Monday, August 5, 2019

Useful Catchphrases For After Mass Shootings

It's not my 1st rodeo. I've been riding this same carousel for decades. As a public service I'll provide readers with the ever repeated phrases no matter which side of the argument one is on. It's too early to talk about this.
Let's not politicize this.
What about the left wing radical who shot congressmen Steve Scalise?
What about the right wing radical who shot congresswoman Gabby Giffords?
What about what's his face. It's his fault.
A god guy with a gun can stop a bad.....
Guns don't kill. People do.
Wait till congress is in back in session.
They want to take away your guns.
Treating mental illness is the solution.
Increasing police will reduce the problem.
Too many violent Western's on TV video games on the internet.
It's fake media's fault (Donald Trump)
Ohio GOP Lawmaker Blames shooting on trans people and gay marriages,
Cars, fatty foods, knives and whatever kills people too. Should we ban....
Today's hip hop music glorifies violence.
Open borders allowing gang immigrants...
Internet social media companies...
It's Trump's fault. It's Obama's fault.
Taking religion out of government and our schools.
If everybody had a gun.
Drugs and alcohol to blame.
Too many unlocked doors in our schools and public buildings.
Poor parenting.
Blame the gun advocates.
Choose one or more: President, congress, the governor, police chief, mayor city council or shitty neighbors fault.
Please feel free to select any number of the above whichever suits your purpose. Alls I knows is we'll be talking about this again and again like we've always have. So keep these handy.

Notice the only one thing I didn't list to caste blame on?

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