Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Clips From 4 Of The Best Shows Ever On TV

These show's writers forced people to think about things going on in the world. Will there ever come a time once again where TV shows receive the kind of budgeting requirements they need to appear on network TV?
Has network TV entirely succumbed to the fee based streaming services business model only?

I, for one, miss those days when major networks were the truly 'must see TV' it once was. Shame on them for abandoning shows like these. The following performers and writers deserve much more credit then I would have assumed. I took for granted they'd always be others in the pipeline. Sadly I was very much mistaken.

The Newsroom: Will McAvoy On Being A Republican...

The Newsroom: Ground Zero Mosque Debate

Boston Legal: Alan Shore- Illegal Immigrants

Boston Legal: Alan Shore vs Supreme Court

Madam Secretary: How The Sausage Gets Made- General Mourad Cherat

Madam Secretary: Former Secretaries of State advise Elizabeth

Madam Secretary: VOTE!

The West Wing: Jed Bartlet Scenes

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  1. How about Seinfeld and M.A.S.H? Its all about personal preferences


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