Saturday, October 16, 2021

Best Congress Money Can Buy
Senator Joe Manchin Wants the “Most Important Climate Policy” Out of Biden’s Budget
"The program is designed to reward utilities that shut down their older coal and natural gas plants and switch to cleaner solar, wind or nuclear options—it would also punish utilities that don’t make the switch...

Manchin, like many powerful people in the state, is personally heavily invested in the industry. Before joining the Senate, Manchin founded a coal brokerage firm, which he has handed over control of but still profits from. By one estimate he has earned about $45 million from the business since joining the Senate."

The total number of coal miners in his state (14,000) represent only 2.4% the total number of 2018 voters. (Less then 1%  of the total population). And here you thought he was unselfishly worried about those coal workers in his state.

One thing I can say with certainty...
No U.S. congressional member comes out poorer then they went in.
Millionaire Members of Congress and Their Taxpayer-Funded Pensions
March 16, 2021: "In 2018, the latest year available, 617 retired members of Congress received federal pensions: 318 at an average of $75,528, under the older (CSRS) retirement program, and 299 at an average of $41,208 under the current (FERS) system...

Last year, at Forbes, we calculated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 
(with an estimated net worth of $114.7 million) earned $5.7 million in salary during her 35-year congressional career... Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (with an estimated net worth of $35 million) earned $5.5 million in salary over 37 years."
Top 50 U.S. millionaire congress members (in 2018)


  1. I saw a while back President Biden gave Manchin's Wife a Federal job .

    1. co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission which pays an annual salary of roughly $163,000. Apparently Biden's plan hasn't worked very well has it?

      It's disgusting all these people living off the taxpayers teets

    2. I don't understand why Manchin doesn't switch to The Republicans

    3. Maybe because his ego wouldn't get the attention he's yearning for. He'd just be another bit player amongst all the other Republicans.


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