Monday, October 4, 2021

Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage Plans

I have a Medicare supplemental 'F' plan. Always did even though it's much more expensive. These so-called advantage plans are a nightmare in my opinion. Years ago our employer had one of these and it was one of the worst experiences the wife and I ever had. We had to navigate a complicated maze with a very limited amount of newly minted doctors available. The worse scenario being a visit to the ER. It would not be paid for unless we jumped through hoops. Even if approved there was no assurance every doctor in the ER was a in-network member. Horrible. Absolutely frightening.

Yes it costs the wife and I combined nearly $368 a month, but just one visit to the ER could cost multiple times that amount under one of these so-called advantage plans. Plus it picks up my very expensive prescription cost nearly equal to what I pay in. The plan covers the full 20% Medicare does not pay every time without question.

You'd be surprised how many times these advantage plans refuse a request to visit the ER without complicated prior approval from them. Or raise questions about  paying for certain medications that regular Medicare does for in-home medical treatment devices.

Medicare Supplemental 2020 Plans

The wife and I both have 'F Plans'


  1. You are confusing medicare advantage to supplement plans. They are not the same.

  2. Me and My Wife have a AARP Supplement Plans and WE would be BANKRUPT W/O it


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