Monday, July 26, 2021

Kenyans Paid By American Students To Cheat

Seems to me we ought to reach out to these Kenyan scholars offering them a VISA. Then give business recruiters a list on how to contact them. This is the kind of immigration which would benefit the United States.

It appears the United States is getting more corrupt day by day. No amount of laws, rules or regulations can make people become moral, ethical and honest. I just learned in Chicago there is a backlog of over 35,000 felony cases waiting to be heard in court. That's only the felony cases.There are thousands more misdemeanor cases awaiting trial. Apparently no amount of courts or jails can keep up with the way people are behaving. If there's some way to change bad behavior in this country I sure can't figure it out. Seems it's everywhere you look.

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