Friday, August 26, 2022

The Streaming Services Ripoff

Here's how its done... 

(1) Corporate media giants buy up nearly all the channels offered by cable companies. Even a few of the cable companies themselves.

(2) Air garbage programing forcing cable to buy their crappy side channels if they want to carry their few major broadcasts. Even many of those have now become crappy now too except for a few.

(3) Produce some good stuff making it only available on their own streaming services.

(4) Start off commercial free. Then start adding ads. Eventually making it available commercial free only through  their premium packages.

(5) Then exclusively offer only one or two programs or movies anyone's interested in. If people are interested in one or two others they have to subscribe separately to other streaming services. As a result cutting the cord soon becomes as expensive as consumers' prior cable bills. Where they once watched many more entertainment programs on each of the channels.

(6) As if collecting money off the cable companies and sponsors weren't enough. Now their fleecing (with ever increasing rates) the suckers who buy into their (so called exclusive) streaming.

I was once for making  à la carte channels available on cable. This most certainly wasn't what I had in mind. Basically the corporate media giants have made it impossible for cable companies to provide entertainment at a flat rate all in one place. These greedy giants are similar to a spider spinning a web around consumers till cable companies and their paying stream subscribers soon find themselves trapped into their expensive schemes.

In reality we had more quality entertainment in the past on the three major networks then we do now at far greater cost.  I refuse to be tempted by their promoted content. I'll find other ways to amuse myself.

I'd put up an antenna if it would be a better option.

PROBLEM IS... If I drop the TV channels from my current TV/telephone/internet cable package the rate only goes down a little bit. An decent antenna setup (with 50 less channels) would cost more.


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