Saturday, May 18, 2013

Attention Allentown Voters

Heads up. If you live in Allentown and are focusing specifically on who gets elected to city council. It's extremely important that you get off your rump and vote in the primaries on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013. Let me state unequivocally. The four candidates who win in this primary will be part of the total of five elected to council irregardless of how people vote in November.

You see, all nine candidates are Democrats. There are no Republican challengers. Unless one of the candidates withdraws after the primary or someone files a nomination petition between now and August of their intentions to run as a independent candidate it's all over as to who the five new council members will be irregardless of what happens in November. Four are incumbents. Five are not. One is already an incumbent and nearly assured of a seat. That person is Joe Davis who is seeking a two-year seat and has no Democrat challengers on the ballot.

The Express-Times has a brief bio of each

As for me personally, if Dean Browning doesn't make it through the primary for 'Lehigh County Executive' I have only two reasons for showing up to vote in November. One would be to caste my vote for mayor. The other on the referendum concerning Allentown's waste-to-energy incinerator. The referendum, if approved by the voters, would require real-time around the clock monitoring of plant pollutants and be posted online. It also would require pollutants to be the same as or less then those emitted by a natural gas power plant.

If the people who are bellyaching about a 'rubber stamp' council don't get off their asses and vote this Tuesday, I don't want to hear their bitching come November after that ship has sailed.

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