Thursday, June 24, 2021

Florida Gov Orders Purity Test

Florida Gov Signs Law Requiring Students,
Faculty To Have Beliefs Surveyed
"Florida’s governor has signed legislation that will require public colleges and universities to annually survey its students and staff about their beliefs and viewpoints in order to support “intellectual diversity,” while hinting that the schools could face financial penalties depending on the survey results."

The spaghetti monster in the sky.
Does this qualify?


  1. Another cringe-worthy post, again lifting drivel from the "esteemed" Huffpost. Duh. And you wonder why no one responds, let alone reads this blog much anymore.

    1. The same story appears on several sites. I used huffpost only after the original source and several more required subscriptions or undoing my ad blocker. I felt it would be unfair to my readers referring them to sites which made these requirements to read to full story impossible.

      BTW I don't give a rats ass what you say. Obviously you read this post. Mission accomplished. Thanks for confirming you've read what I had to say.. goofball.


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