Sunday, June 20, 2021

I've Mentioned This Previously Many Times

Over the last several posts I've noticed people have been skipping over my previous ones. As a result I'm going to put a hold on new ones till I see increased counts on nine of my most recent till people catch up.

Should I move this blog over to another platform like Facebook or some other social media site?

Check back often. Better yet subscribe. You never know what you'll find next on this blog. Entertainment, science, technology, humor, everything in between and more.

Before you leave check out my other posts.

All too many times people arrive here seeking out a single post from whatever link led them here never taking the time to look at my other stuff. Some of these other posts might interest you as well.

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  1. Move to parler google is part of the globalist lefty big tech oligarchy, UHURU!


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