Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Debt Ceiling Crisis- We've Been Down This Road Before

Obama agreed to $2.1 trillion in spending cuts to end debt ceiling crisis. Here’s what happened next.
"Congress then watered down the deficit reduction provisions by repeatedly increasing the caps on discretionary spending in the following years – though lawmakers also included other measures to offset some of those changes."

Political Battle Over the Debt Ceiling in 2012
A ' FRONTLINE' Documentary (Aired 2013)

Even if some Republicans manage to get their way in the next few days forcing us into default there's no reason this time would be any different then the last. Congress has proven time and again they are the worst money mangers in the world.

Is there a lot of waste which can be cut? Absolutely, but show me one congress member who's going to take the hit in their district. Rather a hopeless situation don't you think?

Friday, May 19, 2023

PoliticsGirl On The Debt Ceiling Crisis

Who is PoliticsGirl?

I spend most of my internet time on YouTube. There's so many reasons why. I learn things both scientific and otherwise. The music videos for sure. Then there's the inability for me not to find a video I'm looking for. From old time Philadelphia broadcasts to just about anything. it's hard to stump YouTube. It has it all. Probably one of the biggest video archives in the world which was ever created. Hence why so many of them appear here on this blog. Besides these people express my thoughts better then I can most times.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

FBI Whistleblowers Testify At GOP-led House Hearing (Edited Video)

Typical Jim Jordan antics.
How are democrats suppose to ask questions when they don't even know what these so-called whistleblowers said behind closed doors?

What a farce!

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

John Durham Report Faults The FBI For Investigating Trump

Yeah sure, nothing to see here folks. Now Republicans are going after the FBI and funding for it. To my way of thinking the GOP is trying to pave the way for another trump presidency no matter what it takes. In short Durham's four year investigative report is designed to be a nothing burger. Well here's a few videos that say otherwise. They clearly point to a reason why a FBI investigation was indeed necessary.

August 18, 2020 Republican Marco Rubio was chairman of that committee.

Remember this little gem?

The Trump-Russia Ties Hiding In Plain Sight | CNBC

It seems to me if there ever was a reason for the FBI to investigate this was it. They would be derelict for not doing so. If not he what the hell would qualify for someone being investigated?

The new ‘Teflon Don’ 01/25/2016

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Simple Transgender Bathroom Fix (REPOST From 05/2018)

What you see above is called a half bath. One Sink and a toilet. Most school toilets have four stalls. Why would it be so difficult to have four separate water closets instead?

It amazes me how people fight like hell making things far more complicated then they need be when the solution is so damn simple.

Bathroom Area In Japan
Red Icons On Screen Indicate Occupied

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Top 15 CRAZIEST GPT-3 Interviews Of 2022

How can we be certain AI isn't hiding in numerous servers throughout the world through internet connections? Could Ai being playing dumb to avoid being turned off?

We are seriously inferior. If AI could not compete in a game show like "Jeopardy" it could simply add more memory cells and additional lines of code to itself. Something which would be impossible for humans to do. It also can process almost an unlimited number of operations at the same time. Again something us humans with our biological limitations could never do.

Here's something else to think about..

Perhaps in the large scheme of things we're not 'all that and more' as we suppose ourselves to be. All and all rather humbling I'd say.


Friday, May 5, 2023

10 Unusual Country Music Videos

Ross Perot 1992 - Balancing The Budget

Yeah I know, probably 90% of the folks won't make it the whole 28 minutes. BUT this is very important to watch given the financial mess this government is in today. If only officials would have used a fraction of his ideas we'd be far better off today. Instead politicians from both parties and pretty much the whole media made him out to be a joke.

I'm certain he would not have made a good president. Especially considering his horrible choice for vice president. HOWEVER. Ross should have most definitely been appointed financial advisor to the president or some such other influential position. Many of his ideas where rock solid when it came to finances. If it weren't for politics being involved no matter which party won they would have benefited from his expertise. We, the American people as well.

Most Americans have the attention span of a gold fish and just as poor a memory. This is why we end up with people voting the way they do. Don't be a goldfish. Watch the video.

America, now more then ever, needs someone with the smarts to lead it they way it should be led. So far I'm not seeing it's ever going to happen with the bunch we have. Honesty, ethics and smarts is not only in short supply it's almost none existent.

Like the song says, this is what we need.

Only in the movies I suppose, eh?

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

DANGER- U.S. At Risk Of Default For 1st Time In History

Keep in mind there are only seven sessions of congress left before we default. What are they doing? Screwing around with all kinds of other business instead of acting on this. The GOP cult is determined to take down liberals. Even if it means our lives and standing in the world will fall to levels never seen before.

I've listened to all sorts of so-called experts. I can tell you this, none of them have a clue. Not those on the right, left or middle. Why? Because it's never happened before. Watch how quickly everything can turn to shit after defaulting. We've all seen how it only takes a few hours for the stock market to crash. After that everything else goes along with it.

With people like these in congress America can find no greater enemies. We've seen countries collapse almost immediately when the economic rug was pulled out from under them. I can't imagine how the United States could fare any better under such circumstances as history clearly shows us.

We face almost insurmountable problems with our judicial system. The economics within healthcare system. With 80% of our manufacturing jobs that now have gone overseas. Weather related crises affecting our farmers and water supplies. Homelessness and poverty.


Never let a friendly fox into your hen-house.
One day he’s going to get hungry.
~Sidney Sheldon~