Saturday, April 21, 2018

Melania Trump What A Classy Lady!

Here's a woman who has more class in her pinky finger then her 'old man' will ever hope to have.

While Donald was out golfing this morning, trashing people on Twitter here she was paying her respects. This is what well-mannered people do.

I'll never forget the first time I saw Melania arriving at the White House on TV to meet Barack and Michelle Obama.

There was her 'old man' running up the steps ignoring her. On the other hand Melania surprised Michelle with a unexpected gift. Melania seems like the kind of person everyone likes when they meet her. The 'old man'... not so much.

Finally There Is this..

N. Korea Suspending Nukes. Is This Why?

On April 21, 2018 TPM reported, North Korea Says It Will Suspend Nuclear Missile Tests.

However back on October 13, 2017 CNBC warned the Latest North Korea earthquake was a sign of instability at nuclear test site after it's nuclear test blast on September 03, 2017

Then on October 31, 2017 Bloomberg was reporting 200 Died in North Korea Nuclear Test Site Accident.

After that report on November 01, 2017 a headline in Newsweek read, North Korean Soldiers Are Being Treated For Radiation Exposure After Nuclear Test.

Now of course we have no way of knowing if these reports are accurate. There's a lot of disinformation out there when it comes to North Korea. However if true it seems to me Kim Jong Un would have a huge incentive to bag future nuclear research. Especially when you think it's possible he could have lost most of his researchers, equipment and the millions of dollars it would take to replace them (if it's even possible). Course we don't know what he may still have laying around. This is still something we should be concerned with.

Trump, South Korea, China and Russia are all trying to take credit for Kim coming around. Maybe... just maybe these could be the real reasons. We may never know for certain since everyone seems to want to exploit this for their own political purposes (including Kim Jong Un).

Visitors From Space- Where Are They?

The "Fermi Paradox attempts to offer a few reasons why we're not seeing evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Kind of amazing when you think about it. There are billions upon billions of suns. Many which may possibly have habitable planets. I'm not going to discuss in detail each of the twenty one possible reasons. You can check them out for yourself at the above link. I tend to lean towards explanations 5-8, 5-19 or 5-20. If you are still interested check out this video. See what you think.

I'll warp this up with one final thought.
If we're I am living in a simulation it could mean none of you exist.
If so....

Friday, April 20, 2018

Video Of Secret Meeting Between Trump And Mueller

From Season 29 | THE SIMPSONS (2017)

Yes indeed that was a funny bit.

BBC "Newsnight" Published This March 04, 2016

Published May 8, 2017

Who knows. Maybe the Donald may be as dumb as dirt and innocent of these accusations. However our justice system owes it to the American people to thoroughly investigate the man in charge of leading our country. To do otherwise would be a betrayal to uphold the oath our office holders have taken. My opinion is-- even if Donald' is completely innocent-- he at the very least is incompetent.

This whole screed of mine isn't about hating on conservatives nor the man himself. In my mind what matters the most is whether this guy is capable of understanding why he was elected. To work for all the people. Not just those who will kowtow to whatever his whims are from one moment to the next as if his needs are the only ones that matter..

The guy promised to "repeal & replace" Obamacare. Not destroy it leaving everyone out in the cold. He promised to work hard everyday unlike Obama he accused of constantly playing golf. This guy has promised DACA registrants they wouldn't have worries and look what happened. He promised to create a surplus by the time he leaves office. Yeah that isn't going to happen either.

I've said this here and throughout my life. I don't consider myself neither a conservative nor liberal. I have my own set of beliefs. I was against NAFTA and the invasion of Iraq. I'm against out of control immigration, but this doesn't mean we get all gonzo against allowing a reasonable amount of it. One of the problems-- as I see it-- Trump supporters seem to think people of reasonable conscious willing to bend are the weak minded on the far-left.

I always thought of it this way. Ever swim in the ocean for a couple of hours and notice the place you were staying seems to have moved many blocks up the beach? We all know it wasn't the hotel that moved it was you swimming in the water not paying attention, That's the way I describe the Republican party. So called liberals haven't moved all that much. Rather it is what has become of the Republican party after having gone through the Tea Party movement and now Trump's shenanigans. Some (not all) Republicans have drifted out to sea from the shore so far liberals look far away. It wasn't always this way. It has only become this way over the last decade or so.

Social orientated people have always been anchored in their beliefs. They support unions, healthcare, social security, education and others much like they always have for their fellow Americans. The things that have changed is a guy like Donald Trump and his minions come along like a wrecking ball constantly creating enmity for long held progressive values.

Look, no one has to agree or believe in my positions. What I really would like is for people to see how far from normalcy Donald has taken us. Do me a favor and make a list for yourself of what you think American values should be. Then ask yourself is Donald truly the kind of guy who represents those?

Trump, People Are Wise To You

Below are a few excerpts from one of Donald's tweets today. Many who said what I was thinking.

One doesn't have to look far to fact check his tweets. I could spend hours doing research but why bother when so many others already have done it for me. His Twitter account is not only a excellent source for opposition research by media producers but so too an excellent resource for foreign nations looking to exploit Donald's weaknesses. That can't be a good thing!

While We're On The Subject Of Taxes...
Donald where's yours?
I have a real good hunch if the public would ever get to see them it wouldn't be pretty. Otherwise why would he be so determined to hide them?

I noticed Donald filed a IRS extension until October to send in his forms. Could it just be he is suspicious investigators have his past forms and doesn't want them being able to get their hands on yet another from last year? Can't scrutinize someone's finances if they're withholding them. Looks like he bought himself a little more time.