Monday, July 26, 2021

Cop Can Smell Pot In Traffic

I love watching this lawyer's frequent videos. I suggest watching a whole bunch of them. They're very informative.

I've watched numerous videos where cops claimed they smelled drugs giving them the right to search a vehicle. Some may argue if you have nothing to hide, so what? The question is can anyone ever be certain the vehicle they rented or bought wasn't used before to transport drugs and something might have been left behind? This would subject them to arrest and their vehicle to forfeiture. Course we  all know cops are always honest, right?

Does anyone seriously believe a drug snuffing dog can't perform on command thus giving a cop the right to search a vehicle?

This goes back to what I've been saying for some time. How long can a country continue to exist without honesty and morals? It's like the late father-in-law once said. I'm near the end of my life. I'm concerned what lies ahead to those who will be living in the future after I'm gone. It will be not mine to suffer.

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