several were built similarly.

Needless to say I suspect some of these older downtown conversions may not be entirely separate from each other when it comes to wiring and hot water plumbing.

So the point is..
(1) If your buying a home it's always wise to invest in a home inspector. (2) Whether your renting or buying try a get to know your future neighbors and what they have to say. Above all else don't rush into things without doing some homework first.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

John Kasich It Should Have Been Him

A President Should Be A Unifier
Not A Divider, (July 18, 2016)

April 12, 2016

On Illegal Immigration (02/12/20I6)

Look at what we ended up with instead

Trump says--
" If you're not happy here you can leave"

Will he take his own advice?

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Contentious Border Crisis

Here's The Entire House Oversight Committee Hearing

Vice President Pence is blaming this entirely on Democrats. Meanwhile Trump's trying to distract by flooding 100% of his twitter account all morning rehashing his attacks on Obama, Hillary and the entire Mueller investigation.

Here's Where I Stand
Over two weeks ago both sides of congress passed a $4.5b Senate border aid package which Trump signed. So there are no more excuses for this. Even without this EXTRA funding it is entirely this administration's responsibility for these conditions. Trump's been in office for 2 1/2 years now. How long does he need to get his act together?

You damn well know if the shoe were on the other foot the Republicans, FOX News and the rest of the worms would have been all over Obama and justifiably so. Instead Donald and company are more focused on destroying democrats (both past and present) then resolving these conditions. In fact seem to be escalating them using them as pawns in their never ending game to eradicate "communist", "Extreme Leftists" from the face of the Earth.

Let me put this clearly as possible. Once you become president and appoint all your people to run these agencies.. YOU OWN THE RESULTS. Not Obama. Not Hillary. Not the Media. Not congress. YOU DO MR. PRESIDENT. Congress didn't pick your department heads. YOU DID. Trump insists and argues constantly how congress has little say when it comes to his executive policy decisions. If that's what you want to do as president so-be-it. But this is no excuse for creating conditions which would even get a animal zoo shut down.

Look I know we can't have a never ending flood of immigrants. I understand that. BUT.. no civilized caring country should be deliberately going out of their way to make things more miserable then they need be. We have laws against robbery and murder. It doesn't stop them. Neither will this punishment either. Solutions lie elsewhere.