Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PPL Center Immune From Paying Property Taxes

The Morning Call: Allentown's PPL Center not subject to real estate taxes, judge says-- "After months of hearings, Reichley ruled that the PPL Center and its connecting parking lots and restaurants are immune from paying real estate tax... Lehigh County and the Allentown School District have 30 days to appeal."

One Hellva Misunderstanding!
This means $3.2 million a year in taxes won't have to be paid.

New York Times (03/04/2014)-- "Eligible tax revenues from companies in the zone include those from corporate net income tax, personal income tax and business privilege tax but not real estate tax, in order to protect school district funding."

State Senator Pat Brown (11/04/2014)-- "The NIZ legislation created a 130-acre zone that allows all taxes – except for property taxes – generated within the zone ... "

The Morning Call (04/13/2016)-- ".. falls $1.7 million short of giving the state what it was getting before the state law.."

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