Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Fracking Worry!

National public radio brought up an interesting point back in May 2013-- "...concern from some New York City residents is that the shale gas they receive from Pennsylvania contains higher levels of radon — an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas.... Michael Arthur, co-director of Penn State University’s Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research says it’s a complex issue worth studying more. “The problem is that radon can be produced with natural gas,"

What this means for many of us who've used the radon test kits in out homes is we have no idea just how much radon may or may not be naturally occurring in our homes. When I tested mine I wasn't aware of this. So I have no way of remembering whether we used the gas stove's burners or oven when I ran this test.

This leads me to wonder how may people might have paid for unneeded basement radon eradication equipment for their home. These same people could still be exposed irregardless by using their gas stoves unaware that it may be the source.

This scientific publication by Marvin Resnikoff says radon gas has a half life of just under 4 days. This is not a concern for gas coming from 1000's of miles away. However someone who's home is 400 miles from the source, with gas moving into their homes at 10 mph would receive a dose of 76% of whatever the original amount was.

Natural gas consumers have no way of knowing how much radon was present at the drill head or where their gas comes from. That could be a real concern for us here in Pennsylvania where over 6,000 fracking sites received drilling permits. Many of which are less then a few 100 miles from our homes here in the Lehigh Valley. I'm not certain even our local supplier may know since the gases from these drilling sites get all mixed together.

Proponents of fracking say Resnikoff's FOS

10/2011- Resnikoff Said..

If there's One Thing That Is Certain...
     It Is, That Nothing Is For Certain.. Somebody's FOS

This is yet one more reason why I support the elimination of all forms fossil fuel energies. Wind, solar and bioenergy should be the only way we go moving forward. They carry none of the risks associated with fossil fuels.

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