Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Deep Frying Turkey Dangers

Planning on deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving?


Video Courtesy "Underwriters Laboratories"

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Here's another humorous cautionary tale from
"State Farm Insurance" featuring William Shatner

Monday, November 21, 2011

Buy Local For Thanksgiving

DISCLAIMER: I have not nor will I receive compensation of any kind for the following. My sole purpose in posting the following information is to encourage people to support local businesses.

More Info @ Patch: "Talking Turkey"- Jaindl Farms
.. and here at

If you'd prefer otherwise, how about Koch's Turkey Farm near Tamaqua?

Both of them feed their birds a vegetarian diet fortified with vitamins and minerals. The feed mill for both of them are located right on their farms from locally grown corn and roasted soybeans.

Both of their turkeys are never fed antibiotics or growth promotants at any time and have access to outdoor areas.

The Koch's are certified that they follow humane farm animal practices They have over 50 turkey products. They can purchased at either their farm location or at "Whole Foods".

Whichever one you decide on..