Wednesday, June 23, 2021

U.S. Senate Doesn't "Represent" Democracy Very Well

Certainly not the larger half of "The Will Of The People" as Mitch McConell would try having us believe.
U.S. Senate representation is deeply undemocratic—
and cannot be changed
"But, according to the calculation of Ian Millhiser, writing for Vox, if you add up the population of states and assign half to each of their two senators, “the Democratic half of the Senate represents 41,549,808 more people than the Republican half.”

If a state has two senators from the same party, he assigns that state’s population number to that party. If a state has one senator from each party, he assigns half the population to each party."

Think of this another way. Delaware has a population of around 974,000 people. California has around 39,510,000 people. Yet both receive representation by two members each in the senate. Call this a constitutional flaw if you will.

As you can see AOC is justified complaining. Mitch and the republicans know full well they represent about 41 1/2 million fewer of the population then democrats in the senate. This is one of the reasons conservatives of all stripes continually bash AOC. Her continued outspokenness makes them uncomfortable as hell. She shakes things up they'd rather not have exposed.

I understand we are not a "direct democracy" but rather suppose to be a "representative democracy". But we aren't truly a  "representative democracy" in it's purest form either. Something to keep in mind next time Mitch claims he's only "representing the will of the American people". Well some of them maybe... not the majority he'd have us believe.

Now learn about the filibuster
This is how they killed the bill AOC was talking about


  1. SO WHAT ARE we TO DO ,pass another Constitutional amendment electing Senators based on a state's population

  2. So what are WE to do elect Senators based on a State's population ?


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