Wednesday, June 16, 2021

I've Watched Both Putin And Biden's Pressers

I watched both press conferences in there entirety. The main impression I took away was both leaders are well spoken and intelligent.

The worst part is how the American press at Biden's were confrontational looking to stir up trouble.  Putin whose presser lasted almost an hour and half addressed reporters from all over the world. Each were respectful acting professionally (even those from the United States). American reporters were anything but at Biden's. More like gossip writers who have no business calling themselves journalists. Biden would have done better if he allowed foreign press (who are respectful) to ask questions.

In my opinion if it were up to Biden and Putin alone we wouldn't have many of the problems we're experiencing. Unfortunately both are under extreme pressures at home causing most of these problems.

I also think Biden never should have worked off a list handed to him for only the U.S. reporters he called on. Handlers were doing a great disservice to Biden. It made it look too controlled unlike Putin's. Overall Biden's abbreviated presser was a great disappointment to me.

If I were to score the two Putin's presser was far more informative. Because of it's length I came away with a greater understanding where his head was at.

Whatever the outcome shall be it will depend on far more individuals then just what Putin and Biden discussed while they were alone. Each have large presences at home who seek greater frictions between our countries then the two of them might prefer. 

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