Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Immigration Bernie Sanders/Koch Brothers On Opposite Ends

Expect Bernie to be on opposite ends with the Koch brothers, but not for reasons most people might think.

Ezra Klein did an interview with Bernie for VOX. Here's a excerpt in which Bernie said...

"Open borders?
No, that's a Koch brothers proposal."
Video Courtesy of VOX Media Inc.
CLICK HERE for the entire 37 minute interview

Raw Story reports, "The conservative Breitbart and the white supremacist VDARE website each blasted the Koch brothers for sponsoring a “pro-amnesty Buzzfeed event” in 2013, and two writers for the Koch-sponsored Reason — former contributing editor David Weigel and current editor-in-chief Nick Gillespie — have always been supportive of immigration reform."

To hear tell it according to 'rightwing' media Obama is somehow the bad guy in all this. Voters need to be very, very careful about what they are told and what is really happening. While Trump is blowing his horn the real power players that make things happen are dead set against the snake oil Trump's trying to sell.

If anyone thinks for one minute the Donald stands a chance of being nominated (little alone getting elected) they don't know squat about how Washington politics work. Power players don't like a loose cannon they cannot control. I said this here before and I will say it again... there's no way Trump is going anywhere other then on TV. You can take it to the bank!

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