Friday, June 25, 2021

Here Comes Windows 11.. Oh No!

Can I please use my Windows 8.1 forever.
Here we go again, a whole new learning curve. I'm way too old from wanting to learn new stuff. I'm perfectly happy with what I got. Everything works fine. Just the way I want it to.

The biggest downside I see to this OS is I've heard the word "cloud" used several times. I don't want my software and other stuff stored on servers somewhere in the netherworld. I have trust issues. I don't want some "cloud" computer jockey modifying my settings at will either. Which they could easily do.

The best thing about my current software programs  I've been using for years is that (1) I bought and own them. (2) I'm completely familiar with them. God knows if any of my current software will even work. That would be totally unacceptable.

The other thing I didn't see in the following video were  the desktop icons I'm absolutely addicted to. That would be totally unacceptable as well.

In a word..

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