Monday, January 30, 2023

This is Jim Jordan's District

Friday, January 27, 2023

More Of My Music Video Favorites 05

Here's six more videos amongst the many I've been watching. Starting off with Spike Jones. I wonder how many remember him. Then it's on to Michael Ball one of the most well known performers in the United Kingdom. Not only has he performed in countless musicals but also does numerous concerts. Then wrapping it up with the current cast of "The Greatest Show" (2022) in Germany.

These are the kind of videos I've been watching as an alternative to regular TV and the noise on social media. I might add, I think YouTube has become the greatest archive ever known in history for all kinds of videos. I'm both appreciative and very aware how generous they are to allow sharing them both to users on their website as well allowing them to be embedded here on this blog.

So tell me, have you been watching them in their entirety as I post them here?

Friday, January 20, 2023

R.I.P. Jerry Blavat

One of the last oldtime DJ's has left us. It was truly a great era for R&R and the DJ's who made it possible. The world is a little bit lessor for the loss of this man.


U. S. House Hardly At Work

Here is the U.S. House calendar​ for Februarty 2023.
As you can see they are in session for only eight days next month. The light grey days are for supposed work days in their home districts. Anyone see them walking around your area?

You'd think after the country hit the debt ceiling and all the other things on their plate they'd put a lot more effort into it. It makes one wonder why they are paid $174,000 year to make this little effort. Also keep in mind the majority of the time is spent campaigning although they may not call it that. Anybody ever call their representative's office when they are supposed to be in their hometown and actually get to speak to them? I doubt it.

By the way I have an most excellent easy solution to solving the issue of whether to raise the debt limit. For every day it's not raised dock each their pay. Bet the problem would be solved in less then one session. No legislation, no pay. It's that simple.

Course if they wouldn't have handed out $1.5 trillion in tax breaks. Followed through in collecting from deadbeat taxpayers. Nor other later administrations pissing away the Clinton administration budget surpluses from 1997-2001 worth $1.1 trillion we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. Many people don't remember Clinton's final four budgets were balanced budgets with surpluses.

President Bush's added $5.849 trillion to the debt. Obama budget deficits totaled $6.781 trillion over his eight years in office. Trump another $6.6 trillion added in deficits in his short 4 years in office. Here are the U.S. Budget Deficits by President

It's common knowledge the Republicans are looking to make budget cuts through Social Security, Medicare and other other social programs. Here's a suggestion. I don't think we need eleven $13b per aircraft carriers which cost us $1.5 million a day to operate each. Nor seventy two next generation $3.4b destroyers with each already costing us $140 million a year to operate. All which could easily be sunk by guided missiles. You can damn well bet Russia just like us knows where each and other's are at all times.

Another giant cost savings can be realized by taking a look into how we pay for healthcare in this country. I'm not going into all of them. However We all know pharmaceuticals and medical equipment manufacturers are making money hand over fist. So too medical universities which force doctors to come up with ways of paying for their huge educational expenses. There are ways to make each much more streamlined then they are now.

Well there's two ideas I have. I'm sure there are plenty more without throwing our seniors and taxpayers under the bus. Question is do we have the right kind of people in congress to provide the intellectual capacity and the ethical integrity to turn this thing around. So far I'm not seeing any evidence of it so I'm not holding out for any heroes. Such a shame. Wish it weren't true.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

5 American Cable News Channels Ain't Worth Spit

All they do is sit around the table shooting the shit about politics. None of them seem to have any actual field reporting these days like..

Did you know hell's a popping in Israel?

Reporting from Ukraine's Bakhmut

The whole world does not revolve around American politics but you'd never know it with corporate​ American news reporting. Everyday I go through lots of other media sources including Radio Free Europe, The Guardian and many others. If it wouldn't be for the internet we'd have little exposure to what's going on with the rest of the world.

I don't give a hoot for these idiots in Washington who think their sole purpose is to destroy one and other instead of spending 10 minutes working for the people who sent them. Things like the impending problems with Social Security, Medicare, budget deficits, IRS tax cheats, housing, infrastructure and so many more. All of which only comes up when they try and blame everyone else except themselves for not coming up with a solution for their own failures. Yet this is all the news media focuses on. To hell with them I say.

News media needs to send reporters out into the world to actually talk to real everyday people instead of the same 20 or so overpaid bullshitters we see 24/7 everyday. Some 500 or so protestors in Iran have been killed trying to throw the yoke of oppression off from their government. Much that same is occurring throughout the world including in some of the countries we call allies. You'd never know this from the news we're being fed.

It will never happen but major cable network news needs to air footage from actual people on the ground not from their assignment editors and producers. Even if some of these sources are internet bloggers or videos fed by people who really are out and about in the world. Corporate news has been sanitized and so repetitive it's hard to tell any from the other.

Thank goodness for the internet or we'd think other nations people have nothing in common with each other. Governments and churches start nearly every war. Once people get to see what is really going on it becomes obvious people have more in common then we're led to believe by those who wish to profit through deception. Once governments were disposed of the Japanese, Germans, Vietnamese and so many others are seen no longer as enemies.

Well informed people are key to understanding. The failure of the news media to expose these truths has profited them greatly. It's my hope if the networks won't endeavor to seek out the honest average folks, then the people themselves should by taking advantage of what the internet has to offer. Direct communication between one another through the internet provides the opportunity like no other time in history. Not to pit one group against another but rather to find our commonality.

Friday, January 13, 2023

"The Toppers" In Concert (Compilation)

"The Toppers in Concert is an annual Dutch concert series by the Toppers, held in the Johan Cruyff Arena since 2005. The stadium has a capacity of 68,000 during concerts. "The Toppers" never appeared here in The United States. The wife and I watched everyone of them on YouTube. You can read everything about them HERE ON WIKIPEDIA. They feature many other artists from throughout the world. I stream this from my computer through my 7 channel (+ subwoofer) theatre surround sound amp into large screen TV. It makes it even more amazing.

I've created this playlist of snippets from various performances.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy several throusand people all singing along and getting dressed up for each year's theme. Too bad we don't have anything like this here in the United States. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Moderna Screwed Us

And what are we gonna do about that?

Congress is too busy trying to stick it to each other. This has happened time and again with these drug companies. Why would anything change now. And you wonder why I'm sick to death posting about politics. Hence why almost everything I'm posting is anything but. If I gave a hoot, as much as I'm inclined to do, I'd lose it.

So onward I go posting about any thing rather then these assholes. Nothing I can do about it anyways.

But then there's this..

Ever Watch "Harry's Law"?

It was one of the wife's and my favorites. The show ran two seasons from January 17, 2011 – May 27, 2012. You might recognize several guest stars which appeared in "Boston Legal". Another show David E. Kelley (television writer, producer, and former attorney) also created. We learned the shows we liked were ones that always had to include some form of humor while covering controversial topics. In other words learning from cleaverly written scripts about other points of view which might differ from our own.

Here's was the orginal promo for the show.

Here's a couple more clips from the series.

CLICK HERE: To learn lots more about the show on WIKIPEDIA.ORG

As you can see it covered some serious stuff along with it's satirical side. Many issues are just as hot an issue today as they were back then.

Monday, January 9, 2023

Biden's Trip To Mexico Cost Taxpayers $100,000's

Here's why..

Keep in mind all this crap has to be flown down with him separately
(Along with two fighter jet escorts and a backup AF#1)

It cost taxpayers about $2b a year to fund congress members and their staff salaries.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

More Of My Music Video Favorites

This is my most eclectic musical playlist ever. The last 3 videos (of 9) are "The Toppers" concerts in Denmark. The last one being from November 2022. They do two back to back shows each and every year getting just as many fans for each. "The Toppers" never appeared here in The United States. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Monday, January 2, 2023