Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Headlines With Brief Comments

Hubble Is Still Offline, and Its Time Might Be Running Out
"The most prolific telescope in history has been offline for over a week and attempts to restart it have so far failed."

The problem seems to be it's memory board. However there's still years of data to pour through from what was already downloaded. Most amazing space instrument ever!

Earth's Unexplainable 27.5-Million-Year Cycle of Mass Extinctions
"Strangely, this geological activity keeps the time and the geologic events are correlated, not random. Notably, they include volcanic activity, mass extinctions, plate reorganizations, and sea level rises."

What time is it?
Better check my watch.

Appeals court: Man paralyzed from crash with reinforced mailbox
"An Ohio man who built a virtually indestructible mailbox because he was sick of people smashing it is being sued by a motorist who crashed into the thing and got paralyzed, according to a report."

I heard about this before. Some guy where I used to work was told by his lawyer not to plant an I-beam he was considering after his 5th mailbox was run over. Not even place boulders towards the end of his property along the road.

250 Gators Removed From Walt Disney World
"Wildlife officials have removed 250 alligators from Disney properties in the five years since a 2-year-old boy was killed... Trappers receive $30 for every captured gator, plus the proceeds from any leather and meat sold..."

The happiest place on Earth. Apparently not for the alligators who lived there for 1,000's of years before. It's our playground now.

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