Thursday, December 9, 2021

Morning Call Drops The Ball

Subscriber Exclusive-
Are you kidding me!

Exclusive my butt. The NYT and WFMZ is all over this. This is information readably available and should be put out to their readers JUST LIKE WFMZ-TV HAS DONE..- "Data from the New York Times shows Pennsylvania has the highest number of hospitalizations in the U.S.

My problem is I've been seeing on social media sites and elsewhere people assuming the threat of Covid has passed here in Pennsylvania when instead it is the opposite. The TMC owes it to the community it serves, it's readers and others the threat exists now more then it did a few months ago. 

What's the point of restricting the information to it's paying customers only? Seems like a poor business decision to me.

By the way.. WALN (Jack Burns/Happy Jack) you aren't helping either. Here is one of the slides coming up in his rotation on SECTV.

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  1. I heard this but don't know where I first heard this


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