Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Few Troublesome Headlines + One Good One

Space junk slams into space station, leaving gaping hole in robotic arm
"According to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), the robotic arm is attached to the outside of the ISS and ‘a small section of the arm boom and thermal blanket’ has been damaged."

Feds Charge GOP Donor’s Brother With Murder After Pardon By Ex-Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin
"Federal authorities have charged a 43-year-old man with murder after outgoing Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin pardoned him a year after his family had raised thousands of dollars for the Republican politician... Many of the hundreds of people Bevin pardoned were related to donors to his political campaigns."

US Soldiers Accidentally Leaked Nuclear Secrets Online For Years
"As per Bellingcat's investigation, it turns out that a number of soldiers were using flashcard learning apps to memorize these protocols — the trouble is that any flashcards loaded onto the apps are available for the public to see. These flashcards contained detailed classified information, such as the specific vaults in which nuclear weapons were held."

'Solar Canals' Could Save 63 Billion Gallons of Water Annually in California
"With approximately 4,000 miles (6,437 km) of canals transporting water throughout California, the state has plenty of real estates on which to build solar panel infrastructure, a report by Popular Science explains. It turns out that fitting panels above the waterways using suspension cables also provides a surprisingly powerful benefit for the canals themselves."

The idea here is to prevent water evaporation.

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