Sunday, August 20, 2017

Now This Is What I Call a Rally !

Donald could only dream he'd have a rally as big as this one. If he keeps going who knows maybe he will. Only it won't be the kind he was anticipating.

Although from time to time Martin Luther King's dream fades, underneath it all the goodness that unites all persons prevails when awakened to the call.

The future of this country (or any other) still lies in the strength of it's people. Looking at the numbers who show up at these rallies I think it's pretty clear where the majority stand. Let no politician or purveyor of hatred overestimate their ability to silence a sleeping bear once it's been awakened.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Penn State Football Coach Gets A $34.7 Million Deal

The Penn State football coach (James Franklin) was awarded a salary averaging $5.78 million a year over the next 6 years plus another possible $1 million per year in performance incentives making him the 4th highest paid in college football. Of course to a college with a budget of $5.7 billion next year this may not seem like much. However a number of the coaches in the NFL receive less.

In 2016 Penn State football pulled in around $75.5 million. Earning a net profit of $39.9 million.

So My Questions Are..
Should collage coach salaries be on par with pro ball?
Should college football earn profits?
Should players receive salaries?.

Pennsylvania taxpayers will give Penn State $318.2 million this coming school year.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump Stick A Fork In It. It's Over

For about the hundred time I'm going to try and move on, but before I do I want to vent

Members of congress, many in Trump's own staff, committees, pentagon leaders and numerous others in his agencies are abandoning him. Look Donald you gave it a shot. Face it Donald you're no good at this being president thing. The sooner you come to terms with this the better off we all will be, including yourself. It's no longer "IF" but "when" this needs to come to an end.

These tweets of Donald's tell our adversaries everything they need to know. What's on his mind. His weaknesses. When he sleeps. Everyplace he is from minute to minute. What sets him off. How little his knowledge is. These and so many more exposes not only Trump's personal weaknesses but the United States positions as well.

There's nothing I could ever say which could harm him more then he himself. His words have amplified the divisions in this nation unlike anything we've seen over many years. His constant trashing of everyone and everything is so un-American no words could come close to the justifying the spiteful combative remarks that come out of his mouth.

Don't dare accuse me of playing partisan politics. This is about a leader who has demonstrated time and again he respects neither conservative nor liberal ideals. Donald is all about Donald. The rest be damned. He's incapable on every level of appeasing either one.

Trump (and his fanatics) are no longer worth my efforts. Neither do I wish to be delving into hardcore fact checking his supporters who wish to believe otherwise with their religious like acrimony. It's making me become too negative and agitated. Something I'm not comfortable with. This is not my true nature despite being sucked into it for a time. Certainly something that doesn't make me happier for it.

It's my belief either he will bag it or others will do it for him. Neither I nor this blog can bring this about as well as Donald himself. With that said there's no point in forever rehashing his tweets nor dufuses who continue to make excuses for his erratic behavior.

I'm not trying to be Trump's enemy, but rather a supporter of what I believe the United States stands for irregardless of either political party. You can believe what you want but that's the truth.

Jeremiah Wright "God Damn America"

Sean Hannity over and over again plays only 10 seconds of Jeremiah Wright's sermon to the exclusion of the entire words he spoke out of context. Hannity along with other purveyors of half truths ("fake news" ) twist this into a hate speech, which it was not. Take a look at the video and I will speak about it and a few other things.

My impression is Jeremiah wasn't condemning America. Rather he was trying to drive home a point in the strongest way possible that no nation can claim to be "one nation under God" so long as it treats God's children unequally. To grant one person less equality then the other is an insult to God. One which implies God screwed up. You can't have it two ways. A nation can't claim to be "one nation under God" in part. Either it is or isn't. Not that everyone has to believe strongly in religion, but Jeremiah Wright does. Hence the passion in his words. Biblically speaking call it righteous anger if you will. Given what's transpired over these last few days in Charlottesville and elsewhere around the country his sermon is applicable today as it was back then.

A Few Words About Statues
Statues in of themselves are harmless. They only become a center of contention when they start to become something akin to false idols to be revered. They should never be destroyed. Rather placed in areas like museums, battlegrounds and Washington D.C. which can best describe the history behind them by well educated tour guides.

A Few Words About Naming Of Streets, Towns & Buildings
None should be changed. Most of these were named over a span of 200 years over many eras as our nation progressed both good and bad. The way I see there can only be two kinds of responses. One from a set of people who could care less. The other who become upset when they learn the history behind them. Hence by retaining their names, those who become upset have indicated they delved into history. That's a good thing. By otherwise changing the names these people may have never done so.

In Summary
(1) Jeremiah Wright is not a hater of America. Rather a chronicler warning us not to incur God's wrath for that which he believes.

(2) Statues can be valuable tools for teaching lessons in history in the right locations. But when they become symbols used today to revive past hatreds they become somewhat false idols to be worshipped in the worst possible way. Ask Moses (in the Bible) how pissed he became with his followers when he descended off the mountain.. yeah it's kinda like that.

(3) Ask yourself if you give a hoot what streets, buildings or towns were named for. And if you do obviously they inspired to check out the story behind them. How can that be a bad thing?

Final, Final Thoughts
Everybody.... take a chill pill !!!

I Demand This White Racist Statue Be Removed Immediately!