Thursday, August 25, 2022

Simple Oil Pan Gasket Leak Repair-- NOT!

Here's another regular I watch on YouTube, "Rainman Ray's Repair". He's in Florida. In this video his task is to drop the oil pan and replace the gasket. Seems simple enough, right?

It's no wonder why today's repairs are crazy expensive. In some of his videos he's had to pull the whole top of the engine off just to replace a $30 part. This man has more patience then I could ever muster. 

Fortunately for me my old dodge caravan has only one oxygen sensor. Some of these beasts have as many as four buried deep in the bowels of the engine. Many which also require the same amount of disassembly of the vehicle to get at as this oil pan did. Often times required him to be sprawled out on top of the engine under the hood no matter how uncomfortable. Whatever he is paid wouldn't be enough for me.

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