Monday, January 19, 2015

World So FOS

* North Korean prison camp survivor admits inaccuracies, author says
* ‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ actually didn’t; books recalled
* Fox News Apologizes for Absurd Claim About Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’
* A Complete List of the 32 Women Who Have Accused Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

It's an understatement to say the world these days is so full of bullshit & hypocrisy it's hard to know where to start.

Forty world leaders gathered in Paris to unite in their so-called contempt for terrorists who murdered less then two dozen people, while mostly ignoring well over the 2,000 killed and 1,000's more kidnapped and the 3,700 buildings destroyed by Boko Haram in Nigeria. 1.5 million have been displaced. These same leaders largely ignored Somalia's al-Shabab fighters who have killed 1,000;s more in 2014. The list of terrorists and other countries are too numerous to mention. Where's the outrage?

So far 32 women claim to have been sexually assaulted or raped by Bill Cosby. Anyone with common sense would question why, except for one or two of them, had they not gone to authorities when these were to have occurred years ago. I also question who would really assault 32 woman in the first place? Is that even realistic? Seems to me innocent until proven guilty has gone out the window.

I follow hundreds of news stories each day and watch TV news. What I found is most repeat what they find on the internet much like I do. As soon as one person post something nearly all the media picks up on it and assumes it's gospel without questioning the source of it. So many so called recognized experts and scholars have no better understanding and have been talking so stupid they are not worth quoting. The people who leave comments either read just the headline or only half of what's written further adding to the misinformation from their own ill informed prejudices. In other words most of what we read, see and hear is gossipy hogwash.

Point I'm Trying To Make
I am exhausted and weary from all of this ignorance. I see no point in echoing this nonsense here. Hence have largely ignored these type of things. This is why my posts (of late) are fewer and less in depth. I've been more focused on entertainers and other things more personal in nature.

I'm Looking For Input
     What interests you the most?
     What do you like reading or learning about?
     What would you like to discuss or share?
     Are there reasons why you would be hesitate to leave a comment?
     Should I do more daily posts/less?
     What's your opinion of this blog?


  1. Your blog is almost as good as LVS, it needs more links to LVRamblings and complete coverage of Jim Gregory's unjust imprisonment.

    Also a podcast with you MM, BV, Marty Dees, and Trish the Dish Mezzacappa to be joined by the med manslab in due time. I love your blog even if you have an inferiority complex and like to be anon.

  2. I love your blog more than Bernie's which sometimes borders on the banal. Perhaps more coverage of the LGBT scene in the valley, that is underreported on.

  3. TeaPartyFootSoldier & Norco Twink same person.

    And the reason I'm not hot on getting comments. Don't see how this adds anything intelligent to this blog. I thought I let it go this one time to see if anyone else have any thoughts about these two comments (by same person)

  4. You asked for feedback, and that's what I gave. You probably assume both comments came from the same person based upon the I.P address, I'll have you know that TeaPartyFootSoldier and I are flat mates who share an internet connection.

    We are like the odd couple, he has repugnant political views but is very neat and timely with the rent. Also links to LVR would be like a thumbing of the nose at our own pope of blogging, be the bigger man and share his greatness with your audience. It would probably chap his buttocks greatly, but from what I gather he likes glut play.

    Please keep blogging and allow the blog mentor comment occasionally as his kind of crazy draws in rubber neckers.



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