Sunday, April 23, 2017


April 23, 2017

If congress doesn't pass a budget by this Friday (April 28, 2017) we could be looking at a federal government shutdown. The White House has gone so far as to threaten cuts to Obamacare subsidies if the budget doesn't include money for the wall.

At this point it's questionable even if congress does manage to pass a bill Trump would sign it without money for his wall.

Is he bluffing or ain't he?

Trump No Fan Of Home Cooked Meals

"The Daily Mail" (04/23/2017)-- Trump fans went wild when he had dinner at his hotel in Washington, DC. The President had dinner with Melania, Ivanka and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Saturday night

I wonder if he left a tip?
Photo Courtesy Daily (UK)

Apparently the White House chef had yet another night off. The way things are going his could become a part-time job.

According to "The Washington Post"--"Of the 94 days he has been president, he has spent all or part of his time at Trump-branded properties on 33 of them, or an average of once every 2.8 days."

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Would You Buy A DIY Coffin?

"The Sun" (UK) came across a "£200 [$256.34 US] 'coffin in a box', which takes 15 minutes to assemble". All precut & hardware included. They even deliver. Too bad this one is only available in the Netherlands :-(

Is The End Near For "Birthright Citizenship"?

     In short... I doubt it.

"While Trump has not been publicly vocal about this issue since becoming president, there is a bill in the House to advance this proposal. We rate this promise In the Works."
My Comments
Rep. Steven King, R-Iowa, introduced H.R.140 - Birthright Citizenship Act of 2017. It would require those born in the United States to have at least one parent who is "(1) a U.S. citizen or national, (2) a lawful permanent resident alien whose residence is in the United States, or (3) an alien performing active service in the U.S. Armed Forces". Rep. Lou Barletta [R-PA] is one of 22 cosponsors of the bill.

It was first introduced January 03, 2017. On January 23, 2017 it was then referred to the "House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security" where it's been sitting idle. Therefore--unless Donald Trump gets a bee under his bonnet--it likely to languish. HOWEVER you never know with the Donald do you?

I can understand one reason where this may be coming from. A travel industry has been created so as to enable visitors to come here to give birth. Thus guaranteeing their children citizenship status. In other words gaming the system. Since neither parent is allowed to stay indications are parents do return to their home country with the child. So most are not dumping off their kids and leaving them here. If so why such a measure? Is this in the interest of national security, one which is racially motivated against foreigners or is something more elusive going on here?

Article II of our constitution only requires a President to be a natural-born citizen of the United States, at least thirty-five years old, and a resident of the United States for fourteen years. Think in terms of Barack Obama. Since this bill consist entirely of Republicans one can't help wonder if they want to head off a repeat of this whole birtherism thing if this should ever come up again? I suspect that to be the real motive for H.R.140 (2017).

Most of these parents are hoping to gain for their child dual citizenship. I doubt most have in mind one day their child would seek presidency. I suppose like most parents they are hoping their kid will have a better chance in life. This is one way of doing that. I'm not seeing much more then this as a motive for coming here to give birth. I highly doubt whether they were trying to give their kid easy access to become a terrorist or a free loader. What parent would want such for their child?

That said--I'm not entirely opposed to this measure. But let's do it for the right reasons (if there are ones). Donald Trump's angry words doesn't explain why he feels there's a need for it. Yeah I know he's against these folks.. BUT WHY? What's his rational? What's his motivation? Until he or the sponsors can explain such details let the bill rot in committee.

When someone starts messing with the 14th amendment regarding children born to citizens of other countries they better have some damn good reasons. It's a sure fire bet if this bill were ever passed it would be challenged in the supreme court. Given the history of the courts' prior rulings moving this bill forward would be taking on a fool's errand. This regardless of Donald's or the sponsors motives whatever they are.

Friday, April 21, 2017

News Roundup (04/21/2017)

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions hasn't named anyone after mass firing... three months into the new administration: He has yet to fill a single one of those 93 positions" COMMENT: Justice may have taken a holiday but criminals haven't. I wonder how many criminal positions have been refilled in that time?

"...reportedly well north of $10 million." COMMENT: Poor man. Lost his job. Can he still apply to the state for unemployment benefits?

"GM said Thursday that its only factory in Venezuela was confiscated" COMMENT: Here's an idea. Build them here--ship them there. Oh and insist on getting the cash upfront.

"There have been concerns that if a conflict breaks out Russia could face a humanitarian exodus from North Korea." "The troops have been dispatched to handle North Korean refugees and 'unforeseen circumstances', such as the prospect of preemptive attacks on North Korea" COMMENT: If Trump decides to start WWIII it looks like fleeing refugees will turn out to be South Korea's problem. Doesn't sound like a great plan to me. I'm certain more then one South Korean leader is thinking it isn't such a swell plan either. Who stands to lose the most?

Just saying... The White House Easter Egg Roll

Which of these entertainers do you think drew an obviously larger crowd of kids who could relate to the performances?

Trumps 2017 Easter Egg Roll 'Bunny Hop Stage' entertainment?


Obama's Silentó at the 2016 Easter Egg Roll

I could post the kid book readers. I think with Spicer and Sessions reading to kids most can figure out how that went over too :-)

For those who are really nosey how both went, here are the prior Obama White House Easter egg roll videos and these are the ones from Trump's in 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Allentown Mayor Has A 5 Year Plan

     But nobody knows what it is

The Allentown mayor is required by ordinance to submit 5 year plan every year. City council got tired of asking and never getting one. So they filed a "right to know" request.

This is what they got in response...

It has more redactions then what a CIA document would contain.

You can check out the city council meeting video for yourself. It comes 52:47 minutes into the meeting Council showed the letter they received in response to a speaker who wanted to know how much is spent on overtime. Council said they've been blocked by the mayor when they request such pertinent information when it comes to mulling the city's budget request each year by the mayor. Council complained they can't get the required five year plan until they file a RTK request. When they do--it looks like this!

Damned if you do.. Damned if you don't
For years I've read comments from trolls on various sites complaining about council not doing it's job. Now some are complaining the president of city council is grandstanding since he decided to run for mayor. So let me get this right. If a council member doesn't question the mayor they're a bum who should be thrown out of office. On the other hand--when they do they're grandstanding. Why don't those complaining run for office or try and see if they can pry this information from the mayor's clutches. Good luck with that.

The mayor is receiving $95,000. The way Allentown's charter is written the mayor isn't required to show up for council meetings. Thusly he doesn't have to face off with his constituents. As a result the mayor is free to appear or not appear whenever and where ever on his own terms to only those he deems favorable to him.

One the other hand council members are paid only around $5,200 a year. For this they receive all the brunt for everything the mayor does with little to no power to do anything about citizen complaints. As one can see in the video only about a dozen citizens bother to show up. When they do it is to complain or grill council. For fifty two hundreds buck$ a year most of us would say they could take this kind of job and shove it.

Mayoral election is coming up
These are a few things I'd like the next mayor to address. (1) A charter change requiring the mayor to attend council meetings.
(2) A charter change granting stronger powers to council.
(3) A charter change on the budget approval process.
(4) Term limits for mayor
(5) Complete 3 or 4 year outside city audit requirement released to public.
(6) A public filing of business interests candidates hold.
(6) Council members being required to come from certain districts based on population.
Yeah I know--dream on