Sunday, June 13, 2021

Government Can Steal Your Money

Here's how. Through questionable forfeiture laws. When they do it's up to the accused to prove they didn't commit a crime. Even when they weren't charged with one. It appears the constitution and peoples right to due process no longer matters in today's world.


  1. America is continuing its decline into a Post-Constitutional nation. In fact, the Marxist phase has now begun. Doesn’t really matter which side one chooses to blame. The reality is, our elected politicians are increasingly stretching, sometimes breaking, long-standing Constitutional Rights, traditions, protections, WITHOUT consequences. Even the Supreme Court has become unreliable in their interpretations.
    I am about your age, LVCI. The generation that came after ours is about to get hammered. They just don’t know it.

    1. I've often said there is no way laws nor regulations can make people ethical if they don't have it in them. What is becoming of this nation is what is becoming of the people whom the government reflects what's becoming of them.

    2. About 30 years ago the local vice squad seized a load of stuff from an old football Buddy. This included His Leather Jackets and of all things His 35 mm camera


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