Friday, November 17, 2017

Sure Do Miss The Old TNN

We were regular viewers once of popular 'The Nashville Network'. Since it changed ownership and formats it will never become as popular as it once was. You know what they say--you can never go home again. No truer words spoken when it comes to the kind of homespun down to earth entertainment it once provided. Nor how well we got to know the entertainers who had spoken genuinely of themselves and others. Not to mention the amazing talent.

World's Most Famous Unknown Band (03/1990)

How many did you recognize?
Chet Atkins introduced Glen Campbell, Jerry Reed, Steve Wariner, Roy Clark, Ray Stevens, Ricky Skaggs, Lee Greenwood, Steve Gatlin, Barbara Mandrell, and Irlene Mandrell.

Here are a few more great TNN memories...

All-Star Salute To Ralph Emery In 1990

Ralph as of March 2017 is 84 years old

Ye Gads how I miss this bunch of wonderfully sincere people, There never ever again will be another era like that seen on TNN some 14 years ago. As far as I'm concerned when TNN shut down on August 11, 2003 is when genuine country music died.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sexual Harassment Claims Are Out Of Control

"ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- Minnesota Sen. Al Franken apologized Thursday after a Los Angeles radio anchor accused him of forcibly kissing her during a 2006 USO tour and of posing for a photo with his hands on her breasts as she slept. Leeann Tweeden posted the allegations on the website of KABC, a Los Angeles radio station where she now works as a news anchor."

McConnell: Ethics Panel Should Probe Franken Sexual Misconduct Allegations
"Less than an hour after news broke that a woman had accused Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) of sexually harassing and assaulting her in 2006, before he ran for federal office, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called for an official investigation into the allegations."

Leeann Tweeden
"In 1992, while working as a hostess at a Hooters restaurant (she was in their 1994 calendar) in Colorado Springs, Colorado... In 1996, Tweeden appeared non-nude in a fitness model pictorial for Playboy magazine. Fifteen years later, at 38 years old, she appeared again in the December, 2011 issue of Playboy, this time posing in a nude pictorial....

She has also appeared on the political discussion series Hannity, as a member of the "Great American Panel" and occasionally appeared on the panel of Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld"

Posted by Russell Smith with his comments in 2011

Look I'm not getting into the hoopla over these dozens of accusations now coming everyday toward everybody and everyone. What I'm trying to point out not all these accusations should be taken as the gospel truth 100%. Nor am I trying to say what Leeann said happened with Al didn't. However in this case there just might be more politics involved then we may have been first be led to believe.

When these many hundreds of women start accusing men I see a few downsides. This harms other women's chances looking for employment, Whether it be in entertainment or outside of it I'd be quite certain employers will become reluctant to hire not wanting such accusations to rock their business. This also brings into women distrust of men themselves questioning everything a male says or does might have ulterior motives. Thus men becoming more reluctant to even speak to women one on one. Is that really what single women want?

Going way back to my courting days I can honesty say some women I dated didn't want this kind of physical attention. There were times some did and wondered what took me so long to make a move. I swear that's true. Not all women I went out with wanted someone who would take them to a meal, movie and send them off with a goodnight handshake. If I became rich or famous I can't imagine some of the things they could twist and use against me years later if I had quit dating them and they got pissed off. Yeah like they hadn't done that sometimes to me either. There's nothing worse then a pissed off lover--male or female.

Pardon me if I'm a bit skeptical but there is a difference between a man or woman physically teasing someone and an actual sexual assault. I've had my ass pinched (really hard) several times by a woman a work. She thought it was funny. Another who sat on my lap in the work cafeteria who thought it was funny as hell to make her friends laugh. Some who printed out sexy cartoons. Another few who flashed me a boob at work. I never considered these rising to the level of sexual harassment. Just girls being girls. It's a sad day when we take everything someone does to us as sexual assault.

I realize this may not always be the case. Sometimes it's more serious, but women do these kind of things as much as men thinking it's funny. Everybody needs to take chill pill. Not everything is dramatic as I think many of these charges are making them out to be. I'd be willing to bet in most of these cases there's a certain amount of ulterior motives involved.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Morning Call & Others Need To Get Act Together

How the Morning Call site loaded today on Microsoft's Internet Explorer

Notice annoying popups at the bottom?

How the Morning Call site loaded today on Google's Chrome Browser

How the Express Times loads on both

I have a few beefs with almost all sites these days. First off I won't get rid of Adblock. It's a proven fact some computers became infected by embedded code within certain ads. These ads all come from various third party sites. As far as the Morning Call-- they should quit screwing around with their webpage code. If it ain't broke don't mess with it. Their site is a total mess in Chrome today. Months ago WFMZ eliminated RSS Feeds and their videos won't play in Chrome. Still other sites require paid registration either upon the first view or after a certain number of visits.

Look I can understand why these guys need money, but if any of them want to eliminate over half their readers there's no better way then they are going about it. I will never ever click on various popups. These give browsers certain permissions to execute code to perform tasks circumventing various virus protections installed on our equipment. Sometimes I get up to three popups and an auto running video. Sometimes I spend more time refreshing, erasing cookies and trying to kill the video then it's worth. Thus saying to myself--screw it and close the page. It isn't worth it to me.

I'm not sure how these guys are suppose to make money but I can tell you one thing. It won't come by making a pain in the ass of themselves.

Poland Has A Problem
Tens of Thousands Join Polish White Supremacist March: “Europe Must Be White”
Fascists and white supremacists descended on Warsaw Saturday to mark Poland’s independence day by chanting Neo-Nazi slogans. Police estimated some 60,000 people took part in the demonstration that included banners that read, “White Europe, Europe must be white” and, “Pray for an Islamic Holocaust.”

What the hell is going on?
Has our galaxy gone through a time warp or wormhole of some kind?

Makes me ashamed to be part of the human race.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Rock & Roll Sunday Videos

Live from Little Darlin's Rock N Roll Palace (1988)

According to Little Darlin's Rock N Roll Palace Facebook page from 1986 to 1992 it was the world's premier oldies nite club in Kissimmee, Fla. It use to air on TNN Cable TV.

If anyone's interested CLICK HERE for dozens and dozens more.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Republicans Tilting The Scales Of Justice
Senate Panel Votes to Turn Blogger Without Trial Experience Into a Federal Judge
When he [Trump] came to power, there were more than 100 vacant seats in federal courts after Republicans basically blocked anyone proposed by President Obama in his last years in office. Trump has now nominated 59 people to federal courts, compared to the 27 judicial nominations Obama had made at this point in his presidency... Trump pointed out that the judicial appointment "has consequences 40 years out, depending on the age of the judge."

The article points out the next federal nominee for judge never tried a single case and has been a lawyer for only three years. But he did trash Hillary on his blog several times and urged people to join the NRA after the Sandy Hook shooting.

Judges should never be appointed on the basis of their political beliefs. Some of the things authoritarian governments do is stack the courts. Then attempt to control the media. Seems this is where we are headed.

The New York Times
Justice Department Says Not So Fast to AT&T’s Time Warner Bid
A central component of the dispute, according to people from both companies and the Justice Department, is CNN — the network that Mr. Trump has frequently attacked as a purveyor of “fake news.”... In one account of the meeting, Justice Department officials called on AT&T to sell Turner Broadcasting — the group of cable channels under the Time Warner banner that includes CNN — as a potential requirement for gaining government approval,

First a authoritarian leader (like Donald Trump) does is stack the judicial system. In this case the Justice Department which then tries to suppress the media he doesn't like.

Here's some more food for thought.
Everyone knows the president hates CNN—but Trump’s Fox News ally also has multiple bones to pick with the AT&T-Time Warner deal....

According to executives I spoke with, the theory is that Murdoch privately encouraged Trump to scuttle the deal as revenge for Time Warner rejecting Murdoch’s $80 billion takeover offer in 2014... While there’s no proof that Murdoch has directly influenced the process, there is some evidence to support the theory. Publicly, Murdoch has been critical of the deal, while privately, he’s told executives it’s a business threat. “He said he’d work behind the scenes to stop it,” one person close to Murdoch told me.

[Reporter Gabriel Sherman]

I'm certainly no fan of these mega mergers, but I question why Turner Broadcasting (CNN) was specifically singled out and not one of the dozens upon dozens of other assets owned by Time Warner?

Since none of AT&T's subsidiaries are involved in the news business why specifically is CNN listed as a basis for rejecting this merger?

I'm certain many will say who gives a crap--there's nothing most of us can do about it. That may be true under current circumstance, however I think it's important for all of us to be aware and not be complacent whom we elect in the future. Picking the wrong leaders can be very dangerous to our democracy. Voter ignorance is how dictators are able to ascend to power.

Bernie Sanders

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Allentown Mayor Pawlowski Won Here's Why

He had more votes. Yes as strange as that seems to some--this is how elections work.

Pawlowski Won. It wasn't because of...
Ray O'Connell and his supporters writing him in (splitting the votes).
Overwhelming minorities support.
A backlash against Trump.
Allentown voters are a bunch of ignorant Democrats.
'The Morning Call''. The very ones pointing the finger at them were the ones said nobody reads it. So now they accuse them? Folks you can't have it both ways.

For years I hear how the Republicans get screwed over by all of the above. Could it just be because of their refusal to take responsibility for failure?

Normally there's not a Republican candidate to vote for in Allentown. The excuse is why bother they wouldn't win anyway. Wow that's a hellva lame justification. I myself voted for both Heydt (R), Burke (R) and Hershman (R) and others. Yeah sometimes they won--sometime they lost. But blaming Democrats for them not even running a candidate doesn't cut it.

Many of these same conservatives here locally have repeatedly criticized Hillary Clinton's for her constant whining blaming everyone for her loss except herself.

Yeah that doesn't cut it with me from either her or those here locally on the other end of the political spectrum.

Let me put this another way. If your team lost it wasn't because the other team sucks. The way sportsmanship works is no matter how much players dislike the other team or their backers they get back on their feet then try and win the next game. Nobody likes a team that finds all kind of excuses why everyone else is at fault for their loss. Then refuse to play their opponents again. I doubt few would support such a team.

Of course I'm not happy with the outcome. It's particularly sad that Lehigh Valley Republicans couldn't even muster enough votes to defeat someone like Pawlowski. This speaks more to they then it does Pawlowski's win. Blaming others isn't going to take the party where it needs to go.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Unapologetic Vote For Ray O'Connell

As I post this the election is still going on (11/07/2017). I'm not sure how things will turn out in the run for Allentown's next mayor but I voted for Ray O'Connell as a matter of conscience. He's the guy I want.

During the last presidential elections I held my nose and voted for Hillary even though I didn't want her. I wanted Bernie Sanders but resisted writing him in. I wrestled with this up until two hours before I voted. Felt guilty ever since.

Not anymore. I refuse from this point forward to cast my vote based on election strategies that tend to call mine a wasted vote. If there's guilt to be had let it be on those who voted for either of the two other candidates I feel didn't deserve to hold the office of mayor.

I feel Nat Hyman hasn't engaged in civic participation. He never spoke at council meetings nor had Allentown committee involvements. Hence we have no idea where he stood on the incinerator project, parks, the city water deal, NIZ, taxes and whole host of other hot button issues. When they occurred he was MIA. He never ran for council nor any other political office until he decided to run for mayor.

When it comes to Ed Pawlowski I think it should be more then obvious why I wouldn't give him a second of my consideration.

Ray O'Connell has been active throughout his career on school district issues and his previous commitment on city council. Without a doubt he has more experience over his lifetime in public service then either of the two other candidates.

While some may not agree with my choice let it not be said I was willing to compromise my beliefs in this election. Being in the majority doesn't always make it right.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Trump's Latest Whoppers

Like I said the other day--it's tough keeping up with this guy's misinformation.

Trump asks Japan to build cars in the U.S. It already does
"Try building your cars in the United States instead of shipping them over. Is that possible to ask? That's not rude. Is that rude? I don't think so," Trump told executives from local automakers during a trip to Japan...

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association estimates that its members built nearly 4 million vehicles in the U.S. last year. Exports from Japan to the U.S. have fallen from 3.5 million cars a year in 1986 to just over 1.5 million in 2016...

Previously Trump asked why Japan didn't shoot down North Korea's missile while it was passing overhead. Apparently Donald doesn't understand what constitutes an act of war. Imagine what is going through the mind of Japan' Prime Minister Shinz┼Ź Abe'.

Here's another whopper for ya to consider...

Trump's Trojan Horse Tax Plan--Robert Reich

Look I'm not getting particular pleasure out of constantly criticizing Trump. Neither can I ignore and allow to stand his mistaken words. Now here's a guy going out into the world representing the American people. What he says and does reflects on all of us. Imagine what others must think.